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  1. Salut, Si je ne me trompes pas on avait discuté ensemble et fait une démo à Golfech. Pour le tournoi, pas de bring and buy prévu, mais demandes sur le forum du MSU, peut-être que quelqu'un aura quelque chose qui t'intéresse à amener. Pour le tournoi, selon le nombre de joueurs, peut-être que je ne jouerais pas. A ce moment-là, je peux faire de la démo. Mais je ne pourrais le confirmer que deux ou trois jours avant le tournoi. Pour des explications en cours de partie, çà risque d'être difficile vu qu'on a du mal à faire cinq tours en 2H15. Mais si faire le trajet pour voir des parties ne te fais pas peur, on t'accueillera sans problème. On aura deux joueurs de Toulouse au tournoi (Gryff et Jellyroll). Peut-être que tu peux les contacter en MP sur le forum du MSU (en plus il me semble que Gryff joue un peu Som'er).
  2. Vangerdahast


    All the fluff of M1E and M2E books is available at Breachside Broadcast. There is also some fluff available in the Chronicles (free Wyrd magazine). Can be downloaded here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=wyrd+chronicles&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto=
  3. @Ogid: Totally agree about Joss. Certainly a good take versus specific models. But that would mean dropping the Rider (or the Duet) and lose ability to score schemes based on Scheme Markers easily. A choice to keep in mind but not an auto-take.
  4. So I have made some testing in Reckoning games following advices given here. @Ogid: You were absolutely right about the Mobile Toolkit. Now an auto-include for me in Reckoning. Duet is generally Focused +5 in turn 2. Last game it was Focused +7 at the beginning of Turn 4 and it was devastating. Killed Hinamatsu turn 4 and Aeslin Turn 5 with a little support from the Mechanical Rider. One other advantage of the Toolkit is that it is Insignificant. Another thing I ahve found: Toolkit gives Focus Tunr 1 and 2 to the Duet then the Mechanical Rider uses Ride with Me to keep the Toolkit close and then you have a Rider with Focused +2 or +4 which helps survivability in Reckoning. Tried Joss but without great success (but should be good). The Swarm is also a very good. Last game in one activation it took down the Hooded Rider to 3 Health left (despite the Rider using all its Fate Tokens to reduce damage). Then Colette used Sword Trick to kill it and bury herself. I think my go-to list in Reckoning now is: Colette - 3 Doves - Duet - Mechanical Rider - Soulstone Miner + Magical Training - Arachnid Swarm - Mobile Toolkit - 7 Soulstones (can vary depending on Schemes). This list also has advantages for Reckoning: no Henchman and 4 Insignificant models, making it harder for the opponent to score the Strategy. Opponent could also be reluctant to waste actions on Insignificant models but if he don't do it, Toolkit gives insane amount of Focused and the Doves are still there to unbury Colette where required. The Soulstone Miner gives Soultones and as Colette is the only one to use them in this Crew, you can draw two cards at the beginnig of each turn and also always have enough for Masks (Presto Chango and Twist Ending on Sword Trick) as well as for reducing damage if she is hit. However, this is in no way an auto-win list. I have lost hard (7-2 if I remember correctly) versus Misaki + Fuhatsu + 2 Samurai with Trained Ninja Upgrade. The Samurai where on rooftops and can shoot in my deployment zone. Lost the Swarm Turn One (despite losing 1 Strategy point, my opponent decided to kill it as fast as possible), a bad Hand on my side didn't helped. Was tabled by the end of Turn 4. But still have more success than with my previous lists. Will update my first post.
  5. Soulstone Miner can't place a Scheme Marker the turn they unbury. Unbury is a Bonus Action and they always treat the Interact Action as a Bonus Action (Busy Drilling). So they can't use two Bonus Actions (Unbury and Interact) the same turn. Still they should be looked at (especially concerning the Magical Training Upgrade).
  6. Just added Strategies and Schemes in the first two posts. If you have any question, feel free to ask.
  7. @farmoar: Abuela is now part of the M3E Perdita Core Box. So infortunately no way to buy Abuela alone or in another box.
  8. He was in the M2E Backdraft box with the Fire Golem and the Saboteurs (as well as some pesky Gremlins).
  9. During the Beta, he was losing his Upgrades but now he keeps them. Please see in the app his Shapechange Ability: "without discarding any Upgrade". Valid for Ferdinand and The Beast.
  10. @Kharnage: Agree with you. Knowing a Crew in all its strengths and weaknesses allows to use it even in not-so-good match-ups. Personaly, I play Colette in all kinds of Strat/Schemes pools with goods results and versus almost any faction. I also take her versus Ten Thunders (which is quite frequently discouraged by players). Sure, it is a bad match-up for her but this is the kind of games where you learn the most about all the tricks you can pull off to achieve victory (perhaps not the first few games). But, even playing in Keyword can require a bit of adaptability with OOK or Versatile models (I often use the Mechanical Rider and the Soulsonte Miner). Adaptability and counter-picking are a good solution but not necesarily the unique solution. It is a question of balancing between what you gain with OOK or Versatile and what you lose by dropping some Keywords models to make room for these OOK and Versatile. Playing a Keyword a lot and playing versus bad match-ups is what makes you better at mastering a Keyword. And with experience, your favorite Keyword can be a good choice even in not optimal games.
