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  1. I don't see the problems everyone else is seeing with Reva. After the changes, she's moved into one of my top tier masters pretty solidly to the point where she is always in consideration to get picked. I've won the last 11 out of 12 games with her. My loss was because I was completely taken off guard by Mah Tucket and lost Reva too early. Vincent - This guy is solid overall, his ability to create pyre markers isn't the best ability but can be a niche use of an action thats needed if your opponent has a way of actively denying pyre markers. I use him interchangeably with Anna depending on the need of the game. Anna can blow up corpse candles while letting them get free movement and gives card draw. Still, he's not the worst henchman and has some thematic uses and is an amazing anti summoner tech piece. Corpse Candles - don't need extra movement, mv 4 isn't great but they are fine. T1, they can push each other an extra 3 inches and they shouldn't be on the board too long. I eat my own corpse candles for focus or reva healing or for double pyre marker placement and then resummon them. Lampads - These are better now that they have a purpose. They are essentially burning batteries for Reva. They don't take damage from burning and can stack it up really easily with all of their abilities so she will always have her + flips which is critical for her Df 5. Also, losing the requirement to pitch a card for the corpse candle summoning makes these guys more viable. Making them incorporeal is an awful idea because then they can't be affected by the pyre markers to pick up the burning. If anything, they should have a way to use the burning like Drauger do. Drauger - These guys are my main complaint, I just don't see a need for them. They are extremely squishy and don't hold up long enough for me. Shieldbearers - MVPs by far. Run two of these and you'll never be sorry. They provide movement/counter movement shenanigans, they are hard to put down, they can gain shielded to allow reva to attack through them, they can defend your important models with take the hit and their attack can be surprisingly gross. Wanyudo - If you aren't running him in your games, you're missing out. His Movement gives the crew a quick scheme runner or counter scheme runner. Mourners - Haven't found a real use for them and don't think I will. More Red Chapel than anything else. Asura Roten - Amazing in the correct pools but just don't rely on her to score all your points. Once your opponent recognizes her value, she'll die quick.
  2. I'll be right there with you fumbling my way along through these schemes.
  3. Yeah, sorry GraveDigger for Dig Their Graves. Honestly, I think he is critical but you can probably get by. Once I started adding him to my play, it really opened up my games and you could feel a difference. You can probably swap him out for a drauger and still have a mobility trick or two and have another way to abuse the incidental burning. Don't use lampads, they are a trap. Yes, if you are having problems with it, you may need more scatter terrain in your games 🙂. Boxes, mini walls, individual trees, ect but that is one meta's opinion.
  4. Reva list would be what I ran in LVO but obviously would be subject to change based on match up/opponent/counter tech. The below is a solid outline of a list I like to bring and then I'll swap around a model or two depending on the needs of the matchup. REva 2x Corpse Vincent Dig their Graves Grave Spirit 2x Shieldbearers with GST Wanyudo 2x Bombs on Reva 1 Bomb on Wanyudo 1 bomb on each shieldbearer or maybe put 1 on vincent depending on opponents crew. Reva is difficult to play and difficult to juggle all of her abilities and options out. She has so many different tools that it's easy to choose the wrong one for the situation which can cost you the game. Reva plays Plant extremely defensively by bringing hard to bring down models, models which can't be held down by engagement ranges (the common defense), offensive pushes and crazy amounts of movement/mobility. Shieldbearers are the ultra defensive model, (armor, HtK, regen 2, terrifying 11, heals on their attack) they can charge, push the model 2 inches away with shield bash (6 v df) and then pick up the bomb and gain shielded 1. Then good luck getting it back with a reasonable amount of AP/resources. If your opponent is going for Harness the ley line, they can sit on the middle line and defend against it. Reva also has knock aside on a trigger for 4 inches so she can easily move models off of bombs or out of engagement to where she can drop bombs. Top that off with how fast she is (Mv 7/unimpeded) with the ability to attack at range after a charge... she can be super AP efficient and dangerous. I've had her , drop a bomb, charge and smack a dude off their protected bomb 6 inches away and then drop another bomb. Wanyudo can charge out of combat so he can't be held back by engagements and is also MV 7. Vincent can also walk out of engagements so he can't be tied down either. The grave digger just pulses out focus and the plays in the backfield dropping corpse/scheme to score Dig Their Graves and provide another means of defense vs bomb runners, Search the Ruins (auto pick for most) and Power Ritual (another common pick)
  5. 1. Von Schtook with breakthrough and hold up. The mobility allows you to get all over the board from corner and access to cheap minions (necropunks, undergrads) which can appear out of nowhere to claim hold up is great. 2. Reva with Dig their graves and Harness the ley line. Grave Digger as MVP for Dig and pulsing focus. Flank means her crew can get wherever they need to get and be able to easily deny points for bombs. I know people hate her but I really love her playstyle and I think she is so good in Plant with alot of options. 3. Daw with Assassinate and Vendetta. Daw is MVP of Reckoning and assassinate is super easy with the access to executes.
