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  1. I find Marcus quite fun, lately. Versatile hiring pool, and the upgrade mechaninc let's you adapt to the situation and makes the crew less straight forward while not too complex... He's also dual faction now which gives him some more options in playstyle/hiring pool
  2. I can't find any 3E boxes containing mature nephilim, and given they do indeed have new artwork for 2 of them, I think it quite probable that they may be found in the core box. (or as a separate boxes bundled with something else)
  3. I think the twins are often underrated, but if I had to choose i'd almost always take young, shaman or mature instead...
  4. From what I've seen so far, all the models that are being resculpted have gotten new artwork on their card (in the app). So it's safe to assume that Nekima (along with mature/young/tots) will get resculpted for her core box, and the 2E alt. model will still be an alt. model.
  5. Long time since I did any digital colouring... Was fun though 😃
  6. Looks like a neverborn fella to me... Or is this perhaps a young Lucius without his mask, wig and gloves before his visit to the doctor?
  7. I got a vintage Pandora from the program after 3E went live, but don't know if it's still valid though.
  8. Is there a bundle for all the errata cards as well or do we have to pick singles?
  9. Viks don't have much with 2" (only Taelor in keyword) so Inhuman resolve on Nekima/Teddy/Chompy/Hooded rider etc. is a good way to reduce their damage potential.
  10. Got to love the synergy between dead outlaws and guilty That ekstra damage from "at gunpoint" trigger, also makes the guilty quite scary once the get into range of something.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but looks to me like both options are the nightmare version.
  12. Where did Santana go? I can swear she was on the list earlier🤔
  13. I wouldn't exactly say Bultungin and Rougarou are slow, but for running schemes Rougarou are too expensive and Bultungin are squishy (though they are quite good at marker based scheme denial).
  14. I really wish silent knight was plastic... metal is such a pain to repose😜
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