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  1. I don't know how much help I'll be but here's some thoughts after skimming through the cards. If you're hit with Blackmail, I'd recommend just giving away the pass tokens, losing cards and letting your opponent draw is dangerous, you are already limited on resources as it is. Kabuki Warriors are a pain if you get too close but Rusty Alyce has a nice min 3 shot and potential rapid fire if it's worth the discard, 2-3 successful shots will drop one. A&D is fast and can ignore any conditions Youko or Misaki are giving out, sadly it's at the cost of a card again but it's useful to have just in case. His MV 7 means he's less likely to fail Misaki's lightning strike too. The Scavenger is useful for potential card draw and he can hand out focussed. This helps you get around Serene Countenance and put some pressure on Youko. Levi can put quite a bit of damage out, it does mean doing damage to yourself, but hitting Bill with min 4, irreducible damage on a positive (at the cost of 4 damage to yourself) will help take him down more easily, especially since he cannot heal himself with Stoic Nod. On the face of it, it's risky as you're leaving yourself damaged in exchange for extra damage, but if you're lacking in resources, being put on positives will help increase your chances of winning the duel. I hope this helped, I can't really give any advice on models to substitute in since my brother has been focussing on Guild instead of Outcasts recently so I have no experience playing against M3E Outcasts.
  2. I can't help but feel like the Brothers would benefit from 'I've got your back' there heal isn't as good as the Tanuki's, so we could play into their other assets. Pulling a model out of combat then healing it a little seems fitting, or even just for the protection of getting a model out of danger. This also means that the range of their heal can stay the same, without having to come up with another name for the action completely. (Additional thought, tomes trigger to 'I've got your back' give himself or the model shielded +1) They could also gain Bodyguard, to enhance the purpose of protection and supporting other models. Alternatively, Protection Money, would play into the scheme marker theme. These are just suggestions, it is a pretty good model so I'm hoping if any of these ideas get implemented, it then won't become too good of a versatile model.
  3. Thanks for clarifying, sorry if I caused any confusion, that's what I get for rushing a post whilst on the move 😂
  4. So with Wyrd focusing another update on fixing crews and models that need work, which models do you think we, as a faction of playtesters, should playtest and provide feedback for?
  5. My interpretation would be that the +2 comes after too, as stated in Step D Determine Final Duel Total. 'Players then add their stat, the value and suit of the card in the Conflict, and any additional suits or modifiers together to determine their final duel total.' Due to cheating fate being Step C, the cheated card would come before determining the final duel total, which includes adding modifiers, being the +2, to the value of the cheated card.
  6. I didn't get chance to play Collodi during the open beta, since I devoted myself to the Thunders, but at first glance he's still the master I find most appealing in this faction. Maybe it's his aesthetic or the fact I played him the most back in M2E but I feel I'll be playing him more than any Neverborn master. Dangling on the Strings is similar to M2E but more balanced, the upgrades add more flavour (I'm a big fan of lures) he isn't a one man army like before, dismantling my opponents crew and rendering up to 2 models a turn, useless, but this is healthy for the game. He can still be threatening, push models, manipulate the opponents crew etc. I'm looking forward to trying him with Coryphee and Stitched, and I still need to try the Collodi +7 effigies list I regret never running 😂 I'm also tempted to give him Inhumane Reflexes for some defensive nostalgia.
  7. Just thought I'd let you know that Terracotta Warriors cannot copy Luna's action as she costs less, and a Terracotta Warrior can only copy the tactical actions of models that have a higher cost.
  8. It's a shame it's cheaper models, as without this restriction the TW's could copy Luna's 'frantic digging' which would help generate scrap markers for the crew.
  9. Hey, welcome to Malifaux, it's a great game that I started almost 2 years ago and quickly came to love, playing 2-3 games a week. The edition is currently going through a change, for the better and worse, but I think as a new player you're in a good spot as you can learn fresh whilst the new edition progresses. You'll notice a few things have changed, Neverborn gained 3 new masters (but lost Collodi & Lilith in the process, however they still have rules and can be played in tournaments with permission from the TO). Here is a link to the beta files, you don't necessarily have to learn M3E, you could stick to playing M2E for now, but is recommend starting straight from the beta, the game is more streamlined in its ways so should be more friendly for beginners. Sadly, I've moved on from Neverborn now, I loved them in M2E but times have changed, so I'd definitely recommend starting from M3E and seeing a models new playstyle. Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy playing the faction 😄 Link to beta files:
  10. INXVI

    Youko thoughts

    @santaclaws01 Yes I got lucky on this occasion, but removing a card from his hand with Unseen Manipulator, means you have a greater chance of removing a good card, as there is 1 less to cushion the blow.
