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  1. That's not the main issue, the ranges on abilities in 2e are already so ludicrous that it hardly even matters where you put your models. a 12" threat range on a 36" table for instance is insane.
  2. Having listened to the Max Value podcast I am a little concerned with a claim of their's about M3E, namely that the ranges and movement of models is potentially going to be increased. I find this concerning because this game is already outrageous with its threat ranges with many abilities capable of reaching the enemy on turn 1 in standard deployment already, if anything there should be a greater emphasis on positioning in the 3rd edition.
  3. what is this crew's plan against yasunori/nekima beats lists?
  4. 4 covers 3.8% of the board. Thats not terrible but its not massive. 4 radius is 8" diameter, you don't get to add your melee range to the bubble, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  5. 4 isn't "a large portion of the board". Paying 9ss for a scheme runner who is only effective against low DF models sounds awful. I will grant that trying to kill Zako is an exercise in futility, if only because its not worth the AP to kill.
  6. So can a freikormann, esp consider reference the field guide can auto give him the duck and weave trigger. What incentive does anyone have to just lock it down with anything defense 5 or greater? You can tank all you want, but that doesn't mean you are going to be targeted. She has the same problem the Whiskey Golem used to have, only that at least the Golem has a melee 6 attack.
  7. Ama no Zako Parker this is definitely a thread about our worst models.
  8. I'd rather have 2 freikorpsmenn than a Lazarus. Never been more unimpressed with a giant robot in my life, then again I think you need to be playing pariah of iron to make him shine in outcast unless someone has a dope talos + lazarus list out there. Edit: here I made a list We're going to bomb Lazarus in. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Dope Talos Lazerus 50ss Leader: Tara - Cache:(4) Emptiness 0ss Knowledge of Eternity 2ss Obliteration Symbiote 2ss Malifaux Child 2ss Rusty Alyce 10ss Lazarus 10ss Talos 8ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss
  9. This is really gimmicky but fun. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: The Lazer-us Option 50ss Leader: Von Schill - Cache:(1) Engage At Will 1ss Nythera Aftermath 1ss Oath of the Freikorps 1ss Steam Trunk 3ss Rusty Alyce 10ss I Pay Better 1ss Lazarus 10ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Freikorps Trapper 7ss Freikorps Trapper 7ss
  10. Let's say I soul tether my master turn 1 and then it gets BTFO by a couple of snipers or something. Does my Webster being dead prevent the condition from saving my Master's life? As I see it the condition is held by the master and lasts until Webster's next activation, which is never going to come back around due to her being dead and all.
  11. This, we lost the one truly good faction.
  12. Seems cool, I'd paint the models differently myself though. Really digging the Old Major and Ulix alts.
  13. Are there any other models that would be good to pick up over time?
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