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  1. Given that there are a lot of people stuck at home. Is there an Official Vassal Module for The Other Side? Similar to the Malifaux one?
  2. I tried to Assassinate Sandeep and my opponent managed to get his health back up to full in one activation.
  3. No Prisoners upgrade also gives Run and Gun to minion models.
  4. I ran the Lone Marshal during a tournament the other week and had pretty good results with him. Took him out of faction with Hoffman twice and didn't regret it. Ruthless saved me on a lot of terrifying and manipulative. Run and Gun + his Long Carbine meant he was hitting things up to 21 inches away if terrain wasn't blocking him from his charge. Startle (Exorcism) was great against Sandeep. One shot an Ice Golem and still had movement/actions to get my Breakthrough point. Had I realized it earlier I would have been able to kill a Fire Golem as well. Df/Wp 6 is just gre
  5. Second Master in my meta seems to be a gentleman's agreement at the moment. At ArmourCon only me and my first round opponent chose to have 2 Masters, but that was because we both chose Hoffman and realized we both needed more Anti-Armor. But most of my meta prefer single master.
  6. The Armour Con results haven't been updated on the US Faux Tour rankings, but I think there was a Guild player who got either 2nd or 3rd. The list he ran was: Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Perdita Hunter Miss Step Joss Watcher But they changed their list over the course of the day.
  7. Don't have my book yet. Is Dashel vs Collodi in the book?
  8. Feel free to debate this: Reasoning: Hoffman - So good at working within the Guild's red tape that even Lucius was having a hard time tripping him up. Perdita - Good to the bone. Basse - Bounty Hunter says he likes to do stuff that the law won't do. Sonnia - Uses the law to further her own interests. Lady Justice - Doesn't care about Guild politics, she uses Necromancy to stop Necromancers. Nellie - Reworks the truth to fit a positive narrative for the Guild. Lucius - Uses the law to try and oppress the innocent. Dashel - Was once th
  9. If you are in the UK, TTCombat has a lot of good terrain: https://ttcombat.com/collections/wild-west https://ttcombat.com/collections/streets-of-venice Additionally you can try for some Wyrdscapes: https://www.wyrd-games.net/terrain Terrain types you are lacking in: Forests - Good source of Line of Sight blocking. I suggest at least two small blobs with removable trees. Also acts as severe terrain see below. Severe - Good source for slowing down opponents. Check page 38 and 39 of the free PDF. It lists all the terrain features that Wyrd expects. Such as:
  10. This almost lined up with the creation of the Lone Marshal, Hayreddin, and Anna Lovelace. If it weren't for the arcanist being a miner. If it was an outcast librarian that woul make sense.
  11. But Karina can raise them without a corpse?
  12. That's the tough part of balancing fluff with crunch. If all Death Marshals didn't drop Corpse markers they would be very unbalanced against crews that required them. They are already getting a lot of buffs against Undead so adding that on would have to replace one of their other abilities.
  13. Based on how Marlow reacted it seems as though all Death Marshals are either Undead or somewhere between Living and Undead. I don't think the actual Death Marshals were Living, even though their cards said so in M2e. There is no hint that Lady J modified the process to make Death Marshals as far as I know. The hint that they are something more than normal living people is that Necromancers, aside from Karina, cannot raise undead Death Marshals.
  14. In "Post Mortem" (Tales of Malifaux 110), Governor-General Marlow calls out Lady J for using necromancy to create Death Marshals. But Lady J does counter that all Death Marshals volunteer to become undead. Justice and the old Judge both hint at the fact they went through a similar process, but are both living in the rules. I agree with other people who commented before that once Death Marshals are able to train they go from sentient undead back to living. Though it's likely just cosmetic in regards to their appearance.
  15. My favorite thing to do to this guy is target himself with Consolidate Power to drop an enemy scheme marker with himself? He takes 1 dmg, but it still works, right?
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