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  1. Illuminated, Hunters, Lone Marshal, Pale Rider, Greed.
  2. Mounted Guard are arguably one of the best 7ss models Guild has access to. They are very strong Melee and Support pieces for what they can do. Charge 10 with a 2 inch engagement makes them have a high threat range. They compete now for the 7ss slot: Death Marshal Recruiters Nino Ortega Papa Loco Santiago Ortega Abuela Ortega Hunter Exorcist Master Queeg Guardian Compared with the other models in this group the Mounted Guard is most comparable to the Hunter, but the similarities are very minor. Mounted Guard prefer to be next to a heavy beater, such as Dr Grimwell or any model with a high charge. This is because of Cavalry Charge, where the mounted Guard can bring along a High Charge model into combat with him. And if the Mounted Guard gets the trigger on his Melee attacks he can chain activate to that nearby model. Mounted Guard are under reported models that need a lot more love than they already have. That being said a lot of topics discussing McCabe tactics involving Guild Hounds are from before the Mounted Guard models came out. I know several people who love to use the Mounted Guard, but as far as online discussion went during their initial rules drop it was very limited. There is also a very vocal McCabe/Luna player base. It used to be (and might still be) that when Recon or Interference were brought up that the go to Guild list was McCabe with Luna and 3-4 Guild Hounds to start.
  3. Guardian was an auto-include for me at 8ss. Especially for Guard the Stash. At 7ss he is even more so for me. I never saw him as underpowered, just underrated. Now I think he'll get a lot more love from Guild players who chose Francisco over him. He is especially good when he gives Double Defensive to a model with "Grind to a Halt" defensive trigger. As you can fish for to get it off.
  4. @Ratty @Mason. Are there plans to update the TTB module with the Ripples of Fate models? Recently bought TTB and am interested in introducing it to my online group. I really like the new images used for the v2.2 of Malifaux's Module.
  5. I imagine there is a place in Louisiana that has a weird green skin guy in a long trenchcoat who comes by the general store selling "bacon"... Feel free to steal...
  6. So I am a pretty good DM for other systems. I've played TTB a couple of times at my local store in pick up games, but I've never Fatemastered before. So naturally I got convinced to run a game at a nearby convention. Submitting events is still open, but I have no idea what Penny Dreadful to run... I've run organized play events for D&D for a few years so I think I've got the basics down as far as organizing this. Just the adventure is the hard one to pick out and allocating for the time. So far I have access to the following: Honor Among Thieves In The Gutter Legacy of Darkness Night In Rottenburg(Seems long...) Recruitment Drive Crossroad 7's box set I also know there are several inside the Wyrd Chronicles that I could possibly run. The main thing is I want something that is Fun with equal parts combat and roleplaying. What do you suggest? I am willing to buy a new Penny Dreadful if necessary.
  7. Nellie won't get much use out of it because you have to use the Generic Conflux. I'd try again with Sonnia and MCM because the model gives out more conditions. McM doesn't need him, but putting out Poison to multiple models near McM can be good for his aura. I really like the Brutal with Sonnia, because it gives me a burning target for her usually
  8. I could definitely see two ways of doing it: Create a supplement/campaign setting book that is TTB. Create a second RPG that is compatible, but separate from TTB.(Similar to Dark Heresy/Only War/Rogue Trader) Though that's just me. I'd definitely see a The Other Side RPG as more Steampunk compatible than Malifaux/TTB. If only because Steampunk almost always takes place on an Alternate Earth.
  9. I just bought the TTB books with the Bundle of Holding and was wondering if with the new Other Side Kickstarter if there are going to be supplements for playing in The Other Side? I feel like there has to be. But I'd like to try to incorporate The Other Side into a TTB game at some point in the future.
  10. Is this going to be in PVC? If so I'm all in. The original Laz seems like a bear to put together.
  11. Yes she can. And she can still cheat if the opponent flipped a Joker. Considering that she needs a hand to do it. Its a lot easier to do than you think. Especially if the opponent has really high cards. I've had moments where my entire hand was moderate and severe and knew that I couldn't stop weak damage destorying the master.
  12. If you are buying two crew boxes just starting out I'd suggest grabbing either Lady J or Perdita. Perdita's box has Francisco and Papa Loco which are really good with Sonnia. In particular Francisco will up Sonnia's Df and WP while Papa Loco can buff her Damage output. Perdita herself is a very forgiving starter master. Lady J is also good if you are looking to have a complete different experience than Range Guild. A lot of Lady J's box is very close combat focused. Death Marshals in particular have Buryattack which will remove a model temporarily from the field. Hoffman's box is really good if you want some good Construct minions. In particular the Watcher and hunters are very versitile depending on the crew. Hunters are my favorite because they marry Shooting and Melee very well with their Chain Harpoon attack action and Pounce 0 action. Lucius is hard to justify to a new player because he is very resource heavy. There are a lot of minions that have been added to the game to help him (i.e. changelings, terracotta warriors, and Witchling Thralls), but he requires the most thinking to get him to work right. Especially since his models die in droves as they are low cost models.
  13. I wouldn't call Lucius a "Casting Master". He has no Ca attack actions, tactical actions yes, but those aren't really a quality that makes a Casting Master. His own actions are based on placement and scheme running with Primary Emphasis on Minion support. His only attack action is a sword that gives s to hit mimics and minions. Nellie gets away with being a Casting Master because she does have Ca Attack actions that do damage.
  14. Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps are Guild/TenThunders.
  15. I've got no idea why Dashel is in the list. If Allison Dale is in the list then I could see taking him for the extra Guild Guards so she can get extra damage from her attack. There are three Field Reporters which doesn't make much sense to me. They aren't good KJ targets because they are not very fast to get across the board. If you go up against a long range list you might find that they aren't doing much of anything. I'd suggest Guild Hounds as an alternative. Manipulative is good, but I don't think it helps with the KJ bomb. Maybe I'd drop down to one or two field reporters. Nellie is also should have her Delegation Upgrade so you can throw something across the field. Perhaps take a Ronin? You could give it fast and then launch it across the board then next turn you could use its Seppuku action to summon KJ? Not sure if that works though, I don't know if that will allow KJ to be summoned. What schemes are you trying to cover in this list? Or is this just a general I want to table my opponent list?
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