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  1. Ok so If I'm understanding correctly, A model hit with astronomical insignificance functionally gains Insignificant for all purposes until the Start Phase, with the exception that VS's crew still counts that model as existing while scoring their own strategies. In practice for Corrupted Leylines, Models hit with AS can be placed even while holding a lodestone The Loadstone can be moved off by friendly models to other models, but if a model hit with AS is killed while holding the loadstone, the loadstone will disappear If a model holding a loadstone is hit with AS and is touching a Leyline at the end of the turn, it will not claim the Leyline Is that all correct?
  2. Von Schtook's new card had astronomical Insignificance which reads "Until the Start Phase, the target cannot take the Interact action and is ignored for the opposing player's Strategies and Schemes." It's not clear how this plays out, especially with dinner if the strats. Corrupted Leylines seems the weirdest. Can a model hit with AS be placed? Can it have the loadstone moved off it? If it does, does it pay the loadstone? These are easy to answer when a model is simply insignificant but AS only applies to the opposing player's Strategies and Schemes. Could someone explain how this functions!
  3. He looks willowy at first, but between hard to wound, head in the clouds, lessons learned, and protect me, he's got some staying power
  4. My first shot at making a pursuit. Let me know what you think. I took the idea of the draugr being driven crazy by their deaths to take advantage of the Crazy Condition. A lot of the pursuit resolves around managing your Crazy Condition as if it increases too much, the character will be reduced to a braindead murder-corpse (although I suppose some players wouldn't mind that result). Advanced Pursuit Draugr Requirements: Draugr are self-created undead. Some people simply have the ability to come back as a draugr after death. The only requirement to become a draugr is to die as a Living character. Invested cannot become draugr and Stitched would have already come back as one had they had the potential. Upon undertaking this pursuit, the Fated loses the Living characteristic and gains the Undead Characteristic. Steps 1. Enhanced Size 2. Joined in Death 3. Reduced Size 4. Manic Assault 5. Death Defiant Enhanced Size: Draugr can swell in size, increasing their reach and strength, but making their undead existence quite a bit more apparent. This character can gain the Crazy +1 Condition to take a (0) action to grow to 3 feet above her original height, increasing her girth to match. While in the enlarged form the character gains +1 Ht, +1 damage and range to Close Combat attacks, and Hard to Wound +1. The TN to identify this character as a Stitched is reduced by -4. She can revert to her original height as a (0) action. When she does, she may attempt a TN 15 Centering test to reduce the value of her Crazy Condition by -1. This test is unaffected by the Crazy Condition. Joined in Death: This character is able to intertwine her fate with the fate of an opponent. Gain the following Manifested Power Joined in Death Acting Value: Necromancy + Tenacity | AP 1 | TN 12 | Resist: Wp | Range 6 Effect: The target gains the following Condition until the end of Dramatic Time: "Joined in Death: When this character deals damage to the character that applied this Condition, this character suffers the same amount of damage.” This Condition can only be applied by this character to one other character at a time. If it is applied again, end the condition on the previous target. Special: Increase the AV of this Manifested Power by +1 for this character's Crazy Condition instead of reducing it (to a Max of +3). After Resolving this Manifested Power, gain the Crazy +1 Condition. Reduce Size: This character’s control over her body has increased. She can gain the Crazy +1 Condition to take a (0) action to shrink to 3 feet below her original height, decreasing her girth to match. While in this reduced form, this character reduces its Ht by -1 (Min Ht 1), reduces damage and range of its Close Combat actions by -1 (min range 1//), Ranged Combat Actions targeting this character suffer , and gains a to Stealth tests. The TN to identify this character as a Stitched is reduced by -2. She can revert to her original height as a (0) action. When she does, she may attempt a TN 15 Centering test to reduce the value of her Crazy Condition by -1. This test is unaffected by the Crazy Condition Manic Assault: The stresses of death can be hard on the mind but this character is able to unleash that stress as a violent assault on her foes. She can even reach a level of catharsis from this release. Choose a Close Combat skill. This character gains the following trigger to the chosen skill. Manic Assault: When damaging, this character deals extra damage equal to the value of its Crazy condition (Max +2). If this attack kills a non-peon character, reduce the value of the Crazy Condition of this character by -1. Death Defiant: This character’s will to live is so strong, it seems like nothing can put her down. She is able to claw her way back from death as many times as she needs to. When this character is about to be killed, she may take a Toughness test with a TN equal to 8 + this character’s negative wound value. This character adds the value of her Crazy Condition to her total (Max +5). If this character succeeds, she is not killed and instead is rendered unconscious for 1 hour and gains the Crazy +5 Condition. If she suffered an Amputated Critical effect to her Head or Chest, the specified location is not destroyed but is horribly mangled, anyone who sees the injury will immediately be aware that this character is a stitched. This effect can be removed in the same manner as any other critical effect.
