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  1. I'm going to say no..... Because Reasons.
  2. Hi, Can the Goryshche move to a Portal Marker that is covered by a non-titan fireteam, if it has the Slitting Tails ability. I know they can move thought non-titan fireteams, but can't stop on them, so would they be able to, as the wording says - It's the word "Immediately" that's got me thinking i'd be able to, as it hasn't stopped... Thanks Brian
  3. Hi, Just a question on the rules regarding getting cover from a forest if you're more than 2" away from the edge of the forest that you're aiming out of. When Model A (3" inside a forest) shoots at Model B, would model B get cover as Model A's sight lines pass through the concealing forest more than 2" away... Thanks Brian and @13th Warrior
  4. Hi, When the Burning Man units flip to Glory by having the 2 shaken tokens, are these tokens removed or left on the unit? Thanks Brian
  5. Thanks. Sorry must have missed that sentence!
  6. Hi, Are Stratagem cards unique or could you have multiple of the same name as long as you have the tokens to buy them? Thanks Brian
  7. Hi, I've played a couple of games with Youko, both against Nekima. The first game, Youko definitely had the upper hand, controlling the board and giving out Distracted like it was going out of fashion. However the second game, I got absolutely trounced, Distracted didn't get handed out once. The only key difference that I could see was the way that I played her, with the first game I had her playing aggressively, with no upgrades and the second was more conservative. using 3 minion upgrades Any Suggestions on possible ways to run her? I do have a Question about the timing on her Bonus action though. With the Tomes trigger, Do you see the Control hand before or after you've picked a suit? The timing in the rules says Pay costs in italics, but that's before you've declared your triggers, so you don't know that you've got to pay that cost.... if you get what I mean? Thanks Brian
  8. Chill out mate. It's only 10am. Plenty of time before tonight's wargaming.
  9. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/card-sleeves-protectors/29459-ug-premium-soft-sleeves-for-tarot-cards-50
  10. You're never engaged by a friendly model though
  11. No, because he's not in the Melee range of Model B.
  12. You can target a friendly model to do damage, not just buff / enhance. The End of game is a separate step as far as I know... So turn 5 still has an end phase. Yes, because they don't have an engagement range.... So if Model A has no Melee action, is in base contact with Model B who has a 1" Melee range, Model B can walk away without declaring the disengage action, whereas Model A would have to declare it.
  13. Then hopefully @Kylewould just add the zip option at the bottom for those of us who it would help.
  14. Wyrd provided this in the Waldos "Keyword master" post.
  15. Going by the fact that in every other way, it's the same model until the end of the activation, I'd say that you wouldn't be able to use the "can't target the same model more than once in an activation" obey.
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