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Found 18 results

  1. Hello I did something stupid the other day as I bought Molly's box. Dont get me wrong: the minis are incredible and certainly useful to any ressurs player. It's just that I already have plenty of minis to paint and I should limit my purchases... Anyway, as I was studying the crew and how to play it, I was wondering how exactly to define a horror. I know a model is a horror when it is written on its card, but how would you define it to somebody who does not know the game. The other day I told a friend they are pieces of dead meat all put together to form an undead entity, but I'm not
  2. I have punk zombies and guild autopsies and the top of the cards say the word "horror" in capitals. does this mean they cause a horror test if someone is in base contact and if so, how?
  3. IT is October and I do not know about the rest of you but I love horror, except parasites those should be purged by fire. This month I will talk about TN duals that your enemy forces you to take and how I perceive them, what might be some counters and what factions can get more use out of using TN duals. Horror and manipulative tend to be the most common of these types of abilities and both are based around protecting your models or limiting what they want to do. I find that these abilities tend not to do this with any form of certainty, with an exception later on, but rather they give m
  4. Hi, had an interesting game yesterday. In it we had a situation in wich we weren't sure if we handled it right. So ... A Guild Rifleman spends his first AP walking, his second shooting at Seamus. He Fails his Horrorduel, thus gets paralyzed during its activation - wich therefore imidiatly ends (not too much damage there as all his AP were spend anyways). Later in the same round Lucius takes a Walk and uses "Commanding presence" to force the same Rifleman to try shooting at Seamus again. The Rifleman passes the Horrorduel from Lucius but then fails the one from Seamus (as he didn
  5. Take the following scenario. A TT model on Misaki's crew is the victim of Obey and it forced to walk in the engagement range of a model causing Horror. Since your opponent is in control of the TT model they let them fail (or cheat in a card to make them fail) the Horror check. Can you use Misaki's Save Face ability to then not fail the Horror check? I think your opponent would be in control of the model until after the opportunity to use Save Face had passed, but it's not 100% clear to me. Save Face: Friendly models within 8 who fail a Horror Duel may suffer 1 damage to count as succeeding
  6. So in a tournament last week I was told that the (All) category in Terrifying does not mean that All models have to check, but that All "possible categories" in the Terrifying have to check (Living, Undead, Construct). This would make the diference for those models which are not in any of those 3 categories, like Dreamer or Bad Juju, who are Spirit and Swampfiend only. I have always played it as affecting ALL models, but it does make kinda sense if it mean ALL categories.
  7. So quick question on Jack daw's twist and turn ability. can Jack daw essentially make an enemy model target a "The Hanged" to force a horror duel that Jack Daw's controller flips for (since he's controlling the action for the entire action) and can cheat a 1 in to paralyze that model?
  8. From the album: Geekopolis 2015

    Friday 13th at the GEEKOPOLIS CONVENTION!
  9. From the album: Geekopolis 2015

    Friday 13th at the GEEKOPOLIS CONVENTION!
  10. Do you have any favourite cinematic experiences which make you think of Malifaux? This is a long post and I've bolded the links to my reccomendations... I've just rewatched a movie I've seen three years ago and it made me think of which movies I remember when I'm reading Malifaux stories or seeing its artwork. These movies are all of quite different genres, but they all share a certain feeling of surrealism. They also share some of my favourite directors (Jean Pierre-Jenuet, Alejanro Jodorowsky and Takashi Miike) and all are visually enticing. Most of the movies aren't in English langua
  11. Maybe this is obvious to everyone, but if a Terror Tot is taking a 'free' (no AP, not in my activation) Attack Action against a Hanged (or anything that is Terrifying), do I have to make a Horror check before taking the action? My default instinct is 'yes,' since Terrifying rules say some version of: Terrifying (Living) 10: Enemy Living models must pass a TN 10 Horror Duel if they end a Walk Action within this model's engagement range or target this model with an Action. Pounce lets you take a (1) AP Ml Action against a model that ends a Push or Move (not a Walk or Charge) within this model'
  12. Had this possibility come up in a game yesterday and wasn't sure how the interactions actually worked in this case. Did a quick search of the forums, but didn't see anything on it. Ironsides vs. Pandora. Pandora attacks Ironsides and gets the trigger to force a horror duel after damaging. Ironsides has warding runes as is within range and LoS for the aura from Blood Ward so is immune to enemy conditions. If Ironsides failed horror duel would it be considered an enemy condition which she would be immune to, or since its triggered by a failed horror duel(regardless of source that c
  13. If a model is engaged with another model that has the Terrifying ability, would they still have to pass a Horror Duel before attempting to disengage? They're trying to walk away (Walk Action), which does not "target" the Terrifying model, yet the disengage is treated like a melee attack, which does target a model. Thanks! <Edit: I think I just answered my own question... So it seems as though the model attempting to walk away is doing the Walk Action, and it's the OTHER model that then target's the model trying to walk away. So Terrifying would not be an issue when trying to disengage.
  14. Hello all, In reading Rasputina's card, it says, "Frozen Heart: This model is immune to Horror Duels and Paralyzed." On pg 48 of large rulebook: "If a model is immune to the Paralyze Condition, (usually as a result of an Ability), it must still perform the Horror Duel, it will simply be immune to the Paralyze Condition that it might receive." So I'm curious, because of the wording of Frozen Heart... Would Rasputina still need to Flip for the Horror Duel? The fact that it says "horror duel" AND "Paralyzed" is confusing to me. The book makes it sound as though she would still hav
  15. Consider the following... Say a terrifying model moves within melee range of an enemy. If that enemy attempts to disengage and is stopped by the terrifying model, does it count as a move ending in range, thus forcing a horror duel?
  16. Last weekend I was playing Viks vs a Beta Dreamer group. And a question came up about horror tests from an action my Vik of Ashes got off. Vik of Ashes successfully passed the horror test to target Teddy. And she successfully won the duel to cast Dragons Bite. And move herself, Vik of Blood and Student into base contact with Teddy and make an immediate (1)MI action against target. The question is do the Vik of Blood and the Student need to make a horror test for the attack granted by the spell since Vik of Ashes passed to cast it? The Vik of Blood and Student hadn't gone yet and
  17. Hawgleg publishing has announcd the release of thei Deadwood Undead Cowboys and graves sets: the Miniatures are 25mm. More info here: http://www.hawgleg.com/default.asp
  18. Stefan Niehues has posted up his next miniature for his Masquerade Miniatures Line Wolfshyäne more info :http://modellierworkshop.blogspot.com/
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