  11. @thewrathchilde when I read the action and saw it was limited to tactical actions I wondered where it would be useful. After looking through there are a few good actions he can copy, such as Bill & Sun Quangs healing. Ohaguro's ability to give out slow, Archer's Target Practice to remove markers and Ototo's placing a shadow marker. I'm not sure if he can copy master (as a leader) actions, as the rulebook states that "Leaders are not hired and are therefore free." However, I'm guessing the cost on their card is still relevant. Giving out focused to Oni would be good and making a model charge with Misaki's action would be useful. However, then we hit the problems, in order to do most of these actions, a pretty high card will be required, such as an 8 or 10, just to do an action that probably isn't worth the effort, positioning and resources. Secondly, TW's are only Wk 4, without support they won't be able to maintain the 5' distance needed to copy an action, and even then, they still need range for said copied action to be useful. They also suffer from the fact that other cheap minions will be much more useful in most cases, such as a 4 stone Geisha for positioning or disruption, or for an extra stone, a Tanuki, who brings healing and condition removal. The model is in a tough place, I don't know how useful any recommendations would be, but maybe bumping up his price to 6ss, giving him slightly better mobility (maybe creep along) and a further range on Just Like You would be useful.
  12. INXVI

    Youko thoughts

    How powerful do you feel Youko's draw power is? I had another game today, and she can cycle cards pretty well, Backroom Dealings seems to be worth a high card or a stone, especially if you are potentially drawing 2 back in return, whilst also crippling your opponents hand in the first couple of turns. On the first turn, I forced an 11 & 12 out of my opponent's hand, and he couldn't really stop it since the stat is 7, which will often be 2 or 3 higher, and cheating almost feels discouraged, especially if they will potentially lose cards on top of the ones already cheated, prior. Blackmail is more influenced by your opponent's choices, but it could still lead to 2-3 cards being cycled per activation, whilst also damaging the hand of your opponent. I've only played her 2 times, so both me and my opponent will have been inexperienced, so does this ability become less prominent and easier to manage by your opponent as you become more familiar with the crew, or is it still noticeably powerful? Do you think that maybe it should be limited to Once Per Action, or Once Per Activation of currently active model, or is this too restrictive?
  13. @Jinn It was his first time playing against the crew so it was more or less a reaction to the action, especially since he was trying to figure out how his own crew worked too. I personally wouldn't discard any cards but there will be situations where it is relevant. For example, say your opponent has Take Prisoner. If I stacked pass tokens, I could stall activations and reduce the amount of models my opponent can utilise to score this scheme. @DonovanW Thanks for that, I guess that's what I get for skim reading 😂 I only read the timing structure as the I didn't want to hold the game up too long.
