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  1. Mc Cabe is a strong master! He can really shut down certain crews like those who wants to bubble! His gun when he's on his horse is really strong! In keyword Hucksters are fantastic! I would proxy them since you can't get them now! use ruffians for the proxy until you get them! They are amazing schemers and on certain board are really mobile! Sidir is a nice counter pieces against terrifying crews or crews that spawn terrain markers! his gun is nice but I found him a little squishy for his cost. He can do work but keep him far form danger. I haven't used Desper much, he is ok but I find him a little too costly for my taste! I know other people really like him tho. Ruffians are bad, they are way too fragile for their cost and don't bring anything meaningful except for a mobility boosts for another model. I rarely take one. Versatiles and OOK McCabe likes really strong minions to give his upgrades. 2 minions stand out for the killy role: Samurai and Jorogumo. Samurais are the tanky version with a nice gun and good melee attack (armored models hates this guy) They cost a lot but can easily kill one model per turn with easy access to focused and good dmg. They are quite slow tho, so Mc Cabe should use ride with me to help one of them be in position faster. If you want your samurai to be on another flank this is the only time where I've considered taking a ruffian and it's to help the samurai move faster. Jorogumo are the destroyers of world with McCabe. with Timeworn Blade there's not a lot of things that can survive a charge from this beast! they are fast and hit like a truck. They are also moderatly resilient but they will die if a beater gets a few good attacks on them. So choose your engagement and bring a tears mug for your opponent! 😉 ahah! Tanukis are great support pieces, they remove conditions, give focused, can heal a little and can even help you scheme if needed. These squirrels are amazing! If you need more healing Low River Monks are for you! One of the best healers in the game! Emissary is strong and fast. His bonus action is sweet when you have a garbage hand! He falls in the same category as Jorogumo for his role but he can't take McCabe upgrades. All in all Wastrel is an okay to good keyword on is own but will surely get even better when it gets new models form Explorer's Society. What makes them really strong now is the other good versatile and OOK from TT you take with McCabe and hucksters. for now if you buy the samurai box and the tanuki box you should be good to go at minimum. Also proxy the ruffians you have as hucksters ;). I don't own Dawn Serpent so can't really comment on his power but he seem like a nice glass cannon. The Emissary box is also nice to have but I don't know your budget. Jorogumo will help you a lot in the killing department but if you don't want to expand into Oni you cna pass on them and be fine with only Samurais! 😉
  2. Ototo is a great choice for this trick! he hits hard and can drop shadow marker to surprise your opponent if he doesn't know about this combo! 😉
  3. It depends what you want to do in your turn with Misaki and where are the shadow markers! I usually bury every turn to keep my opponent on his toes and also to create more shadow markers! This opens up a lot your attack vector with Misaki! The biggest drawbacks of burying her is that opponent can remove the shadow marker you wanted to come back from and Misaki will usually be slowed if you activated a few models. Misaki is a squishy master and good pressure on her will hurt! This is why I like to bury her a lot because with the help of her crew she can pop almost anywhere on the board giving you more options! If I have a good target (lone enemy schemer far from enemy beaters, I go for an hit & run strategy. If no easy to kill model is vulnerable I switch to schemer mode with her) There's also reasons to not bury! For example if you haven't manage to kill the model you wanted dead, you could decide to stay engage to kill him! (Beware if beaters are near, this could be Misaki's downfall) you could also decide to fool your opponent into focusing her so you can take a massive lead in points with your other models? like in chess when you sacrifice your queen to assure you the victory! 😉 Last Blossom is by far my favorite crew to play because in this game mobility is key and this is their main strength! It's also nice to feel like a sneaky ninja attacking form every angles and going back into shadows to attack elsewhere! ❤️
  4. is he playing lucid dream spam or elite spam? vs lucid dream spam he'll have lots of little models and if he group up around Dreamer blast is your best friend! I would look at Sonia and burn everything! 😉 In these kind of list there's few beaters outside of Lord Chumpy so if you kill him fast, he'll mostly rely on his summons which will drain his ressources. I haven't played much vs super elite Dreamer but range is also nice to bring down important pieces or you could try an alpha strike list with Dashel or Lady Justice and try to nuke Dreamer early? Dreamer is always a hard opponent when played well! You have to put pressure early because as the game goes on his deck becomes extremely good! If you attack Dreamer a lot he'll have to use cards for protected and by killing his small models he'll have less Lucid Dream so it's a win win for you! Daschel has a pretty mean alpha strike list (2 executionners and 2 mounted guard can cover lots of grounds if your opponent likes to stay very far away) and he can summon too!
  5. 3 samurai and Fuhatsu!? you monster! xD
  6. there were rumors he could become a new master for the new faction
  7. as @Adran has said, when an ability on a card contradicts the core rules, it's pretty explicit on the card, like your From the Shadow example. But Harness Chi is far from explicit and it also uses the singular for duel total which if you go by RAW means that for every duel you make with this model only 1 of the 2 duel totals in the duel steps should be enhanced with a +2 and since in the core rules they say modifiers are applied to the final duel total, I'll play harness chi like I said until a FAQ clarifies everything!
