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    Evidently table top wargaming, along with Malifaux I also build, paint & play Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 & Necromunda.

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  1. Badgroth

    TOS Tides of Battle League 18th Jan – 29th March

    No idea what faction to go for yet but count me in.
  2. Badgroth

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    I will be down Sunday.
  3. Badgroth

    Avatars Assemble 8th April 2018

    Yea put me down for this one.
  4. Badgroth

    Mourning Belles 17th March 2018

    No problem this makes it better for me.
  5. Badgroth

    Mourning Belles 17th March 2018

    I wiil be with you guys for this one.
  6. Badgroth

    Tooth & Nail II - 11th February 2018

    Count me in Phil, I will pay this evening.
  7. Badgroth

    Tooth & Nail 21st January 2018

    Take my money already
  8. Badgroth

    Crew Box Challenge 28th October 2017

    Signed up and paid this morning.
  9. Badgroth

    Henchmen Hardcore 24/06/17

    Sign me up on that dotted line.
  10. Badgroth

    Malifaux League: Changing Fate 29th April 2017

    Sounds cool I am up for this.
  11. Badgroth

    Tooth & Nail 28th May 2017

    You can put my name down for this.
  12. Badgroth

    Return to Tombstone 27th February 2017

    Any excuses to kill more pigs is all I need to feed my bacon habit LoL. Put me name down and I will run the BBQ hehehehe.