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  1. Samurai are amazing bodyguards in Honeypot with Silent Protector! You want to protect Tannen? This is a way better option than putting Trained Ninja on him! Also for a cheaper bodyguard you should try Silent protector Beckoner! The hard to kill with their neg to hit with brilliance makes them tougher, it gives them a really nice bonus action when you don't went to disrupt scheming. This bonus action gives another ways to cripple your opponent and every decision he takes comes with negatives! And with their lure they can easily help Tannen move around while keeping him closer for t
  2. Why asking to nerf one of the few competitive masters from Guild? Have we not suffered enough for you!?
  3. She will help the mobility of Lynch or Tannen with one move and one lure! Also silent protector gives her chalenge bonus that can cripple the hand of your opponent or force him to target her which will be a lot of the time at a negative flip forcing more resources into killing a cheap HtK model! She's there to annoy your opponent while protectiing the model you really want! I've played her vs lots of aggresive crews (Nekima, Viks, Shenlong, ...) and it worked really well each time! She will die for sure but the wasted actions on there beaters makes it worth it in my opinion!
  4. Beckoner with silent protector or samurai with SP are way better protector/tank than an Illuminated! I've played lots of games with Lynch and these 2 are your best options to protect your key pieces (Lynch and Tannen!)
  5. I really liked Yan Lo before the nerf! He was one of my favorite tanky crew! Now with the Manos and Chiaki changes/nerf I find him less fun to play the way I was playing him because it's way less strong! (making Izamu unkillable and sending him fast to the front line while Yan is powering up!) So I would choose McCabe! a really mobile crew that can hit hard from the beginning and they have some nice shenanigans while also having excellent schemers! Also McCabe is the bane of crews that like to bubble!
  6. I think Ivan from the Explorer's society better fit the spy theme than Cadmus since Cadmus is (I'm not sure about that) a kind of hivemind parasitic thing!
  7. he meant outside of Last Blossom they are not worth it!
  8. you forgot condition removal!!! this is extremely useful vs a lot of crews! They also can be tricky to kill for a 5ss model, if you keep a low tome in your hand! Also they can scheme for you if you don't need their other abilities and since they are cheap you won't mind using them for this! Tanukis are among the best support models in the game! 😉 Minako is used to create 2 of the best schemers available to TT! But since her nerf if you really want her to shine you have to take Ototo or Misaki to create shadow markers. I think the penalty of using scrap marker is a littl
  9. Ogid is right! The removal of the shadow marker is not a cost! (not in itallic) so her unbury will happens no matter what! Since there's no shadow marker she can't be placed so she can unbury in her own DZ!
  10. For Misaki you have lots of ways to play her (gunline, super fast/schemy or bruiser or a mix of these playstyles) The models you absolutly need is Minako and her summons (1 box) She is extremely good value and you can also use her with Mei Fang (she's a little less good in Foundry compared to Last Blossom) After that go with how you like to play, but I would recommand the tanuki and the Samurai! Both are pretty strong versatile models! Misaki is really fun to play and her theme fits perfectly with her abilities!
  11. Mc Cabe is a strong master! He can really shut down certain crews like those who wants to bubble! His gun when he's on his horse is really strong! In keyword Hucksters are fantastic! I would proxy them since you can't get them now! use ruffians for the proxy until you get them! They are amazing schemers and on certain board are really mobile! Sidir is a nice counter pieces against terrifying crews or crews that spawn terrain markers! his gun is nice but I found him a little squishy for his cost. He can do work but keep him far form danger. I haven't used Desper much,
  12. Ototo is a great choice for this trick! he hits hard and can drop shadow marker to surprise your opponent if he doesn't know about this combo! 😉
  13. It depends what you want to do in your turn with Misaki and where are the shadow markers! I usually bury every turn to keep my opponent on his toes and also to create more shadow markers! This opens up a lot your attack vector with Misaki! The biggest drawbacks of burying her is that opponent can remove the shadow marker you wanted to come back from and Misaki will usually be slowed if you activated a few models. Misaki is a squishy master and good pressure on her will hurt! This is why I like to bury her a lot because with the help of her crew she can pop almost anywhere on the bo
  14. is he playing lucid dream spam or elite spam? vs lucid dream spam he'll have lots of little models and if he group up around Dreamer blast is your best friend! I would look at Sonia and burn everything! 😉 In these kind of list there's few beaters outside of Lord Chumpy so if you kill him fast, he'll mostly rely on his summons which will drain his ressources. I haven't played much vs super elite Dreamer but range is also nice to bring down important pieces or you could try an alpha strike list with Dashel or Lady Justice and try to nuke Dreamer early? Dreamer
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