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  1. 2x gravediggers I think is a little better. The gravedigger is a decent model on its own and you can bj one of your dig graves and still be ok
  2. First off, I think the new studied opponent ability is decent. It'll keep them competitive without the clunkyness of the old rule. I thought up an alternative version I'd like to share. I know it's probably too late to do anything like this but I thought it was cool so I figured I'd share. Also who knows, maybe wyrd will have a use for it someday for some other model, either in the Transmortis crew or another one. Here goes. Studied Opponent: While in an opposed duel with an enemy, this model may add any suits in the enemies duel total to its duel total. Basically, this could represent the model watching the opponent and learning from what they do. The models could have special triggers on their attacks that are very strong, but require both you and your opponent to have the correct suits. these triggers would be difficult to get off, but could be assisted by things like Undergraduates to give a required suit to your opponent. Here's a couple ideas for the triggers that could be used with this format Df/Wp (Outsmarted) Immediately after this trigger is resolved, the action fails. (Evisceration) When damaging, damage from this attack is irreducible Just throwing this out there, tell me what you guys think 😁
  3. I like to play Yan Lo into Vendetta. You give a gokudo vendetta and a reliquary, then turn it into an ancestor (Manos or Izamu) then send it off for revenge
  4. As long as the books aren't mandatory and the rules can be got elsewhere, I'm fine with this. I left Warhammer 40K due to the ridiculous price tag associated with trying to just get the rules to the game (it'd be like $100 a year for my factions, plus any extra books for additional rules). It honestly felt like a membership fee to be able to play the game I had already dropped thousands into in models.
  5. Haha, yeah I realized after I posted, I should have put this in Ressers, even though chiaki is TT
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to share a cool little trick I found while playing Chiaki. Give her the Whisper! It feels bad to spend 2ss on it when you only truly get one ability (let's be honest, Chiaki isn't killing anything, so you're not getting research specimens) but she get's soooo much use out of intuition. It helps you mine for masks for split the soul (which needs to also be on Yan Lo btw ), hit her TN on beckoning call, and if you setup her turn properly you get to pick what you draw with nefarious pact. Try it out
  7. As far as I'm aware, if it doesn't explicitly forbid actions, they can be taken as they're still actions.
  8. I approve of this. It'd very much fit his theme. Or he could get something like Unclean Influence, but for mindless zombies
  9. Yeah, I really like this idea. I've felt like the Transmortis crew needed more card draw. Most of their draw is unreliable, often needing a specific suit or corpse/scrap or both. Albus needs to hit two moderate TNs each turn and Undergrads want to be teleporting to really take advantage of their abilities. This is a good solution and it feels thematic. I wouldn't go the damage increase route, as Transmortis damage is already pretty great.
  10. Yeah, I don't feel like we should have to bribe Henchmen with OP masters to get them to organize events. From what I've been hearing, Reva is in a decent spot right now, with little tweaks occurring. Pretty much all masters have been toned down. Reva was one that definitely needed it from M2E so I don't expect her M3E version to look anything like what she used to. If Reva's fine then she's fine and if the locals don't like her playstyle, they can play something else. If not, they'll stop playing. It's pretty normal for there to be some turnover during edition changes as some people are very attached to how things used to be.
  11. There are a number of actions that either copy an action or allow a model to take an action with the caveat that it cannot "list a model by name or attach an upgrade." A similar wording was used in M2E and I still have the same question about it that I used to have. Are triggers included in that? Does an action having a trigger that summons cause the action to be immune to these abilities? Can the model take the action but not declare the trigger? It seems like you just can't take the action but then that feels weird, especially with models like the Desolation Engine having an amazing attack that would be great to copy but has a possible trigger that summons.
  12. 50ss Flank Deployment, Turf War, Detonate Charges, Outflank, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner Resser: Outflank, Power Ritual Yan Lo Soul Porter Manos Izamu Chiaki 2x Komainu Gokudo 6ss Arcanists: Detonate Charges, Deliver a Message Collette 2x Doves Dove w/ magical training Cassandra Carlos The Captain Coyphee Duet 10ss Deployment I deploy in SW corner with Izamu, Chiaki, the Gokudo, and a Komainu in the east edge and Soul Porter, Manos and a Komainu on the north edge. Yan Lo in the center My opponent deployed in the NE corner with his models in the center of his deployment zone Turn 1: Models moved up, I didn't get the suit for Chiaki's Split the Soul Trigger so she couldn't hand out a reliquary. Yan Lo joins the northern group after dropping a scheme marker. I grab SW marker, he grabs NE and center marker. After all the moving, Collette swaps Izamu and the Captain, puttin both Izamu and Chiaki in a bad spot. Turn 2: Izamu fails a couple swings at the Duet. Duet does its trick and kills Izamu, Chiaki grabs the reliquary. Chiaki pushes away the Captain who throws shockwaves at her and the Gokudo. North group moves up. Komainu drops scheme marker in SE corner. Manos rushes to NW corner. I score 1 for strat, 1 for outflank, 1 for power ritual. Opponent scores 1 for strat Turn 3: Komainu rushes to Chiaki to protect her with Take the Hit. Carlos charges Yan Lo, hits once, and Yan Lo stones away damage. Duet punches Komainu for 2 damage after armor. Manos places a scheme marker in the NW corner and leaps to the Turf marker. Yan Lo attaches blood and tears Carlos apart. Cassandra places two scheme marker next to NW Komainu. Collette grabs the SE marker. The Captain fails to cause damage with his shockwaves. Opponent scores 1 for Detonate Charges and 1 for strat Turn 4: Cassandra delivers a message to Yan Lo. Tan Lo claims NW marker and runs away. Manos gets to NE marker by charging a dove, then leaping. He flips marker to friendly. Duet knocks Komainu down to 1, then Dove finishes it off. Chiaki shoves half the duet away, to prevent them from reassembling. second coryphee kills Chiaki. Collette kills Gokudo and buries herself. I now have no models in the SE corner. Captain hoofs it to NW corner. I score 1 for strat. Turn 5: Cassandra drops a scheme marker and flips NW marker to neutral. Manos flips BJ on leap and fails to place a marker in NE corner of the board. The Captain tries to place a second marker for Detonate charges but can't place properly with the other one so close. Collette unburies near Yan Lo and coryphee and places a scheme marker. Yan Lo is last to go and places next to coryphee, pushing it away, then runs off. I score 1 for Power Ritual In terms of models. I felt like the Duet trick was really strong. It is the only 12ss model though, so it may very well be balanced, but boy did she do a lot of work. I also wish Split the Soul was also on Yan Lo. I didn't get any useful masks on turn 1 so I just didn't get to use that ability and later in the game I needed purity more.
  13. It could also mean that any of its base is unsupported just like a model is in an aura if any of its base is. At the very least, the wording is confusing as one other person on this thread said that the phrase means that the whole base has to be supported. I think this segment should be worded (depending on what the intent is) as "If a model's base is ever fully unsupported by the terrain or table." or "If a model is ever without a part of its base supported by the terrain or table." It'd also be a good idea to add a callout box to the segment showing what happens when Rasputina is pushed 1" instead of 2" as then her base would be partially supported.
  14. The Hanged: In the change log, it says that noose was reworked. Was it reworked into Dead Man's Collar? Or was that a mistake?
  15. Punish the Wicked's Condemned ability no longer has any game effects as it is now a cursed upgrade naturally.
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