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  1. Does anybody know of some pdf files for print-at-home tokens for M3e? I know there were plenty of fan made ones back in the M2E days, anything going around now that would help me avoid having to spend a fair bit of money on tokens? Being in Australia, postage is usually half the cost of the tokens themselves....
  2. He needs to have minions and I think handing out equipment can be okay......but the scout is just terrible in M3E. Just useless. Doesn't have sniper range, is quite squishy - and I feel like a sniper should be better at firing that Sh5. Unless i particularly wanted From the Shadows or ignoring friendly fire for a particular match, I can't see any reason to take him.
  3. Last list I played: Viks vs Lady J Viks x2 Ronin x2 Student of Conflict Midnight Stalker Bishop Desperate Mercenary Big Jake Wedge deployment, Turf War, Hold Up, Breakthrough, Claim Jump, Detonate, Power Ritual. Took Break and Claim I misread the text and though you could use Jake's 2nd appearance for Claim Jump. But he's so low wounds that didn't help anyway. I was worried about Lady J tearing through my crew, so I though Bishop could help control her with Challenge, and Midnight Stalker could help with adversary. Didn't end up using either of those on Lady J because I was able to take care of her in Turn 3. Midnight stalker had the 2nd purpose of being my scheme runner - he did fine at that. Bishop didn't really do anything useful. Desperate Merc was there just to be another body, but it's useless having him in a corner by himself in Turf War - he dies too easy, then I have nobody nearby to flip that marker back. Still, he took out the Scales of Justice - Scales has the ability where damage he cops he deals back. At least with Jake I'm like 'so what? I kill you, I die, I'm back in 2 turns' Student was utterly useless. I think she managed to land fast twice on Big Jake or something.....big whoop. Probably could have taken another desperate merc instead. Ronins did precisely zero, as always. One was supposed to run up along with Bishop but got killed early despite being in cover, oh well. The other lasted a little longer, but didn't really do much. Having said that, they ignore armour and my opponent had a peacekeeper which was his claim jump target - therefore, my Ronin's became a priority. So, I guess they helped a little in that regard. If I want her for fast, would probably be better if there's another big hitter like Taelor. As it stands, the big hitters all had 3AP anyway, so she's stuck giving out fast to the weaker models. Ended up being a draw. My markers in the backline were flipped by models dying and nobody was near enough to flip them back, and it was low scoring overall. Stalker got himself engaged in Turn 5 and couldn't leap out, so I couldn't drop my final Breakthrough scheme markers. I don't really feel like I missed Vanessa too much. Never been a fan of her.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking a gun line probably would have worked better. Or run my Viks around in the corners and do scheming and let my opponent figure out how to split his forces. One of my weaknesses is that I always go to my opponent
  5. I had a hard time dealing with Nekima in M2E, and just got wallopped in M3E I was running -Viks -Schill -Vanessa - Taelor -Ronin -Ronin Opponent took Nekima (inhuman reflexes) Mature nephilim (inhuman reflexes) Lilitu (Ancient Pact) Blackblood Shaman Blackblood Shaman Strat: Cursed Idols Scheme pool: Assassinate, outflank, Power ritual, take Prisoner, Hold up their Forces Flank Deployment I took Assassinate and Outflank, opponent took Outflank and Power Ritual I lost 6-1, only had 2 models on the table after Turn 3, got tabled Turn 5 - making it impossible to score any further on these strats and schemes. I was attacker, had Viks, Vanessa and a Ronin left of centre, Schill, Ronin and Taelor right of middle. First turn I did a fair bit of Concentrate, Schill put 2 equipment upgrades on the Ronin Idea was for the 2 Ronin to head for the corners and the rest of the models to take on the scrum. In hindsight, I probably should have kept both Ronin near Schill to make more use of the equipment. Viks moved up a bit and hid behind a building, Taelor moved up and across, Ronin did the same. My Viks went after Nekima, but due to some poor flipping/poor hands and a bit of bad luck in initiative, They both got torn apart pretty quickly - even after burning 5SS trying to keep them alive. that left Taelor and Vanessa in the middle, with a Ronin running up to the corner where 2 Idols were, and the other running down to the other corner taking on the Terror Tot then getting into position for Power Ritual Taelor took on Mature Nephilim, did some damage but couldn't kill it, and died pretty quickly. Schill was still in the backfield, trying to shoot Nekima but just not getting much damage at all - I never got more than 3 wounds on her, and with her regen.... 2 more Idols dropped in the middle, but only Schill was there. Nekima moved over to one of my Ronin who kicked an Idol with her dying breath, and at this point there was buggar all Schill and my Ronin could do. So.....any thoughts on how I could have played it better? I'm thinking... - Perhaps I needed to keep my models away from my opponent and make his crew come to me. Put my Viks and Vanessa up to the corner with the Idols, and let Schill and 2 x Ronin go down the other corner for Power Ritual - with Schill and another Ronin to head back if nothing was coming. Taelor probably to stick with the Viks knowing they'd be the target. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone after Nekima? However. it just felt like - if I did that, I couldn't stay away from Nekima and her flight, so if I did that, she'd get in the first charge, thus deciding to attack first - My plan with Schill was to have him throw models back at the Viks for them to hit. Clearly, this plan doesn't work if I'm splitting my forces up (I took Schill for fun...really, a midnight stalker and Hans probably would have done better....even Hans, a Ronin and a few more SS). That plan with Schill wasn't really compatible with my scheme pool, I think.... - Schill may have gotten caught too far back. 1st turn activation was concentrate + 2 x equipment...then by the time everybody was engaged he was still 2 moves + charge away, so couldn't hurl enemy models away - Movement tricks of being able to pull models out of combat....they didn't seem to achieve anything; after all, the other model can just charge back at them - black blood was hard to deal with Once I lost too many models, I didn't stand a change in this strat/scheme pool
  6. As well as being able to destroy destructible terrain with equipment
  7. I think that resilience is still one of the strengths of this crew....perhaps even more so. So, I imagine making them very difficult to kill is valid. Do you have any engineers? One interesting thing I find about librarians is that people seem to put a lot of effort into taking them out.