  14. Hey, so this is my 5th game of the open beta, I played Youko and @Tsyuukii played Hoffman. Strategy: Turf War Deployment: Corner Scheme Pool: Harness The Ley Lines (3) Hold Up Their Forces (6) Take Prisoner (7) Power Ritual (8) Outflank (9) @INXVI 5ss Youko Hamasaki 2ss (Trained Ninja) Chiyo Hamasaki Bill Algren 9ss Kabuki Warrior 8ss Kunoichi 6ss Bunraku 6ss Bunraku 6ss Geisha 4ss Terracotta Warrior 4ss (I took him to try him out, with no prior knowledge about his rules.) @Tsyuukii 6ss Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Ryle 9ss Peacekeeper 10ss Guardian 9ss Hunter 8ss Watcher 4ss Watcher 4ss Turn 1: Hoffman wins iniative, Youko's crew goes first. Geisha walks and lures Bill up the board, Hoffman activates to give out mass power token, overcharge Ryle, Peacekeeper, then walks in front of the Guardian. Kabuki warrior, walks and lures Youko to fix my bad positioning. Mechanical Attendant walks and interacts with the strategy marker. Bunraku, pushes, walks and lures the Kunoichi, Hunter double walks, Terracotta warrior walks and interacts with the strategy marker. Watcher double walks, Chiyo drops a scheme marker in my deployment zone then walks, Watcher transfers power to Ryle, then double walks. Bunraku, pushes, lures Chiyo and then walks. Guardian throws Hoffman then single walks. Kunoichi activates, picks up the 11 and drops a 4, then double walks. Peacekeeper triple walks. Youko, walks, Backroom Dealing on Peacekeeper, crows trigger to discard an 11 and 12, Riddles in the dark giving the Peacekeeper D+1, then walks again. Ryle activates, creep along, walks, then gatling guns the Kunoichi getting rid of a token for a mask, 1 damage, shoots Bunraku with free shot, red jokers with trigger again, 3 damage, shoots Kunoichi, 1 damage, 3rd Ap shooting the Kunoichi, 3 damage. Bill double walks. Hunter pushes at the end of the turn. Turn 2: Youko wins initiative. Youko activates to damage my opponents hand, she walks to within 6' of the Hunter, Backroom dealings, stoning for a crow, discarding 2 4's as his hand was pretty weak, I then draw 2 cards, Youko uses Blackmail on the Hunter, he discards 1, obeys to harpoon the Guardian, disposition it a bit, uses the action again on The Guardian and gains 2 pass tokens. The Hoff activates, power nexus gives tokens to Ryle, 1 watcher, The Peacekeeper and himself, overcharges Ryle with a positive, walks, fails to overcharge the Hunter, Bill walks and charges Ryle, 2 damage, puts up Challenge aura. Watcher power transfers Ryle, then double walks. Kunoichi activates, 1 damage with trigger to push, pushes into base contact with the Strategy marker and interacts. Ryle activates, metal claws Bill, token for a Ram, 3 damage, again with the Ram, 2 damage, both discard tokens, red joker for 6 damage after armor, Bill dies (I probably should have stoned prior, but I didn't expect him to die). The Strategy marker turns neutral. Geisha activates and lures Hoffman, fails to do it a second time. Hoffman uses the pass token. Kabuki Warrior charges Hoffman, discards a pass token for a positive, 0 damage after all forms of reduction, again, 0 damage after reduction (both stones were severe) but he does gain Distracted +1. Mechanical Attendant walks, bonus action to push The Guardian 2', uses eternal magnet to push The Guardian and Peacekeeper 3'. Bunraku pushes, then double walks towards the top left corner. Watcher activates, walk charge the Bunraku, 0 damage. Bunraku pushes, walks and charges the Watcher, but fails to do any damage. The Guardian activates, Power Transfers onto the Peacekeeper, and walks, it then charges the Kabuki Warrior, discards for a mask, 3 damage and pushed 4'. Terracotta Warrior double walks. Peacekeeper charges the Terracotta Warrior, ditches a token to cancel D+1, fails first attack, second one, spends a token for a ram, I cheat to win. Chiyo walks, Biting Insult's the Peacekeeper and fails. The Hunter charges Youko, spends a token to be put on a straight, I cheat to win, Pounce on chest, rams trigger to do an additional place. End of turn, The Hunter pushes into base contact with a neutral Strategy Marker. Youko Scores 1 for Turf War. Hoffman Scores 1 for Turf War & 1 for Hold Up Their Forces. Turn 3: Youko wins initiative. Youko activates, Backroom dealings on the hunter, crows trigger, discards an 11, I draw a 4. Blackmail, I win, he discards 1, I draw 1 card and gain a pass token, she then charges The Hunter to stop it interacting with the marker, gives it distracted 1 and does 2 damage after armor. Hoffman activates, giving out power tokens to The Peacekeeper, himself and The Guardian, he overcharges the Guardian, overcharges the Peacekeeper, fails then passes, Kabuki warrior fails 1 duel, causing 1 damage and giving him inj +1. Chiyo activates, misinformation on The Peacekeeper who was on a negative, he flips a 10 so I decided to leave it as I knew his hand wasn't too good, Biting Insult