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  1. Deathinabox

    Manos Shenanigans

    Manos is really weird. His revival ability is unlike any other model in the game. Most reviving models fall into one of two categories: Burying and Replacing. Burying models will bury upon death and heal themselves. Then they unbury when certain conditions are met. (Bete Noire, Bad Juju, Leveticus). Replacing models are summoned when they die as a copy (Serena Bowman, Brewmaster). Manos is unusual, because he dies like a Replacing model but returns to play like a Burying model, it causes some weird rules interactions. Here's the one's I've found so far. Zombie Machine: With My Little Helper, Manos will drop a mindless zombie every time he dies, this allows Manos to get even more mileage out of this already great upgrade. Dupli-Manos: This one is really wierd. When Manos dies with Chi he is still considered a killed model. Killed models are not in play. Yan Lo uses Reliquary to summon Manos from a corpse marker. Rare 1 checks for other Manos'. Since there are none at that time, Manos is summoned from the action. Then at the end of the turn, the original Manos is placed on the board. Rarity only checks during hiring or when summoning, so it is not checked again. You end up with two Manos', the original one, and the summoned one. What other weird Manos situations have you found?
  2. I think you meant to say Cwestions. I'd go with option B. Your crew lacks any way to deal damage without it before you build up some blight. I'd also suggest swapping out greed for something else. At ten points I don't think you're gonna be getting value for her.
  3. Deathinabox

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Hinamatsu is likely gonna be part of the qi and gong
  4. Deathinabox

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    I assumed this was probably referring to which stand alone master is hardest to kill, as opposed to which combination of models makes the most unkillable master. If that's the case, I would say Seamus with mad haberdashery, sinister reputation, and DYKWIA. He's a master with 12 wounds, impossible to wound, HtK, Terrifying (12+), and heals when enemies fail horror duels. He also can ignore a single hit entirely. He can tank an absurd amount of models.
  5. Deathinabox

    Manos Crews and Uses

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried out Manos yet. How was it? What crews did you use him in? What kind of stuff did he do? I haven't used him yet, but I think he'll be really good in a Molly crew. Molly spawns large numbers of expendable troops so he'll quickly gain chi. Those troops also drop corpses that no one else uses so he can come back easily. I can't decide if he's a beater or a scheme runner. What do you guys think?
  6. Deathinabox

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Looks like "destructable" is now a terrain type. I'm pretty excited about that
  7. Deathinabox

    Some Thoughts On ME3

    New Master I'm Most Excited For (Including New Dual Factions): Definitely Von Schtook. I've been wanting him to be a master since I first heard of him I'm really excited to see how his mechanics work in game. Lost Master I'm Most Disappointed In (Including Masters Who Lost Dual Faction): None actually, I'm happy they're opening up some design space for new masters and playstyles. Master That Should Have Been: I think some kind of Guild master focusing on the soulstone trade would be really cool. Some kind of merchant. It's the main function of the Guild but we don't really see anything in game about it. Existing Master Change I'm Most Excited In: Zipp becoming an outcast is pretty exciting to me. He's the only Bayou master I had any interest in so I may actually get him now.
  8. Deathinabox

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    Haha fair enough, I know the feeling.
  9. Deathinabox

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    In my post I talk about models losing keywords. I said I wouldn't be surprised if Yin lost the horror characteristic as well as the Students and Kentaroi. I certainly don't believe they all will stay the same. I think there will be some model sharing going on but there's definitely some models with keywords that don't make sense thematically.
  10. Deathinabox

