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  1. Basically any Freikorps that have useful abilities for Hannah to duplicate, like Librarians. I'm not sure about I Pay Better in small games. Cards are too precious to easily discard. I started with Rusty Alyce with From The Aether, as having a free model now and again can be very helpful, and giving her Instinctual as an upgrade allows her to summon every turn for a 7 and a 10.
  2. And that is why news of it should have been kept under wraps until about three months out from release. Knowing 3.0 is coming out creates apprehension for players, as evidenced by this post.
  3. I managed to eat Pandora by running a Rogue Necromancy into her.
  4. So his main change is that you have to commit even more to summoning to get the best out of him?
  5. You might still find the metal trapper turn up as a single on eBay and the like, but they've been out of production for a lot of years.
  6. Hamelin and as many condition immune models as possible. "Poison? What's that?"
  7. ^That would actually be pretty good.
  8. Four of the masters I'm interested in, Collodi, Nicodem, Ramos, and Lilith, all gone. Hoffman is taking over Ramos's role in Arcanists, but there doesn't seem to be anyone for those who liked the other three masters.
  9. They seem to have solved the Nicodem problem in 3rd edition. Remove him from the game. No Nicodem No Ramos No Lilith No Collodi So... no interest.
  10. Remember Strongarm targets Wp at range, which can prove useful in some matchups.
  11. Corpse Bloat and My Little Helper. 3 stones.
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