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  1. Page 14 of the PDF, 5th paragraph. If a model is ever without any ofits base supported by terrain or the table that model falls and suffers falling damage equal to half the distance it fel in inches¸ rounded down. It then continues any remaining portion of its movement as normal.
  2. Ruthless permits to ignore two different Abilities: the Terrifying Ability and the Manipulative Ability. Manipulative is a single Ability that you can find on several models (for example, Showgirls). Until the model has Activated this turn, it gives a negative flip to Attacks Actions targeting it. Manipulative doesn't include several Abilites (if I have well understood your question).
  3. You are not necessarily doing things wrong. It can just be a matter of personal playstyle. Perhaps also that Colette's playstyle authorizes different ways of playing her effectively. Do you have success with Colette or losing often? In the last case give us details on your lists, the Masters you face often, the Schemes you are choosing. Perhaps we could help you to obtain better results.
  4. I often delay her activation Turn 1. It permits me (with Presto Chango) to take back a model that I may have a bit overextended. The opponent think that he will charge the Rider or the Duet at the end of Turn 1 or beginning of Turn 2 and he suddenly faces Colette. Generally my opponent changes his mind or charge Colette but then it is ending with a buried Colette.
  5. Same as you. I don't put enough Distract to be able to use it at full effect but it has already permitted me to place a Distracted +1 Judge in the arms of the Duet, for example. It can be seen as a lower version of Presto Chango (no Mask required, lower TN) but don't underestimate the Delay Trigger that hand out Slow. It can be really good versus a beater that you need near you (for Take Prisoner, for example) but you don't want that he kills half your Crew. It can also be a cheap way to take one of your models out of a melee without using the Disengage Action and lose movement. In the right circumstances, it is a good action but you don't use it that often. I should have used it less than ten times in thirty games. Even a 2 inches place effect can be effective when you want to mess with the placement of your opponent's models to deny him a point in certain schemes (Take Prisoner, Outflank, Claim Jump, Hold Up their Forces). The more I play Colette, the more I find that activate her late in a turn gives her a huge nuisance role by screwing opponent's plans or by scoring her own points without possible retaliation. Concerning your idea of dealing Distract, I don't know if it would be OP but it will make the action more attractive for those (like me) who struggle putting mass Distracted but you will be less inclined to use it on your own models.
  6. For the moment, the best way to deal with it , in my opinion, is to hit the rider to force your opponent using his Fate Tokens to reduce damage and then don't keep enough to spend for Devastation. Same advice for the Dead Rider (irreducible damage too) and the Mechanical Rider (a possible second activation of a Coryphee Duet is very frightening usually).
  7. After 4 or 5 games with Hoffman, I have the impression that Ryle could be a little overpowered. He can use his Power Token to gain the Mask necessary for his Quick Reflexes Trigger on his Gatling Gun. He also has a positive flip built-in which permits to compensate defensive techs like Serene Countenance, Concealment,... He can self-heal and the Augmented Keyword has plenty of other sources of healing (Hoffman + Attendant at minimum). As well as Armor +1 and Hard to Kill. He has regulary Fast from Hoffman and can shoot six times with Quick Reflexes (not each Turn but 4 or 5 shots are frequent). Even engaging him doesn't prevent his shooting as he can use Creep Along to leave a fight. I generally manage to have 5-6 Power Tokens on him in Turn 2. If he is well placed he becomes a shooting tower. He basically never need to use Soulstones apart from damage reduction (perhaps to gain a Mask if he runs low on Power Tokens). I think he should lose something. The positive flip on Gatling Gun cannot be touched as other models have the same weapon. Perhaps he could lose Hard to Kill, his Heal or the Quick Refexees Trigger. That don't make the Hoffman player win games automatically but it can be frustrating for the opponent. Have Hoffman players (or opponents) the same impression?
  8. Hello Jellyroll, Happy to know that Family is finally playable. I should give them a try soon. Perhaps we will confront our respective Family crews during a future tournament. What annoys me with 2 Masters list is if it becomes a necessity in competitive play. As long as a 1 Master list can win versus a 2 Masters list, no problem. If you are "obliged" to make 2 Masters list (even if you don't want to) to win games, then it will become a problem. In my experience I only faced once a 2 Master list (the Justice+ Perdita team you are speaking about) for the moment and won with a single Colette list. Not enough to decide if 2 Masters lists are too strong or not but it is a potential problem.
  9. Don't know if you are overapying. I think I need to test Diesel Engine in a next game versus Seamus (could be a good answer to reduce the impact of his Flintlock). Concerning Magical Training, it is difficult for me to play with less than 7 Soulsotnes so don't think I will take it especially on non-Minion model but I see that the Shielded is useful. Maybe I should try it in Reckoning games.
  10. Generally I split the Duet Turn 1 and after that it depends what ennemy models are near. With no big threat around I don't hesitate to split it and reform it. Four actions a turn is priceless to hit or to scheme. Being a big fan of splitting the Duet I think I will never take Diesel Engine. Perhaps I will test it as my opponents are actually finding solutions to counter Colette Crew and I need to surprise them a bit. It also depends of who you are facing. I often face Lady Justice which isn't a fast Keyword so it's more safe to split. When I face McMourning with Kentauroi and/or Dead RIder I never split the Duet. For the moment I play Performer Crew without Upgrades (in M2E I was playing with a total of 4 or 5 Upgrades per crew, no matter the Master I played, a big change for me). Having Arcane Reservoir would be very good but for that I should give it to a Showgirl who will be dead before or during Turn 3 generally. Don't think it is worth the 2 stones for hiring the Upgrade. I may be wrong.