  11. The same in English. In case some foreigners would be interested in coming to Bordeaux. Three rounds tournament. 50 Soulstones. One Faction. Up to 3 Lists with a different Leader for each one. Dead Man's Hand prohibited. Lists with multiple Masters OOK prohibited. Gaining Ground Season 0 will be used. Downloadable here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/10/30/waldos-weekly-dawn-of-victory 16 players. Deployments, Strategies and Schemes will be published by the beginning of February. 2H15 length games Full painted crews not mandatory Entry Fee: 10 EUR (payable the day of the tournament) T3 link: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/fr/t3_tournament.php?tid=26349 Schedule 9H30 - 10H: Registration 10H - 12H15: round 1 12H15 - 13H15: lunch 13H15 - 15H30: round 2 16H - 18H15: round 3 18H30: results and prizes Venue: Domaine de Fantaisie 8 Chemin de la Tour de Veyrines 33700 Mérignac (Sortie rocade n°11) For lunch, there is a bakery, and fast foods less than ten minutes from venue. Please note that you should send me your lists for the 08 March at maximum by PM or mail. In order for me to check them (a miscalculation can happen to anybody). On a side note, even if you can run three lists, if you think you can handle the three rounds with one or two lists, feel free to submit the number of lists you want. In Round 1, I will do my best so that you avoid playing versus one of your regular opponent. After that, only your results will decide of your opponent! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you are interested in coming, don't hesitate to leave a message here. Rounds: Round 1 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Corrupted Idols Schemes: - Search the Ruins - Outflank - Assassinate - Deliver a Message - Claim Jump Round 2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Turf War Schemes: - Breakthrough - Harness the Ley Line - Detonate Charges - Dig their Graves - Take Prisoner Round 3 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: - Power Ritual - Dig their Graves - Vendetta - Hold Up their Forces -Deliver a Message
  12. Tournoi Malifaux in Bordeaux le Samedi 14 Mars 2020 Tournois en trois rondes. Parties en 50 Pierrâmes. Une seule faction. Trois Listes possibles. Chaque liste pourra avoir un Leader différent. Interdiction de Dead Man's Hand et des listes avec plusieurs Maîtres ne partageant pas le Keyword du Leader. Le document Gaining Grounds saison 0 sera utilisé. Téléchargeable ici: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/10/30/waldos-weekly-dawn-of-victory Déploiements, Stratégies et Combines seront annoncés début Février. 15 minutes de préparation. Partie de 2 heures. Full peint non obligatoire. 16 places. Inscription: 10 EUR (payable le jour du tournoi). Lien T3: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/fr/t3_tournament.php?tid=26349 Horaires: 9H30 - 10H: accueil des joueurs 10H - 12H15: première ronde 12H15 - 13H15: pause déjeuner 13H15 - 15H30: deuxième ronde 16H - 18H15: troisième ronde 18H30: résultats et remise des prix Lieu: Domaine de Fantaisie 8 Chemin de la Tour de Veyrines 33700 Mérignac (Sortie rocade n°11) Pour la restauration, il y a une boulangerie pas loin ainsi que des fast-food a moins de dix minutes. Je vais voir pour qu'il y ait une buvette et snack sur place. ATTENTION: Comme je communiquerais à l'avance les stratégies et combines, merci de me faire parvenir vos listes par MP ou par mail pour le 08/03 maximum. Ceci afin que je les vérifie (une erreur de calcul est vite arrivée). Merci de respecter cette limite, çà permettra si une liste est inexacte de vous laisser le temps de corriger et je n'aurais pas le temps de vérifier une trentaine de listes le jour du tournoi. Pour rappel, chaque joueur pourra avoir trois listes mais ce n'est pas une obligation, si vous pensez pouvoir gérer les trois parties avec une ou deux listes, pas de problème. Afin d'éviter que des gens se connaissant se rencontrent lors de la première ronde, je ferais les appariements de façon à ce qu'un bordelais rencontre un joueur extérieur. Pour les rondes suivantes, par contre, tout dépendra de vos résultats! Si il vous reste des questions, n'hésitez pas à les poser. Si d'autres personnes veulent s'inscrire, merci de se manifester sur ce forum, vous êtes les bienvenus. Ronde 1 Déploiement: Corner Stratégie: Corrupted Idols Combines: - Search the Ruins - Outflank - Assassinate -Deliver a Message - Claim Jump Ronde 2 Déploiement: Flank Stratégie: Turf War Combines: - Breakthrough - Harness the Ley Line - Detonate Charges - Dig their Graves - Take Prisoner Ronde 3 Déploiement: Standard Stratégie: Plant Explosives Combines: - Power Ritual - Dig their Graves - Vendetta - Hold Up their Forces - Deliver a Message
  13. He has made 3 Tournament Points (2 Losses - 1 Victory). Final differential is + 4 (-2 first game, -1 second game, +7 third game). 14 is his total victory points (3 first game, 4 second game, 7 third game).
  14. That's why the Doves are so good (among other things)! Don't own Ferdinand but should proxying him. I have started to test the Swarm and the Mobile Toolkit. Perhaps another game tomorrow. Will give feedback soon.
  15. Ferdinand himself is interesting by giving Shielded +2 with Impasioned Defence. File Papers seems good in a Crew without natural card draw. But discarding a friendly Scheme Marker to do that can hurt sometimes Colette if she wants to unbury (no problem with ennemy Scheme Markers). The Beast Within: A good beater but not better than Cassandra or the Duet in terms of damage. But Triggers are cool, self healing and ignore Armor can be good versus some Crews. Pouncing Strike also good to isolate a model even if the Performers already have numerous tricks for this. Primal Roar is less effective (but not useless) in a Crew without other Beast or Chimera. A model that can be tested for sure (but perhaps not by me as I don't own it and don't like proxying). I need to listen again to the Deep Dive Colette. Already listened to it but I may have missed some things.
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