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Found 843 results

  1. Columbia Missouri Malifaux Chapter is hosting a two part charity event for the holidays. The first part will run from Thursday Oct 17th until Wednesday November 13th. Results will carry over into P2. Rules will be made known at the start of the event but expect to earn bonuses to game play by bringing in donations for charity. Buy in is $10 with half going to charity. https://www.facebook.com/events/930416240674132/
  2. Bonjour a tous En France nous commençons à avoir une petite communauté, un peu partout. Sachez qu'a Tours nous sommes environ une dizaine de joueurs actifs, nous bougeons en tournoi assez régulièrement. Donc si vous êtes des clubs, pensez a nous prévenir. Donc si vous êtes des joueurs, proche de Tours, je me ferai un plaisir de vous accueillir pour des parties. DE PLUS, pour les nouveaux joueurs, des initiations sont tout a fait possible afin de vous faire découvrir (ou redécouvrir) l'univers et le jeu !! N'hésitez pas a me contacter. Bisous
  3. Fauxboy 1 is a tournament ran by me (one of Manchester's local henchman) down at Fanboy3 on 29th of September in the city centre. It is a 50 soul stone, single faction tournament with no Dead Mans Hand and no duel masters. To enter a crew the fully build and glued to a base. Proxies will be allowed for models that are not released just message me before hand to check if they are suitable (basically no using space marines as well anything) conversions are also allowed just check with me as well. Tickets are £5 and can be bought in advance (message the store on Facebook) or on the day. it will also be ran off of Bag O Tools so that players can easily find there partners. Schemes and Strats will be announced soon. Schedule: ⦁ 11-11:30- Registration ⦁ 11:30-11:45- Introductions and first round pairings ⦁ 11:45-14:00- Round 1 ⦁ 14:10-16:25- Round 2 ⦁ 16:25-17:00- Break and Best Painted Judging ⦁ 17:00-19:15- Round 3 ⦁ 19:20-19:45- Awards and Goodbyes Store address: 25 Hilton St, Manchester M1 1EL Please contact me for anymore details Players: 1. Dan Brown 2. Dan Knight 3. Kevin Gillett 4. Zed Strong 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. Here we go! English GT 2019 is now live! You can find the tournament pack here: EGT Tournament Pack This event is being supported by KR Multicase. The highlights are: Tournament Format This will be a Malifaux Third Edition tournament – any rules here are subject to change pending any possible Gaining Grounds release before the event. The English GT will be a six round event over two days. On registration, players will commit to a single faction they will be playing for the entire event. Strategy and schemes are revealed below. Each player will register on the day with a specified faction. At the beginning of each round you must declare a leader from your chosen faction then hire a legal crew totalling 50SS (including upgrades). Only models that have had an official rules release (available on www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux or have official, physical M3E cards) will be considered legal. With the new faction books being released now in electronic copies: I am happy for models that are released in the faction books to be used (proxied in most cases) as long as you are able to provide a printed copy of the card for your opponents perusal. Please note, beta testing cards are not suitable. Dead Man’s Hand models are not considered legal. Masters may not be hired that are out of keyword with the declared Leader. The following masters may count as Henchman during hiring for the purposes of the ‘Helping Hand’ ability if you are not able to obtain the rules/a suitable proxy for their Totem: Dashel Barker; Nekima. Tournament Schedule All subject to Gaining Grounds recommendations. Each game will last two hours including set-up. Saturday 21st 10:00-10:45 Registration 10:45-12:45 Game 1: Plant Explosives / Standard - Dig Their Graves - Hold Up Their Forces - Take Prisoner - Deliver a Message - Claim Jump 12:45-13:45 Lunch & Painting 13:45-15:45 Game 2: Corrupted Idols / Wedge - Harness the Ley Line - Search the Ruins - Hold Up Their Forces - Assassinate - Vendetta 16:00-18:00 Game 3: Turf War / Flank - Detonate Charges - Harness the Ley Line - Search the Ruins - Dig Their Graves - Deliver a Message Saturday evening social event – to be discussed Sunday 22nd 10:30-12:30 Game 4: Reckoning / Flank - Detonate Charges - Take Prisoner - Power Ritual - Outflank - Vendetta 12:30-13:15 Lunch 13:15-15:15 Game 5: Turf War / Standard - Breakthrough - Harness the Ley Line - Hold Up Their Forces - Power Ritual - Assassinate 15:30-17:30 Game 6: Plant Explosives / Corner - Breakthrough - Dig Their Graves - Outflank - Assassinate - Claim Jump 17:30-18:00 Clear Up & Prizes (NB: due to Sunday trading, no purchases may be made from the store before 12pm on Sunday) In the event of odd numbers of participants, a ringer will be available who will not score tournament points. Venue Dark Sphere Shepherd's Bush Megastore Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre London W12 8PP Tel: 020 8749 2916 Entry Tickets are available are available by sending a payment via PayPal to myself, and attendees will be listed on the Wyrd Forums. Ticket purchases made before August 21st will be subject to a £5 discount. As I am currently organising multiple events, and to avoid any confusion please write in the notes for your payment: “EGT” if you would like your name to appear differently from how it appears on your PayPal payment, or wish to remain anonymous, please enter that here as well. Ticket price is £30 sent to: https://www.paypal.me/TomSkitt Attendees 1. Maria Wieland 2. Luke Athiko 3. Rich Walters 4. AJ Barr 5. Stef McGlen 6. Grant Dickenson 7. Robert Milne 8. C W Colley 9. Ross Baker 10. James Doxey 11. Matthew Dunk 12. Carl Lee 13. Luke Gregory 14. Andrew Humphrey 15. Rob Jones 16. Arran Jones 17. Paul Butler 18. Kieran Redmond 19. Francois Langton 20. Stephanie Langton 21. Reice Chaudhry 22. Luke Harris 23. David Brown 24. Matt Lewin 25. Connor Truby 26. James Lee 27. Jamie Varney Any questions, please feel free to contact me. Tom
  5. Greetings All! September is upon us!!! I'll be at The Comic Shop this upcoming 9th of September and each Monday thereafter. I've received a lot of stuff from the GenCon Malifaux/Wyrd sale and am furiously assembling and painting up the new stuff. With Malifaux heating up across the world, I'd like to announce that between Fairbanks and Anchorage, we've got enough players that we're going to hold events to qualify for the Nationals. More information to come on this. Looking forward to seeing you all at The Comic Shop and anywhere else we might be able to get a Demo Game going See you there! May the Red Joker look kindly upon you And may the Black Joker stay hidden and forgotten! HA! All the Best ~James
  6. CoMo Malifaux will be doing a 4 round tournament spread over one month as the league for September. Starting September 12, we will pair individuals to run a game against each other. Prizes for best classic player, best new player, and best painted 5 man crew (all same keyword). As all ways we play at Valhalla's Gate (2525 Bernadette Dr. Columbia MO) and we always begin our leagues starting on Thursdays.
