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  1. CapnBloodbeard

    Thoughts about M3E

    Any ideas how Zipp will link in with existing Outcast models? Some masters you get something really distinctive by playing them in each of their 2 factions. Misaki, I always felt, was poor as a dual faction master. There was nothing special in playing her as Outcasts - she was fairly unpopular too. It was almost like 'well, you can play her in this faction, only she's half as effective, but you can use Lazarus I guess?' So I wonder, not only what Zipp brings to the Outcasts, but what Outcasts bring to Zipp. I literally know nothing about Zipp
  2. CapnBloodbeard

    Thoughts about M3E

    Well thanks for changing the text colour. Personally I don't think there's any point in worrying too much about what's in the blurbs - we won't know much until we see specifics and the rules. I'm a bit irritated that we didn't get a new master - just swapped one dual faction for another. I feel like Outcasts tend to get forgotten a bit. Even the one new master we got in late books (Parker) was a bit pants while other factions got amazing masters. Schill's I think looks interesting and quite thematic. 4" pushes for the entire Viks crew will be hard to handle.
  3. CapnBloodbeard

    Thoughts about M3E

    Why is the text white? I can't read it without highlighting...(and I'm not going to highlight something just so I can read it).
  4. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Funny, because I'm sure Jack was considered one of the best masters at one stage...
  5. CapnBloodbeard

    How the heck do I deal with Brewmaster??

    Tried to with Laz, he had some pushes from somewhere and still got in my face. Stones would have been a good one. Can't remember if I had any stones left.
  6. Sooo.....I played against Brewmaster for the first time yesterday. Now, THAT was educational. Brewie, whisky golem.....can't remember what else. Bewie just shut me down completely. I didn't know he came back, so Vik of Ash was able to knock him off after spending a fair bit of cards (Vik of Blood did flight of the dragons to pull her in too). Killed Brewie, he came back, gave me poison (absolutely nothing I could do), so then had neg flips, reduced WP and had to pass a WP duel every action. So, a full activation I couldn't do a single thing. Just absolutely no chance of even getting past the WP duels, let alone getting past them and then doing something useful. Later in the game I had Laz and Vanessa close together, Brewmaster managed to get over there pretty quickly (apparently he has some pushes?), did the same poison spiel on those 2, so both are engaged, completely unable to do anything and I needed to drop some scheme markers. I got belted 10-2 So......how on earth do I deal with Brewmaster? Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded treasure, undercover entourage, inescapable trap, search the ruins, vendetta (I took search, and vendetta) My crew:- Viktoria of Ashes - Sisters in Fury - Survivalist Viktoria of blood - Soaring Dragon - Mark of Shez'uul Malifaux Child Scion of the Void Vanessa Lazarus Hodgepodge effigy Hans - Scout the Field (my crew list is probably a bit wack.....first time I've played Viks for about a year, and prob my first game in at least 6 months. I thought Scion might compliment the Bury mechanic, though I didn't end up using it at all in 2 games. Hans + Scout for vendetta, Vanessa was doing command construct on Laz, Child likes to hand out with Vanessa and heal her to bounce that onto the others and also to cast Ash's buffs....although he didn't get to do that, because when they were near combat they were already engaged and needed to activate first).
  7. CapnBloodbeard

    Gunline suggestions

    I won't play with fewer than 7 activations, and I try for 8. Being out-activated is always tough.
  8. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    She's only good in a sister crew, unless you're focussing on the construct obey bit. Low damage, easy to take down, heal is 2AP.
  9. CapnBloodbeard

    Gunline suggestions

    I disagree (somewhat). People have been saying that even before the Wave 5 upgrades when he was even worse at charging ahead. vS is great at getting amongst the enemy, don't get me wrong. And especially with getting positive flips for defence against models he's damaged (because of course he has oathkeeper), he can be pretty hard to take down. In fact, if you play him this way, I like to just use his entire first turn giving himself triple oathkeeper. Might want a few extra SS too. BUT, he doesn't HAVE to play this way. He doesn't HAVE to be the beatstick. He can spend his time hunting down the scheme runners. He can, instead, play disruption. Just leap around and throw the opposing models into awkward spots (or break up their synergies). Throw them away from key areas. Heck, you can even throw them back into your own crew. Or, hanging back and being a support master works really, really well too (in fact, it always has). With the WP and H2K-but-not aura, he makes his models more survivable. And that works better if he's distributing oathkeepers around to other models. vS, Lazarus and Librarian, all with positive flips on key opposing models and protected by Schill? Heck yes. And if you do that, you're going to punish anybody who gets into melee range - not to mention be about to outlast a lot of gun battles with the healing around. On of Schill's most underappreciated aspects is his sheer versatility. He can play beatstick, tarpit, hunter, scheme runner, support. He can play deep in enemy terrain, or in the front line along with his other models. Other masters require you to set up their intended playstyle with their upgrades. Schill you can, sure....but with some loadouts (especially using Wave 5), he can switch between any of these playstyles in a heartbeat Not to mention having a few other tricks up his sleeves. Handing out oathkeeper in turn 4/5 to that lonely Friekorpsmenn running to the back corner to drop scheme markers. Heck, while it's VERY situational, don't forget he can even throw his own models around. Now, that's often just exchanging 1 AP for another so it's not something that you'll do a lot of, but it shows he does have a few tricks up his sleeves. Don't pigeon-hole yourself into playing Schill any particular way. Also depends what you want out of the game. Tossing opposing models around, shooting them and repeating is one of the most fun things you can do, but sometimes doing something else is more likely to win. So, might depend if you're playing to win, or if you don't care about the score.
  10. CapnBloodbeard

