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  1. I sort of snubbed Mercenaries in M2E, but if you cannot find a use for them I would consider selling or trading them for something you can use.
  2. Over all I like the new sculpts though they did not quite get the pose right for Lady J, now if she was meant to be an untrained thug wielding a sword then yes they nailed it on the head. Alas Lady J is supposed to be highly skilled at sword play and this is just not represented in the current pose, its biggest issue is the hand grip, you cannot make an effective sword cut like that even if you were to step through with it. You also have her leaning back slightly to wield the sword as if it’s a little too heavy, but that’s just the martial artist in me being picky. Even with those gripes I will be still buying the crew box (it is only a game after all).
  3. That is correct.
  4. I've found shockwave's make a good workaround and a good way to drain some of your opponents cards.
  5. Though option A maybe the better option, I'm rather addicted to Papa Loco throwing sticks of dynamite all over the place...
  6. Well we are still in beta so this is maybe something that needs addressing, at this point I would suggest playing Lady J against as many different setups as possible so you can give detailed feedback. As for Francisco's melee stat, it is possible that this is an oversight and should be set lower and could well change in the coming weeks. Admittedly I am to busy to get any games in of M3e at the moment, squeezed in 3 turns of a game last Sunday and that has been about it.
  7. I was all set to resubmit my issue this morning but Kimberly beat me to it with a response, apologising for the delay in response and addressing the issues raised. Our Wyrd Henchman was just telling me yesterday how Kimberly was sorting out a good many issues that have been left unattended, so it would seem that Wyrd are tuning a corner with a bunch of competent staff at the top. This has revived my confidence in the company and I am looking forward to what is coming next.
  8. It is probably a good idea to try resubmitting.
  9. Not the experience from dealing with them in the past with Malifaux mode issues.
  10. I Made my Submission on the 2nd January and other than the automated reply I have heard nothing from Wyrd. It is important also that any casual on looker sees that Wyrd are doing very little about the quality control. So Wyrd are currently backing up there poor quality control with poor customer service, our Gibbering Hordes player made his submission for the missing legs in 2 of his kits on the same day and had a reply over a week ago (the parts are in the post now apparently) and Our Abyssina players submission was on the 7th January and they got back to him within a couple of days. This gives the impression that Wyrd have no intention on rectifying the issue of poorly assembled and incorrectly assembled models.
  11. Firstly with the model in the original post, after disassembling the one my friend got and putting it back together correctly we had no gaps to fill. Nothing is wrong with the model it had just been assembled poorly. In the case of my South Wales Boarders, who ever assembled them was just sticking things in whatever place they wanted. Parts glued in the wrong place and even parts glued on the wrong side. With the Royal Rifle Corp I had a number of legs glued in the wrong position. We have a big issue that has nothing to do with the quality of the models as they are great but if Wyrd need to stop sending out the garbage they have been. Many of these models should not get past quality control due to poor and incorrect assembly.
  12. Looks very much like the model my friend got, we spent 2 hours taking it apart and putting it together properly. It seems that quality control is very poor at them moment.
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