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  1. this is a very strange Mei Feng list ahah!
  2. False Witness in Guild or Union Miners in Arcanist both have False Claim which help tremendously for a lot of scheme marker schemes!
  3. add Pale Rider instead of Emissary and you are now in another power level with your list ahah! One model I really like in Marshall is the Domador! excellent healer that can heal multiple living models while giving injured and a few dmg to an enemy target or you can heal 1 of your living model even on a black joker flip if you choose your model as the target (remember that blast only happens when targeting enemy models) Also the Domador have a lot of synergies with the rest of the crew. They make enemy living models within 5 undead for some anti-undead tricks (Exorcist!, DM fast, etc) and they also have command corpse to give more AP to your undead models (can also heal them on a 7+) Her best target for command corpses are the Pale Rider or the Emissary Emissary. I also like a lot the Jury! Obeys are always strong and helpful! You can surprise your opponent with a clutch Obey to make nasty stuff with his models or give even more AP to Pale Rider! She is a powerhouse vs certain keyword too!
  4. Kitty is an excellent schemers but I do not take Honeypot on pool where there's a lot of movement involved to score! If I can bubble and control areas to score, Honeypot is excellent! If you have to move a lot and go inside opponent DZ, I choose another keyword! Inside Honeypot there's no good schemers (apart from Kitty) but there's some good OOK schemers in TT. For example, Hucksters are excellent! If you are against a keyword that drops scrap markers, Minako is a very good models and she will summon our best schemers, the Katashiro!!
  5. Search the Ruins can be really easy to do! depends on the table! and I really like Detonate Charge! take a model OOK that can drop multiple scheme markers and it's a cake walk!
  6. you mean copy the charge action from the general action list?
  7. do someone know if they will make him one of the special order? and when?
  8. there's a lot of old post about Honeypot! very strong and fun to play keyword! one of my favorite!
  9. I tried a gunline Lucius list once with rifleman, Pale Rider, agent 46 and a doppleganger as the main shooters and it was nasty! really liked this playstyle! (my opponent a lot less ahah!) Also I really like triggers for the rifleman! The execute trigger really scares people too! Agent and dopple copying it, this gave me a lot of 14'' execute and my opponent used a lot of ressource for it!
  10. sober up will remove the first focused if you do it twice on the same models except if they have another condition to remove! there's no ''may'' on sober up, so when you use it you have to remove a condition before giving focused +1 to the friendly model!
  11. the Captain is versatile
  12. the problem with pistolero is they they are way too fragile and reckless makes them even easier to kill! most schemers will have to move fast and inside opponent zone to do their things so this will put them at risk and Pistoleros have nothing to mitigate the target on their head! Good opponents will know what to target to prevent you from scoring and most of the time the Pistoleros die in one action from a beater or 2 actions from any other models. 4ss is cheap it's true but they will most often die before doing anything usefull! (except if you are willing to throw 4ss agaisnt 1 beater AP, I'm personally not)
  13. I thought about Collodi but he is very hard to get this days and I'm not sure my meta will accept DMH in competitive games! (I'm not even sure myself I would allow them or not ahah!) For the Teddy+WW combo I though about it with also 2-3 Stitched and 2-3 daydream for a lucid dream list (opponent won't see it coming!) But it's just theoryfaux and I'm not sure it would be viable! And like you said except for the surprise factor, why would I play Hinamatsu when I could just play dreamer with a list like this!
  14. I'm curious! Is there a way with puppet keyword to generate scrap markers?
  15. camouflage does not prevent charging! In 3e Charge changed a lot and does not require a target now! Charge now is 1 AP that allow you to push in the direction you want and then if you want to make a attack at someone in range!
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