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  1. Most of my duplicate models come from losing bits in the carpet. I tried using bits from other models/lines to compensate, but the dimensions are off.
  2. If Wyrd makes the Ramones and Rollins their own Explorer League crew I'd be over the moon.
  3. I've got 6 Guild Guard. Now Guild Patrol with a limit of 4. 3 Wardens with a Limit of 2. Though honestly if I get a Through the Breach game going I won't have to worry. The thing that I'm upset about is McCabe and his Nightmare box. Because I love those models, but now the Ramones/Mounted Guard can't be taken in his crew. I hope that if they redo the cards the Ramones get switched to proxies of a different 10t model, but honestly I like them as Mounted Guard a lot more.
  4. My suggestion is go the GW Tree Table Route with a base that acts as the area. This could be a cardboard cut out, piece of wood, or plastic. Then sprinkle bases with cotton smoke clouds. Kind of like this: Then you can move the smokeclouds to let your models move around freely, but you still have the base that acts as the area affected by the smoke cloud.
  5. This is a hold over from when I played M2e, but is still valid in M3e. For most building terrain pieces there should be at least 3 entry points. Why am I bringing this up? Because a lot of the time terrain can change how combat goes. In particular there were times where I'd From the Shadows a model into the second floor of a building and he just sat there defending a scheme marker. None of my opponents models had a chance. Because the building was pretty big, the only entrance was an outside stair case on my side of the field, and he had no models with flight/incorporeal to get inside. We calculated how many movements it would take for him to get there and by the time his model could I would have scored all 3 of my points from that scheme marker. What would I have done to make this building more accessible? Instead of just the outside staircase I would have thrown in a interior stairwell, and I'd put a ladder up to one of the windows and treat it as a doorway. What does having 1 entry point do? Your model is trapped with only one exit. Your model gets cover if within Line of Sight. Your opponent cannot interact with that model if its outside of Line of Sight. Your opponent will have to get to that 1 entry point to get inside. Which is likely the opposite face to their deployment zone. What does having 3 entry points do? Your model has options to escape if cornered. Your opponent doesn't have to walk around an entire building to get inside. Why 3 and not 2? 2 would mean that your opponent knows where you will retreat to. 3 gives more options for retreat. 3 allows for versatility in case that one side of the board needs more help than another. What is 1 entry point good for? Small buildings that are used for cover, such as Outhouses and Small Shacks. Small hiding places for models who need protection. What is 2 entry point good for? Short Covered Bridges Gun lanes What is 3 entry point good for? Medium to Large Buildings for more flexibility in escape routes. So please, when you look at buildings maybe decide to throw on a few more entry points/doorways instead of having just a big 1 entry point coffin for a model to sit in all game. Thoughts? Critiques? Please reply below. I know some people might not agree with me 100% on this, but I think that it might be a good practice to adopt for tournament play or at the very least to make your casual games a more interactive experience.
  6. Perhaps the 2 person variety will be re-purposed for another model. Similar to how the Alt. Guild Sergeant looks strangely like a female Dashel...
  7. I like it when art has more color to it. A lot of the M2e first wave for Guild was very Brown and Grey focused. The color red popped a bit with Lady J, Perdita's sash, and Sonnia's hair, but there were a few models that broke that mold.
  8. That's a classic casting decision. The same is true for many movie and play adaptations of Peter Pan.
  9. I want Van Pelt from Jumanji.
  10. McCabe and Basse are dual faction based on their boxes on the Upcoming Releases page.
  11. Is this the current Pull My Finger wiki? https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1293024
  12. Illuminated, Hunters, Lone Marshal, Pale Rider, Greed.
  13. Mounted Guard are arguably one of the best 7ss models Guild has access to. They are very strong Melee and Support pieces for what they can do. Charge 10 with a 2 inch engagement makes them have a high threat range. They compete now for the 7ss slot: Death Marshal Recruiters Nino Ortega Papa Loco Santiago Ortega Abuela Ortega Hunter Exorcist Master Queeg Guardian Compared with the other models in this group the Mounted Guard is most comparable to the Hunter, but the similarities are very minor. Mounted Guard prefer to be next to a heavy beater, such as Dr Grimwell or any model with a high charge. This is because of Cavalry Charge, where the mounted Guard can bring along a High Charge model into combat with him. And if the Mounted Guard gets the trigger on his Melee attacks he can chain activate to that nearby model. Mounted Guard are under reported models that need a lot more love than they already have. That being said a lot of topics discussing McCabe tactics involving Guild Hounds are from before the Mounted Guard models came out. I know several people who love to use the Mounted Guard, but as far as online discussion went during their initial rules drop it was very limited. There is also a very vocal McCabe/Luna player base. It used to be (and might still be) that when Recon or Interference were brought up that the go to Guild list was McCabe with Luna and 3-4 Guild Hounds to start.
  14. Guardian was an auto-include for me at 8ss. Especially for Guard the Stash. At 7ss he is even more so for me. I never saw him as underpowered, just underrated. Now I think he'll get a lot more love from Guild players who chose Francisco over him. He is especially good when he gives Double Defensive to a model with "Grind to a Halt" defensive trigger. As you can fish for to get it off.
  15. @Ratty @Mason. Are there plans to update the TTB module with the Ripples of Fate models? Recently bought TTB and am interested in introducing it to my online group. I really like the new images used for the v2.2 of Malifaux's Module.
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