  8. I hadn't missed that - but thanks for pointing it out Ah, missed that though. Well makes that choice easier then EDIT: Welllll.....I got slammed. Played against Nekima. End of Turn 1 my Viks got into engagement, didn't do much. Opponent won initiative, and that was the end of the Viks. Kind of went downhill from there....I just couldn't do anything at all about Nekima beating the absolute snot out of my models. A lot of her crew hits hard. I got tabled Turn 5, lost 6-1 Schill probably wasn't worth it, but he wasn't terrible. The 3AP worried my opponent and he hung around until the end. I didn't get to throw anybody at the viks like I planned, and the Ronins didn't really make much use of the upgrades...mainly because only 1 Ronin was close enough to him, and the only thing that one did was take on a terror tot. Running Hans and...maybe Johan....instead of Schill would have been better, probably. Ronin, I never liked them in M2E but they went alright. Taelor wasn't too bad, caused my opponent some problems but could quite kill anything before dying herself. Black Blood is a real issue to deal with. All the bonus mobility is really nice. Being able to use charge as a basic movement without targeting an enemy model is good for taelor - and it occurred to me it even allows Schill to just leap over terrain just because. Schill in particular, he has total free reign to charge models that are completely out of sight.
  9. Got a game coming up tomorrow....thinking I might try Viks with Schill, Vanessa, midnight stalker and 2 x Ronin. Schill will hand out Rocket launchers, maybe grenade belt to the Ronin. Midnight stalker for the extra AP and he might be a pain to put down. Schill to throw models back to the Viks basically, and letting somebody take a shot. There's probably a way I could optimise that more, but I'm okay for now. I'd LIKE to take servant of dark powers on a Vik, mainly for the terrifying - just for card drain really, but getting up to 46SS doesn't leave me with much.... Similarly, Hans would prob be a good replacement for a ronin....but another 2 SS.
  10. No, just seems to me that Tara has the capacity to be highly mobile.
  11. well, there's Karina's necromancy savant....but surely Tara isn't going to often be within 8" of Karina?
  12. So, what does the brains trust think about the Effigy upgrading to the Emissary? To do so, it needs a 2SS upgrade - and you have to wait until the start of turn 3. This gives you a half-dead Emissary (ie on 6 health). It also means that you're running a 6SS effigy for 2 turns, so you're really wanting him out of harms way because you'd hate for him to have died costing you 6 SS. In 2 turns keeping him out of harms way isn't too much of a problem for most deployments, but basically the only thing he gets to do is a little bit of healing, if needed. So, what do people think about the worth of doing it this way rather than just hiring DonkeyMan to start with? With only 3 Trinket options, does the Emissary do enough anyway?
  13. Yeah, even Hans is only 14". Last time I played my sniper, he literally did nothing for half the game, couldn't even shoot. I seriously question whether he's worth taking now. Also, can't handle Schill not ripping off his shirt. It was just one of the greatest abilities in the game - the idea that in ripping off his shirt Hulk Hogan style, his sheer machismo not only heals him but makes his enemies too terrified to move. Oh well!
  14. has anybody put much effort into the 2points damage for activating with fast near certain models? Seems like this could be abused to give a model a fair bit of damage just for waking up..... Although perhaps it's more situational; the opponent can just avoid activating that model, and in the meantime you're probably better off letting your models wander off and do something more useful.....
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