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  1. Deathinabox

    Pushing out of Hazardous Terrain

    "Terrain that is considered hazardous deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it." Pushing out of terrain does not trigger a damage flip as you're not entering it.
  2. This was a situation that almost came up in my most recent game. I have a model on hazardous terrain with one wound left. Hazardous terrain damage occurs when a model activates or enters hazardous terrain. Assuming the model is tormented and withing 6" of Jack Daw with the Writhing Torment upgrade (This model may push Tormented models up to 3" in any direction when they activate within 6) and that push could move it out of hazardous terrain, how is this resolved. I could see three solutions 1. The model activates, immediately triggering a hazardous terrain flip 2. I get to choose to take the push first, I push out of the terrain, then I don't need to take the flip 3. I get to choose to take the push first, I push out of the terrain, then I am still required to take the hazardous terrain flip. (relevant as I can change the location where the model dies) Could you let me know which one is correct, and why it is correct? Thank you
  3. Deathinabox

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Yeah I'd definitely agree that Hayreddin can be risky, but with some good positioning, you can summon a model within 6 of Nico and 3 of Hayreddin. Blast off of it with healing and then chain activate the summon to charge it out of the Hayreddin bubble. It'll certainly take some practice to pull it off regularly but it could certainly work
  4. Deathinabox

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Besides his summons, there's a lot of really good models to get the blasts off of 2: Mindless Zombies 4: Izamu, Killjoy, 5: Yin One model that I think is gonna see a lot more play in a Nico crew is Hayreddin who can give to damage, making those blasts much easier. Between him and Nico's to defense flips, I don't think there will be much problem in healing your own models.
  5. Hey, potential Jack Daw player here. I was wondering if I could get some clarification on the interactions with the new Growing Injustice upgrade. It seems like due to wordings, the upgrades are kinda clunky. Here's the problems 1. Sin Eater allows Daw to pull his upgrades off nearby models, but only if he started the game with them. So the new upgrade can't be pulled off? 2. Remember Injustice has the same restrictions. 3. The cursed upgrades themselves specify that if the model with them gets killed, they go back to the model that purchased them. As Daw didn't technically purchase them he wouldn't be able to reattach them from this ability. Basically it seems like any new upgrades you gain from Growing Injustice can't be put back on Daw once they're used and just kinda need to be turned into Guilty to regain the upgrade. Is this an accurate reading of the card? or am I misunderstanding something?
  6. Deathinabox

    To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

    I printed them... Seems fine to me
  7. Deathinabox

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    Levi can be played pure outcast for sure. I have a special spot in my heart for the midnight stalker. A gentleman serial killer, he requires some getting used to but it's certainly worth the effort. Primarily used as a scheme runner, he can also pack an incredible punch against a group of models. There's a lot of tricks you can learn with this guy.
  8. Deathinabox

    Summoning as Kirai or resurrectionist

    Titania actually chews up summoners. Royal indignation makes her basically immune to minions and is decent if you don't know what to expect. Pact with the grave spirit is super mean against summoners though. Get in that 3" bubble and prevent soulstone use and you've just made summoning really hard.
  9. Deathinabox

    Faction action.

    I guess to focus in on your question, are you looking for masters that summon undead because all the masters are technically necromamcers
  10. Deathinabox

    Faction action.

    You're gonna want to look at the Ressurectionists. They've got a variety of undead motif's including Dr Frankenstein, standard zombie lord, ghosts, and much more. The Outcasts also have a couple necromancy crews (Jack Daw and his tormented souls and Leveticus' undead abominations). What kind of aesthetics/play-style are you looking for?
  11. Deathinabox

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Here's my ideas for this errata Buffs: Bete Noir: She seriously needs some love. Her main issue is being super dependent on what the enemy takes. I'd remove the living/undead caveats on her actions and abilities so if you go up against Collodi, Tara, Dreamer, or anything else that doesn't use living models , she's not severely hampered from the start. I'd also give her an ability like Cloaked in the Void: This model cannot be dealt damage while buried. As another issue with Bete is that Void Wretches, Aionus, Death Marshal Recruiters, and Lady J can all just insta-kill her if they happen to be taken. Draugr: This model seems very confused. It's a weird one and it's not working out how it is now. I'm suggesting a pretty significant overhaul. Change Mutable Form to: After succesfully resolving an action, this model may choose to change its Ht stat to 1, 2, or 3 until the end of the game. Change Bulk: While this model is Ht 3, it has Hard to Wound +1 and -1 Df. While this model is Ht 1, it has Fragile +1 and +1 Df. Give it Instinctual. Basically, instead of picking 1/3 of your abilities to benefit from each turn, you can cycle through them so long as you keep succeeding. There's definitely 8ss worth of abilities on that card but you're locked out of most of them each turn. Cuddles: Undertaker: Only allow it to activate when undead are killed, not sacrificed. It's silly that Nico can gain resources from doing something he already wants to do. Kentauroi: Change Zombie Steed to once per turn. Make it unsummonable somehow. Either through making it an enforcer, or giving it an ability that says it can't be summoned. Asura: Change zombie summoning to a (0) C6c, TN 9cc. Summon a mindless zombie in base contact with a Quarantine Marker. This model does not need LoS to the summoned model. This specifically hurts Nico as he's gonna want that crow or ss for his own summoning, but still usable as it can sometimes be necesary. Also allows QZ markers to stick around which I think are a really cool aspect of her design. Make Residents of Rottenburg an 8" ability so she's in at least a little danger.
  12. Deathinabox

    Guild Summoning

    McCabe summons Dismounted McCabe, technically speaking. A Domador can bring an abomination which can summon other abominations, or guild autopsies which can summon mindless zombies. Gupps can summon silurids. Hoffman can port in Steam Arachnids which summon Swarms. Basically most of the guild summons are actually ported in.
  13. Deathinabox

    Returning lucius buys

    Haha my bad, totally spaced on that. Anyways, Rugarou or Illuminated are great as minion beater models to give issue command to. Autumn Knights (I prefer Thorn with him as she's fairly self-sufficient and give me cards (which Lucius loves to have) but push-pounce combo with the Tooth is also really good.) Changelings are really good. Mr Tannen has a lot of utility. I really like corrupted hounds as there's a lot of little tricks you can run with them. I've heard he also likes Stitched Together.
  14. Deathinabox

    Returning lucius buys

    Which version are you planning on playing, Guild or Neverborn Lucius?