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  1. Won a tournament game with Ironsides today, 7-6 over the Viks on Plant Explosives/Flank. Schemes: Breakthrough, Detonate, Dig Graves, Assassinate, Deliver. Ironsides, Mouse, Howard, Amina. Fitzsimmons, Gunsmith, SS Miner (Magical Training), Mobile Toolkit Vs Vik1, Vik2 (both with Soldier for Hire), Taelor (Servant of Dark Powers), Vanessa, Midnight Stalker, Ronin, Big Jake Viks deployed forward and wide, got all 5 bombs down by the end of turn 2. However, Vik2 died on turn 1 after getting dragged into the murder ball by Toni. Ronin, Taelor, Vik1, and Big Jake all ended up in my deployment doing Breakthrough because Toni's murder ball killed everything else and I had only lost Amina and the Toolkit, with anything else that got hurt being healed up by Mouse. Picked up 2 bombs on turn 5 to deny the crucial point, got all 4 Strat points, 2pts from Dig, 1pt from Assassinate. He got 3 strat, 2 Breakthrough, 1 Deliver. Amina did way better than I expected. Fast and free movement from Walk the Line, plus Obey, made Howard and Gunsmith into absolute terrors. I don't think I'd have changed anything going into the matchup, against a different master I wouldn't take the Toolkit but going into Viks those power tokens were essential. An 8-5 score was within reach, I wiffed 3 stat 6 attacks on a 1hp Injured1 Vik, to miss my second Assassinate point, which would have almost certainly stopped his second Breakthrough too. Ended up taking 1st in the 9-man field, other games were Marcus 5-3 over Lady J on Turf/Corner, and a 7-2 final round of Sandeep over Shenlong on Idols/Standard. Might do a writeup of those games tomorrow. Addendum: If I had to replay this exact game, I'd drop Howard and Toolkit for a Spider Swarm with Diesel Engine and some other significant model in the 4-5SS range. Howard did really good, but Viks had a 8SS cache and he couldn't get enough Executes in to make a big dent with that. The built in Onslaught and Latch On would have been more impactful, and having something like a Saboteur or Union Miner to speed bump the Ronin may have denied him a point.
  2. It requires the enemy model to end Engaged with Seamus, so within 1" of him. He personally doesn't have many ways to force it (just the trigger on Flintlock, realistically) but his crew does. Doxies, Belles, and Madame Sybelle all have ways to move enemy models, and it also provides a deterrent against opponents that might want to use movement tricks to engage him out of their activations. Dead Rider can yank enemies a significant distance too, might be a good synergy.
  3. He does not need an upgrade attached for it to work. The discard part just ensures he can't put more than 1 upgrade on himself, and lets you cycle them off him if necessary.
  4. Sloth is an easy drop, Greed can be dropped if you think the opponent won' t be bringing many stone users and/or a small cache, Lust can be dropped if they aren't playing a crew with much access to card draw. Arcanists have some fantastic Versatiles, and you want Magical Training on a minion, so I'd say somewhere in the 4-6 Crossroads range is optimal.
  5. This is true of all Riders, but double with Hoody because his kit incentivises going deep: Beware of Stunned! When Stunned he can't use his trigger for damage reduction, so he can go from unkillable to a few min-3 smacks from death very quickly if you forget about a Stunned source.
  6. Oxfordian is a good tech pick if they declare a master who you need condition removal against, or someone like Mei Feng or McMourning who will set up Elemental Transference for you, but I don't think it's worth it outside of those kind of specific matchups.
  7. Incorrect, Shadow only comes into play if one or more sight lines pass through terrain that has a shadow. If she's drawing LOS from the pillar, no sight lines are passing through it.
  8. If you're looking for input on gameplay effectiveness, it's prudent to assume your opponent has access to their full toolbox and has a baseline knowledge of it's mechanics and how they relate to you. Obviously not every opponent is going to have full knowledge of how every mechanic counters every other mechanic, but assuming that they don't is a good way to "gotcha" yourself.
  9. They don't generally. Arik can, and VS has Blast Resistant +1, but that's it for specific anti-blast tech. The bigger issue against Freikorps is the Drachen Trooper pulsing out slow/staggered removal on an easy TN, AND removing ice pillars with his bonus. Kill that guy quick.
  10. I'd take a Soulstone Miner in place of the Hoarcat and move Magical Training to it. Blessed of December could benefit strongly from the Soulstone Cache upgrade to ensure reliable triggers. Snow Storm could provide much-needed mobility and guard against all the attacks that Freikorps bring.
  11. It's one of the cental pillars of his game plan. I usually do it twice (4x thanks to repeat trigger) turns 1 and 2, and likely once with trigger on turn 3 and 4. It turns his expensive models into superheroes and the Jackalope into an unreasonably disruptive missile. Be wary of putting too many upgrades on models without a way to get rid of them though. Getting both copies of Feathered Wings stuck on models who don't need them anymore but can't discard them is a terrible feeling.
  12. Ok, walk me through how it could be interpreted the other way, using just the rules text of Full Load. Because from what I can tell the only confusion comes from people looking at different rules on different cards with different rules text, and getting it in their head that Full Load must work the same because they both involve some modification to standard Shockwaves.
  13. Just saying, but for Zoraida dumping those cards to make it happen is essentially a resource-neutral act, since she's going to discard and draw back to 6 anyway. The only hand-state that really matters for her is if she runs out of cards while she still has things to cheat for.
  14. It absolutely is. If a model is the generating object of a then that model is not affected by that . Nothing in the rules we're talking about modifies that, so if Full Load didn't drop a marker the model thrown couldn' t be affected.
  15. Did you? effects specifically do not affect the object generating them, which would be the thrown model if no shockwave marker was involved, thus rendering the trigger useless. Also, in the case of Rasputina's ability it specifically tells you to do something "instead" of dropping a marker. No such instruction is present on the Pigapult. The two rules are aesthetically similar, but functionally different, and both work as intended within the rules framework.
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