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  1. I'm concerned with dual-master synergies as well, but there is a positive side to it that hasn't been brought up yet. And that's the possibility of reducing the impact of bad matchups when masters are declared. Some masters have a rather hard counter in other masters, like Justice against pretty much any undead/summoner, or Tara vs Misaki. The possibility of including a second master adds an option to hiring to negate some of the disadvantage. Does it make up for the potential broken synergies of dual-master hiring? I don't really know, but I think it should be added to the consideration.
  2. As much as I like the old artwork for Zoraida, I don't like the sculpt very much, so I'm looking forwards to seeing a new sculpt (if that is the case). On a sidenote: Nekima has new artwork s well... 🤓
  3. This image from Wyrds M3E page seems to support the theory of a resculpt To my knowledge models released so far with 2E sculpts has not gotten new artwork.
  4. I've been reading it as "not-the-killed-model" but I can see it interpreted as "not-Nekima" as well. It's a bit unclear wording that I think needs to be adressed in the FAQ.
  5. In lack of an official 3E ruling, the rulings from 2E are still good guidelines for similar issues in how to interpret rules i situations like this. As long as the similarities are sufficient and not in obvious conflict with other 3E rules of course.
  6. Against Zoraida that mv7 and unimpeded isn't a good thing... wp7 is atleast something, but still... I don't mind the rules, btw, just pointing out a potential "Gotcha" for unexperienced player
  7. The Collective Riders Assosiation are displeased by this ruling.... (But it is quite clear as written)
  8. I'm not sure I'd take even 1 of them to be honest. The other beast/chimera options availiable in nvb just seems far better for how much you're paying.
  9. A good way of getting practice is locking in schemes and strat for a few games. This makes it easier to figure out what each models do, and also makes it easier for the community to give more detalied feedback on what you should/shouldn't bring in a list and why. After a while you will probably notice that even with the same strats and schemes over and over, your opponents crew also has quite an impact on how you play and should also be taken into consideration when you build your crew. (A good example here is Misaki vs Tara, where Misaki's main strategy is burying and unburying to move about and stay safe, but Tara has a lot of models that can do nasty things to buried models. So unless the Misaki player wants to lose her turn 1, that player must play and build the crew very differently) Remember that you only declare your faction before you choose your master, so it's quite hard to counter build unless you're certain of your opponents choice of master. Once masters are declared is when you start building your crew, and where you can start looking at synergies that fits with the opposing master, strategy and scheme pool, (Remember that you get to see your oppnents crew before you choose your 2 schemes, so try to build your crew in a way that can score on most of them)
  10. This is what I expect as well. From beta to release tots have been limited to minion (3), a change that from a rulesperspective doesn't make much sense, but from a production point of view might be logical. I can only speculate about why this change happened, but someone somewhere has given it some thought, and that points to work in progress in production. (it might also be as simple as the 2E tots came in packs of 3...)
  11. I didn't connect the "Waldo's Weekly" post with what @dzlier did during beta. Congratulations on the assignment! Now I guess I just need to wait for approval...
  12. Well they have use in their respective factions... If you're not interested in playing Oucasts or Bayou, then you should probably sell them.
  13. Only thing about giving the shamans upgrades is that they don't carry over when replaced by a mature.
  14. I got lucky and found on second hand still on sprue after 6 months of scouring ebay, online stores and trade groups on fb.
  15. This would be my guess as well. And I think/hope we will see a box with new sculpts for 2 young and a mature. This fits nicely with the new artwork we've seen so far. As for hounds, shaman, Lelu and Lilitu, I hope there will be new sculpts as well, but I haven't seen any artwork so I'm not counting on it. I really dislike having multiples of a sculpt so I'm hoping at least Lelu and Lilitu gets new sculpts to complement the 2E versions I already have.
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