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  1. Can't see anything saying you can't...
  2. This is quite good in itself, each card or SS discarded is a card or SS not used on other things. If by chance they don't.... well that's ok too
  3. That's true. "Looks like meat is back on the menu boyz!"
  4. I think it's less because of the concern for grow, but more because the BBS could give out focus to your entire crew turn 1 with just one action, a low crow and a action.
  5. Don't forget oppurtunist now works on your own models as well, so you can use it as a poor mans condition removal.
  6. That's not really an exception because it's what the trigger of Self Loathing does.
  7. You're not taking the opponents action like you do with Obey and similar actions that generate new actions. Not generating a new action means you don't get to the step where you can declare triggers on the opponents action. The only action taken is Self Loathing, and thereby the only triggers you may declare are the ones on the Self Loathing action.
  8. Playing Dreamer is quite time consuming to begin with due to previous version of Lucid Dream and summoning. Adding more actions that requires time to resolve (shuffling) isn't making this any better. I also think the ability was good enough last time, and didn't really need this change. The change is also not of very big significance, as you get discarded cards back when you cycle through the deck (which dreamer is quite good at). So I completely agree with the others that want to remove the shuffle, or at least make it volountary, so those of us that just can't be bothered may play it like the previous version.
  9. I agree that the trinkets could be made a little more relevant, but they shouldn't be too powerful. Maybe some of them could be discarded after use like Von Schill's upgrades. That would warrant a bit more oomph, but keep them balanced.
  10. As much as I like the idea, I think every crew that relies on terrifying or manipulative would be severely impacted if you could hand out ruthless as upgrades. So afraid I'll have to disagree.
  11. I like the idea of having focus and distracted beeing opposites, cancelling each other. It's how I've countered distracted so far anyway, so makes sense to me. It does however bring along some balance issues as one instance of distracted, not countered, is stronger than before. Also what happens if a model gets distracted a second time and the controllers hand is empty?
  12. It was brought up during closed beta as well, and has been confirmed that it is intended.
  13. Regurgitate alone would be enough for me.
  14. It did indeed, but with the change to hazardous terrain it just got way too powerful on a 4SS model, so probably won't see it return.
  15. I too would like to see the hounds get something that's actually useful. Pack mentality sounds more like a trap ability than anything else. The one thing the doggos have going for them is scheme running, and you don't want them ganging up for that. If they were in any other crew they would probably have greater value because they are decently fast, but the nephilim crew is already one of the fastest crews in the game. Alright you could fly them around to get them where you need them, but that's pretty much all, and as @Kharnage already pointed out a terror tot works just as well for 1SS more and have far more utility for doing other stuff as well.
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