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  1. Called it. Instead of Dual-Faction shenanigans, ES is showcasing dual-keyword shenanigans. Between the Malasaurus Rex and these new Spelleater guys, we’re seeing a pattern begin to emerge as the Explorer’s Society also reinforces other keywords.
  2. Yeah, I think this guy could be either the Umbra's Master or Henchman, if Brocken Spectre is the Totem.
  3. Core Box. Master: Lord Jason Cooper Totem: Hunting Hounds Henchman(?): Model 9 Minions: Runaways Supplementary Box Vatagi Huntsmen - Minions most likely Crypsis Corps - Expensive, Rare (2) Minions most likely MALISAURUS REX Box MALISAURUS REX - Expensive Grootslang-sized Enforcer most likely So, what do we think all these folks are gonna do and be about? The unit I’m most looking forward to is the Crypsis Corps. From their description and some educated guesswork, I’m gonna say they have either/both Stealth and Disguised and will likely be our designated Scheme Runners.
  4. So, I predict our initial release will be: Apex, Umbra, and the fleshing out of Frontier and Wastrel, plus some upgrades. Also, Raptor Riders anyone?
  5. Aaaaaaaah yeeeeeah. Great White Safari Hunter + Jurassic Park = WIN.
  6. I highly doubt the Bayou will cross over with Explorer’s Society. Read Ulix’s story to find out why.
  7. The reason I say Half-Blood is because of the newly introduced character of Gretchen Janus, I won’t spoil any specifics but she’ll likely have the Half-Blood Keyword, I doubt we’re going to see Asylum in ES, it doesn’t really make mich sense. ES’s ties to the Guild are going to be through Basse. So with: Frontier, Wastrel, Apex, Umbra, and Half-Blood, that leaves 3. One of which I think will be some type of Captain Ahab-esque Sea Captain hunting down Meridion and the Gibbering Hordes.
  8. Well if you read the McCabe story in the TT book you’ll find out just what the Society is up to, at least some of them. As well, the poem kind of explains what Umbra-guy did: “Who went into the darkness,And lived where shadows do?“
  9. From Wikipedia: A Brocken spectre (German: Brockengespenst), also called Brocken bow or mountain spectre, is the magnified (and apparently enormous) shadow of an observer cast upon clouds opposite the Sun's direction. The figure's head is often surrounded by the halo-like rings of coloured light forming a glory, which appears opposite the Sun's direction when uniformly-sized water droplets in clouds refract and backscatter sunlight.
  10. Umbra means Shadow, and the poem mentions using light and tech to bind and fight ghosts. Hopefully not too much thematic overlap with Kirai.
  11. Welp, with the revelation of this guy in the new Waldo’s Weekly, it looks like Daeva are in fact Explorer’s Society, hm.
  12. So Daeva are Explorer’s Society after all then...hrmmmmm.
  13. ‘Shadow locked within his tech’. That sounds interesting.
  14. The discussion in Daeva turned more towards Keyword discussion so I thought I'd give that its own thread. My Keyword related thoughts for the Explorer's Society: What I expect to see for our Frontier boys and girls will be some more beasties in both ES and Arcanists. Some 'Hunting Hound'-type things like the Guild Hounds and Canine Remains in ES, with either Frontier/Apex or Apex/Versatile, or just plain Versatile, and some more dual-keyword Chimera/Frontier Beasties in Arcanists. Paul would get some more critters to play with in all of his crews, Arcanist and Neverborn Marcus, as well as Guild and Explorer's Society Basse. Another example I can see Wyrd doing more of is things like the Foundry Keyword. Foundry covers three factions, each with at least three different models. Some of our keywords'll get models in other factions and vice-versa, ES will get factions models of other keywords, likely as secondary keywords. It's stuff like this I expect to see more of. Some secondary keywords I can see joining our illustrious bands of adventurers are: Half-Blood, Academic, Kin, Mercenary.
  15. New thread detailing and discussing keywords to be posted shortly.
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