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  1. Freman

    Ressers answer to Pandora?

    I managed to eat Pandora by running a Rogue Necromancy into her.
  2. Freman

    Nicodem - Post Nerf

    So his main change is that you have to commit even more to summoning to get the best out of him?
  3. Freman

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    You might still find the metal trapper turn up as a single on eBay and the like, but they've been out of production for a lot of years.
  4. Freman

    Who are our best masters vs each faction?

    Or Sonnia.
  5. Freman

    How the heck do I deal with Brewmaster??

    Hamelin and as many condition immune models as possible. "Poison? What's that?"
  6. Freman

    Anyone have the Easter Viks built and painted?

    They do look awesome.
  7. Freman

    Nicodemus M3E?

    ^That would actually be pretty good.
  8. Freman

    Help wanted...

    Four of the masters I'm interested in, Collodi, Nicodem, Ramos, and Lilith, all gone. Hoffman is taking over Ramos's role in Arcanists, but there doesn't seem to be anyone for those who liked the other three masters.
  9. Freman

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    They seem to have solved the Nicodem problem in 3rd edition. Remove him from the game. No Nicodem No Ramos No Lilith No Collodi So... no interest.
  10. Freman

    Gunline suggestions

    Remember Strongarm targets Wp at range, which can prove useful in some matchups.
  11. Freman

    Call Me Slow: The Hannah Plague Saturation

    Hannah has her uses.
  12. Freman

    July 2018 Errata

    Corpse Bloat and My Little Helper. 3 stones.
  13. Freman

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    He received the Leveticus treatment. When you pick up a Malifaux master of the older generation, every rule on their card is written and balanced with every other rule on their card. If you change one then you have to be willing to change the others to rebalance them. Without his positive flips Leveticus has too low a damage track for a master. Without his ability to summon relatively healthy minions, Nicodem's role as a summoner ceases to be relevant. Asura Rotten and Kentauri were the things that pulled Nicodem above the high median. Kentauri could have been made unsummonable, or requiring two corpse markers. Asura could have had some of her abilities toned down, perhaps not summoning a Mindless Zombie until the end of the turn, but no.
  14. Freman

    July 2018 Errata

    I suspect that Nicodem has just received the Leveticus treatment. Leveticus was designed around the idea that you'd be burning his wounds and your hand to do a bunch of low but consistent damage. Take away that mechanic and suddenly his damage track is too low for a master. Nicodem is meant to be a support summoner, a bit like Dreamer, but he has no passive healing effect so one wound summons will just be chaff, and he probably won't have the resources to heal. If he had a passive healing aura, and could summon Undead Enforcers then the investment might be worthwhile... but probably not as it stands.
  15. Shikome teamed up with Rafkin (specifically his aura) make mincemeat out of Joss and Howard, especially if you're able to "take their meds" to give them extra armour (doesn't matter) but put them on negative flips (matters a great deal).