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  1. A lot of Nephilim players think black blood works every times they get dmg which is not the case! And Nephilim crew is already doing so much dmg there's no reason to give them more! free ahah!
  2. my best bet is that very few people played wastrel during beta
  3. nice job for your win! He ran a pretty brutal list with all the cheese from Arcanist!
  4. in the forums this is a well known fact since the start of M3e! thx for spreading the infos but you won't get any backlash here because nearly everyone here already know it! ahah!
  5. They said that once a M2e models was sold out they would not make any more of it! So I'm pretty sure you will have to buy the new box with Archie and crooligans they will maybe do an exception for Archie because everyone and their grandma wants to get him since the pirate box! ahah!
  6. this could work in certain matchups but it's a pretty big investment! 19ss for 2 models! ouch! as @Nikodemus as said Izamu is a good pick against Zoraida, Chiaki is nice with certain positioning schemes like claim jump and outflank because opponent will have to burn moderate/high cards to stay where he want to score. Not as counter-scheming as Kitty Dumont but it's another tool. Also she can remove focused/shielded from an enemy and give him slow in exchange. This is pretty nice in reckoning where you want the other beaters as useless as possible! And finally the reason to take both: the Izamu's Reliquary. Ruthless is always nice to have on your beater (Ressers have lots of terrifying) and armor +1 is good on anybody! Samurai with armor +3 and ruthless is pretty nice or in a monk crew giving armor to Shenlong! I'm not sure this is something I would take often, but they have some advantages against certain opponent and in certain strat/schemes!
  7. Soulstone miner is good now because of the schemes that need positioning or very far away scheme on certain deployment type! Remove this and he will be way less oppressive! Outflank is too easy with this guy Swarms are a little above the curve in my opinion! As others have said they can do a lot of things well (kill, fast movement, 2 schemes/turn, somewhat tanky) For 8ss I think they offer too much and this is why (in my meta) almost all Arcanist players use them in each game. They are often better than most keyword models because they can do more than one role and this is the key problem! I would not make them 10ss but I would nerf some aspect of their kit (either dmg or mobility) If they are only good in 1-2 role, you will be encourage to use keyword model for other roles instead of always taking the swarms for everything
  8. I think you were mixing a bit what I said if you are attacking Pandora or Carver you can use your focus first because it is your activation. But in defense you won't be ale to use focus to defend yourself against Pandora/Carver. The explication is below. the 2 abilities (using focus and Opportunist) have the same timing (Before performing an opposed duel). When 2 abilities happens at the same time, the models whose activation it is has priority! So Pandora will be able to use Opportunist before you declare using focus for your defense.
  9. don't spam focus on your models against Pandora! one is good if attacking because you will declare using it first but any above that will get removed if attacking Pandora or Carver! Also remember that if either Pandora or Carver are attacking your models with one or more focus you won't be able to use it in defense. Since their Opportunist ability and declaring focus usage happens at the same timing and models who is it's activation has priority on his abilities!
  10. vs Pandora take the hit on a weak model is golden! She will target your big beater thinking to do big dmg but for the price of a card she now does meaningless dmg on another minion! In Ressers I know Ashigaru got it and with armor/hard to kill they can wither a few of their own attack against them!
  11. 1. removing schemes is also an interact action! if you can't drop marker because of the 4'' rule, you have to chose another possible interact action like to remove scheme markers in bsb even if there's none 2. yes I'm pretty sure she would heal 3. yes it cancels breaking news if within range of exclusive interview
  12. are you talking of a possible fix? or it's a change they've made to the card?
  13. Youko with Asami are a really strong combo! 7 cards vs 5 cards hand is nice! And you can summon the beaters you need to compensate for the glass canon nature of Qi and Gong!
  14. in M3e every distances are calaculated horizontally! you add the building height to the distance minus the size of the target who is lower! So example: Nino is on top of a size 3 tower Francisco is 6'' horizontally from Nino you then add 3'' to the distance between them and substract Francisco's Size of 2. So the 2 models are 7'' apart from each other and not in range for A Por El! p.13 of the rulebook second paragraph of measuring!
  15. Agent 46 will surelybe in the special order program! Because he is a new model in a box with resculpt of old models! So it fits all their criteria for the special order program! I also think the special order program for agent 46 will contain one of the new lawyer model because before that they were minion (2) and now are minion (3). Also in the Guild Faction Pack there's a card for one of the new lawyer even tho he isn't an old model!
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