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  1. It seems that Carlos is available there: https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/search?q=carlos
  2. Rules PDF: Page 23, left column, Step 3: Targeting, last sentence of second paragraph: A model may not target itself with an Attack Action.
  3. @whodares: As you are in Begium, this shop in France has all the faction decks except the Neverborn one: https://www.philibertnet.com/fr/8469-malifaux (the Bayou one is only shown on the Bayou page). They also have some M3E models.
  4. Edited the first two posts to include use of Gaining Ground season 0.
  5. Some informations here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/special-orders But they haven't started yet.
  6. Nathan Caroland has replied here for the rulebook:
  7. Good point. I don't use this Upgrade, maybe I should think more about it.
  8. Neil is an Enforcer, he can't use Soulsotnes (only Masters and Henchmen can).
  9. @Flippin' Wyrd Mat :Following your example, I have tested a list with Duet and two single Coryphees and I am now a fan. I just don't give them Diesel Engine but I should try that by dropping the Showgirl I usually take. And I also often take the Soulstone Miner with Magical Training now.
  10. I have 8 Masters but since end of open beta, I only play Colette (and a little bit of Hoffman). I have voted for the third option (core crew and adapt). I have a semi-fixed list and I adapt depending on Strategy and Schemes: Colette 3 Mechanical Doves Cassandra Coryphee Duet Mechanical Rider OR 2 single Coryphees Angelica OR Soulstone Miner + Magical Training Upgrade Showgirl (that can be swapped for a Mannequin or the Effigy though I rarely do that) Soulsotnes: 5 to 7 depending on the crew version And I play her even in bad Stragegy/Schemes in order to learn all the tricks the crew can do even in the worst situations. These tough games are where you learn the most about your crew. I will even play her versus Ten Thunder (usually not a good idea because of lot of positive flips in the faction among other things). Playing versus Misaki with Masked Agent, Fuhatusu and one or two Samurai is something scary for the Performers but the victory (when it happens) is much rewarding. So I don't exactly play as Kharnage but there are similarities in the way we approach a game.
  11. When the opponent decide to activate the buried model, the Colette player decide to unbury it within 2" of an ennemy Scheme marker. If there is no ennemy scheme marker, the opposing player unburies it anywhere in his deployment zone (page 33, third paragraph of the Rules PDF).
  12. Uped the number of players to 18. Three places left at the moment.
  13. I play Colette with lists very similar to Jinn. Losing models is inevitable. I often have Colette, Duet and Cassandra at the end of a game. Choose your schemes with that in mind. For example, Outflank is very good for the Performers. Concerning Strategies, try to play it in advance. For example, in Plant Expplosives, don't hesitate to drop two or three Strategy Markers in turn two. Perhaps your opponent will take one back but not all and by doing this, he is not attacking your models. Don't mind Me and Agile allow to disengage and interact in the same activation, use it to achieve your schemes soon. Then your model can die, it should be too late for the oponent to deny these points. My opponents generally know very soon my chosen schemes (sometimes even before the beginning of turn 1) but they have difficulties to deny them. If you choose Schemes with markers, drop them as soon as possible and more than needed. The opponent can say "Oh well, I won't be able to retrieve all these Markers, let's fight". I always take one Showgirl but keep her away from combat. She can guard a marker in Turf War and reclaim it with Don't Mind Me. Generally, she uses Seduction on opponents or engage them to block interact actions. but she can be replaced with a Mannequin (Corruped Idols). For more durability, you can try a list with a Duet AND two single Coryphees. No splitting of the duet but one single Coryphee is much tougher than a Showgirl for only one more point.
  14. 12 people registered. 4 to 6 places left (can add one table).
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