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  1. What's your best tools against a team of Zoraidao/bayou? Should I try to assassinate her at all cost?
  2. In the guild book of m3e Mc mourning manage to raise the judge to piss of Lady Justice but it's short live and seems exceptional.
  3. Thanks guys almost got it right last time but he brought Zoraida too and I got scared by the 12" Vodoo Hex. Also I could not move all my heavy hitter in 12" Range to shoot down fast enough vasilisa
  4. Thank you guys. Trying to launch the game in my neighbourhood (Bretagne/France) with M3. Was afraid the matchup we had was unmanageable.
  5. I'm sorry: 3rd Edition
  6. Hello, I'm regularly opposed to Collodi and despite a lucky first encounter have lots of difficulties to eat him with Lady J. Hinamatsu outperforme my team in Hand To Hand and while I try to keep her burried I don't know how to compose my team. Any basic hints against this invocator?
  7. Marshall can be pretty fast with a domadore to gain an action then declare every opponent UNDEAD and gaining FAST. Am I wrong?
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