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  1. Also Akaname are excellent when you take Lucas McCabe as a second master to help him draw and give relics to your minions!
  2. the idea of brilliant blood is a sound one! Also like others I would like him to be way tankier than he is now! take the hit would also be really nice on him!
  3. why the Ama No Zako? I'm curious?
  4. really nice job on 46! It looks way better this way! much more intimidating! Also continue your good work! I particularly like your Last Blossom paint schemes! 😄
  5. I agree with you! the worst model for this in my opinion is Agent 46! He's so boring and straight! I also very dislike the long legs xD
  6. enemy model you control via obey still see every other models as enemies for your model and friendlies for his! So you can't pass his lodestone to your model since they are still an enemy model 😉
  7. she is exactly the same in Last Blossom or paired with Ototo! In these 2 situations she rocks hard and the katashiro are still super good! before the errata I was also using her with Asami but now she's not worth it in my opinion! The high cards require to summon from scrap is needed mostly for Asami and important duels so I prefer to hire Katashiro from the start now!
  8. ototo with Minako, samurai, emissary, tanuki or lone swordsman. The only models I use in keyword are the low river monk and wandering monk but Monk is a keyword I rarely play because the only interesting model for me is Shenlong so I prefer to take him as a second master in another keyword
  9. it's very resource intensive to summon with Minako now (outside of Last Blossom or you could hire Ototo ook) and you will want your high cards to summon with Asami so I would not take her anymore in oni crew! the Emissary is very strong with Asami because you can draw lots of new cards if your hand doesn't have any high cards! this will improve a lot your chances to summon big hitters with Asami! 😉
  10. samurai, tanuki and low river monks are stable versatile/support units in TT! they will be useful in almost any crews!
  11. Yan Lo was a monster before the errata! I played him a lot and quite enjoyed his super elite and sturdy playstyle but since then, this playstyle got nerfed a lot! (super elite/impossible to kill) He still has a strong keyword that is sturdier than average but Ancestors are not the monster they were before! My core before was Chiaki, Manos and Izamu. But now with the Manos' nerf I think to sub him for Yin because she has a better reliquary, is cheaper and can scheme well too. you will have lots of fun with him and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves!
  12. Thralls hit very hard! bring the pale rider to ride with Sonnia so she can blast with all her AP, a handler to speed up your thralls and you have a very hard hitting core with these models!
  13. beyond the core with Misaki I use Minako, Samurai, Snipers, Yamaziko, Tanuki, Low River Monk, shadow effigy/emissary, Lone Swordsman and sometimes Crime Boss for Yan Lo like I said I don't know what my lists with him could look like now! 😕
  14. Misaki is really fun to play! she and her crew really feel like ninjas! very quick on the board! Misaki can unbury anywhere on the board if you drop more markers with the rest of your crew giving you insane mobility! They hit very hard but are on the frail side! so choose your engagement, always attack where they will feel it and strike hard!!! They have excellent schemers (torakage) and Minako can create even more schemers! Ototo is a big beater and there's a lot of synergies between him and Misaki! Snipers and Archers can hit hard from a distance and you can even play Last Blossom as a gunline if you want! With Last Blossom you have to play smart and your mobility will help dictate the board and apply pressure at the right place. Also the threat of Misaky unburying in so many places will change how your opponent plays and thus he will maybe makes more errors! capitalize on this! Yan Lo was one of my favorite master for TT before the errata! He was the perfect definition of elite crew impossible to kill! Now he lost a lot of tankiness with Manos reliquary's change! My core list was always Chiaki, Izamu and Manos. These 3 gave me 2 super strong upgrade to pass around with Chiaki. But sadly now Manos' one is very much situational depending if you face lots of demise. Apart from that his reliquary is just the shadow of what it was! Izamu's and Yin are in my opinion the only 2 reliquaries worth building around and you will be way less tanky than Ancestor's crew used to be! I will have to change a lot how I play them and I'm not sure GG-1 as many strat/pool where they outshine other TT crews. There's a lot of testing to do and I'm sure Ancestor is still playable but it isn't top tier as it used to be.
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