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  1. Sniper has more deployment freedom, has range to most of the board at any given time, and has potentially higher damage (better severe, crit strike). Archer has a higher attack stat, Chi use, better WP, can shoot away scheme markers, and an irreducible damage trigger. They're both good, it's really down to the scenario and what master the opponent declares.
  2. Kamaitachi makes a good cheap buy if your opponent declares a summoner. Draws you a free card per turn essentially, and even with the tax it still fights pretty well for it's price.
  3. Gwyn is nearly an auto-take for me. She's tanky and disruptive, hands out brilliance like a champ, and Rig+3 can set up some crazy nonsense. She does have to watch out for things that can bypass her defensive mechanics like high Df/Mv shockwaves, or models with Stat 7 attacks. I see Kitty as a specialist piece for matchups where GO FAST SCHEME HARD is the name of the game. She does that better than just about anyone, but not much else. I doubt I would ever take both because then you'd have four models competing for SS cache use.
  4. Rattler seems like a specific scheme piece for Take Prisoner, and Hold Up Their Forces in some cases. In other cases it's probably outclassed, but aint nothin wrong with a model that has a specific job in mind.
  5. The only real DO NOT TAKE situations I can think of are Kaeris into Idols (crew too glass cannon-y to afford the strat's health tax) and Ironsides into Plant because of mobility issues.
  6. Don't think so, by the time the pillar is created you've already passed the point in the timing where you would decide to use Ice Mirror.
  7. CD1248

    Paul Crockett

    It gives Concealment, that's a significant enough benefit for an easy bonus action.
  8. The restrictions imposed by the Chain Activation rule prevent the Rider from reactivating itself multiple times in a turn.
  9. Kaeris and Raspy and tied for my main, I put down Kaeris just because her model is better looking. As for best, Raspy takes it. For disclosure I havent played Mei Feng enough yet, and don't play Collette, so I'm ignoring them due to lack of personal experience. Worst i'm saying Ironsides after the latest change, her crew has good stuff but now seems pidgeonholed into blobbing around Amina. The M&SU deathball isn't weak by any means, but it doesn't seem good at scoring points in most pools.
  10. Well he was pretty good back when Sandeep could put him on the table for 1AP and a 13, but if you're paying 10ss he's firmly underwhelming. As others have said, I think his issue is that his is pretty good, but most turns he will move and do it once, which for 10ss is not good enough. It either needs to be FANTASTIC, or more likely he needs a way to get two attacks off more reliably. For reference: Ice Golem has Flurry, Fire Golem has a way to move as a and a strong .
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