  8. If you go look at the duel steps in the rules (p.10) you'll see that the only place they add modifiers to the total is at the end at step D. In step B, they say to add the stat of the model, the value of the card and the suit. This will give you the current duel total who decides who cheats first in step C. They never talk about any modifier in step B. While in step D they say to add the stat, value of the card, suit and any additional suits or modifiers together. So sadly the +2 for harness chi is only used in the final duel total!
  9. what @Adran said! But also remember that the +2 is only added on the final duel total! It won't change who gets to cheat first! 😉
  10. don't fear to try things in Malifaux! 😉 this is a complex game and there's a lot of nice combos to find! For example in Last Blossom, you could give Masked agent to Ototo for a nice combo with Misaki. Ototo can drop a shadow near him, so that when Misaki pops from it she is within 2'' of him. She can than uses The Oyabun's Command to make him charge and with the With me ability she'll also be placed in b2b with the charged enemy! This could lead you to be engaged with a model opponent was not expecting while also giving a charge to Ototo who hits really hard! The pre-nerf version was really strong (way too strong) against crew that use resistance trigger. Leveticus players hated to play against TT because of this upgrade. Now it's more in line and can still be useful against said resistance crews! 😉 Trained Ninja is really good to protect some important models (Mr. Tannen) against range crew or help with movement issue of the Samurai as you already thought about 😉 Also unimpeded could be clutch on a board with lots of severe terrain! Silent protector is one of my favorite upgrade! I really like to give it to a Beckoner in my Honeypot crew! She's now the perfect bodyguard for Lynch or Tannen. Because most often then not opponent will have Brilliance and thus will be on a to hit her. Hard to kill is always nice and if I don't need her anti-scheming bonus action, challenge just put more pressure on the opponent! 😛 giving Silent Protector to a Samurai is also something I like to do. They now have hard to kill and are already quite tanky so they can protect your other models well! It's quite an expensive combo but if opponent don't bring anti-armor, they rarely kill him since I also like to take healing in my crew (LRM or Tanukis) and if they do they have to commit a lot for this while the rest of my crew is safer!
  11. Sadly there's really few monk worth taking! The best ones are in my opinion the Low River Monk and the wandering river monk. Charm Warder is a niche pick against demise/summoning crew! Since the nerf Sensei Yu is not worth it at all! He was used to give lots of chi to Shenlong by attacking him with your students/Low River Monk. But now Brutal Sensei only works on enemy attacks and as you said the rest of his card is pretty lackluster. High river monk could work, but they cost a lot and are the perfect example of glass canon. If you make one error with them, they'll die and I hope for you they did something. Fermented have no synergy at all with all the other monks and no efficient way of gaining lots of poison in TT. Thunder archers are okay. They can do a decent job, but as other monks are frail and low range so they have to be near the danger which is not ideal. The option for Irreducible with the ram trigger is nice. Monks in general are very frail, cost lots of ss and need chi to protect themselves! Every errors will hurt you and they rely a lot on their chi to attack or protect themselves. While TT versatile are really strong without having to balance between offense and defense. Samurai are tanky, hit like a truck and are only 1ss more than HRM! Also with wandering river style, you can use the Student to help him move before blasting the enemy with his gatling!
  12. Cursed25

    Ms. Criid

    Sonnia is the star of the crew! Opponent will probably do everything they can to kill her! (lots of traumas from last edition I think! 😉 ) She really like to get lots of focused and movement help! so the steward is a nice choice for the focused and the Pale Rider/Mounted Guard/Pathfinder/Investigator could help with her movement issue. Her best turns are when she's blasting 3 times with as much focused as possible! She is also deceptively strong in melee! If you think she will get charge later in the turn, activate smoldering soul and watch them take lots of burning and dmg! Also this goes well with counterspell! (I really wish there was no range with this ability! 😕 ) Always think about Smoldering Flame! It could ruin the day of many crew and support models, but it's really easy to forget and opponent won't think about it so you have to remember it! This could be a game changing ability! 😉 Sanctionned spellcasters are squishy but fast schemers when near a ss user. My prefered choice to bodyguard them is Samael! The Thralls are your heavy dmg dealer! They hit like a truck but aren't that tanky! So choose your engagement! They become very mobile when a Witchling Handler is near! The Purifying flame is an excellent schemer and you could also use him to suicide bomb the enemy crew if they bunch up! Give burning and dmg to a lot of model and this will set up Sonnia! Also he's very easy to resummon with Scorch the Soul! Stalkers aren't that good for hiring! When you manage to summon they are nice but I only hire one if I know I need more condition removal than the steward can give me!
  13. I play Guild and TT. When playing Guild, yes it was way harder but it was not impossible to face Yas. I got wrecked way more by other models (Shenlong and Swarm)
  14. Yas could not kill all models in the game reliably! any bruiser will often survive is 4 attacks in a turn and will wreck him in return! You have to choose your target with him and he has the mobility to do it. But this makes the opponent choose who he wants to protect with is positioning. Also killing only one model with him will almost never be a fair trade for you because you will surely have killed a cheaper model than what he cost. He is not a Valedictorian, that's not his role! You use Yas to make pressure on opponent by being there, harrassing schemers and doing a little schemes. I often played and faced Yas in my games and he is strong that's for sure. But you can dictate what he can do with your positioning. If the opponent was willing to trade him in my games, most of the times he lost the trade! This is why I think he was a strong model but not a top tier one. 🙂
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