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  1. I'm only just starting to check out M3E now....Levi no longer has the expanded hiring pool, is that right? Seems like inter-faction hiring / summoning is gone from a lot of models?
  2. CapnBloodbeard


    Yeah, I rarely used Taelor in M2E - I'd only consider her if facing a summoner. I used her so rarely I was considering getting rid of her....but now, I like her, and I think she'll do well in the Viks crew.
  3. I'm glad that Outcasts have more constructs these days. It means that Lazarus can actually interact with constructs rather than having an ability you can probably never use. Given that killing is less of a thing, I'm wondering if those little pushes are going to become more potent in moving models away from schemes/strats....I dunno It's only up to 2" (as opposed to 'pushes 2")- so you don't have to push them. And they haven't taken anything away. So personally I think this makes him more powerful.
  4. Edited the first post with corrections.
  5. That's what happens when I rush a post.....lol. Thanks for pointing that out. i'll fix it tonight
  6. So what do we think about M3E Viks?? I didn't play the closed beta so perhaps I'm missing something.....but I'm wondering about how they fit in. M2E, we know what they were. Glass cannons that all buff each other with lots of craziness, but don't really synergise with any non-sisters. Giving out free melee attacks and so forth. Bonus melee attacks with bonus positive flips and bonus dmg and stuff went away almost as quickly as you would burn through your deck. Now? EDIT: Okay, was quoting the wrong abilities. Rebooting this topic: Some more movement tricks - built-in sisters in spirit, battle tempo looks like it could be pretty powerful too. It's just enough to get them out from a corner and into a charge line. Built-in synchronised is nice - and if they can pair up to get some kills, you get some real activation advantage with existing pass tokens Into the fray....auto heal 2 after a kill. Reasonable replacement of the M2E version When 1 Vik dies, the other gets + to Df and Wp. Pity it's not on attack as well, but it's something. 3/4/6 ml7, so still quite a potent attack, and have to consider that stuff is supposed to die less in M3E. Whirlwind is seriously nerfed, just 1 dmg to other models in 2". In theory you could deal up to 4dmg in an activation (if you accomplice in the other Vik), but in reality you'll be lucky to hit 1 or 2. Has some tactical benefits, but mostly it won't be more than slightly annoying I think. 3 triggers means you're probably either getting a free Ml to another friendly (but only targeting the same model - so highly situational), drawing a card, or the 1dmg. Custom firearm is okay..2/4/5, possible push for a friendly minion Tacticals...both Viks can get shielded, there's the + to all duels if not within 6"....although only for Sh, which kind of sucks. And can push all friendly Viks into base contact and possibly hitting a Melee So, it looks like you really want to keep both Viks close to maximise the attack. They have decent melee still, but you don't have the tactical choices of how to buff them with each other anymore, and they're not stacking attacks on top of attacks. Still squishy. Be interesting to see how their place compares in M3E. They look a lot simpler to play, if nothing else. I suppose with M3E, we need to think thematically - Wyrd want you to bring Taelor, for instance. I didn't like Taelor much in M2E, but I want to field her with the Viks now. Vanessa...I wasn't a fan of her before, less so now. I guess she can do healing better (doesn't take 2AP), but sisters isn't a thing so she doesn't buff anymore. Suprisingly, Arcane Staff is even worse than before. At least both Viks can now take Hard to Kill on the 'hired mercenary' upgrade, although 2SS is pretty expensive, especially as there isn't a lot more of use on that card to Viks. Servant of Dark Powers could be interesting - 6" move first turn, Heal 2 after a kill. So wouldn't that stack with the existing heal? I haven't thought too much about other crew choices of versatile models.... With Viks, previously you needed to ensure your hits killed because they probably wouldn't withstand a counter. Now, it's still less likely to kill on that first hit - but can they withstand a counter? Hmm, I wonder...
  7. Not 'nuff said. Make an argument or this thread is just pointless trolling.
  8. Yes, yes I am. I also made the same mistake when I bought the darn things....bought convict gunslingers instead. The dmg output...2/3/4, potentially 3/4/5 is alright, but still going to have a hard time hitting most things. And you can't make up for that with weight of attacks anymore - especially given that he doesnt' have rapid fire. Might be okay as a scheme runner. No rapid fire on the gunslinger either, though he has some other interesting things...it's a pity he's a bandit, 8SS might be a bit too much, but could be worth trying in some scheme pools
  9. I am a bit annoyed that after years and years they finally made convict gunslingers somewhat usable by dropping them down to 3SS....and now they're worse than ever before because they're back up to 4SS but don't get as many shots. If MC is versatile, then why does it matter that he doesn't have a particular keyword? Unless it's to receive particular keyword buffs...in which case it prob works better that he doesn'
  10. And Viks now have built in movement tricks, negating much of the student's benefit
  11. You're thinking that the simple duel to avoid dmg might be more potent than an opposed duel, generally speaking?
  12. So, Lazarus has gone from being a killer to being pretty terrible, by the looks of it. His shooting attack is now a pretty rubbish shockwave, pretty easy to block. He's lost the one thing that made Lazarus, Lazarus, and instead offers cover to models in 2" That could be a kind of cool feature, but even with that Laz seems a bit rubbish....defence has increased and he has healing. Gets a bonus shot if on low health. Assimilate has always been a bit tricky to use given that Outcasts don't have a lot of constructs, and it's hard fitting Laz in a crew with other constructs. I dunno, feels like he's way overcosted at the moment. Am I wrong?
  13. Any ideas how Zipp will link in with existing Outcast models? Some masters you get something really distinctive by playing them in each of their 2 factions. Misaki, I always felt, was poor as a dual faction master. There was nothing special in playing her as Outcasts - she was fairly unpopular too. It was almost like 'well, you can play her in this faction, only she's half as effective, but you can use Lazarus I guess?' So I wonder, not only what Zipp brings to the Outcasts, but what Outcasts bring to Zipp. I literally know nothing about Zipp
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