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  1. Resonance: Need to change Focus +1 to Focus as it no longer has a value
  2. Oops just saw this. That's certainly easier. Still has the thematic and stacking problems I mentioned above however as you can potentially reduce a model to really low Df and Wp and you can't really do anything to stop it. Much easier to test though so we'll see what the data says.
  3. I've been thinking about it some more. The new injured is really confusing. This mainly comes from it not being apparent if the damage is one instance of damage, or two and it's not readily apparent who is causing the damage and what order the damage is being inflicted in. I have so many questions For example: How many points of damage can Marlena reduce from a model hit with 2 damage and 1 irreducible (1 or 2) How many times does black blood trigger when hit with 2 damage and 1 irreducible (1 or 2) If a model has hard to kill with 3 wounds left and takes 2 damage and 1 irreducible, does it die? If a scavenger pushes a model with 2 wounds into a pit trap, Does the scavenger get the kill? By tying the damage to the end phase, instead of to an action. It becomes really apparent what is happening and who killed who. So then the answers would be: 2, 1, yes, no
  4. I mean it's the same number of steps as the new injured is, Injured +X: This model suffers -X to its duel totals during enemy Activations (to a maximum of -2). If a model with Injured +2 or greater would gain Injured, it instead suffers irreducible damage equal to the value of the gained Condition. End this Condition at the end of this model’s Activation. I can tell by reading the actual condition I mislabeled some things, it should read "Injured +X: This model reduces the stat of their actions by -1 (to a maximum of -2). During the End Phase, this model suffers 1 irreducible damage, then it lowers the value of this condition by 2". I'd even say mine is simpler because it doesn't have to specify enemy activation and the damage is similar to burning and poison so you have a reference. As it currently stands, when Seamus hits someone with Injured +2 with his bag o' tools, it deals 2/3/5 damage +1 irreducible damage and those two pieces are actually two seperate instances of damage. Example: I could see this happening a lot with new players Player 1: *flips a 2. "You take 3 damage. One is irreducible. Player 2: "It's irreducible?" P1: "No just one point is" P2: "Can I soulstone?" P1: "Yes" P2: *Gets an 11 "I block all three" P1: "No you only block 2 because 1 is irreducible and and it's technically also a separate set of damage" Not to mention that technically as written, if you are at Injured +1 and take +2 injured from one hit, I don't believe you actually take any damage as you weren't at injured +2 when you gained the condition. Basically, I think my system may be slightly more confusing than some other conditions but is much simpler than the current system.
  5. So with the possible changes to injured, I wanted to offer an alternative that I feel would tone it down, without removing the concept of what injured is. Basically, I think one of the biggest problems with injured is that it is so easy to stack. Take Seamus for example. He can swing his bag o' tools up to four times in a turn. Let's say he's attacking someone with Def 5 (pretty standard). To avoid the hit, the defender has to flip/cheat two higher than Seamus, no small feat. Seamus hits and the defender gets injured +1. Now the defender needs to flip/cheat 3 higher. Then 4 higher. Now with the new version, Seamus hits if he's down by 3 and just does an extra point of damage. It's really easy to hit and just makes you hit harder. The new injured feels weird because it implies that when you're getting cut up, people will simply take the hits and give back just as hard. From what I've seen of fights, it's actually the opposite. People who are getting whalloped on will instead focus on defense, trying to minimize the damage and don't hit the other person nearly as much. My suggestion for the new injured would look something like this, "Injured +1: A model with Injured reduces the stat of their actions by +1 (to a maximum of +2). At the end of the turn, reduce a model's injured by 2 and the model takes 1 irreducible damage." This system would be a defensive debuff (one which helps your models survive) as the opposite of distracted which is usually an offensive debuff. Basically, if you want to kill a model, distract it. If you want to stop a model from killing you, injure it. It would still have damage per turn, but it would be significantly lower than burning or poison (which is how it should be) and wouldn't just be a straight buff to damage for all models that put out injured.
  6. I don't really get this, being able to take any action (ignoring italic in the correct situation) seems like it's the most versatile bonus action you could get. You need to escape? Take back alley. You need to kill something? Take an extra attack. You need to scheme? Take an interact action. Really, there are plenty of other masters who have situations where their bonus action is not useful (Mama Z might not want to reset the hands, if Molly is out of cards she can't discard for her ability, Albus could be only near students who already have the upgrade) but there's no situation I can think of where Seamus wouldn't want an extra action.
  7. This is usually the case, but there are several boxes that break that mold. (Kirai, Yan Lo, Tara used to be one. That's just in Ressers) So it wouldn't be that out of the ordinary Also typically correct, but there are exceptions as well (Rats need the Hamelin and Brotherhood box, Canine Remains get three from their box and one from McMourning, Seishin are split between Kirai and Datsu Ba)
  8. I'm hoping for Von Schtook, 2x Students of Steel, 2x Students of Sinew, 1x Student of Viscera, and Research Assistant. I think Undergrads could be in their own box. Then you don't step on the toes of everyone who bought the University box and honestly, it'd be a decent stand alone box as well.
  9. I like this, definitely worth testing. My issue with Archie's current Fading ability is that with Hard to Wound, it was unlikely that the opponent could cheat against him anyways. You would need to Focus and beat his flip by six to get an unmodified flip.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks that the Drowned being Urami is really weird thematically? Basically if you look at a Kirai crew, they're all have a strong Asian ascetic (with the exception of Kitchner but that makes a lot of sense in the fluff). The Ressers have two pretty distinct styles of ghosts: Asian-themed and European-themed. Drowned are barely ghosts (there's a bit in the fluff mentioning that the corpses are possessed by the souls of the Drowned but they're basically zombies). and yet they're placed in the Asian spiritualist crew. Personally, I think the Drowned should go the way of their friends the Hanged and lose the Urami keyword. What do you guys think about that?
  11. I think this is one of those situations where we could later on get an alternate master card. For instance, we could get a version called Molly and Philip based on when Molly was in Seamus' crew and carried Philip around everywhere. She could have the Redchapel keyword and function more like her M1E or M2E version. If you take basically all of Seamus' models and let Molly take them, then why play Seamus? I'm totally behind this as well, so long as it's a new model and not just slapping Forgotten onto the Rotten Belles.
  12. Hey, Archie was not listed in the Forgotten Keyword for Molly. Thanks for doing this, it's awesome!
  13. Deathinabox


    I really like this idea. It feels a lot like the old summon mechanic Jack Daw had in M2E and is much more fluffy than the current version. Also, as it gives an upgrade there's some crew synergy as well.
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