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  1. Tried Dreamer and Pandora today. Besides making some bad choices they seem to work well together. Nightmare models really like opponents failing wp duels, and Pandora really brings a whole lot of those for unburying summons and feed om dreams. Poltergeist is also valuable for bringing in distraction and stripping ruthless, though it is quite squishy so you need to play it right (which I didn't this do today). Also worth mentioning Carver as he shares keywords with both. The only issue I found here is that it's hard to get much use of Lucid Dream, as you just won't have many models with that ability on the board turn 1.
  2. Those dual faction masters are such a slippery slope. I started playing tara in 2e, but I really liked neverborn better visually as a faction. So I got a lot of neverborn, including Lucius. That in turn led med to more guild models, so I got Lady J. And then I figuered I already had some outcasts, and those Viktorias look fun.... Figuring I already had a fair bit of outcasts, that cat lady nightmare crew looks damn good too, should be fun right? Que M3E, and Marcus is now a dual faction Neverborn master with some nice looking models, got to try that too... So now I'm trying really hard not to buy some cool looking arcanist models as well.... We'll see how long I can hold out.
  3. Hooded rider seems good with her as well. She gets a lot of use out of ride with me, and with mv 7 he gains an insane threat range with obey into the mix.
  4. I initially thought Pandora/Carver could remove focus before the attacking player got to use it. If it's the other way around that changes a lot of the usefulness of opportunist in regards to focus....
  5. Wouldn't it be better for new players to jump straight to M3E? Learning 2E rules now, when 3E is just weeks away sound like would cause a lot of confusion later on.
  6. Well right you are! Somehow I was thinking they were on 30mm bases. Thanks👍 Haven't played Tara yet with 3e rules, so might just have to give her a go soon.
  7. Last outcasts list I played was Viks vs Ironsides. Not sure I recall correctly but I think the lists were something like this 2x Viktoria w/soldier for hire Taelor Vanessa Bishop 2x Ronin Ironsides Mouse Amina Fitzsimmons Gunsmith 2x miners 2x steamfitters Long story short, the viks (with a little help from Vanessa) kept most of the opponents crew busy with attacks, clever placements and pushes, avoiding engagement ranges, stoning damage and healing when possible. They're excellent at dancing around Ironsides just out of reach, while killing her crew around her. By the time my opponent realized he had been using 75% of his crew dealing with just the Viks for a couple of turns I had the rest of my crew set up easily removing the remaining 25% and scoring VPs. I think using the Viks as a diversion like this, can be very effective, but you do require a big ss cache (I had 8), some easy targets for heals and a bit of luck. Very few people dare leave the Viks alone (and with good reason at that), so you're almost guaranteed the opponent will go after them. The mobility of the mercenary crew is just great, and makes them hard to pin down unless you can jam them between terrain and/or bodies. (Bishop never actually got to throw a single punch, but he was chain-ganging Taelor and the Ronin and scheming like a boss.)
  8. Already got 2 of those, but sadly they're on 40mm bases, and I don't want to rebase them (cool models though, proxied one for Nekimas totem earlier)
  9. If Kyle didn't want it public, he probably shouldn't have posted it on twitter... I'm 99% sure you're safe from visitors at night because of this😉
  10. Here's to hoping Wyrd makes new sculpts of the pair. I don't really like having duplicate sculpts and I really dislike the old metal ones, but it does seem they might work best as a foursome.
  11. Looks like I'll be needing another pair of Lelu and Lilitu... 😈
  12. Lelu's link with Hayreddins tot summoning is interesting, seeing as he can be affected by it himself. So on his own he can actually hurt himself twice for 2 points of damage from black blood. Might be worth a try atleast.
  13. I usually run with something similar, though I like to put IR on a mature instead of Hayreddin, as diving charge is just awesome to get him where your opponent doesn't want him, also makes him impossible to pin down. I have tried Lilitu instead of a young, but her low df and mv can be troublesome. I guess it depends on what my opponent brings if I really need that lure. Nephilim have little issues getting around the board so I guess lure is best used when you have bubbles you need to disrupt. I struggle finding a place for Lelu though... He does have a thing going with card draw, black blood through selfharm and healing with Lilitu, but I just feel I get more work done taking a young instead.
  14. The Sabretooth Cerberus with the feathered wings mutation are really really good. I've only tried him once with 2 of those and they were ace. Flight, leap and butterfly jump makes them extremely mobile, not to mention that you can have Myranda or Marcus move them as well.
  15. Adding in black blood from the damage he takes on the trigger, yes that's roughly the same as min. 5. Just remember that RI is only on enemy attacks, not when you cut yourself on purpose. I'd be a bit careful using that trigger too much or he'll quickly find himself dead, but taking 1 damage for a potential "death by black blood" could well be worth it.
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