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  1. Hawkoon

    Out of Stock models

    I've been waiting for The Queen's Return since October, so I hope this resolves very very soon...
  2. Hawkoon

    Total Testosterone 2018 - Results

    The results are, to be frank, quite disappointing. I hope future contests look at different ways of determining winners. This round looks to me more like a popularity contest than a contest of skill. That said, I would like to praise all the contestants that put down a lot of work in subitting entries. There are some true gems in the lot, that sadly didn't get the attention they deserved. Hope to see your works again for Femme Fatale!
  3. Hawkoon

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    I'm still waiting for my dreamer to arrive, so it's all theory for now on my part. But on paper restless dreams, sleep cycles and tantrum seems to be a good combination for luring out chompy when you want to. Ranged expert from tantrum with toss and turn form restless dreams let's you theoretically summon chompy turn 1. Chompy also get's melee expert from restless dreams, and chain activate from sleep cycles. For the crew I'm not so sure of what to bring. I'm tinking of trying Lilitu for her lure and benefits from being a nightmare.
  4. Hawkoon

    New to Malifaux, playing Tara

    Thanks for the replies. I don't understand most of the rules yet, but the easiest way of learning is to just try a game or two, so I appreciate the help of setting up a crew just to have a starting point. I'll most likely have a ton of questions after the first games, so it's good to have a place to come back to.
  5. Hawkoon

    New to Malifaux, playing Tara

    Hello. A local gamer wants to get people at our local club to start playing Malifaux, so he's generous enough to split up his collection across the club members. I called dibs on his Tara crew, but I don't know enough about the game (yet) to put together a decent crew. So I'm hoping you guys could help me in putting one together. The models I get are: -Tara's herald of Oblivion -Killjoy -Death marshals (3) -Malifaux child -Bishop -Aionus -Crooligans -Anna Lovelace