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Found 12 results

  1. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just another view of some of the items for sale (non-cheese): gremlin food, poison, misc items, some kinda cola...
  2. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the inside. I designed the house so it would just come off (as does the roof) for ease of placing miniatures etc.
  3. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Another view of the inside, facing towards the door.
  4. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the assortment of items available for sale, including of course, Cheese. Though if you ask, they'll likely be out of almost everything!
  5. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just a view of the back for completionist sake.
  6. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    And where would the loyal patrons of the Cheese Shop, go?
  7. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A closer view of the front of the shop.
  8. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    This is the front of one of my pieces of Terrain I made for Malifaux. It's a Cheese Shop (think Monty Python). It was designed to fit in with a western, more desert town feel.
  9. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Judge prepares to Judge this suspicius girl.
  10. Do you have any favourite cinematic experiences which make you think of Malifaux? This is a long post and I've bolded the links to my reccomendations... I've just rewatched a movie I've seen three years ago and it made me think of which movies I remember when I'm reading Malifaux stories or seeing its artwork. These movies are all of quite different genres, but they all share a certain feeling of surrealism. They also share some of my favourite directors (Jean Pierre-Jenuet, Alejanro Jodorowsky and Takashi Miike) and all are visually enticing. Most of the movies aren't in English language and some are definitely not safe for work and have mature audiences ratings. The movie that looks the most and even feels like Malifaux is The City of Lost Children. I don't know if I should introduce it much since it's a cult classic. Set in a dystopian out of time steampunk world, a silent hero and a little girl (a heroine) are on a quest to save the dreaming children. This movie is even suitable for children even if it's a bit dark looking. Also another movie from the same director is a postapocalyptic movie set somewhere in the past: Delicatessen. A movie about street performer who starts living in an apartment building after he lost his monkey and some strange things start happening (I don't want to spoil much). It's also not very brutal (and it could have been considering its title) and has some adventurous scenes. Both movies have broken down buildings in them and are set in vast old urban settings, very much like Malifaux. I've just watched The Last Circus again. It's a very violent and a quite sexual flick and later in the movie it becomes quite a bit crazy and it nearly becomes a horror film. Atmosphere is set in the past and even if it's mostly set in seventies it feels out of time and reality. The movie has an artistic meld of beauty and ugliness. It also contains Penguins (lol auto-corrected c-l-o-w-n-s), so I wouldn't reccomend it to everyone... it's definitely not for children. The scenes of battle on the beginning and near the end of the movie resemble weird scenes and locations that might as well be situated somewhere in Malifaux. For the most part the story itself reminds me of a lot of background stories I've read for Malifaux. This is a weirdest one I'm mentioning and don't let the low budget looks decieve you, it's a great movie and an awesomely weird western: El Topo. It's a weird spiritual quest for excellence, undertaken by a gunslinger, which takes him on a trip through desert and he finds himself in awkward situation after he's reached his goal (again I don't want to spoil the movie too much). It's a movie about human corruption and I would reccomend it only for mature viewers... yes there is violence and weird scenes, but it has a bit of a hidden meaning in it, so it's not for people wanting action of a western or even gore. It's not trying to be smart and you'll need to relax into the movie to experience it beyond weirdness (it tries to toy with the watchers emotions). The movie seems dated but it's before its time in some aspects. This movie is a much easier watching, because it's an action/adventure set in the time of French Revolution: Brotherhood of the Wolf. It seems like a werewolf story (which it isn't), it has an indian in it, martial arts, Monica Belluci and weird cults. The secret society and its conflict reminds me of Malifaux and maybe most of Lucius because of the french costumes and deranged aristocracy. There is also a poacher society which screams Wyrd and I don't want to spoil anything. This should be a fairly popular action flick... Next two are somewhat similar because they have a colonial theme set in familiar outlandish settings of Africa and Orient. Ok, both are happening on real locations, but the stuff that happens seems outlandish and it has its own mythology. First one is The Ghost and the Darkness, set in Africa near a railroad building site where strange animal related murders have been happening. I'm mostly not a fan of Michael Douglas, but this is one of the two movies with him that I loved. Second one is The Bird People in China, set in deep wilderness of China filled with jade deposits. There are no weird bird people in the movie (I'm sorry), but that doesn't mean that the movie hasn't got its wonders. This is by far the tamest of the movies I've mentioned here, but it shows how modern civilization can change a traditional lifestyle and rewrite its mythologies in a bizzarely poetic way. Lastly I'll post a link to a short animated film on youtube called Backwater Gospel. I've seen it posted on A Wyrd Place on Facebook, so I'm reposting it here There is another cartoon I've seen as a kid, but I can't remember its name... I'll post a link to an article about it when I find it. EDIT Dead Man is one of my favourite movies, but I want to rewatch it before reccomending it for Malifaux like atmosphere. I just don't want to reccomend it just because it's a great movie and the reason I love Jim Jarmusch's style. I just remembered that I want to rewatch the movie Vidocq with Gerard Depardeiu. I can't remember much about it. I drifted away while watching it the last time. It had some intense visuals and I remember that it had some light-fantastic elements set in Victorian age, but that's it. Also a question from me: is there a more Malifauxy' movie visually/thematically similar to Gangs of New York or Moulin Rogue? I can't remember if I've seen or heard of anything similar... Sin City is not it.
  11. Hawgleg publishing has announcd the release of thei Deadwood Undead Cowboys and graves sets: the Miniatures are 25mm. More info here: http://www.hawgleg.com/default.asp
  12. Ebob Miniatures has announced a couple of western characters added to their lines. Ramon And the Gunfighter
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