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  1. Don't forget that changelings can use "just like you" to use Lucius' "Issue command". If you use a changeling to use issue command on lucius, they can have him issue a command to someone else with "following orders" to trigger card draw. And remember that it's still the changelings activation so, you can issue command again in Lucius' activation to trigger more card draw from the same model. You can of course have a lawyer obey the changeling to use just like you to issue command on Lucius to issue command to another model with following orders to get 2 card draws from the same action. This is quite card intensive and time consuming, but doable...
  2. Great write ups! But I thought I should point out that the Gorar can only bring back minions and enforcers, so in your game against Asami, you shouldn't have brought Aeslin back (she's a henchman).
  3. I'd probably just use Barbaros as a leader instead, putting you in Outcasts at the same time with access to hodgepodge effisary with nephilim.
  4. Iggy with Eldrich magic upgrade is good againts Kaeris to get rid of both burning and injured with Dispel. (You remove the burning with oppurtunists when using dispel magic to remove injured).
  5. I'd look to Hooded Rider, Emissary and Rougarou first. Bultungin and waldgeists aren't bad, but probably more reliant on your strat/schemes than the others.
  6. The Fae crew ia a bit of a toolbox crew. You have a big variety of models doing different things. You got Rougarou and Killjoy for decent beaters, Knights and waldgeists are quite tanky, Bultungin are fast (but squishy) schemers. Aeslin is aeslin, and Titania herself is quite powerful. There aren't really any staples in this keyword as they have all such different roles, and I tend to hire the crew more or less based on strat/schemes/opponent every game. When it comes to non-keywords I often include the effigy w/upgrade or the emissary, and I have found The hooded rider to be quite useful as well when you need mobility.
  7. Well, there is one, and guess which model that is 🤣 Edit: Actually there are 2, I forgot about Ashen core.
  8. I'm concerned with dual-master synergies as well, but there is a positive side to it that hasn't been brought up yet. And that's the possibility of reducing the impact of bad matchups when masters are declared. Some masters have a rather hard counter in other masters, like Justice against pretty much any undead/summoner, or Tara vs Misaki. The possibility of including a second master adds an option to hiring to negate some of the disadvantage. Does it make up for the potential broken synergies of dual-master hiring? I don't really know, but I think it should be added to the consideration.
  9. As much as I like the old artwork for Zoraida, I don't like the sculpt very much, so I'm looking forwards to seeing a new sculpt (if that is the case). On a sidenote: Nekima has new artwork s well... 🤓
  10. This image from Wyrds M3E page seems to support the theory of a resculpt To my knowledge models released so far with 2E sculpts has not gotten new artwork.
  11. I've been reading it as "not-the-killed-model" but I can see it interpreted as "not-Nekima" as well. It's a bit unclear wording that I think needs to be adressed in the FAQ.
  12. In lack of an official 3E ruling, the rulings from 2E are still good guidelines for similar issues in how to interpret rules i situations like this. As long as the similarities are sufficient and not in obvious conflict with other 3E rules of course.
  13. Against Zoraida that mv7 and unimpeded isn't a good thing... wp7 is atleast something, but still... I don't mind the rules, btw, just pointing out a potential "Gotcha" for unexperienced player
  14. The Collective Riders Assosiation are displeased by this ruling.... (But it is quite clear as written)
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