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  1. Glad we have helped you! And it seems that your girlfriend has already a good understanding of the Performer Keyword. Knowing that losing models is not a fatality as long as you score points is a good start. After a few more games, Colette should become your nightmare (as for my group of players).
  2. Buried models are still in play, Page 33 of the PDF rulebook, first paragraph: "Some effects Bury a model. Buried models are removed from the table, though they are still considered to be in play. While Buried models still Activate, they cannot take Actions."
  3. I play mainly Colette and use her in any given pool but Public Ennemies is by far the worst Strategy for her (more than Reckoning in Season 0). The main problem is not killing ennemy. You can do it by selecting wisely your targets. The problem is to keep you Bounty Tokens holder alive until the end of turn. The best way would be to soften your ennemies with other models and let Colette deliver the final blow with Sword Trick and hit the Trigger to Bury Colette so that you can keep your Bounty Tokens safe. If other models like, for example,Cassandra or Angelica, make the kill your opponent will beat them to death before the end of turn. Performers are fragile (with the exception of Colette and the Duet). I think that you need to go OOK for this Strategy. A full Performer Crew is far too fragile for this one. And even with OOK models, Colette will struggle more thant other Arcanist Masters like Toni. Public Ennemies is doable by Colette but it will be very tough games. It also depends on Schemes. If Schemes are movement-related, Colette can be a good choice. If the Scheme pool is also all about killing as the Strategy, I think, it is better to choose another Master. In a tournament, if Schemes are movement-based and knowing that the game can stop at turn 3 or 4 (end of time), I will choose Colette. Not playing the 5 turns can allow you to score one Strategy point or two and focus on your Schemes and spreading your models. The opponent will be obliged to chase your speedy models (more difficult to score the Strategy for him especially if he has a melee-oriented crew) or he will score the Strategy but he won't have enough actions left for his Schemes. In a pool where the Schemes are also about killing, I will take another Master.
  4. Great advices here. I will just add some thoughts about Colette herself. She is the one that will win you games more often than not. All her actions can be used to deny points to your opponent, especially in Turn 5. At that point, you generally know what your opponent is trying to score. Play Colette as late as possible and wreck your opponent's plans. There are huge possibilities with her actions to deny (and also score) points. Try to think about all you can do (don't underestimate False Reality for example). I generally use Sword Trick in Turn 4 to hit the Twist Ending Trigger and Bury Colette (spare a high card and a Soulstone if necessary). In Turn 5, activate her last. I generally let my opponent begin the turn even if I win initiative. By activating Colette last, your opponent has no way to counter her actions as all his models are already activated. If you have Scheme Markers or friendly models left, you should be able to unbury her exactly where you need. Her last activation will then be used to score or deny points and give you a win. Just some Walk and Interact Actions (so no card draw and no Black Joker involved) can be enough to change the course of the game. Colette and Performers are a tricky Keyword but keep in mind that it is even trickier for your opponent to figure out what you want to achieve (and how you will achieve that). Playing Colette involves some mind games with your opponent. It can take some games to understand how she works but when you will be at ease with her, you will see how she plays the game by her own rules. She is a tricky Master but is such rewarding once you unlock all her power.
  5. Can people confirm one thing about Misaki in Corrupted Ley Lines? If Misaki holds the Lodestone Token and uses Into Shadow, does she have to transfer the Lodestone to the nearest friendly model? The Strategy says:"Before a model with a Lodestone Token would be removed from the table (killed, Buried, etc.), move its Lodestone Token to the closest friendly model (ignoring LoS)." I was first thinking that it would trigger if a model is Buried by another one. But it seems that it is also applicable when a model buries himself.
  6. As the title says. We have a discussion in our local group. I would say Yes because nothing prevent it in the Healing rules and as per Waldo's box on page 27 of the PDF, as long as there is no negative flips or it is not explicitily written, the flip is cheatable. If I am wrong, please confirm me what rule I am missing. Thanks.
  7. You can also look here: http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2014/06/unboxing-malifaux-oiran.html It seems that your question is covered there (Oiran 3).
  8. The bottom of the card says "subject to change". Perhaps it is a WIP card and the final release won't be this good. But I like the Performer vibe of this model (perhaps he should share this Keyword). Will look at Syndicate Keyword at the release of Explorer's Society.
  9. @green-n-dumb: I regularly play versus Mei Feng and can confirm that Ride the Rails is a very powerful and cool mechanic. The Crew can be played in almost every Strat and Scheme with a bit of customization. You have a movement-based crew with some solid models (Armor is widespread but beware of irreducible damage). Ride the Rails allows you to redeploy your models where most needed during the game. As @Regelridderen said, Colette is also a cool Master to play with. Even more mobility than Mei Feng but a more fragile Crew. That weakness is compensated by Don't mind Me or Agile that let you scheme nearly wherever you want. If you look at a Crew not based on killing but on scheming, you would make a good choice with Colette. If you start the last two turns Buried, Colette has a huge niusance role and can score her own points or deny ennemy's points almost anywhere on the table if you have well placed your models. Positionnig is an important part of her theme and the Crew can be a bit tricky to understand during your first games but once you have mastered her shenanigans, you have a solid Crew for almost every situation (with the exception of Reckoning, haven't tested it yet in Public Ennemies). For more details about her playstyle, you can take a look at my tactica in the Arcanists forum. Another thing to keep in mind, if your local meta is heavily based on "Kill first, Scheme later", Colette can be a bit harder to use with good results (not useless but more difficult to win). Concerning McMourning, I have faced him many times and even if Poison is a cool mechanic I find it a little boring as my opponent was always doing the same thing. But the Crew is very good and perhaps other players use it in different ways.