  5. Yeah, so I just looked over the catalan riflemen again, and this exact trick works for them as well, except that they're good without it too. They can for the corps and draw a card and remove then drop a scheme marker, then shoot twice. Better gun, ignores shooting defenses, better triggers and easier access to them, all for 1ss more. I wanted to make desperate mercs useful but if they weren't dead already, catalans killed them
  6. I'm curious if desperate mercs will start to be seen with yannic as they can drop a scheme marker, rapid fire, and draw a card. This will give them two shots and a drawn card each turn, which isn't bad for 4ss
  7. CR7 just got a lot better in outcasts. The brawler gives them the targeted condition removal they were missing, but yannic is great with sloth. Heal all enemies in range, then damage them all 1. Then give all those models within range of sloth a sin token
  8. I often don't take more than a couple stones with Yan Lo. I find that he doesn't need them to stay alive as his crew is filled with defensive tech. He also isn't trigger dependent at all. Manos provides his own stones through Siphon Power, and I never take Toshiro in a Yan Lo crew. There's also a bunch of discarding in the crew so unless I'm taking an OOK henchman who needs them, I'd rather just take a minion or some upgrades.
  9. So I really wish I could remember who originally came up with this idea (If you see this, please take credit. You deserve it). But while on the forum, someone suggested that in order to make taking henchmen as a leader more interesting (even if it still wouldn't make them super viable), each henchman could gain a leader-only ability. This wouldn't affect the henchmen at all when hired with a master, but could make some really cool games with a henchman leader. His example was giving effectively Necromantic Font to Hayreddin to allow him to hire Resser Zombies when taken as a leader to give you a Nephilim/Zombie crew. I've been thinking about this as well and have come up with a few ideas. Mortimer could gain "Learned from the Best: When a corpse marker is dropped within 6, this model may discard a card to summon a mindless zombie in base contact with the dropped marker, then remove the marker." this would allow you to create an unending wave of the undead with cheap, weak minions. Manos the Risen could gain an ability to effectively get immortal soil and unearth to heal 4 and bury when killed and then unbury from a corpse marker when he activates. This would feel a lot more like the 2E Manos who would die and pop back onto the board over and over again. The First Mate, I'm not sure what it should do, but it should definitely be called "I am the Captain Now" Aionus could gain "Time Keeper: When this model activates, a model within 8gains Fast, another model within 8 gains Slow." This could let you get both conditions on enemies easily. Alternatively, he could get a rewind type ability like "After deployment, this model gains 3 time tokens. When a friendly model within 8is killed, this model may spend 1 time token to have the model heal 3 wounds, then bury the model." Anyways, those are just some of my ideas. It would be crazy to have them all updated in one errata, but it may be cool to see a few gain an ability each errata. Let me know what you guys think and if you could give any henchmen a leader only ability or action, what would it be?
  10. Do remember we also have ruthless on an upgrade. With loot their corpses and dismember, it honestly could pay for itself
  11. A big thing will tossing Val in like that. I find that when I do I'm typically piece-trading her. She doesn't tend to last long after going in like that. As stated above, it's also quite a bit of set-up.
  12. So if you want to go with rule of cool you can totally have the Grave Golem fight the Ice Golem, but Ice will almost certainly win that fight. If you are looking for something to kill Ice, the Doc himself actually really excels at it. He pierces armor and has such a high stat vs Df you can often be on a straight flip even without Focus (especially if they decide to forgo the discards and take the Injured) With three moderates or lows+crit strike, he can pretty easily one-round an ice golem.
  13. Yeah, I typically use Academic Broadcast on turn 1 to hit most of my models. Then after that, Schtook plays kinda far from most of the others (he's ranged and not very fast in a melee crew) so there's typically not more than 1 or 2 in range of the ability, so it's often more efficient to just shoot stuff or pass out fast. I do consider using it most turns but I often decide something else is gonna be more useful for me.
  14. Fun trick you can do if you want cards from Following Orders, you can Command Lucius to Command someone else, and get a card or more from it
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