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  1. You are right. My last post was made before playing the model (and haven't well read the card). I use it mainly for some Schemes or to attack isolated ennemy models but don't think I have played it in Cursed Idols.
  2. Page 32 of the PDF rulebook: One model may also be Replaced by multiple models. If this happens each new models must be placed into base contact with the original model. Resolve step 2 individually for each new model then choose a single model for steps 3 and 4. 3 If the original model had any Conditions or Tokens the new model gains those Conditions at the same value (ifany) and all Tokens.These Conditions if gained during the End Phase do not resolve their effects. Any Summon Upgrades Attached to the original model are Attached to the new model; all other Upgrades are discarded. 4 If the new and original models belong to the same Crew the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose the original model such as Schemes, Leader designation or lasting game effects. The new model i salways considered a legal target for those effects.
  3. I have aready answered this point when I answered your post (the one with emphasis). Pretty clear that I am wrong. Not a problem at all. I will play it like this. Will be pleased to discuss other topics in the future with you. For me, debate is closed.
  4. I can admit it. I already said that I may be wrong and I haven't refered to M2E rules (I haven't even tought about it).
  5. I told that I am not sure but for me the obeyed model is only controled by an ennemy model and not controled by the ennemy Crew. He is still part of his original Crew (page 26) and can't be part of the ennemy Crew. Once again, I can be wrong and you can be right. FAQ should tell.
  6. For me, the Crew controlling the model is still the same. An ennemy model controls the obeyed model but the Crew it is a member of is still the same. The obeyed model don't change Crew, only his actions are controlled by the ennemy. The obeyed model doesn't swap Crew during this "obeyed" action. The rule is a bit vague in my opinion. The rules should have mentionned that case (interacting) explicitely. Hoping that the FAQ will clarify that. As is, I think that the Scheme Marker is friendly to the obeyed model and not to the obeying model. But I can see the opposite as possible.
  7. Page 26 of the Rules PDF, especially the last paragraph of the first column: Regardless of control the model does not change which models it considers friendly and which it considers an enemy. Control changes who makes the decisions; it does not change the Crew to which the model belongs. So obeyed models are still friendly to their Crew and I would say that if the obeyed model drops a Scheme Maker it will still be a Marker for his Crew (and not the controlling Crew).
  8. For me it requires too much setting for the result ( good positionning or one scheme marker Turn 1). There are more AP efficient ways to obtain the same result. If you want to delay Cassandra and Mannequin activations, play your Doves. In many cases you have more models than your opponent and he will not always use his pass tokens. You can gain an activation by splitting the Duet and reform it later. Depending on the deployment, your idea can be problematic. Might be good in Corner Deployment. In Flank, ennemy models will be near and can counter it easily. In Standard and Wedge depends if the opponent spreads his models or groups them. In order to hide my intentions, I prefer deploying Cassandra + Angelica on one flank of the table and Duet (+Mechanical Rider often) on the other flank. Then you can put a Scheme Marker Turn 1 far away from your Deployment Zone and away from ennemy models on one flank. In your example Cassandra finishes her activation approximatively 25 inches from your starting point (corner of the table). In Corner Deployment, if you place her at the edge of the deployment, she is at 12 inches from the corner. After three walks she will be at the same point (perhaps it little bit far) and the mannequin can be dragged all along. Then the Mannequin can walk and interact. On the other flank, Duet (if you split it) can move 24 inches or 18 inches and interacts. Perhaps I may be wrong, so if you feels that it can work, test it and tell us your results. How many models have you in your Crew. For me, generally 9 and it is enough to delay activations in order to be able to adapt to the opponent's moves.
  9. I have tested this list today: Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Guardian Peacekeeper Howard Langston Colette It was a Reckoning game. My schemes were Assassinate and Claim Jump. I faced: Lady Justice Scales of Justice The Jury The Judge Pale Rider Perdita I lost 4-6 but my opponent had good flips (three Red Jokers trhough the game). I scored 2 points for Assassinate (Colette killed Justice with Sword Trick) and 1 point for Claim Jump Colette (she wasn't the Leader so can use her for this). I failed to kill The Judge (1 HP left) and make a mistake. Howard could have charged and block the Rider. The Rider used twice Devastation. After that Colette Hoffamn are low on HP and a few shots and the Burning of Devastation killed them. If I have blocked the Rider, he wouldn't have used Devastation or only versus Howard (certainly a less important drawback for me). I think that this Crew can do well in Reckoning (not sure on other Strategies). Colette failed to hand out Distracted. The only time she can have done it, there was only Justice (who is immuned to Distract) in range. But she scored the second point for Assassinate, 1 point for Claim Jump and 1 point for the Strategy. She died last turn because of Burning. But can't complain here. I will try this Crew in other Reckoning games for sure.
  10. For Presto Chango, the target is the fisrt model you choose. You place the Scheme Maker and then you place the target in base contact with a friendly model. The friendly model is not targeted by the Action ( otherwise the text of the action should state " place the target in base contact with a friendly target model). As a model is friendly to itself, Colette can switch her place with the target. Please note that you can use Presto Chango with two friendly models, you don't necessarily need to target an ennemy. The only thing you can't do is declaring Colette as the target but she can be the friendly model.
  11. Yes, you read it correctly. Mercenary system don't exist in M3E. In order to play M2E mercenary models, you now need to play an Outcast Master.
  12. If you buy 3ME boxes, you don't need the faction boxes. They are designed for players who alresady own M1E or M2E models. If you intend to play a Master who have specific upgrades (like Marcus or Von Schill), they will be in the M3E box. You only need the general ugrades deck. The faction boxes only worth it if you plan on buying M2E boxes and you need M3E cards for these models.
  13. Yes, you're right, it is 2/3/4 but the damage is cheatable so it is very often 4 damage that ignore all abilities and Rst Triggers. In my experience I generally have between two to four models in range when the Rider uses Devastation. Each one taking 4 damage is huge. For example, in one game Colette died of two Devastation and some shooting (end of turn 3, beginnig of turn 4).
  14. The damage output becomes crazy when the Rider can use all its Fate Tokens to boost Revel in Conflict with the Devastation Trigger. Remember that Fate Tokens add up and aren't discarded at end of the turn. So at beginning of Turn 3 you have 6 (1+2+3) Fate Tokens. Use Revel and declare Devastation by spending 5 Tokens. Do 2/3/4 IRREDUCIBLE damage, Slow and Burning +1 to ennemies in a 6" Pulse. You have 1 Token left. At the beginnig of Turn 4, you gain 4 Tokens that add to the one you have left and repeat Revel with Devastation. You have no Tokens left but you gain 5 at the beginning of Turn 5 and repeat again Revel + Devastation. In order to deal with that, you absolutely need to attack early the Rider to make him use his Tokens to reduce incoming damages. It then won't have enough Tokens left for Devastation.
  15. Thanks to both of you. Some opponents don't bother with Doves and then underevaluate them. They are very good targets to unbury Colette but are also capable of putting harm. Late in turns, if one ennemy model has 3 or less Health remaining, you can charge him, hit and use the trigger for some good damage. With a Stat of 4, hitting is not guaranteed but at the end of turn, the opponent should have not high card left in hand or he will be reluctant to use it versus such a pitiful model (and even if he cheats high, this is a card that he won't use for something else). And you draw a card due to the Demise (Expendable) after killing the Dove. All good for Colette!
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