    Gunline suggestions

    You know, von Schill also works really well hanging back with his crew - he doesn't need to be launching himself upfield and engaging in melee. If he has put oathkeeper on a couple of other models, and he's taking shots then other models are getting positive flips. Also means Schill is keeping is own crew alive, he stays within range of his librarian and steam trunk, and he can still get into melee when the opponents reach you. Schill functions just fine as a master who hangs back and supports his own crew. Depends on the board, schemes and strat if that's a good option or not.
  11. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    They're on most people's best lists! Bishop - 3AP is always amazing. Makes him great in headhunter. A bit slow, average defence, but study opponent can be really great. Cage fighter defensive trigger is handy too. Damage is low at first glance, but a range of triggers and auto-selecting a suit is nice. Can do 4/5/6 damage if you flip a ram. Min 4 is just great, especially when you get to choose to target somebody's weakest stat. Min 4 dmg with 4 attacks - potentially 6 if you're using oathkeeper. He can cause problems, and his defensive trigger can make opponents a little reluctant to hit him. Only 4" walk is his main weakness I think, but at least his CG is 7" Strongarm - low df sure, but most models won't pierce Armor. Defensive buffs usually have some counters. Armor 2 is good - it means there's a fair chance you're only copping 1-2 dmg every time you lose an attack. Even losing on severe dmg, you're only copping 2-3, maybe 4. Augmented jump is amazing, and Friekorps suit really negate some things that other crews are doing. 2/4/6 dmg, triggers, at possibly Ml7 isn't anything to sneeze at (although I think min dmg 3 would suit him more). His shooting is pretty average, although you can buff it to Sh7. But if he's leaping around close to von Schill and has oathkeeper, so getting on models Schill is damaging, then he starts getting hard to defend against. Lazarus is one of my favourite models. Autofire is just amazing. So much better than rapid fire. Again, Armor 2 makes him pretty tough to take down unless you're piercing armor - but yes, if that's the case then he's way too easy to take down, though the heal is good. Not too many models are bypassing armor so it's probably still useful. min 3 dmg is nice, and (0)AP using a construct's ability can be great. Great synergy with Schill too - although it might be a problem if Schill is upfield. Some of the best models in the game around that SS range
  12. CapnBloodbeard

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    von Schill can be played a few ways. Beatstick is the simplest because you can throw models around and get free shots. He can be an area denial master because he can throw opposing models out of position, and he can take a bit of punishment himself. But he also offers some good support for his crew, he can work well just hanging back and shooting at stuff too. He's flexible. Trapper and librarian in his box are handy in most crews. He's a good master for a new player because he isn't overly complex, and even if you screw up and leave him vulnerable he'll probably survive, so he's forgiving of mistakes. Viks are a glass cannon and can be a bit unforgiving for a new players because they do down easily - and it can be a bit confusing as different things occur on the different Viks models depending if they're outside or inside 6", or 2", or have more or fewer cards in your hand. But they're fun. Tara - void wretches in her crew are handy for most crew. I still haven't quite got her figured out, she can hand out fast/slow and the crew can sort of do their own thing, I think. Can bury a model to run them up field and deploy them close to the enemy. Misaki - she's a bit easier than the Viks and hits hard too, although I think she's really a 10 Thunders master as she works better with their models. However with the box set she's fine. She's pretty tough.
  13. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Although vS can work really, really well in this role, depending on the strat/scheme pool and some other things. Stand back, shoot and support the team. I think that's it. They're too general and they do nothing well. Even 5 and 6 SS models are often decent at one thing. Being a little difficult to kill is about the only thing they do, and that's only within 6" of vS - and even then they're not all that difficult. Another difference is that the trapper has an impact on how your opponent moves around the board - FM doesn't. And because you're not moving trapper, you're often focussing him. I do take FM reasonably often though, just one.
  14. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Some people like using him with that upgrade where you can ignore LOS for a Turn 1 sneaky shot on something, like a totem, with focus. Although I'd think that's unlikely to work unless you have a really high card in your hand otherwise it'll just get defeated. I've never tried it myself because I tend to use his 0AP
  15. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    You're making no sense. First your complaint was that VS is crap without upgrades. But you don't hold other masters to that standard - in fact you say that the Viks upgrades are useful and allow new options (yet apparently new options on VS are just a fun gimmick). So now you're okay with upgrades. Make up your mind. As for the Ss - Schill really doesn't need more than 1 SS. Unlike the viks where you want to run them with 7SS (yet they only have a cache of one...you're quiet about that too). Levi also has cache 1. 2-3SS with Schill gives you a good amount of flexibility. Might want some more if you want to use reposition a lot. Now you're complaining about some of his old upgrades are ordinary...well, yeah, so? So don't take them. doesn't make any sense to consider upgrades you wouldn't take in judging a master's competency. Judge the master by what you do take. Out of the upgrades you're criticising, Spoils of War is an 'all Friekorps' one. some people like Paid in Blood but I've never taken it. I still find I have a hard time choosing which 3 upgrades to take with him because there are a number of really good ones. I find Schill now to be one of the most versatile masters - he can be a huge beatstick, a tarpit, a support master, or play the denial game. And he can change between this roles during the game too.