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  1. Pretty much as the title says. I was playing a game against my favourite Arcanist player and he was using the Captain and with casting expert, he would push himself using airburst before charging. Did we play it right?
  2. So as the title suggests, who's your go to master vs which faction and why?
  3. Hey Guys, the Boards and Swords Community group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/boardsandswordscommunity/?fref=nf
  4. That's just my spelling AJ, apologies. As you saw yourself, the correct name was chosen on Bag o Tools.
  5. Given that a draw is worth more than a loss, here are the final results. I have emailed Rankings to see if we can get the results to reflect the second round scores. It was great to see you all, 12 people was fantastic and thank you all for making the journey to us.
  6. Wednesday and Thursday tend to be the best chance for a game.
  7. In fact we have an event on this Sunday if your interested. Set your sat nav for 3 Jubilee Parkway rather than the store, the shop is next door to “Yes Electrical”. There is a large and free car park.
  8. Round 1 Corner, Public Executions, Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves, Show of Force, Public Demonstration, Recover Evidence. Round 2 Standard, Symbols of Authority, Punish the Weak, Hold up Their Forces, Vendetta, Dig their Graves, Take Prisoner Round 3 Close, Ours, Guarded Treasure, Public Demonstration, Undercover Entourage, Hold up Their Forces, Take Prisoner.
  9. Hi There is a small community of Malifaux players at Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby, just down the M1 from Nottingham. Being from Nottingham myself, there arn't many other gaming communities outside of Games Workshop in the city, they have their HQ in Nottingham and tend to dominate the area.
  10. Glad you made it back safe, thanks to you and Jen for joining us.
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