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  1. Hello everyone,, I would like to invite you to a 2 day tournament in Warsaw, Poland It will be held at Gentlemen`s Club at Smulikowskiego 1/3. Its a 50SS Fixed Faction tournament. There is a full paint requirement. The entry fee is 45 zł (around 11 euros) for which you get sunday breakfast and 5 games with prizes. All our welcome
  2. Hello everyone,, We are starting "Through the Breach" in Sunny Sequim WA at Gate Way Games and Hobby 235 E Washington St Sequim WA english news caprea This first Session will be The Penny Dreadful one Shot: Recruitment Drive We will be teaching Through the Breach players will use the pre generated characters from the Penny Dreadful four slots available for each session if enough interest is generated more session will be added. To Sign up come to Gateway Games and Hobby or call 360-683-8534 Any questions can be directed to Putridways on the Forums Don't forget every Wednesday from 6-9 is Wyrd Wednesdays where all things Malifaux happen (since we are earthside "Good things Happen")
  3. Hello everyone,, So reading the forums a lot of people seem to swear by Guild Austringers, theoryfaulixing though I don't really see the appeal. Most people seem to use them for either long range harass, or their deliver orders. So damage wise their attack while likely to hit, doesn't have any more damage than other guild shooting. Deliver orders seems amazing, but you're effectively just giving up the austringers action for another model to take that extra interact action. For the price of the austringer wouldn't you just be better off hiring 1 extra model instead? Or is this one of those models you just need to play a few times to really see how good it is?
  4. Hello everyone,, A good mate of mine the Mr Robert Rankin, has just started in the eBook market, which is really cool as it means that all those people in America that haven't read his books (over 35 of them now, can now get hold of them. His latest stuff is Steampunk Comedy so, you know, is probably of some interest to Malifaux Players. For this week you can get hold of Armageddon: the Musical free for Kindle. I thought some of you might enjoy it. Really cool picture of him and his missus from the Asylum in Lincoln. He had just got his new gun from Herr Doktor so he was like Quote
  5. Hello everyone,, Come down and join us for fun and friendly pickup games at JAC, located at: 1101 Portage Trail, Akron, OH 44313 We usually gather every Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. The second Sunday of every month has extended hours. Pickup games on off days can generally be gotten by posting on the shop's forums found in the link below. Also feel free to PM me on the forums here or post in this thread to request a demo, or just to let me know to look out for you on game days!  Feel free to post on our Facebook looking for games or contact me there as well!  https://www.facebook.com/jacgames/
  6. Hello everyone,, Tuesday April 24, there will be a 35 ss book 2 scrap. Scenarios will be made so that everybody is playing the same thing, but schemes will be picked by yourself. You will/can choose two schemes before each round commences. But I would recommend choosing two for more victory points. 😜 It will start around 3 pm but we can postpone it if necessary. It will be at the: Toledo gameroom 3000 west sylvania avenue Toledo OH, 43613 There will be a $5 entry but all proceeds go to the top three and one randomly drawn person. Hope to see you there!!!! Rules question: proxies are allowed as long as they clearly represent the model they are interpreting and you clearly state to your opponent before every game. Factions do not need to be painted, but pictures will be taken to post up on the forums.
  7. Hello everyone,, I am going on vacation to Lake Garda in Italy. Since I've never been there and google didnt provide useful results, I'm gonna ask here. Is there a tabletop store somewhere? I dont think so since its mainly populated by old tourists, but maybe I am lucky and I can get a nice souvenir
  8. Just out of curiosity, if you've been in the M3E beta, how many non-thematic models have you been running in your crews usually? Is it like, just one to get some ability you didn't have access to, or have you found that up to half your crew or more has been able to cut theme? +1SS seems like a huge cost to me, and I totally get why they did it, just wanted to hear how people were handling it so far in 3 since I didn't get to join the closed beta.
  9. Hello everyone,,, So this was originally posted as a comment response to someone, but as I scrolled down the list I kept seeing the same question “what’s a new hobby I can take up?”, so I decided to share what I wrote, which may help you find some renewed joy, as it did me 😊 “Have you tried diamond painting? 💎 it’s been described as if cross stitching and paint by numbers had a baby 😂 As a fellow introvert, I have personally tried and love it. As it turns out, a close friend of mine recently opened up a little ‘pop-up’ store to support the growing community. He too had a similar story, having seen how it helped his mother, and after trying it, felt like it was a huge factor in helping him deal with his anxiety issues. If it’s something you’re interested in... I also wiggled a little 20% off code from him that he’s willing to share (originally as a thank you for early adopters’ feedback), but I don’t wish to sound like a shill so PM me if you’d like it. “
  10. Hello. I'm new to Malifaux and I want to build some papercraft terrain. I can dish out some houses/carts/barrels/etc. but the thing that bothers me is how I actually place them on the table. What is good "map design" for Malifaux? Obviously, some crews prefer open spaces, some prefer narrow mazes, so you have to balance these aspects on a not that huge 3x3 ft board. You also have to consider objectives and how easy it is to get to them and how exposed are you when you get there. Other noteworthy factor is how easy it is to get out of deployment zones without feeling like you're standing with your pants down, or feeling that map dictates you only one option on how to proceed. I also want my board to have some kind of believable theme: if it's a town it should feel like a town and not just a bunch of random blocks thrown in random places. I seek advice from experienced players: What do you consider a good terrain layout from gameplay perspective? What are common mistakes/bad decisions you can make when placing terrain? Examples of awesome layouts you've played on? Are there any guides/materials I can read to get the answers I seek?
  11. Hello everyone,, Does anyone have a dedicated space/room at home for MTG? Looking for inspirations on how to display prints, organize supplies, set up a deck building station, play area, and such.
  12. hello everyone,,, I am from india,, If you wish to submit tournaments just send them to us@malifaux-rankings.com and they will be added to the site within a couple days. I'm taking all events that happened in 2016 so long as they had at least 8+ players. Additionally the team section will be based on state unless I'm convinced otherwise.
  13. Hello everyone,, i've got a friend who loves to pain and i've brought her to the models i've accomplished and let her try a Monk of the excessive River and she or he's loved portray it to this point and she or he desires to analyze greater about the sport. i used to be thinking about telling her a touch again tale and then move into the factions but all i genuinely understand about is Ten Thunders and Neverborn. How would you describe the factions to a person just now dipping their ft into the game?
  14. HELLO EVERYONE,,,, I am about to play in my first tournament. Gaining Grounds rules in effect. I haven't met the TO yet, so haven't been able to ask if my Apparitions from Wyrd would be allowable proxies for Sorrows. Any thoughts?????
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