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  1. Macdaddy353

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    awesome thanks everyone! @DanteJH So would Burt and Gracie be a better purchase over the Whiskey Golem? With the self healing, durability at df7, and its high speed, I was hoping it would be a half decent durable beater. If blunt. Is he just too Generalist? I like Burt a lot, I just felt like the synergy of the construct with Earl makes him feel much more relevant. I guess there is always Sparks, construct Gracie FTW Is dirty cheater really that worth it? I can see it keeping him alive a bit longer, But There are other seriously cool upgrades he can take. I know he will be in the thick of things tossing people around with Up we go.
  2. Macdaddy353

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Thanks for all the advice! @aquenaton is one enough? A buddy of mine has some Gremlins and part of his collection is a slop hauler that I was gonna grab off him. I Bought the APP and read their card and was surprised they work with everyone. The movement and healing seems really important to a list like Ophelias where there is lots of self harm and models that appreciate the extra movement. I see how summoners could be an issue now. Whats a good way to counter that? Is Zipp a good scalpel to kill the summoning models? Is there a way to skip activation to stall until my opponent goes? @Adran What upgrades are best for him? I considered both Where the captain can't see and treasure Map. But I was not sure if that makes him too expensive. Do you typically run him around by himself or keep Him with the group?
  3. Macdaddy353

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    I still don't understand the summoning activation control and its impact yet (but I only have 1 game so maybe Ill see it eventually) Wouldn't Pere be really good into summoning because he blows up and causes all the AOE damage? I am trying to think of a way to prep for those lists and I was thinking lots of AOE type effects would be the way to down all the bodies and keep crowd control. I think I am gonna try a second skeeter, especially if I bring someone to replace the golem because the tow ability is pretty darn good. Is there a way to build them as a back up scheme runner? @DanteJH If I were to get the ophelia and Zipp starter boxes, would that be a solid beginner force? Or are there some other models I need to be aware of?
  4. Macdaddy353

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    I was really considering Francois because he seems amazing. I really like the Ophelia tactica! It went really in depth and I liked how you broke down the additional models and interactions. Other tactica just call her a gunline master, but you pointed out her movement tricks which adds depth to her! I was mostly running Merris as a scheme runner to practice scheme running, but if you think the list would fair better as an all in FITE MEH approach I’ll totally go with Francois because he is awesome. am I right in thinking Pere Ravage and poorly handled explosives stacks For potentially 13 Damage to anyone within 2? That seems absurd
  5. Macdaddy353

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Hello everyone! I’m new to Malifaux and after browsing around the factions I fell in love with gremlins! Particularly Zipp! I read a bit of the Zipp and Ophelia Tactica but I’m struggling to start my collection, I know there’s are lots of cross faction options but for the sake of having mercy on my wallet I wanted to stick with pure gremlins (other than Earl of course!) and kind of keep my collection focused around Ophelia and Zipp. I have the following 50SS lists planned out to start with based off the starter kits plus a couple added minis. Zipp: Rambling diatribe, No quarter. Earl Burns First Mate: WtCCS, Treasure Map Iron Skeeter: Porrly Handled Explosives Iron Skeeter Merris Lacroix: Stilts Pere Ravage: Team Work Whiskey Golem: Barrel Up I am not for sure about the golem but with earl I can get it’s defensive and offensive triggers off. So the construct bubble becomes more relevant. I have also considered Sparks but I’m not 100%.sold that I need him. thanks for any tips!