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  1. Impact UK

    Lack of Quality Assurance.

    I have only had a small piston missing on one model but our Gibbering Hordes player has had 2 boxes with missing components.
  2. Impact UK

    Lack of Quality Assurance.

    Yes I do, I had a couple of problems with the Royal Rifle Corps with legs on the knelt down models, legs not glued in the correct position and a couple of arms not quite right. I fixed these little issues and just moved on. The big problem is the South Wales Boarders box that came with 3 models incorrectly built. One model had the weapons on the arms on the wrong side and the piston on the underside of the arm was not in the correct place. The next one had pistons on the arms just sticking out and looking very stupid, then the last one had pistons sticking out in the wrong places and the pistons not even attached to anything at the back. Also had a head on one of the models devoid of detail (looks like glue melted most of the face off), Link to the photos South Wales Boarders. Now after many hours I have fixed the problems to make the models presentable but this is beside the point, if I am paying to have per-assembled models then they should be assembled correctly.
  3. Impact UK

    Lack of Quality Assurance.

    I have found the quality control lacking, with a number of models not just assembled poorly but assembled incorrectly.
  4. Impact UK

    The Other Side App - An Update

    Agreed, I'm very much looking forward to seeing some progress on the app.
  5. Impact UK

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    So many things I want to try out but Sonnia will probably be first (the closet arsonist in me need flames), but am looking forward to giving the Dashel a run.
  6. Impact UK

    Happy New year guildies!

    I’ve been so busy that dropping by the forums has been hard to do, I have not had time to play much of anything but am planning to jump back into M2e and get the most out of the game before M3e drops. Also getting ready for some ToS this weekend.
  7. Impact UK

    Wyrd Saddles 3 @ The Outpost Sheffield 2nd Dec 2018

    I would love to get to this but I'm rushed off my feet, I will see what I can do.
  8. Impact UK

    TOS Tides of Battle League 18th Jan – 29th March

    Better sign me up for this.
  9. Impact UK

    Day of the Wyrd 3 @ The Outpost Sheffield 28th Oct 2018

    Will sort my ticket out ASAP.
  10. Impact UK

    The Quick and the Wyrd @ The Outpost Sheffield 23rd Sept 2018

    Sorry Dan I cannot make this one.
  11. Impact UK

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Sonnia it is for me, something about hunting down all those Arcanists with extreme prejudice seems to tick all the boxes. That said I think Lucius is rather cool and can understand why he is a top pick for the faction.
  12. Impact UK

    Hall Of Fame 2018, Sanctuary, Nottinghamshire 16th Sept

    This one is on a Sunday, I maybe able to get to this one.
  13. Impact UK

    Rise of a Tyrant @ The Outpost Sheffield 26/08/18

    I will rally the troops good sir.
  14. Impact UK

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Set me as first alt if we have odd numbers.