  11. Very interesting idea. Generally the Duet pairs with the Mechanical Rider in my crew, but I should try this. Generally I use Cassandra to scheme because of her speed, often paired with Angelica who can give a push to Cassandra with Give Them an Encore. One drawback to Diesel Engine on Duet is that you cannot split the Duet. Doing this will discard the Upgrade (see Replace rules in rulebook). But I can see the advantage of Diesel Engine on Duet. And Magical Training on Cassandra doesn't give Arcane Reservoir (not a Minion), which is sad.
  12. In my games, Cassandra is generally alone scheming too far away from her colleagues to use Upstage. In keyword, only Heals from the Duet and the Mannequin seem valuable. I would agree with CD1248 that Upstage gets more value when Cassandra is hired OOK. I need to test it when I will play my other Arcanist Masters.
  13. Today we had a game with Korgal and we have exchanged our Crews. He played Colette and me Lady Justice. The game was Plant Explosives in Flank Deployment. Schemes were: Dig their Graves, Assassinate, Outflank, Claim Jump and Detonate Charges. Korgal played Colette, Cassandra, Mechanical Rider, Coryphee Duet, Angelica, Showgirl, 3 Mechanical Doves, 7 Soulstones (my usual list). He took Outflank and Detonate Charges. I played Lady Justice, The Judge, The Jury, Pale Rider, Recruiter, Death Marshal, Death Marshal, Scales, 3 Soulstones. I took Outflank and Claim Jump (Jury). The game ended in a draw 5-5. He scored 3 points for Strategy, 1 point for Detonate Charges and 1 point fort Outflank. I scored 3 points for the Strategy, 1 point for Outflank and 1 point for Claim Jump. We had certainly made mistakes as we weren't playing our favorite Crews. I did'nt targeted Colette at all. Turn 1 I shot two Doves to reduce activations and to reduce possible unbury areas for Colette. The Jury and the Recruiter were there to discourage Colette from burying. I think that the Jury would have been enough. Perhaps I should have recruited something cheaper than the Recruiter. I was too short on Soulstones for my personal taste. On Turn 1 and 2, Lady Justice has made all of her attacks versus the Duet which came down to 3 Wounds guarantying that the Duet would never split during the game. Trying to kill other models than Colette was more effective. At the end of the game the Performers were reduced to Colette (full health), Duet with 1 Wound left and Mechanical Rider with 2 Wounds left. I "only" lost Judge, Scales and 1 Death Marshal. The Jury had 4 Wounds left (just what was necessary for the end point of Claim Jump). Lady Justice, Pale Rider and Recruiter were at full health. I didn't killed the Duet because Justice was obliged to plant explosives instead of finishing the Duet. Putting damages on the Rider obliged him to use Fate Tokens to reduce damage and then hadn't enough Tokens for Revelation and a possible reactivation of the Duet. Concerning Korgal, he played well the Performers. Perhaps he should have less extended the Duet Turn 1 to avoid some attacks from Lady Justice. He did'nt buried Colette at all. Perhaps a mistake there, I think he could have done that one time without taking big risks. He suffered from the quick losses as he has taken Outflank. At the end the Rider was in one corner and Colette obliged to stay in the opposite corner. The Duet was stuck in the middle of the table to guard a Strategy Maker. Last Turn he used his last Soulstone to draw two cards at the beginnig of the turn which was in retrospect a big mistake. He tried to do Presto Chango on the Pale Rider in order to be able to score the second point of Detonate Charges by palcing a second Sheme marker near him. He hadn't any high Maks in hand so he tried three times the Presto Chango but two times no Mask on the card he flipped and the last time a mid Mask but I flipped a high card. He had a 12 in Hand and if he had kept his last Soulsotne, he could have made two failed Presto Chango (in order for me to cheat) and on the third used his Soulstone for the Mask and cheated the 12. In this case, I would have needed a 12, 13 or Red Joker to make it fail. Perhaps I would have it but the probabilty was higher than without the Soulstone. Ignoring Colette and reducing rapidly the number of her models seems to be the best way to deal with her. Models that can target buried models are a good way to discourage her from burying. The Crew is not very killy so there is less need of big beaters. Korgal generally plays 6 or 7 models Crews with beaters like the Executioner. I played with 8 models replacing a beater by two Death Marshals to be able to run after all of those speedy girls. I used more shooting attacks than Korgal. I had enough killing power at my disposal and enough models left on my side to achieve my goals. The lack of speed of the Marshal keyword was a problem for the second point of Outflank. When my Scales died from the Rider's attacks the last Death Marshal was too far away to go back to table corner to replace the Scales for this Scheme. The Strategy was one of the best Strategies for Colette but I managed to keep up with the Performers. It was a difficult game with a lot of choices to make for the two players but in the end for the first time Lady Justice didn't lose (but didn't win either). Playing versus Colette is difficult but she can be beaten even in games that favorise her. Hope that it gives ideas to the players who struggle versus her. Her Keyword is trong in some Strategies but she can be countered. It can take some time to find how to play versus her but solutions exist. This week I also made a draw in Plant Explosives versus Seamus (another tough game).
  14. In a first time, Miss models and Nightmare will only be available during Gencon on Wyrd's webstore. After that, they would logically be available during Black Friday sale and Easter sale.
  15. As I told for Miss Seamus: AMAZING! Don't think I will buy this Crew but awesome models.
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