  6. Eh, its not the list per say. We've had two other players adopt the list and they aren't as efficient with it, its how he plays it. I think I CAN beat the list and have ideas on how to do it. Just need to execute it properly. Also the game we played (game 3) was heavily weighted in his favor from the jump. From terrain (alot of blocking/concealing that flight doesnt' care about), to strat, to deployment (wedge) to schemes. We'll see, i'm really not too concerned with his Nekima dominance
  7. No, definitely no tense environment towards the winning player. Considering 30% of the field came from his Meta and were aware going in what was going to happen, there wasn't any bad blood. Is it frustrating that we can KNOW the list going in as well as the strategy and not be able to beat it? It can be, but I would rather have a strong player with a strong list in my meta than not. It forces us to all to continually learn and be better at the game we all love!
  8. So, LVO was an absolute blast. The people were great, there were solid games, the tables/terrain were phenomenal... just a good time! I placed 2nd so I had some good things going for me even though I made alot of mistakes. I can't really speak of the Meta of the area because 4/5 of my games were against the people from Texas in my own conference. Just lining up after game 1 with differential and wins set it up that way. I'll likely go into more details on the upcoming 3rd floor wars podcast but i'll give a brief run down of the experience Game 1: Reva (me) vs Molly - Plant Explosives 6-4 I really like Reva into Plant and against a fellow resser, she's pretty good. Also the terrain was great for her, there were train tracks along the middle so her and Wanyudo with being unimpeded were great with kill zones for her pyre marker spam. I ended up not doing the Pyre Marker spam because Molly would murder Reva for trying and they mostly stayed to the flanks. Reva and Archie played in the middle where they would do a bunch of damage only to heal it all back up. I didn't want to invest the resources in killing archie since it wasn't scoring points and they didn't want Reva to run away since she had 2 bombs on her. I ended up getting 3 points from plant because Archie picked up a 4th bomb but I was able to get hold up twice and dig their graves pt 2 but not pt 1. Biggest play was I was able to use my Grave Digger to harass the necrotic machine in my deployment zone to prevent break through. Game 2: Jack Daw vs Misaki - Turf war 8-4 Played against my buddy Nick who had never played against Jack Daw before. I gave him a tip to bring Ruthless models so he brought... Fujatsu of course. Unfortunately for him, nothing when his way in our game. I was able to dive Daw into Toto and Fujatsu at the end of turn 1, give them slow and his upgrade to give them staggered and made them unusable all game. I was able to slowly pull ahead on activations as I picked off the rest of his crew. This was critical as I needed to remove as many shadow markers as possible due to having assassinate on Misaki. The goal was to box her into an area so I could have Jack pounce on her and ruin her day. Paid off in turn 4, she popped out to hit my hanged (claim jump target) to try to bring him to half and whiffed hard. Daw gave her an upgrade and brought her down to less than half life. Turn 5, I killed 2 models giving me activation control and just waited for her to pop out and then killed her. The Shadow emmisary (popped out of a the effigy) was able to get away with 2 life and finish getting power ritual. Game 3: Von Schtook vs Nekima - Corrupted Idols 4-6 This was the game I was dreading. It was against one of our top players that i haven't been able to beat before. His list is gross but ontop of that, he is a fantastic player