on The Peacekeeper, he reds so Chiyo does nothing, she tries again, succeeds on the 2nd attempt. Mechanical Attendant activates, walks and uses Eternal Magnet, declares towards, pushing Hoffman, The Guardian and The Peacekeeper out of combat. The Kabuki Warrior activates, and charges Ryle, 2 damage, again, 2 damage. The Peacekeeper activates, interacts with the centre marker, walks and charges Youko, spends a token for a Ram, fails. Geisha walks and lures the Hunter, away from the Strategy marker. The Guardian activates, walks and tosses the Kabuki Warrior, fails one but succeeds on the other, pushes him closer to the centre, no longer engaging Ryle. Kunoichi activates and charges the Watcher, doing 2 damage and moving 3', he then attacks again, killing it. Ryle activates, eats the scrap marker for a power token, walks and interacts with a Strategy marker. Bunraku pushes, walks and interacts to drop a scheme marker on the bottom right corner of the table. Watcher attacks the Bunraku, doing 1 damage in total. Other Bunraku pushes, walks and drops a scheme marker in the top left corner of the table. The Hunter activates, walks and attacks Youko on a double neg, he fails, then uses Pounce on chest and wins with a lowest card of an 11, with the heave trigger, to disposition her, whilst also placing her into base contact with the Peacekeeper. The Terracotta Warrior double walks. End of the turn, the Hunter pushes into base contact with the Strategy marker. Youko Scores 1 for Outflank (Bunraku & Bunraku) & 1 for Power Ritual. Hoffman Scores 1 for Turf War & 1 for Take Prisoner on the Kabuki Warrior Turn 4: Hoffman gets initiative, Hunter activates, interacts with the Strategy Marker, then charges the Terracotta Warrior, kills it, and gains fast as it had not yet activated, pounce on chest on Youko, fails, walks 6 towards the Bunraku. Kabuki Warrior activates, lures Ryle with the rip and tear trigger, 1 damage after armor and stones, 2nd ap attack, manages to kill Ryle, changing the bottom right marker to neutral. The Peacekeeper activates, attacks Youko and ditches a token to be put on a straight flip, 3 damage, again, fails, flurry, spool up trigger, o damage after stoning. Chiyo activates, walks and uses misinformation on Hoffman, who is on a negative, due to the Kabuki Warrior, he drops the black and I get to draw as he is within 6' of Youko, she then uses Biting Insult on Hoffman but fails. Hoffman activates, overcharges the Guardian, overcharges the Mechanical Attendant on the 2nd attempt. Bunraku activates, lures the Watcher then pushes to gain focused and attacks it, getting the trigger for Crit Strike and dropping the red joker on damage, so the top left marker would become neutral as it died. Mechanical Attendant walks, and pushes The Guardian away, power transfer onto the Guardian, then with the fast ap, he pushes The Guardian again. Kunoichi drops a 3 to pick up the red, walk, charges the Guardian, does 1 damage, then places the Kabuki Warrior into base contact with himself, giving him focused with the trigger. The Guardian activates and throws the Kunoichi, fails, does it again, throwing him into the Bunraku, killing the Kunoichi, last ap to concentrate. Geisha walks and lures Youko. Youko walks and interacts with a Strategy marker, then gives a Hunter distracted +2. Bunraku walks and drops a scheme marker. Youko Scores 1 for Turf War. Turn 5: Youko wins initiative, she activates and and uses Backroom Dealings on the Peacekeeper, uses Blackmail, and he discards 2, she uses Riddles in the dark on the Peacekeeper to give it Distracted +2, She then blackmails the Hunter, with the trigger to obey, I gain 2 pass tokens and make The Hunter walk further away from the Bunraku. Chiyo activates, targeting the Peacekeeper, we both draw 2 overall. she then double walks behind cover. Hoffman activates, walk, overcharge the Guardian, overcharges Mechanical Attendant. Geisha walks and lures the Mechanical Attendant. The Peacekeeper activates, and does 8 damage to the Geisha, despite being on a negative, then chain harpoons Youko, fails. Youko pass tokens, The Hunter walks and interacts with the Strategy marker. Bunraku pushes and lures The Kabuki Warrior twice, failing once. The Mechanical Attendant triple walks to engage the Kabuki Warrior, then transfers power to The Guardian. Youko pass token. The Guardian throws the Mechanical Attendant at the Bunraku to engage it, both pass the test, The Guardian then walks. The Kabuki Warrior does a disengaging action, he pushes 0' on the first, but due to my opponents flip of a weak on a straight flip, for the second flip, The Kabuki Warrior managed to push away, denying Take prisoner. The Bunraku drops a scheme marker. End of the turn, The Hunter pushes to engage Youko. Youko Scores 1 for Outflank (Bunraku & Bunraku) & 1 for Power Ritual. Hoffman Scores 1 for Turf War & 1 for Hold Up Their Forces. 