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  1. when you look at the discard section, they say this: Cards discarded after Flipping, Cheating Fate, or from the Conflict are not considered discarded by the player or any specific model for the purposes of game effects. Since they separate flipping and cards in the conflict, I'm pretty sure the cards flipped because of modifiers count as flip for Lynch aura! Also in the fate modifier sections they say this: For each Fate Modifier on a flip, one additional card is revealed (so a flip would reveal two cards, as would a flip). So the flip part is when you reveal the cards, not when you put one in the conflict!
  2. also don't forget Yan Lo can use Treacherous Paths to push Wanyudo though other models the turn he attaches the ash ascendant! this could lead to a lot of Burning path test in a turn! ahah! Now I really want to try this!
  3. Sonnia with all her keyword except quellers pale rider guild steward you will surely get counter with anti-condition stuff but you can put enough dmg to destroy every thing in one turn so not that bad! Sanctionned spellcasters are good scheme runners Thralls are very good beaters Samael is a good shooter flanker Sonnia is terrifying!
  4. my core list looks like that Chiaki 7ss Manos 9ss Izamu 10ss Gokudo 5ss then I have 19ss to tailor my list toward more killy options, more supports or more scheme runners depending of strat and schemes As you said in Neverborn Nekima can cripple you because of the alpha strike. Against her I would take 1 or 2 ashigaru to protect my important pieces! Other than that take care about models with execute trigger because it ignore demise ability.
  5. she got improved a lot during the beta before her change in the late beta she and her keyword were garbage! Now she's fun to play but I don't rate her as a top tier Guild master! More in the middle or low middle of the bunch!
  6. I think it's pretty clear they are treated as friendly model for the interact action so no they don't count as an enemy model doing an interact and Nellie does not draw a card
  7. because gun symbol is in the range too, so if ability says range is now 1'' there's no gun symbol so it's no more a action
  8. I think the same way as @Adran! for finger on the trigger to works it needs to be a shooting action. If you are engage you can't do but Perdita can decide to use a gun action as a . So if you treat it like a it's no more a and you can't use finger ability.
  9. I'm not that mad about other factions because I'm sure they can say the same things about some of our models like the Pale Rider! When I'm comparing Guild to other factions, mainly the other one I play (Ten Thunders). I've realized Guild is a pretty straight forward faction. We are ''still'' a beater faction for most of our masters! I don't play/like Nellie so I can't talk about her but for the masters I play (Sonnia, Lady J and Lucius) I find that only Lucius brings this combo feel with many subtle and interesting ways to play. The other 2 are mostly: I beat the crap of you form afar, from close range or a mix of the 2. I'm maybe a little biased because I really like to play Lynch and Youko in TT who have a lot of subtlety and a high skill ceilling which I like a lot. Guild is a strong killy faction but this is mostly what we do and can become boring (for me). We have potential to win tournaments and play competitive games because we have strong masters and keywords. Our models are simple and effective. They are mostly well priced and they have clear strong points and weaknesses. For some it's an advantage because we are ''easier'' to play than some other factions but we lack a lot of cool interactions/combos we can find in other factions
  10. I don't like HRM, I find them way too expensive for the dmg they bring and they are squishy as hell for an 8ss model. The irreducible dmg is cool but it's not built in and needs a chi. I'm pretty disappointed by them. I could see a place for one of them in a list but no more than that because they need to much support to fonction well.
  11. Her new love story has impacted her training time!
  12. Archie is disgusting right now! Every ressers list use it! 😕 edit: I know it's not an answer to your question xD I just wanted to vent my frustration a little!
  13. you never want your LRM near the action and with his long range heal he can stay a little behind for one turn! this also gives a nice power boost to Shenlong!
  14. you could even get a forth one on Shenlong if you concentrate once, bonus action concentrate by discarding a card and attack Shenlong with the staff to do 1 dmg on Shenlong which gives him 1 chi with Sensei nearby and the distracted will help fuel his fermented style upgrade! Tahn Shenlong only use 1 action to gain the 3 chi from the LRM
  15. Sometimes I wish Chiaki is an Henchman ahah! It would be so much easier to plan around split the soul! Also I really dislike the fact she can't split her own soul! 😕 There was a discussion a few weeks ago about this topic and I'm in the camp that since it's a pulse instead of an aura she's not in the range of the ability.
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