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  1. Getting ready for TOS demo this thursday
  2. Hawkoon

    Marcus NB

    This is a tricky one, and has been discussed regarding other triggers generating charges in other threads before. The rule is that actions generated by triggers cannot declare triggers. In this case the trigger generates a charge action, not an attack action. The attack action itself is generated by the charge action. Taking the wording literally the attack action is not generated by the trigger and is able to declare further triggers. Now if this is intentional remains unclear, and one can ponder whether it's balanced or not, but RAW is RAW.
  3. I belive Wyrd had a prototype on Adepticon, but I didn't go myself so I only have this info second handed.
  4. Marcus is not overperforming as a neverborn master, so I don't really see the point of nerfing him as such. If there is a problem related to how he plays on the arcanists side, wouldn't it be more relevant making the changes on the arcanist side as well?
  5. Both Hinamatsu and widow weaver are interesting as you can get any effigy in the crew and give it effigy of fate. You can make some janky crews for sure, but I'm not sure they'll be able to stand up to a master in a tournament setting. Being fairly well balanced gives many possibilties of making more fun crews though, and I'm all for that. And a second thought, would it really be broken if henchmen were allowed to hire masters?
  6. Hawkoon


    It is indeed another models acrivation, so misery would trigger again.
  7. Doesn't hurt adding "friendly" to the wording, just to avoid this kind of confusion.
  8. So will we be seeing another update this week?
  9. I wouldn't want that either, so might need to add in that nephilim are not affected (like with fears given form).
  10. They can use it once per activation. Getting a 4 on the simple duel isn't that hard, then instead of flipping in the following "opposed-duel-that's-not-a-duel" you just put in the 13. Your opponent then needs to top-deck the RJ or take a straight 3/4/5 damage. That's quite powerful in itself, but as it's not a resisted duel no defensive triggers can be declared either. If fiendish gamble was restricted to duels i think it would be fine.
  11. You have a point there. Maybe bake it in to the main ability in some way, though stunned without requiring trigger would probably be too good. Maybe on damage?
  12. I've said it before, but can't hurt to repeat it. Make hurl corpse a shockwave using a corpse marker within 2". Here's an example of what it could be:
  13. The odds for not getting a weak card from a fresh deck is actually quite low (someone did the math on this earlier). So a single game showing anomalies, should not be sufficient to warrant a change of the rules. I've played with the new rules and i find lucid dream working very well (some argue too well with Stictched together, and I am inclined to agree). If you are worried about losing moderates/severes on Lucid dream you really should start with atleast 1 Stitched together in the crew. The reason I am inclined to agree that fiendish gamble is too powerful is that in my last game I had Stitched together remove 12's and 13's on purpose on their own Lucid dream. In the same activation I used that 12/13 to deal 3/4/5 basicly unresisted bypassing resist triggers. Against models that rely on defensive triggers (in this case the jury) they were incredibly powerful.
  14. I agree. I was thinking more towards how relent is/should be written.
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