6 - 6 Draw The game was a lot of fun, and @Tsyuukii was pleasantly surprised by Hoffman, especially since he hadn't played him since the early days of the closed beta. @INXVI's thoughts: Youko - She is a really interesting master and I love playing her, the front of her card is really unique, and disrupting my opponents hand is fun, for me at least. I didn't use Information Network at all, I still think it would work well as a trigger. Backroom Dealings is pretty strong around turn 2/3, especially if your opponent doesn't reveal their schemes early on, I discarded 2 severe's from my opponents hand turn 1, and this could be seen as potentially too strong, especially when combined with the drawing she can do herself. Most turns I was drawing between 2-3 cards which is a pretty strong way to cycle resources. Maybe it should be limited to once per action, she can draw a card, or once per activation at a push, this is only my 2nd game with her so this will need more focus. I would love for Youko to gain 'Rake the Eyes' like Chiyo has, I know she usually won't be in combat, but excavating and discarding cards is very flavourful, but maybe its unnecessary. Bill - Once again, I didn't really get to try him, challenge kept some of my smaller minions alive for a turn, but an unforeseen Red Joker took him off the board quickly. He tends to get focused on quite a bit, but that's because he's useful and a disruption to my opponents crew. It may also be because I am proxying Mr Graves as Bill, who is a fan favourite of the Red Joker in my games throughout M2E. Kabuki Warrior - I used him more aggressively than last game, he did quite a bit of damage and his lure is always useful. The 2' aura of negatives to WP wasn't overly strong, but this might be influenced by the fact Chiyo was the only real threat stood nearby when it mattered. I really like them as models. Bunraku - A favourite of mine, they always seem to do well. The 3' push is great, and as a previous Collodi player, I value whatever pushes I can get, their lure is very useful and potential crit strike on their melee led to me killing a Watcher when it mattered. Kunoichi - I also really like these too, picking up cards from the discard pile is useful, and helping get models out of combat helps to keep them alive, reposition is useful, especially since Tools for the job makes it easier to access. Chiyo - Forcing my opponent to discard cards can be pretty powerful, it didn't happen much, since I didn't want to over-invest and give my opponent an easy kill, she gave out distracted a bit, which is definitely useful when a Peacekeeper is staring right at Youko. Terracotta Warrior - I just threw him into the crew, he was too slow to keep up with Bill and act as a medi-bot, I didn't want to invest my lures into helping him keep up, if he would struggle to maintain range, so I instead used him to interact with the Turf War marker. I saved a high mask so he could turn into a Kunoichi, but he died before the Kunoichi did, so he ended up being pretty useless. I can see that he may have a place, but non-bonus tactical actions were very absent in my crew, so I definitely used him wrong. However, at first glance I don't know where he would be useful, I will have to look at other crews to determine this. @Tsyuukii Hoffman - He is pretty good, I utilised his action to give out fast a lot, his Wk 4 means he is pretty slow, and he lost magnetise but he can be thrown and pushed by other models, so you just have to find a way around this. I was gutted that he lost power loop and I still miss it, but the new Hoffman can still support his crew. Mechanical Attendant - This model is really good, he can push a lot of models at once and the fact he is significant is even better, he can be used to help score after all the pushes and assistance is done. Ryle - MVP of the game, he did a lot of damage and applied some early game pressure, power tokens allow him to access the mask trigger with more consistency, meaning he has to be dealt with, as a fast Ryle can pump out a lot of shots. Creep along helps him get up the board quicker and get into the action when needed. Peacekeeper - It was a bit underwhelming, but this is due to the fact I was usually on negatives from Distracted or hitting Youko, he can still do a lot of damage, I just don't think I used him to his full potential, alongside the fact he was targeted quite a bit. The Guardian - Tengen Toppen Gurren Guardian, he was throwing models and adjusting positioning, causing damage like a badass mecha, he is much better than last edition. Watchers - Better than they were last addition, they are quick and great scheme runners. The Hunter - Much better, a bigger impact in the game, the push at the end of the turn is great for extra mobility or positioning for next turn, the fact he is Stat 6 is combat is very useful and Pounce on chest can lead to some good disruption.
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