  7. New tournament by me with Lavka orka! Address Stavropolskaya 127, Lavka Orka store. - first round start at 11:30 - 3 rounds - round duration 130 minutes - 35 ss - up to 14 players Reglament and registration here https://vk.com/wall-174577633_1134
  8. This will be an anything goes Malifaux Tournament run at Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville. Dead Man's Hand will be allowed. September 7th $10 Entry 10 AM Registration opens, 11 AM Start time 50 Soulstones Fixed Faction Dead Man's Hand allowed Winner receives a crew box of their choice Store Credit prizes based on attendance Address: 14332 Burnhaven Drive Burnsville MN, 55306 Feel free to PM me here or email me at julian@dreamersvault.com for any questions https://facebook.com/events/451370975452853/
  9. "A Brand New Day!" Malifaux 50ss Gaining Grounds Tournament (3 or 4 rounds depending on number of participants) The tournament will be using the Gaining Grounds 2014 tournament packet rules Schedule & Info: Tournament is on January 2nd, 2016 Registration starts at 9:30AM, Tournament starts at 10AM $10 entry or $20 store purchase Limit of 24 players max, register by accepting the invitation on FB or call the store to reserve your place Proxies: Proxies are allowed for models that are not yet (i.e. some Wave 2 models and Wave 3 models) For models that are out, it needs to be at least 60% Wyrd model (converted models) For clarifications, please ask the TO Painting Requirements: Models need to be at least primed, but there will be a prize for the Best Painted crew Sponsors: The Realm Games & Comics Mats by Mars Badger Airbrush Brush 4 Hire Angry Mojo Games Secret Weapon Miniatures Andaya Laser Cutting Monkey Sword Games Gadzook Games If you are interested and want to sign up,please sign up over here: https://www.facebook.com/events/412947382236489/ Pictures from our successful tournament! https://goo.gl/photos/2r1R1UEoSRrsRejLA
  10. The Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown is proud to present a 5 week Growth League and Tournament! Sign up now, as the league will commence August 25th. Points and prizes will be discussed then, as well. The league's format will be: Week 1 will start at 30 stones, week 2 will be 35 stones, week 3 at 40 stones and week 4 at 45 stones. Week 5 will be a 50 stone, 3 round tournament; strategies and schemes to be announced on the day of the tournament. There will be a $10 entry fee for the league. Come join us for fun and 'Faux The Dragon's Hoard 199 Main StreetHackettstown, NJ 07840
  11. New tournament in Lugo to start the competiion on this new edition What does it consist of? 3 rounds 50ss tournament fixed faction variable master Where? Bandua Wargames Rúa Castelao 28 Baixo 27001 Lugo Galicia Spain When? Saturday 27th of August from 10;00 to 20;30 How much? 15 euros for prize and lunch. Rounds: Round 1: CornerStrategy: Turf WarSquemes: Deliver a MessageSearch The RuinsPower RitualAssasinateVendetta Round 2: FlankStrategy: Corrupted IdolsSquemes: Harness the Ley LineDig Their GravesTake PrisonerAssasinateDeliver a MessageRound 3: StandarStrategy: ReckoningSquemes: Detonate ChargesTake PrisonerHarness the Ley LineDig Their GravesDeliver a Message
  12. This is my first major event as the official Henchman for the Santa Clara/San Jose area! Extremely excited to start running amazing events and furthering our awesome community! The majority of this event is using "borrowed" rules from the Tyrant Tournament event held at Gen Con this year, because it was such a fantastic event! Tournament Specifics: Malifaux 3E 50 SS TournamentEntry Fee: $15.00 - Covering Venue and Prize support Game Kastle Santa Clara (1350 Coleman Ave, Santa Clara CA)August 31, 2019Registration: 10:30-10:45 AM Tournament Rules: -There are no painting requirements, only that models are official Wyrd models and are fully assembled on correctly sized bases.-50 SS crews.-Fixed Faction: At Registration, declare Faction to the Event Organizer. You may only declare leaders from the Faction for the entire event.-You may declare a different Leader each round. Your declared Leader may not be a Henchman.-Dead Man's Hand models are not allowed for this event. Players are Responsible for: -Official M3E rulebook (this is the one exception, as stock is low all around and these are harder to come by / printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Their crews. All models must be the official model from Wyrd games.-Official M3E Stat Cards for any models fielded during the event (printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Gaming gear: Measuring tool, Fate Deck, any tokens/counters/markers.-Anything needed to record wounds, conditions, soul stones, VPs, etc (scrap paper, pencils, dry erase pens, etc). Prize Support: -Prizes will be in the form of Gift Cards (size of Gift Cards based on total attendance), as well as items of their choice from the community prize pool (lots of fun, limited models, plus tons of M2E models and crew boxes, as well as rulebooks, token sets, and Fate Decks) for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We'll also be having a raffle for all attendees, winners getting items of their choice from the community prize pool (number of raffle winners based on total attendance). Further event information, including the Strats and Schemes for each Round, schedule, and more ,can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1620855681377800/ If you have questions, you are welcome to comment below, or PM me!
