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  1. If you ever get into outcasts, i marlena does fit on the regular teddy, so there's always that
  2. Are you using marlena webster as an alternate teddy? if so, isn't it an awesome teddy?
  3. First, you need serena bowman and her upgrades, this makes the sorrows both from the shadows, which helps with their poor movement, and makes them a nightmare, which is great, because this means your day dreams can push them every turn. Also, i'd get the tantrum upgrade, which adds more synergy with sorrows counting as an extra tick of damage, and also tantrum's attack is resisted by willpower. Another thing you'll want is a woe with the depression upgrade, which grants other woes a 1 ap, ranged, wp-resisted attack. which sorrows really need. lilitu would be a great choice, being a nightmare, woe, and has a wp resisted lure which will bring enemies closer to your death bubble, but any woe which fits your build is good. now that you got your basics, you can do what you want. find a way to make the sorrows more durable, ( ie: iggy w/ martyr ), make it harder for people to resist duels ( ie: insidious madness, mr tannen), add units that attack wp ( literally anything ), ways to bring targets closer ( ie: lilitu ). Let me know what you come up and how it goes if you play it out. but before you play this out, you should play some regular pandora first, one thing she can provide the sorrows that the dreamer can't is her totem, which has an aura that makes units take a to wp duels, so you'll want to find out what daydreams can provide that the poltergeist can't. and on that note, you may find out that pandora and her totem provide a warm spot for alps in return too, and you can make a list around that too.
  4. I've noticed the synnergy and built a crew around it, but have yet to play it.
  5. Do note, that only the master you get for free, gets to hire the keywords without penalty. If you wanted to play a game freikorps themed, and you wanted Leveticus, and if we pretend that Leveticus is 16ss, and von schill is 14ss, you would still want to get von schill for free, otherwise you'd have to pay all the freikorps tax.
  6. My guess would be that hiring through keyword isn't exclusive for in faction. It seems that non-keyword non-general faction models are the new mercenary.
  7. Return fire works regardless of the method that attacks the model, it's just that the model with the upgrade has to use a shoot, and sue has a shoot attack that has 2", so if a melee or cast attacks sue, he can still use his shoot back at them. a card of any value for a heal is great, plus it removes poison, the trunk can also remove burning, and also remove corpse / scrap markers. you may not see the need for those things against a lot of crews, but it makes a world of difference against some. She's a healer, I got Von Schill from 1 wound to fully healed while playing against a Lady Justice. Did you attempt 2 shots with him, or 1 focused shot? They're different kinds of beater.
  8. wafew

    Our worst models

    Comparing Convict and Sue, Sue seems to be more resilient (against non-SH), and has more utility and general use. Convicts are just there to shoot people and chew bubble gum. ( and their out of bubble gum) To another complaint I hear about the convicts being slow, why not use your supporting models to help him out? lure your enemy into position, unbury a model in range, have von schill do n it's not delivery, it's nytheria aftermath into their face, or just park them somewhere that you really don't want the enemy to get close to. A lovely thing about them having a 2 to their guns is to give them return fire, since melee attacks will allow them to hit back, so if you get them in a nest of enemies, the convicts will do some damage. Also sue is rare 1, I like to take a couple of convicts with me, so even if i replaced one with sue, i'd take another convict with him ( i don't have sue, so this is all hypothetical) also, to the person who said convicts weren't reliable Sh6 and sounds really reliable to me. ps: why does sue have the prison pistols, and convicts don't?
  9. Another way you could have VS be supporting, and still punch thing, is to attack big targets/master with his jack knife, and cheat/stone to lower their DF, and then have the rest of your crew bunch the target up, works really good with nytheria, since you can place the target away from VS so no randomization happens. I've gotten an enemy master to 1 DF, and my crew had an easy time hitting her, and dealing better damage.
  10. How do asura and the kentobois do with other resser masters? In my experience playing against nicodem, the problems i faced are : summoning Punk zombies next to my peeps, and companioning into him to slice up my crew with 2x to attack, and not having slow and not caring if it dies after doing all the damage. the only difference in this style is that it'll take me one less AP to kill the punk zombie before i can move my crew for retaliation. The other thing is summoning a hanged, and having him do his thing that can't be undone unless i brought a specific model, still gonna happen. The difference now is that his summons will possibly be less reliable without the excessive card draw, and I can spend an AP less killing those models before resuming the game, so I'm all in favour for his nerf. I've also played against the summon a horde of non-slow zombies who get and use asuras attacks, and that'll likely stay the same tho, but I've only played this once. All my nicodem games were against the same one person, so my experience is likely different.
  11. There are 4 main "After" things, "After succeeding", "After failling", "After resolving", "After damaging", and they determine if a trigger can be declared, rather than when, these triggers happen after resolving the attack ( Ie: after the damaging or effect part), unless there is an exception such as the witchiling stalkers "After failing but before suffering damage" dictates when the trigger takes place. Both the Place, and the squeal triggers would take place after resolving the attack. The ability "target practice", states that after a model is pushed or placed, then it can be attacked, so right after the squeal, VS gets to attack. The rules say the if 2 triggers happen at the same time, the defender's is resolved first. so VS starts a melee action, wins, damages, somer squeals, vs starts a new shoot attack, damages, somer squeals, etc. then all the possible reposition triggers technically happen one after another, and then the placement.
  12. I keep on meaning to hire mysterious in a zoraida crew with some rooster riders. Because I think cheating from the deck face down will be very confusing and fun.
  13. If you could add the student on top of the thousand faces +1 action, then you could have 5 summons on turn 1 : P
  14. There are quite a few things that don't make sense, that hopefully will get fixed in M3E (IE: Elevation rules )
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