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  1. It all started with the end of warhammer fantasy battle back in 2015. After a while some of us picked up WMH, but that game got stale after a while with more an more people falling off after mkIII. Then all of a sudden a fellow local gamer started GIVING AWAY Malifaux crews to boost the local meta. That's right, he gave away 6 or 7 crews, for free. I had no idea what the game was like, but I liked the looks of Tara, so I kindly accepted. (Now get this... I got Nightmare translucent Tara box, Killjoy, 3 Death marshals, 3 Crooligans and Anna Lovelace. All 2E models in sealed boxes...) Anywa
  2. Can't see it mentioned elsewhere so just adding a point to the conversation. Starting with a madness on the table adds more opportunities for the opponent failing a wp duel due to terrifying and spectral bite resisted by wp, and thus more options for unburying summons. It shouldn't be hard unburying summons, but more duels means better chances at getting the summons when and where you need them.
  3. After reading through the book it seems indeed that the faction in general has low wp, and limited access to ruthless and condition removal, so I think Pandora should be given som extra consideration.
  4. Just try some stuff you normally wouldn't do or bring along. Like how good is the little brat in melee? Is there an effective way to make use of "BAM! Your turn!" without giving up your leader? Are there any OOK models that might have some remote value with Dreamer? Have you ever tried the Hooded Rider Chompy delivery service? (ride with me on Dreamer to have Dreamer use the your nightmare trigger to deliver Chompy nearly anywhere on the board... I haven't dared risk it yet)
  5. That and the fact that the mature is at 6/10 health right after transformation.
  6. I assume to be able to make use of the upgrade?
  7. Small thing to note here is that if you put IR on Pandora, she will be able to deal the ping damage from Blade Rush even if she doesn't get to do a melee attack when she charges.
  8. For obvious reasons I'd like to see you play Nekima, but I see a lot of Von Schtook in my meta, so I'm interested in the results either way.
  9. I played against Seamus with Pandora once. While not really that great since Seamus has ruthless, my opponent was litterally terrified of self loathing and probably played too carefully. Just the threat of having Seamus putting that monstrousity to his own head influenced the game quite a lot i think. I lost, but it was a fun game (and I did get him to shoot himself once 😈 )
  10. Only use for corrupted hounds in a Marcus list I've had so far is Myranda turning into one as the last activation of a game and scoring end VP from hidden martyrs against a 4SS model 😆
  11. Would be an awesome alt. investigator in a neverborn Lucius crew for those of us that don't play TTB🧐 (or he could just be a new model for neverborn😃, I just want him in Malifaux)
  12. I find Marcus quite fun, lately. Versatile hiring pool, and the upgrade mechaninc let's you adapt to the situation and makes the crew less straight forward while not too complex... He's also dual faction now which gives him some more options in playstyle/hiring pool
  13. I can't find any 3E boxes containing mature nephilim, and given they do indeed have new artwork for 2 of them, I think it quite probable that they may be found in the core box. (or as a separate boxes bundled with something else)
  14. I think the twins are often underrated, but if I had to choose i'd almost always take young, shaman or mature instead...
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