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  1. For it not being the intention they sure seem to have gone out of their way to define the term "stat" to just be the number, when they could have just as easily defined it as "all the junk under the Stat column".
  2. Its because it's telling you to do something INSTEAD of dropping a marker. If someone says "when you would turn right, instead turn left" you're not turning right anymore. Plus, as has been discussed, the ability begins to break if a marker is still involved.
  3. In the case of Uncontrollable Magic, the model is the generating object of tge pulse, and a pulse never affects the object that generates it. The model will take the 1 damage from Uncontrollable Magic, and nothing else.
  4. Neither. 1-3 = 1 damage 4-6 = 2 damage 7-9 = 3 damage And so on.
  5. I think Coryphee are actually the superior choice with Collette, they do essentially the same job as the Swarm and you're saving 2ss while retaining keyword synergy.
  6. My usual suspects are thus: Turf: Ironsides or Hoff depending on my mood, EXCEPT in Corner, then it's Marcus 100% for mobility. Plant: Colette, unless it's against 10T then Sandeep. Maybe Kaeris if I'm feeling frisky. Idols: Sandeep always. Reckoning: Ironsides or Kaeris, maybe Marcus if it's Corner. Mei Feng I feel lacks pop in Arc, she's fine but just doesn't wow me like she does in 10T. The less said about Raspy the better.
  7. Scent of Blood and Coordinated Attack are your money makers. Keep him back and attack things already engaged by your other beasts, use that 14" range. His gun becomes a lot scarier when a hit also means free attacks from the big scary beast you thought was done for the turn. Natural Musk can be very useful if you smell an Assassinate coming, but otherwise it's just Hard to Wound by another name, which is fine. Forage makes him a great late game counter-schemer, especially if Marcus plops Wings on him. Being able to remove a scheme marker from 14" away denies points real easy.
  8. Don't believe so, defense is not an Action, that bit is specifically taking about Action Triggers. Similar discussion was had regarding Ironsides.
  9. Unfortunately Wild Ones are some of the few models not to get M3E cards yet, presumably due to McCabe no longer having Guild stuff in his hiring pool. Rumor has it that something will be done with them later, maybe as Explorers Society stuff, but only time will tell.
  10. Off the top of my head? Archie, Manos, Midnight Stalker, Ninja Samurai, Gracie, Dead Rider, Pale Rider, Hooded Rider, Minako Rei, Hinamatsu. I'm assuming you've stapled Diesel Engine to the Swarm, because without On The Move the Swarm is pretty darn easy to lock down with anything tanky and on cost, and thus can't scheme well unless you leave it unopposed.
  11. In terms of the game as a whole the Swarm is about on curve with the good models in other factions, they just get taken all the time because Arcanists don't have good comparible models for the slot except in a few keywords. They're doing what a Versatile model should do design wise, it's not their fault the keywords don't have the strength to offer viable internal alternatives.
  12. Hinamatsu compares pretty favorably I think. I'd concede the point if Hina was an Enforcer, but Henchman status tips the scale. At the end of the day the Swarm is df5/wp4 arm1, with Concealment if you pay 2 for the upgrade, and it doesn't have any ranged attacks. It can get the 5-dam severes easily, but there are only so many severes in the deck, and relying on the consistent 5 is the only thing that makes it's damage good at it's price point.
  13. I find it's not nearly as bad in Foundry because you can mitigate with Focus, either from Kang spewing it to the whole crew or because Ride the Rails allows you to spend less time walking. Rage Machine from Mechchop helps too. Mei isn't personally resource intensive because of Press the Advantage, plus stuff like Vent Steam doesn't even require a TN. The Scrap generation/use also give the crew natural synergies with a bunch of the Arcanist versatiles.
  14. Aside from maybe two or three models across the entire game, I'm more interested in the bottom end of things. Molemen and Order Initiates seem plain trashy. Played a lot of Marcus, used them each exactly once, both times wished I had brought something else and have never missed them since. The December crew seems to be missing something. A half dozen Surge triggers sprinkled cross the crew? The Wendigo not being df4 bullet bait? December's Command being allowed to affect more than three models in the December crew? Blessed of December mechanically interfacing with the rest of the crew in any way whatsoever? Who knows, but it's missing something.
  15. I can't speak to Kirai, but I can speak to playing against Dreamer: As others have said you need to break part of his list early. This can be Dreamer, Chompy, Widow Weaver, or the Daydreams, depending. Dreamer himself can be challenging to take out, between Serene Countenance and Protected some lists just don't have the tools to efficiently attack him in the early game. To compound this, if Serena Bowman is in the mix any run that doesn't one-shot him may just be immediately healed up, leaving you with a bunch of actions wasted. I find Chompy to be the more appealing target, he'll usually have Butterfly Jump, but aside from that he's just a df5 8hp Henchman. Just don't let yourself be bamboozled by his Butterfly Jump and 2" reach.
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