  10. Results of the tournament (number of players expected: 16 but job constraints due to the virus reduced it to 12). 1- Gryff - Oucasts - Viktorias 9 TP +3 Diff 12 Pts 2- Deadbrain - Neverborn - Dreamer / Pandora 7 TP +11 Dif 18 Pts 3- Korgal - Ten Thunder - Misaki 6 TP +4 Diff 17 Pts 4- Zanghjiao - Ten Thunder - Misaki / Asami 6 TP +3 Diff 12 Pts 5- Doreah - Arcanists - Mei Feng 5 TP +2 Diff 15 Pts 6- JellyRoll - Resurectionnists - Jack Daw / Kirai 5 TP +1 Diff 11 Pts 7- Sycophante - Bayou - Ulix / Zipp / Mah Tucket 3 TP +2 Diff 16 Pts 8- Lya - Outcasts - Parker Barrows 3 TP -11 Diff 5 Pts 9- Elrok - Guilde - Lady Justice 2 TP -3 Diff 12 Pts 10- Maloken - Resurectionnists - Molly Squipdigge 1 TP -2 Diff 8 Pts 11- Greg - Neverborn - Titania 1 TP -3 Diff 10 Pts 12- Azkral - Neverborn - Dreamer / Titania 1 TP -7 Diff 9 Pts
  11. Concerning Showgirls, I generally take one in each list (with the obvious exception of Reckoning games). The Showgirl is rarely the MVP of the game but has utility. In Turf War, she spares actions of your more important models to flip to friendly a Strategy Marker in Turn 1. She also spares actions for Power Ritual by dropping a schem marker in your deployment zone. In Take Prisoner, Colette can Presto Chango the Prisoner in your Deployment Zone near the Showgirl who will engage it the rest of the game. Better if the Prisoner is a Minion (an Effigy (without specific Upgrade) or a non-Insignificant Totem for example). In that case, each turn, the Showgirl drops a Scheme Marker giving Distracted +1 to the Prisoner. When it activates, it can attack but with Distracted or he can try to disengage. If he escapes, the Showgirl can follow him or Colette can Presto Chango him back near the Showgirl. The Showgirl can also lure the Prisoner back in order to reengage him. The Showgirl can be used for Hold Up their Forces (presumably only one time). Versus a Melee Master that has attacked one of your important models, the Showgirl can activate later, walk and Interact to Deliver a Message and giving Distracted at the same time. In my games, she is not a high priority target for my opponent, so she can live near the end of the game. When she activates, she interacts to give Distracted +1, she Concentrates (at times flipping two cards when attacked may oblige your opponent to cheat a moderate or high card) or she uses Seduction to cancel Focused and giving Distracted. Seduction is also a mean to oblige your opponent to cheat moderate cards to avoid Distracted, a bit of hand depletion, a thing that is not really a part of this Keyword. She rarely crosses the centerline but as said above she shouldn't be exposed frontline but kept near your deployment zone. By no means a key piece, but has a role in the Crew (even if in some games she won't do much). I rarely regret to have hired one, but I will never take two of them.
  12. @esqulax: depending on where you live, I can suggest these shops in Europe: https://www.philibertnet.com/fr/8472-arcanists https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/797-the-arcanists They have some special orders in stocks.
  13. Pour les starter V2 Lady Justice, çà peut peut-être s'arranger. Je crois qu'un des mes camarades de jeu va le vendre. Je lui demande et je te tiens au courant (et en plus il devrait être présent au tournoi).
  14. Salut, Si je ne me trompes pas on avait discuté ensemble et fait une démo à Golfech. Pour le tournoi, pas de bring and buy prévu, mais demandes sur le forum du MSU, peut-être que quelqu'un aura quelque chose qui t'intéresse à amener. Pour le tournoi, selon le nombre de joueurs, peut-être que je ne jouerais pas. A ce moment-là, je peux faire de la démo. Mais je ne pourrais le confirmer que deux ou trois jours avant le tournoi. Pour des explications en cours de partie, çà risque d'être difficile vu qu'on a du mal à faire cinq tours en 2H15. Mais si faire le trajet pour voir des parties ne te fais pas peur, on t'accueillera sans problème. On aura deux joueurs de Toulouse au tournoi (Gryff et Jellyroll). Peut-être que tu peux les contacter en MP sur le forum du MSU (en plus il me semble que Gryff joue un peu Som'er).
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