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  1. My thoughts on Yan Lo purchases. I think you need Manos, Chiaki, and komainu. You do not need Toshiro and the Ashigaru as they don't bring a lot to the crew and play somewhat counter to it's strength
  2. Sorry, but it's models that are enemies of Greed. It doesn't count Greed's allies. Friends/enemies is always calculated based on the model taking the action, not the target.
  3. Whisper is also cool on Seamus because CCK can have Seamus claim his kill and draw a card
  4. Fun little thing you can do. Take Archie (The great scheme runner this crew needs) then have Jack how him turn 1 to attach the upgrade. Archie becomes tormented and can be moved about by Jack and what not, but he had numb skull so he can't gain the staggered Edit: Jack can no longer do this
  5. Played with Seamus recently. He's a lot of fun, probably not the most competitive, but he makes for a very enjoyable game. Sybelle doesn't really seem to be worth her cost, I'd rather take the carrion emmissary at the same cost as he provides good support for the crew and can make markers that Seamus can jump to. The Belle's attack is extra cool as it targets willpower so the target will be on a negative.
  6. What does Tara bring to your Levi crew? Is it just summons?
  7. As far as I'm aware, Big Jake doesn't dodge Vendetta. The new Jake is a different model for all intents and purposes.
  8. The other factions are doing this so I thought it's be cool to do one too. For each keyword, which models are good to take? Which aren't. This is a good discussion to have to help players who are looking to expand their crews or improve their play. I'll start Amalgam The Good: Rusty Alyce: Alyce is an excellent ranged piece. She doesn't require any keyword synergies and is incredibly self sufficient. Ashes and Dust: This model is such an amazing value. Without splitting, he'd probably be worth about 8 stones. Then add in the fact that he splits into two decent models and can even possibly reform into his normal awesome form again and he's a bargain at 9 or 10. Useful if you want a flanker to both run schemes and kill everyone he comes across. Medium: Marlena Webster: A versatile piece, Marlena does a little of everything. The main flaw with Marlena is that Alyce is much better, and only costs 1 more stone. However, Marlena had a couple useful OOK combos. With Jack Daw she can reduce the 1 damage he takes for Undying to 0, making him truly undying. Bandits can force scheme marker drops to trigger extra attacks for Marlena. Scavengers: A useful toolbox, the scavengers have a lot of utility they can bring to a variety of crews. They can card cycle, scheme run, and hand out fast, among other things. 7 stones might be a bit much for them, but they can give you access to tech not found in your keyword. The Bad: Leveticus and Waifs: This is a hefty price tag. If you take Levi, you're going to need his Waifs. You're also going to want servant of dark powers. This comes out to a price tag of 22 stones. At this point, the question is really well aren't you just playing Levi as your leader. Pride would likely be a better choice for the same role. Abominations: These aren't worth 4 stones, let alone 5. They are good as summons, but not much else. Don't hire these. Desolation Engine: Seem to be in a similar boat to the abombs. They're too expensive to hire but are great to have if you pull off the summon. Without Levi in the crew, it's unlikely you'll get enough abombs to summon one of these however.
  9. I don't really look at the % tax of a model. I add the as to their cost and simply look at the new cost and ask myself if I would pay that for that model in that crew and what that would be replacing.
  10. As only masters and totems are dial faction now, I'd actually look for keywords that don't attach to any other known master.
  11. Oh yeah for sure. I'm not overly concerned about it. Best case, I'm wrong and everything's fine. Worst case, I'm right and Henchman Hardcore needs a rework. Either way it's not a big deal and we won't know for sure until it's played some. It just seemed like a weird foot to start on.
  12. Archie can catch me but undergrads can be placed anywhere with 2 of Val, so he can't stop the drops. Also, if Archie is there alone, he could be killed by the crew pretty quickly ( or frankly just stunned to slow him down, then abandoned) Also, if Archie is chasing me, then that's one or two explosives you're not dropping. I don't see anything stopping me from talking the fate upgrade?
  13. For example, if I took valedictorian, 2x undergrads, and a carrion effigy with Fate upgrade against that list, I would be fast enough to avoid everyone except Archie and could simply place my markers deep in your lines. Then if I score a single scheme point, you would have to kill Val to win the game.
  14. Honestly, the more I think about, the more I feel plant explosives was the wrong choice. It's a pretty easy strat to score and requires no interaction with the opponent. This is made easier with less models on the board. I think a common tactic will be to go low points on scheme runners with upgrades and to take an expensive Henchman. Then you can simply drop all bombs for four points, and play cagey to eke out a single point for vendetta or assassinate. I feel like a modified, more centralized, certain of corrupted idols to get the fast paced feel of Henchman hardcore.
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