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  1. Ironsides hiring in Colette did me real good against Misaki last week. Unexpected movement thanks to Presto Chango, and an assist from a Arachnid Swarm, allowed Ironsides to drag a Shadow Emissary out of position and left it on 1hp end of t1. Even with the dreaded Masked Agent, Ototo couldn't do much once he was Staggered/Stunned/Distracted and engaged with Ironsides. Ended up scoring both points of Detonate Charges off him.
  2. Raspy as a second master seems resource hungry, she needs suits for her triggers and card discard to bounce those triggers. Not that it couldn't work, but if she's acting as a 16pt turret you're gonna want to be throwing out a bounced trigger 2-3 times per Activation.
  3. Shouting Orders (X) affects any (X) models, not just minions. He can benefit just fine.
  4. C.1: "Start Activation: Resolve effects that happen at the start of a model's activation." I'm not sure what more you want.
  5. Detailed timing chart defines the start of activation as a single timing step, C.1, in which you resolve start of activation effects. So if while resolving one of those effects you satisfy the requirement for another, then it'll still activate because you're still within the relevant timing step. Wyrd doesn't do rulings via the forums, if they consider it necessary it'll be in the next FAQ.
  6. Detailed timing chart defines it as step C.1, as has been said.
  7. And draws you a card if they're within 3" of a scheme (when you're already taking him into scheme-heavy pools) with two good triggers, in the same crew as Lucius who can potentially look at the opponent's hand to determine if that discard is worth it.
  8. Sounds like all the Elite models except the Doppel and Henchmen, until you remember they're in a Lucius crew and will reliably be taking 1-2 actions out of activation at opportune times every turn. That said, it does look like the kind of model that comes in to scheme marker heavy pools and sits out otherwise, but he's incredibly disruptive if positioned right.
  9. You're correct. Triggers that add damage to an attack (crit strike, for example) format it as "when resolving, target suffers +1 damage". In the case of the Dove's trigger, it's creating a new damage effect, not adding to an existing one.
  10. The biggest risk I see with Lady J is that she spends all game picking at the flanks and avoiding Toni. If Toni can drag her in I think she wins that fight. Viks feel the same. Ironsides doesn't lose boxing matches fundamentally, unless they bring Irreducible damage, deny her built in Df trigger, or target a stat other than Df. To kill her by normal means they have to either soften her up significantly, kill the support pieces lurking behind her, or both.
  11. It's specifically good in certain situations or against certain crews. Had it used to great effect against me when I played Mei Feng, it trashed my railroad and due to the number of markers flying around he had plenty of leeway to scoop a big card multiple times in the game. Remember it's +2 PER MARKER, and you choose how many markers you pick up out of all the ones in that big pulse. So any increment of +2/4/6 is reasonable if there are any sort of effects creating scrap or corpses, on top of stuff dying normally.
  12. If you've already got or are planning to get the Gamin/Golems then Sandeep is a good buy. His only downside in my mind is his huge model pool, but you've already overcome some of that it sounds like. He can play into just about any pool and matchup with reasonable effectiveness.
  13. I mean, compared to what? 2/4/5 damage track is pretty good (Ironsides is a base 2/3/5 for reference, Lady J a 3/4/5), it can easily get +1 and sometimes +2 with Crit Strike, with a to damage if they're at full health, and flipping off a base stat 7. With Analyze Weakness on card for those pesky Arm2 guys. She can reasonably dome someone with a 7 damage shot, often in spite of defensive tech. That kills a lot of 6-7 stone models outright. In this edition that's REALLY killy. She has comparable damage output to someone like Lady J or Nekima, but on a 12" stick.
  14. Terrain grants cover to any model standing in it's Shadow, regardless of size, as long as a sight line crosses the terrain.
  15. Oof, I hope that's not the case. I've got books AND m2e stuff in my order 😥.
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