  13. Greetings All! August is now upon us and I am back from my trip to ORIGINS Game Fair '19 and also to Japan. Things have been heating up with the release of Malifaux 3rd Edition (M3E) and I'm super pumped to be running demos and events. While on vacation and in Japan I played numerous games of M3E and I am continually impressed by this edition. A good friend of mine who'd been away for a couple of years was able to step right back in to full games without trouble. High praise from him as well with how great the new edition played. I'll be at The Comic Shop here in Fairbanks each Monday for Demos and throughout the week adhoc. A new friend designed the art/layout for a new poster display and it's already working. See you there! May the Red Joker look kindly upon you All the Best ~James
  14. Hi, I would like to share my up to date buildings and table elements. Further on I will show some of the steps on how I make the stuff. I’m trying to build a semi-modular city board which transports the nightly atmosphere of the Malifaux artwork (chapeaux dear artists!). Even though it might be to dense or a bit unpractical (“Lets walk up this tower [for the view]; it’s only 30” up!”) I want to build a “downtown”. After all, in games, I will not need to place all the terrain pieces :-) Hope You like it (first pictures will follow soon). Regards, Timo
  15. Malifaux Achievement League Starting 8/4/2019 Admission $10 We'll be hosting a Malifaux Achievement League from 8/4/19 through 10/13/19. Each player will be given an achievement sheet and prizes will be based on achievements accomplished over the course of the league. We will have a meet up every 2 weeks starting on Sunday 8/4/19 to help participants schedule games. Games outside of these days will be permitted, so if you can't make the Sunday meet ups, you would still be able to participate. Some achievements can be achieved multiple times, but are limited to once for each 2 week period. Achievements will be initialed by your opponent for the game in which they are achieved and reported to me every 2 weeks. Where: Legions Hobbies and Games 1130 Perry Hwy Pines Plaza Shopping Center Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Ph: 412-366-3720 Info@legionsgames.com For any info PM lostnemesis Or www.facebook.com/legionsgames/
  16. Lady and Gentleman, I wil glad to see you at new tournament. Address Stavropolskaya 127, Lavka Orka store. - first round start at 11:30 - 3 rounds - round duration 130 minutes - 35 ss Reglament and registration here https://vk.com/topic-127759599_39875407
  17. Hi wyrdos! This next Saturday (July 6th) I will be doing demos of M3e at GTS mallorca from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (There is a chance I can also do demos in the afternoon, but it's minimal...Sorry) If you can't come the 6th, some friends and I will be doing demos also on the 13th in the morning at GTS Mallorca. Here's the link for the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/698473097239557/
  18. Come one, come all, to the launch of Malifaux's Third Edition on Saturday, June 29! We'll have prizing (for a Henchman Hardcore Tournament)! We'll have cake! $15.00 at the door or $12.00 if you pay your pre-registration fee online or in-store by June 22. Doors open at 11:00 and Henchman Hardcore begins at 11:30 sharp - but don't leave your Masters at home! During lunch break we'll have awards for the best-dressed Masters (painting competition). Throughout the day we'll be running demos for anyone unfamiliar with either Malifaux or 3 Edition, so bring your friends! A paint table will also be set up to use between games or to get some help or advice with a new technique or project. Saturday June 29, 11:30-5:00 Location: Jacks on Queen, 18 Queen Street Elmvale ON
  19. Don't miss out on our celebration for the newest edition of Malifaux! We are hosting a launch party at Mythicos Studios. If anyone is interested, but doesn't have a crew one will be provided for you to use during the event. To make it even more exciting... Free PIZZA!!! 😂 https://www.facebook.com/events/2417818184944956/
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