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  1. Well, when I first introduced myself some 2-3 years ago, I hadn't bought any models yet and hadn't moved to where I am now. I've since found a good steady group,and with 3rd Edition on the Horizon I've committed to Resurrectionists fully where before I was split between Guild/Ressers but frankly, with McMourning coming over fully to Ressers it made the choice easier. My group is starting a grow league next week and I'm using the opportunity to learn a new Master: Kirai, so this should be fun. I've adopted the Headless Horseman avatar because I keep losing my models heads in modeling accidents, one such happy circumstance was when I lost Yan Lo's head and replaced it with the topknotted Ashigaru's head, which I thought rather appropriate, since I'm using Resser Yan Lo, not TT Yan Lo, so a creepy skeletal ghost-man kinda fits. Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate. Vengeance For Nicodem! Death(TM) To the Guild!
  2. It was Nicodem, so with things being shaken up into 3rd Edition, I'll have to wait and see.
  3. I’m currently experimenting around with Circling Buzzards and it’s ability to spam Vultures and place them at key points all around the board, turning into-essentially-flying arc nodes that Nic can cast from, giving him incredible range and board influence if not control, also equipped with the all-important Death’s Whip Aura.
  4. How is the nerf going to affect how you play our dapper Necromancer? I plan on using him more oriented toward buffing and summoning specifically what I need instead of just board-control cannon fodder.
  5. I was thinking of something just like that. Schweeet. McMourning+Exorcists+Judge=WIN.
  6. How's McMourning in a more support-y role vs. Scalpel-wielding Maniac beatstick? Just got my hands on a Dr. Dufrense and going to get an already assembled McMourning box, Orderlies and such from starter set, Death Marshals, DM Recruiters, and a few other odd and ends. Guy going near-pure TT is getting rid of excess Guild. Also, Second game w/Sonnia: ALL THE FIRE. THINGS DIED, WITCHLING STALKERS ROSE FROM THE ASHES. LIFE IS GOOD.
  7. Won't use him and the other dual-faction and scheme-y Guild Masters until I get the hang of our 'basic' ones. Sonnia, Perdita, and Lady J. Lucius, McCabe, McMourning, Nellie, and the Hoff all come with good models though, so I might get their starter packs soonish anyway.
  8. ooooooo, ya know I was running Cherufe's Partin Gift in my game yesterday. Never thought to just shoot my own totem... hehehe, More ideas... Guild Rocks.
  9. Ended up choosing Sonnia, even though I still got my clock cleaned using her, the other guy used the Seamus starter against my Sonnia starter. He however, has been playing for years. Reconnoiter with Schemes like Vendetta, Bodyguard, and kill the Protege - very killy. Gonna do a slow burn (hehe, get it?) with Sonnia, maaaybe pick up a box of Witchling stalkers for summoning in addition to starter box ones and just building the rest of my models I should be good. If anyone has advice for Sonnia specifically, I’d love to hear it.
  10. Not looking for a particularly smash-face just to smash face Master. I like force multipliers and Masters that actively buff and get buffed by their troops. So if Lady J, give her Last Stand. I also like the fact that he Guild’s Forces are very interchangeable, they all work as a unit with plenty of overlap - the best examples of course being the various types of Guild Guard and their accompanying Constructs.
  11. Thanks for the advice! Good to know a couple things I bought have synergy already :) I won't be using all my extras with my starter of course, just some tools for the future. Don't know if I want to go completely Construct. Though my eventual second faction will likely be 10 Thunders, starting with Mei Feng using her constructs so...hrmmm. More to ponder.
  12. lol, he's not in stock at the moment and I've heard he's a bit wonky to start with.
  13. So before I do a test run of some Guild Masters at my FLGS tomorrow I’d like the Bureaucracy’s take on it. The ones I’m looking at are: Lady J, Hoffman, and Sonnia Some models I’ve bought already just to have some extras that I like the look of and how they work: Sue, Exorcists, Sanctioned Spellcasters, Allison Dade, and the Brutal Emissary. Thanks in advance
  14. As much as want to an undead army in something, the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits are just too compelling an idea and style. I'm going with them. Any advice before I start binge-buying?
  15. ...yes? Not sure yet. Ever since I abandoned Warhammer (Sigmarines-ahem 'Stormcast Eternals' were the straw that broke this camel's back) I've been looking for some undead fun but the Dreamer...grrrr. Not sure yet. Gonna do some more research.
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