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    I really liked the thread by @Da Git for the Ten Thunders so I thought I do the same for our local necromancers. Here's a list of the current keywords and my thoughts on where they're going Belle Maybe this name will change to also include Seamus and the Copycat Killer and exclude Molly Seamus and Copycat Killer H Madam Sybelle M Mourners M Rotten Belles M Dead Doxies Seamus will definitely need some more variety for his lists. I'm hoping they include his ability to hire living Showgirls as undead in the new edition but he will certainly need a bit more access to dedicated beater models as the crew is a little pillow-fisted at the moment. Ancestors Yan Lo & Soul Porter H - Toshiro H - Manos E - Izamu E - Yin E - Chiaki Retainers E - Sun Quiang (10T) M - Ashigaru M - Komainu (10T) M - Goryo M - Onryo There's a good selection of models here. Yan Lo has access to beaters and support pieces. The only thing that could really be added is a dedicated scheme runner IMO. Spirit once again, fully expect this keyword to change to not include a ridiculous number of models from other factions. I'm guessing it'll turn into something like Ghost. Here's what I think will be in there Kirai + Lost Love H Datsu Ba E Jaakuna Ubume E Ikiryo E Lampad M Gaki M Goryo M The Hanged M The Drowned M Night Terror M Onryo M Shikome P Graveyard Spirit? There's a lot of wiggle room in this one but I think she's got a good selection of models and should do fine without adding anything more, although Bone Piles could be added to the list as they're very ghost-like in the fluff Horror Molly + Necrotic Machine H Philip and the Nanny H Archie H The Valedictorian E Rogue Necromancy E Sloth E Yin E Killjoy (Outcasts) M Crooligan M Draugr M The Drowned M Guild Autopsy M Kentauroi M Punk Zombie M Students Molly has a really nice selection of models to choose from, especially if she retains the ability to take Belles. I'm guessing she may lose access to a few models such as Kentauroi, Students, Yin, and the Valedictorian. Revenant Reva + Corpse Candle H Vincent St Clair M Shieldbearer M Draugr This will definitely need to be expanded. I think we may see Lampads and Bone Piles added to this list and they fit the fiery aesthetic of the list. McMourning currently has no keyword attached to him. I'm guessing he'll get something akin to Laboratory, or Test Subjects. My best guess as to what will be included is McMourning + Zombie Chuahua H Sebasian E Rafkin E Rogue Necromancy M Canine Remains M Flesh Consruct M Guild Autopsies M Nurses M Kentauroi M Little Gassers Besides these I think we could also have him as a home for rig i who aren't themed with anyone at the moment. It's also possible he will be able to bring in the Guild models from the starter set for the Doctor theme. Tormented Jack + Ligeia H Montressor (Outcasts) E Wrath (Neverborn) E Envy (Arcanists) E Gluttony (Bayou) E Greed (Guild) E Jaakuna Ubume E Lust (10T) E Papa Loco (Guild) E Serena Bowman (Neverborn) E Sloth E Pride (Outcasts) M Crooked Man M Guilty (Outcasts) M The Drowned M The Hanged M Nurses M Dead Outlaw (Outcasts) Quite a selection of models to pick from. I expect that Jack will be bringing his box models over to Ressurs in the switch. I honestly don't expect much to change here as his selections are fairly well rounded. Academics It's possible that Von Schtook will be Academic focused, although I expect that he will actually be gaining a new keyword such as Transmortis to differentiate himself from Sandeep. Albus + Totem H Amina Naidu (Arcanists) H Kudra (Arcanists H The Valedictorian E Freikorps Librarian (Outcasts) E Oxfordian Mages (Arcanists) E Shastar Vidiya Guard (Arcanists) M Sanctioned Spellcasters (Guild) M Students I think Von Schtook won't have these out of faction models. Instead we'll likely see a slew of new models for our newest necromancer. Well what do you guys think? Anything you think will be different? Let me know
  11. Deathinabox

    Banditry and Infamy

    The only Gremlin who ever interested me was Zipp, but I was never gonna buy into the faction just for him. As an outcast however...
  12. Deathinabox


    If you have the TTB box (either one) it'd be pretty easy to slap together a couple models with the extra brilliance bits that come in the Lynch box.
  13. Luckily, with being able to hire multiple masters in M3E, you can probably still run them together.
  14. Deathinabox

    Pushing out of Hazardous Terrain

    "Terrain that is considered hazardous deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it." Pushing out of terrain does not trigger a damage flip as you're not entering it.
  15. This was a situation that almost came up in my most recent game. I have a model on hazardous terrain with one wound left. Hazardous terrain damage occurs when a model activates or enters hazardous terrain. Assuming the model is tormented and withing 6" of Jack Daw with the Writhing Torment upgrade (This model may push Tormented models up to 3" in any direction when they activate within 6) and that push could move it out of hazardous terrain, how is this resolved. I could see three solutions 1. The model activates, immediately triggering a hazardous terrain flip 2. I get to choose to take the push first, I push out of the terrain, then I don't need to take the flip 3. I get to choose to take the push first, I push out of the terrain, then I am still required to take the hazardous terrain flip. (relevant as I can change the location where the model dies) Could you let me know which one is correct, and why it is correct? Thank you