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  1. Concerning the 4 Markers: Revel in Creation let you drop a scheme Maker as a bonus action. Rider uses Revel in Creation that drops a Marker and uses Revelation Trigger. Then Rider walks and Interacts for another Marker. End of its activation. The Rider activates one more time, uses Revel in Creation to drop a third marker then Walks and Interacts for a 4th Marker. Concerning the card draw on attack, I rarely ust it (I use Fate Tokens to reduce damage or for Revelation Trigger). Perhaps a matter of personal playstyle.
  2. @ShinChan: Good idea about increasing the TN. Concerning the similarity of lists. I personally don't play quite like this but tournaments seems to prove the predominance of this type of list. The problem seems similar to Seamus: a very good Master with an average/bad Keyword. Difficult to rebalance. If we want more in keyword Colette Crew, then Performers should be upped and probably Colette a bit nerfed to balance the up.
  3. Yes, it's a huge investment but I think it is worth the price.
  4. Yes the Duet has counterplays. But facing Duet AND Rider can be very difficult. Focus on the Duet and the Rider can use revelation very often. Focus on the Rider and the Duet is able to do all it wants. Very difficult to take down the two at the same time. Colette also has coutnerplays: attacks that target WP (Colette needs a Soulstone for Fade Away, resource drain), attacks that target Mv, irreducible damage, Laugh Off..., attacks that prevent Triggers like Soulstone Miner, for example.
  5. Interesting idea. I don't play double masters. I have only played once with Hofman as the Leader and lost versus a Justice+ Perdita crew. I also played a single master Colette versus a Justice+Perdita crew and won. So perhaps is she better on her own than with another Master. If you are right, that will be difficult to have her balanced in the two formats.
  6. @Adran: Yes, perhaps the Revelation Trigger could be "Minions only". Or for all models but witihin range 6.
  7. Thanks to @Adran and @Maniacal_cackle. I don't use it very often (because I feel it too broke and don't vnecessarily need it to win) but even 6 actions seem too good in my opinion.
  8. Concerning Colette, it is a bit difficult to see if she is strong or OP. Without Plaag, the stats are good but not overwhelming (as said by @Adran). If it can contribute to the debate, I have almost 100 games with Colette and my win ratio should be around 75%. A bit more in GG0 and a bit less in GG1. In tournaments, I placed 2nd, 3rd, 3rd. For me, very strong but not OP. Feel free to disagree. Perhaps she could be slightly nerfed. Reducing range on Presto Chango to 6" for example. Not sure about changing Fade Away. For this, please remember that other models have it (S
  9. I am presently looking at playing Tara and have a question. If I hire the Student of Conflict, can she be used to remove Slow on the second activation of Tara? I explain: If I activate Tara during the Turn, I know that she will be gaining Slow at the start of her second activation. In between, the Student uses Covetous Cravings to give Fast to Tara. As a Master, Tara already has three actions and can't use Fast. But in this case, at the start of her second activation, she will gain Fast and Slow that mutually cancel each other and Tara has now three actions to use on her second activ
  10. I haven't played many games with Rapsutina but I had generally 15-17 Pillars on the table at some times (and 20 one time). Perhaps a matter of personal playstyle.
  11. Yes, I see that but in my games, the Duet is generally killing or scheming and rarely have many actions to use for healing. And Pulse 3 means playing in bubble or walking to have models in range. Perhaps I play differently to Plaag as my Performer crew is generally wide spread on the board and so it is more difficult to heal the right model.
  12. Can you explain a bit about that? In Performers only the Mannequins and the Duet can heal (and Cassandra with Upstage). Based on your Vassal games, you only play the Duet and their healing is good (could perhaps have a wider range). So Performers have means of healing but other Keywords do it better (with multiple models able to heal).
  13. Concerning OOK (out of keyword), it all depends. Some others might disagree but I think that if you take a model OOK, it is because it gives your crew something that it is lacking. For example, in Performer keyword there is not much healing, so hiring a Silent One OOK for a killy pool and making your models more survivable is something to consider. But before thinking OOK, I generally first search in Versatile models. In Arcanists, some are super good as the Mechanical Rider and the Soulstone Miner. You can also try by yourself some OOK models by proxying them for some games and
  14. Hello, For some advices about Colette, you can look at this thread: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/150827-help-a-noob-with-collett/ And my tactica (I will update it soon for Season 1): https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148741-welcome-to-the-show-a-m3e-colette-tactica/
  15. It seems that Wayland (UK) have them in stock: https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/bayou/71690-good-ol-boys-special-order
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