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  1. brian291

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I've heard from Wyrd today. Apparently they tried to deliver it on Nov, however Royal Mail didn't put a "Sorry we missed you" card through the door.... Went to collect from the sorting office, and it had been put in a cage to be sent back due to the length of time they'd held it, so I got lucky. Thanks Brian
  2. brian291

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Sorry if I'm posing in the wrong Forum, however I'm a little afraid that my pledge has gone missing.... I've spoken to Wayland games in the UK, and they've told me they can't tell me if they sent a package to me, and to contact wyrd. Most of the people I know received their packages 2 ish weeks ago, and I've yet to even have a tracking email / confirmation that I've ordered anything, however the back kit says dispatched. I've tried the general feedback form, so I was just hoping I'd be able to maybe get an answer from a forums... Thanks Brian
  3. brian291

    Backerkit and Shipping

    Hi, I've just added $30 worth of Addons, after the backerkit locks down and we know shipping costs, will i be able to add more funds for this? as otherwise i've not got enough funding on there currently.... Thanks Brian
  4. brian291

    February LGS Promotion

    It also says only a Single receipt, where it's usually all the receipts for the month, and you can break it over a few purchases.
  5. brian291

    Tooth & Nail 14th August 2016

    I'll be there.....
  6. brian291

    July 18th - New Crews

    You underestimate how determined @Neverborndave is...
  7. brian291

    July 18th - New Crews

    Yes..... but the newsletter?
  8. brian291

    Introducing Nephew to Malifaux

    Thanks for all the Replies, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you! Unfortunately I've not got the Starter box. I do have 90% ish of the TT faction and Lilith / Dreamer and a fair whack of Neverborn Models..... I'm a bit lax on my Painting though, so most of them are only just base coated. This'll probably be the direction I go, But he'll have to wait a few weeks while I paint up, and either Buy or use my LGS terrain. I might see if an experienced player / local henchman would like to play him, and i'll sit at his side explaining how it all works, and then backing off after a tun or two.
  9. brian291

    'Tooth And Nail' 29th May

    I'd be there if Work hadn't messed with my Rota!
  10. Morning All. My sister has asked me if Malifaux would be suitable for my nephew, and while I'm all in favour of bringing new blood in, he's only 11 years of age, and I think the finer points of game play might elude him. He's a smart kid, so I think he'd get the basics after a few games, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Anyone else introduced a young player? If so, how did you go about it? Or do you think that maybe I should just wait a few years? Thanks. Brian
  11. brian291

    Malifaux Game Analytics

    Hey mate. I liked your speadsheet, and i'll be using it, but I added a new Data Validation to the "Leader" section, so that it only shows leaders from that Faction. I've PM'd you the link if you want to have a look and maybe play about with Dual Faction masters and such. Brian