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  1. Impact UK

    Day of the Wyrd 3 @ The Outpost Sheffield 28th Oct 2018

    Will sort my ticket out ASAP.
  2. Impact UK

    The Quick and the Wyrd @ The Outpost Sheffield 23rd Sept 2018

    Sorry Dan I cannot make this one.
  3. Impact UK

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Sonnia it is for me, something about hunting down all those Arcanists with extreme prejudice seems to tick all the boxes. That said I think Lucius is rather cool and can understand why he is a top pick for the faction.
  4. Impact UK

    Soulstone Heist 2nd September 2018

    Count me in Phil.
  5. Impact UK

    Hall Of Fame 2018, Sanctuary, Nottinghamshire 16th Sept

    This one is on a Sunday, I maybe able to get to this one.
  6. Impact UK

    Rise of a Tyrant @ The Outpost Sheffield 26/08/18

    I will rally the troops good sir.
  7. Impact UK

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Set me as first alt if we have odd numbers.
  8. Impact UK

    Did any of you buy up beasts and academics to run with mcm?

    I thought Yea McMorning would be cool as it gave Guild for me and Resser for the wife, as it turns out I think I got to use McMorning about twice as my dear wife hogs most of the models out of that box 😭 But I tend to get things on the rule of cool so if it is an out of faction model I probably purchased it more to build and paint than play in the first place.
  9. Impact UK

    First feelings M3E

    Neverborn needed some excitement putting back into the faction, yea it sucks to lose masters but on the up side you get lots of new toys to tinker with. I like how the story has changed the factions of some masters and I'm very much looking forward to the new addition. As for time line I would guess that it is needing to land before the end of the year, hobbyists like me will continue to buy models but I would Imagine that the gamer's are going to be holding back wanting to see the rules before spending their money.
  10. Impact UK

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well Wyrd probably had this in mind and probably why they did not want to announce it just yet, but I am with you on rule of cool comes first and rules come second.
  11. Impact UK

    I'm a Basse man.

    This is suppose to be like Pokemon "You've gotta collect them all" LoL, If you like the gun slinging wild west look then this guy should fit right in.
  12. From a gaming point of view I am with you 100%, however I sort of run on the rule of cool and will be adding to my collection regardless of the rules they may have.
  13. Impact UK

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    May need to send some your way hehehehe.
  14. Sounds very Lucius. Given the speed that Wyrd release models it maybe a good idea to get them now so you only have the totem to proxy.
  15. Impact UK

    Double masters

    Hard to say how multiple masters are going to work in the new addition but going on how the game plays in M2e I would like to back up Dita with Nellie.
  16. Impact UK

    I'm a Basse man.

    I don't like change (must be read in an elderly man’s voice), Given that all Wyrds competitors have been stepping up their game and if Malifaux is going to stand a chance of surviving then M3e needs to land in the near future. But I already know of a couple of former players that have dug out there Malifaux with renewed interest.
  17. Impact UK

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    Completely the opposite for me, I always thought he would be better off leading a crew than playing second fiddle to the other masters. But not to worry I bet we have plenty of other Guild stuff you will like.
  18. Impact UK

    Playing in my first individual tournament in a long time.

    For me it is about the only other thing I do other than go to work, my wife is happy that I am gone for the day (unless she decides to enter also). My son is not old enough for tournaments yet and we have yet to advance past Henchman Hardcore.
  19. Impact UK

    Boom Town Tombstone League

    Better sign me up for this.
  20. Impact UK

    Playing in my first individual tournament in a long time.

    Sounds like a fun mix of people and ability. I try to get to one tournament a month, nothing to do with being a hardcore player though, it is sometimes the only chance I get to have a game and more importantly I get to have 3 games without constant interruptions.
  21. We did not get to have that game, but maybe we will face off at the tournament this Sunday.
  22. Impact UK

    Playing in my first individual tournament in a long time.

    Just interested in what other crews you had in the pool to come up against, cool to see Parker roll in at 3rd.
  23. Impact UK

    Perdita Quetions

    I have to admit that I love Papa Loco, but he never makes it into my lists 😭 . As for Santiago, well he sort of has lots of competition for his slot but you do need a plan of action for him. Abuela works well and can be handy for making that key non family model family and the listen up action is rather handy.
  24. Fully agree and normally I would not have chosen her for the job but I expected to face Nellie so my game plan was thrown off a little at the beginning. I do have that rematch today and I am expecting him to throw Nellie at me this time.
  25. Impact UK

    Playing in my first individual tournament in a long time.

    Nice going, any chance you can post the results.