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  1. The first box I ever picked up was Seamus... followed by Lilith shortly after...probably about a week later. I just loved the idea of Lilith with the nephilim. Then I branched out with more Neverborn crews and models. I love the fluff and I love the monsters!
  2. Does anyone use these models? They look really cool, I just do see a great use for them . Anyone use them that can convince me they're worth taking?
  3. Don't know if this is the place for it, but just a general question about the neverborn faction book... Is it worth it?
  4. Definitely some good tips to try. Thanks everyone!
  5. I keep looking at those Kentauroi... are they good inclusions in most lists?
  6. Hey there, I've just acquired McMourning and am looking to grab a model or 3 to fill out the crew. I've never used him before... Any advice is appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the advice! Got myself a Carver model... All the way from Sweden since that's pretty much true only place on Earth that has one in stock. I just looked at the Serena Bowman card, so maybe I'll have to proxy her.
  8. What's an effective way to deal with Von Shill and his cronies? I think I've got all the nightmare models except the Carver (which is literally sold out world wide).
  9. Forgive the stupid question, but how do you bury it?
  10. Overall everything looks great, but in particular I love the blood covered tots!
  11. I love Mr. Lynch and company!! The main points have already been summed up, but I just had to chime in and say he's great. I've played him the last 4 games and I absolutely love him and his crew. I mostly take 3 illuminated (damage output can be ridiculous), Huggy (heed my voice is great), at least 1 Beckoner or sometimes 2(luring models can't be understated), and Depeleted (explode nicely). I think I took a Dopelganger once as well somewhere in there. Lynch's ace in the hole is great for his pistol's triggers and an upgrade that potentially lets Huggy come back is so sweet! It took me
  12. Wow, the article is incredibly helpful and full amazing ideas and pictures. Now...if I can just those into practice!
  13. Looks amazing! Where is that model from might I ask?
  14. Very well done indeed! Lenny is my fav here, great shading and highlighting!
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