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  1. Raspy has enough anti-synergy with herself that her card and AP pressure often don't matter much, because she's inflicting the same on herself with her barely functioning rules. All her actions require a trigger to be worth a master AP, but she has no built-in suits, and she needs to pitch cards to use those triggers with Ice Mirror (her only theoretically powerful gimmick), but she has no card draw engine to keep her topped off.
  2. He would not, as he is not the "attacking model" since he did not make an attack.
  3. Eh, even Marcus never takes them and he certainly doesn't have anything better in keyword competing for the cost bracket. If he needs a 5ss he's looking at Versatiles.
  4. As a player who got into Malifaux specifically because I loved Rasputina and the December models, and who spent most of beta and the first months of 3e aggressively practicing and optimizing the crew... I dropped her like a hot potato and haven't looked back. She feels like her keyword is missing a Surge trigger on every single card or something.
  5. Joss and Howard both bring something unique to the table, which you'll eventually need if you play Hoff enough. Joss is your Irreducible Damage boi, and he can hand out Stunned easily with a trigger. Both extremely valuable. Howard is fast for the crew at Mv5 and Unimpeded (which helps him use Trail of Gore, I've found it much easier to use on him than on the Peacekeeper), and he can heavily drain an opponent's resources with his Execute trigger. No resistance triggers just counters some models, and Vent Steam is a great disruption tool.
  6. @Mycellanious I think the problem is you're exporting a rule clarification on Manipulative to apply to things other than Manipulative. The wording of the new Replace seems to be specifically referencing the situation of one splitting into two during it's activation. So either we accept that the clarification to Manipulative is just that, a clarification to Manipulative, or we've got mutually contradictory errata on our hands. I think the former is the simpler, and thus probably correct, solution.
  7. It stops the activate-split-activate-reform chain I think, because when the Duet splits the Coryphee that isn't continuing the activation counts as already activated.
  8. Empower can make a big difference when stoning for Stunning Strike with Sandeep. Sometimes tactical Stunned application can save your bacon.
  9. Nothing Beast seems the obvious solution, he can beat up on the buried models and even at 10ss his base kit is fine. Void Hunter might also be cheeky, he can force a buried mod to unbury next to him with a stat5 wp attack.
  10. I typically only hire 1 Wind. Maybe 1 Metal if I know I'll be taking Dig Their Graves, or 1 ice/fire if I'm going for a turn 1 Golem (this is rare though). My typical summons are Wind on first turn, another Wind second turn, then third turn I usually start pumping out Poison to start pumping out damage. If the opponent applies pressure you can switch to Poison summons earlier to pump out damage. Get them to Concentrate while in Banasuva's Mantra and you get free damage that doesn't even require a flip. I rarely summon anything except Wind or Poison. Ice/Fire I only go out of my
  11. I'm unsure what the confusion is. The only thing I see that isn't self explanatory is whether we use the edges of the scheme markers or their center points.
  12. Dreamer can get the Lucid Dream engine going with just 3 hired Daydreams (which are a fantastic 3pt model aside from that). LCB has it, plus all the summons. So that's 5 Lucid Dreams on turn 1 for just a 9ss investment.
  13. By definition of the rules the model projecting the is not in range of it's own . I don't think it gets more clear or easy-to-understand than that.
  14. I think, oddly, that this is one of Rasputina's better matchups. Her crew cares a lot less about having mass Ice Pillars than Euripides. Ice Golem can hoover up pillars for both healing and it's hazardous aura, Acolytes get incidental benefit if they kill models standing within 2" of a pillar (which Savages really wants to do), and the rest of the hires can be the Blessed who doesn't use pillars, or the Arcanist's many great Versatiles.
  15. Yup. Wind Gamin gives you a ton of free movement when combined with Banasuva's Mantra. I'll typically hire one then summon another turn 1, force one or both to Concentrate with Sandeep, then do it again for one of them with Banasuva, then they do it again on their activations. 4-5 extra 4" place moves for your beaters, and a pair of windy boys all loaded up with focus to go beat up opposing schemers with. Doubt I'd ever hire one OOK though.
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