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  1. The wife and myself we be down for a game.
  2. Nice idea, deployment can add to the viability of a scheme or strategy also for a master/keyword. Plant Explosives & Corrupt Idols seem to be missing some masters, example in Dashel's keyword you have Mounted Guard that brings Ride With Me and Sergeant that has A New Horizon these can make many of the scheme's in these strategy's rather easy to both achieve and interrupt your opponent.
  3. Now pulling this off in a game could be tough but it would be worth the reaction from your opponent.
  4. Though it may well be debatable whether Criid is a hard counter to Hoffman, her crew are rather good at keeping melee monsters at bay. The Purifying Flame and his follow Witchling’s tend to lead the charge setting the table on fire. So models end up wasting AP to kill these and what do they get for that effort more burning, this also reduces the range of actions. Keeping in mind you need cards to ditch to declare triggers against Criid and you will most likely be running in with a good stack of burning, unless you are going to use even more AP to remove it. This will tend to result i
  5. Cheers for some great ideas, that lead me to find this model from TTCombat.
  6. So I was thinking of dusting off Lucius and was looking for inspiration for a good proxy for his new Henchman?
  7. I’ve only used an Orderly a couple of times and they are OK for adding that bit of healing if you have another model that can move them around the table.
  8. Just for fun I'm going to have to try this list out and see if I can actually score any VP.
  9. Most of the time the assembly diagrams do not help all that much TBH, any chance you can post a photo of the sprue.
  10. Well that answers that question, cheers for all the input.
  11. The Pale Rider is one of those models I never got around to in M2E, so how is our horseman holding up in M3E?
  12. Yea M2E one made it into just about every list, that trigger to do no damage but force a card out of my opponents had was well hated by my opponents. In M3E I'm not convinced they are worth taking out of keyword at 8ss.
  13. On the topic of the new box, anyone got any photos of the crew still on the sprue?
  14. Funnily enough if you listen to the latest Breachside Broadcast (ep 111) it will answer some of your questions, though it is probably better to start at ep 110 so you have a better idea of what is going on.
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