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  1. You only need a 6 of mask on germinate to get out with the reposition trigger. Bonus is you can reposition into the marker you place if you have some other terrain to jump to. Edit: I got to try it out on tuesday, and it was awesome. My opponent declared Seamus, so I didn't dare go for Titania 2 in case he brought Seamus 1. I played the following list: Titania w/AP Gorar Kurgan Erymathian boar w/IR Mysterious Emissary Walgeist w/AP Waldgeist We were playing Turf war with flank deployment. The map had a lot of forests so it was quite easy to move the boar around the board, and I placed some underbrush quite strategically to get the boar up the board fast. Turn 1 Kurgan places the boar with Shifting earth into severe terrain letting the boar hop to one of my underbrush markers. When the boar activaes he uses ambush into a new forest and places in base with a corner strat marker flipping it and walking to a safe spot. Second turn the boar walks back into the forest and places near the opponents deployment zone, uses ambush and place a scheme marker to score Breakthrough. Didn't get to finish the game, but the boar did a magnificent role scheming. (The combination of Emissary, Kurgan, Boar and waldgeists was better than I would have thought, but seems quite map dependant)
  2. Doesn't need to be the original target. Any model will do as long as you get 2 scheme markers close enough. (and that's not very hard with Lucius)
  3. Just to chime in on the Teddy-train. Teddy can also do some work with Kade in a Pandora crew (Kade can bring him without tax. He also has a bonus action that can move Teddy, and if he ends in base contact they both heal 2 and Kade can be placed somewhere else in base contact with Teddy) With Pandora Teddy can get quite tanky if engaged to enemy models, due to a lot of wp duels and feed on fear.
  4. Not exactly Titania 2, but what are peoples thoughts on how the pig works? "Through the brush" states that when this model moves into severe terrain it may place itself completely within 6". Does this mean that it cannot start its move in the same piece of terrain? It's still incredibly mobile given Twotania's Royal escort or lashing tendrils from Rex. I also think it might be worth giving him IR, as scamper seems incredible if you can push into severe terrain with it. And with 0" melee blade rush seems quite handy just to get into position (although if you can charge into severe terrain it does make it easier to get him into position).
  5. Back in the days when Dreamer could summon stitched, I still preferred to summon madness. They were great then, and are great now. They are invaluable as support for your melee beaters, just for the heals from their attacks, so I tend to start with one on the board in nearly every game.
  6. I have been thinking a little bit about how to avoid the Tara2-33-bomb, and I think maybe brining a wisp might be a good call. Place it close to Titania (or whichever master you bring and 33 will be getiing distracted from shimmering lights when going in. I'll take the advice on not going Titania2 if Tara is decalered next time. I just wanted to try the new master out and this was my first and only game so far with her, and I didn't know about this trick before the game.
  7. Well... After having Titania buried by 33 on the fist activation of the first turn of the game (against Tara 2), then to be unburied in my opponents deployment engaged and surrounded behind a building made the changeling pretty useless. Maybe I'll get to try it out in another game
  8. And you didn't feel you were loosing out on damage potential/speed? Might try it out sometime.
  9. I've only had one game with her so far, and I felt I didn't have enough card draw to make any good use of the recycle mechanic. I kinda want to try her with Lelu and Lilitu, but I'm having trouble fitting them in.
  10. Yes, that is probably a good counter in some factions, but neverborn have 0 models with take the hit and only geryon with extended reach. Not knowing if you'll be up against Tara1 or Tara2 makes it a huge risk taking geryon ook.
  11. Played aganist this exact list with Titania2 yesterday, and I have to say it was not fun... at all. Titania got buried by 33 the first activation of the first turn and there was nothing I could do about it since my opponent had a 13 on hand. Titania did practically nothing but tank attacks for the rest of the game. (I eventually gave up after turn 3) I did not know about this "trick" and I have to say this is the first time in the 3 years i've been playing that I've really felt like "flipping the table" (was a vassal game so not technically possible). I don't mind being penalized for not knowing my opponents crew, but I don't really think knowing beforehand would change the NPE very much either. If anyone know a proper way to counter this (that doesn't involve cramming my crew together an entire game), I'm all ears.
  12. And which one is yours? (I assume the "nexus infested twin" means the new Dishonorable Lucius?)
  13. That is a good option. With 2 matures she shouldn't have a problem getting into position either. Now why didn't I think of that? I guess I tend to reach for Serena for healing out of old habit ...
  14. I just think that if you're going for the double matures, you'll need to be dedicated to making it work, and you'll need to support them well, because if they die it's game over. One way of doing that is just go all in and try to kill all threats before they get to retaliate, but I would probably try to bring in some healing just to keep the engine running. I don't really think there is room for a dedicated lodestone carrier in such a crew. After thinking it through a bit more, I'd just swap out the Emissary for Serena. New Lucius Mattheson Crew Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Serena Bowman Guild Lawyer Changeling Mature Nephilim Inhuman Reflexes Mature Nephilim 2 Inhuman Reflexes
  15. Yeah, that makes sense. He doesn't really have much other synergy with Lucius, so I was just curious if there were something I've missed. You could also bring a waldgeist for the same purpose for less SS, and be able to issue command to it as well.
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