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  1. I typically only hire 1 Wind. Maybe 1 Metal if I know I'll be taking Dig Their Graves, or 1 ice/fire if I'm going for a turn 1 Golem (this is rare though). My typical summons are Wind on first turn, another Wind second turn, then third turn I usually start pumping out Poison to start pumping out damage. If the opponent applies pressure you can switch to Poison summons earlier to pump out damage. Get them to Concentrate while in Banasuva's Mantra and you get free damage that doesn't even require a flip. I rarely summon anything except Wind or Poison. Ice/Fire I only go out of my way to summon if I need something to do interacts in the safety of my backfield, Metal either as an emergency speed bump when a Poison won't suffice or for scoring the second point of Dig Graves. The reason I'm so big on Wind Gamin is that they combo with Banasuva's Mantra to generate a bunch of free movement for your crew. You can move your bigger models a startling distance out of activation once you have a few Winds on the board, If you've got a 13 in hand it can often be a good idea to do a Wind+Fire/Ice double summon just to have additional bodies on the board. Always hire Kandara, aside from being a great model on her own, her Mantra offers you a potent card draw engine once you've got some extra Elementals on the board. Since summons are Slow and can't Interact their first turn they often have nothing better to do than Concentrate anyway.
  2. I'm unsure what the confusion is. The only thing I see that isn't self explanatory is whether we use the edges of the scheme markers or their center points.
  3. Dreamer can get the Lucid Dream engine going with just 3 hired Daydreams (which are a fantastic 3pt model aside from that). LCB has it, plus all the summons. So that's 5 Lucid Dreams on turn 1 for just a 9ss investment.
  4. By definition of the rules the model projecting the is not in range of it's own . I don't think it gets more clear or easy-to-understand than that.
  5. I think, oddly, that this is one of Rasputina's better matchups. Her crew cares a lot less about having mass Ice Pillars than Euripides. Ice Golem can hoover up pillars for both healing and it's hazardous aura, Acolytes get incidental benefit if they kill models standing within 2" of a pillar (which Savages really wants to do), and the rest of the hires can be the Blessed who doesn't use pillars, or the Arcanist's many great Versatiles.
  6. Yup. Wind Gamin gives you a ton of free movement when combined with Banasuva's Mantra. I'll typically hire one then summon another turn 1, force one or both to Concentrate with Sandeep, then do it again for one of them with Banasuva, then they do it again on their activations. 4-5 extra 4" place moves for your beaters, and a pair of windy boys all loaded up with focus to go beat up opposing schemers with. Doubt I'd ever hire one OOK though.
  7. @MuMantai So, unless I'm misunderstanding here, you seem to be spending a Soulstone and doves, or multiple doves, on the same duel, which is not possible. When enhancing a duel you can only spend a SINGLE soulstone, and the Dove's rule just allows them to act as a proxy stone and doesn't override this limitation. The idea of generating free stones with multiple SS caches is interesting, but I wonder if spending half your first turn and Colette's whole first activation playing dove solitaire leaves it too vulnerable to a disruptive alpha.
  8. SS Miners are only good at schemes that just require you to stand in a particular place, they're so-so at schemes that require a single interact, and actively bad at ones that require multiple interacts. Vendetta they're only good at if the target model is isolated, they aren't so tanky that they can survive significant retaliation. GG1 could fix that in an instant if "just stand there" schemes become less prevalent.
  9. By the late turns she's either token starved due to needing them to stay alive, or dead. And if you put Diesel Engine on her then she's 13ss, I guarantee you could get equal work out of less ss of models. If she's left to run a flank unopposed by serious threats then she can do a bunch of stuff sure, but that's equally true of something like a coryphee (6ss) or spider swarm (8ss), both of which get significantly more out of Diesel Engine by being minions.
  10. While that's certainly good, i've never found it to be 11ss good, and believe me I've tried to force her to work. The biggest problem I think is the min2 damage and no triggers that help in the offense department. She doesn't usually have the spare time to focus a bunch, and the few ways Arc has to hand it out feel better used on other models that have 6 damage severes or better triggers.
  11. CD1248

    Zipp in OC

    Skeeters are Sz3 naturally.
  12. Depends on if I'm taking Joss, he needs stones much more often than Hoff, both defensively and offensively since he lacks Power Converter for free suits on his GREAT attack triggers. In non-Joss lists I've had good success going in with 0 or 1 stone, SS Miner gives enough leeway to stone for cards on critical turns or if Hoff eats a random RJ, and you don't usually need them beyond that.
  13. I think you're being both unrealistic and uncharitable. It's a foregone conclusion that a multi-day event is going to have the bottom half of the field gutted by drops, in fact I can't think of a single instance where I *haven't* seen it happen, in any hobby game. Tourny games are tiring, and there is very little incentive to come back for day 2 if day 1 was just repeated beatings and you know that your best-case scenario is a middle of the pack finish. And who are they hurting? Worst case scenario, you go from even to odd player numbers and someone has to take a bye, but it's just as likely that the opposite occurs.
  14. Counter-argument being, of course, that armor is just a specific form of damage reduction.
  15. For it not being the intention they sure seem to have gone out of their way to define the term "stat" to just be the number, when they could have just as easily defined it as "all the junk under the Stat column".
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