and causes all sorts of headaches. I had plans for him with Daw but the pool was awful for Daw. I also had some ideas for Von Schtook but I ended up having an awful hand turn 1 which ruined everything. I drew 1 severe and the rest were weak. Stoned for cards, drew 2 weak cards. Went with schtook as first activation (whisper), intuition showed me a 5/5/1 on my deck. Thankfully, he didn't dive on me turn 1 like I feared but I wasn't able to ramp the way I needed with focus and fast. Top of turn 3 it looked like it was going to be an 4-8 loss or worse, was tempted to call it but stuck it out and ended at 4-6 loss. Differential matters! Game 4: Von Schtook vs Ophelia 6-4 Reckoning Played against another guy from my meta, Philip Travis. We had actually been hashing out our theory for day 2 a few days earlier so we had an idea of what we were bringing to the game. This game went awful for me but I got really lucky on turn 5 to pull out the win. I dove across the table with the valedictorian to try to remove an 8 cost enforcer from the table. Goal was to hit it hard, then teleport a fast undergrad with the summon upgrade to him to get a big summon turn 1... that didn't happen. Valedictorian bounced off of him because of Flinch and the lucky effigy's cheat off the top of the deck aura. I couldn't tell you how many times he would flip weak only to reflip to a severe. I brought the undergrad anyway because I had strength of numbers... didn't matter. He then shot one of my scheme runners, red jokered damage and removed it. From there, it was just a brutal slug match. I ran Schtook up the board to get within 6 of ophelia to counter her upgrades and do some blasts which was helpful but put him in a vulnerable spot. Lost him a turn later but was able to put me in a good position. Anna Lovelace was MVP, I was finally able to get the combo i've always wanted with her.. Kill a living model, turn it into a zombie and then detonate it. Also brought Ophelia down to half on turn 4 for pt 1 of assassinate (I know I know, not a great move). I then got initiative, used focus to hit her for severe which she discarded all upgrades and a stone to reduce to 0. Hit her again and then Red Jokered damage killing her outright! Lucky! Had that not happened, It would have been a tie as that was 2 points. Game 5: Jack Daw vs Lucius (NB) Turf War 6-4 Final game was against Rob who I was actually rooming with. Lucius is ridiculous and super annoying when he has beaters to obey around the board. We both made some major mistakes that game due to sleep deprivation and just long days in general. Betrayal from the totem was amazing on my part and caused some major headaches to him. I was able to slowly pick up points while denying him his. Vendetta with the hanged on Agent 46, was able to remove him early in turn 3 to prevent his nonsense was a huge swing to me and denied him as he had vendetta from the Agent onto Montressor. The Black Joker was also coming out quite often on him at critical times. I think he flipped it 5 times in 4 turns, granted he also used the Red Joker almost 7 times in that game because tools for the job. Overall, they were great games with swings that could have gone in anyone's favor had a couple of flips just gone the opposite way. No real gotcha moments even though I had only played Misaki once and never Ophelia or Lucius. Definitely made mistakes and would do some of my games differently but I think most of my gambles paid off!
  9. Sure! I'll post tomorrow, anything in particular you're interested in hearing?
  10. Pergli

    Learning Lady J

    Just played my first game with Lady J yesterday so take anything after this with a grain of salt: Lone Marshal is amazing. Run and Gun with movement 7 and a 14 inch gun makes his threat range ridiculous. With a 2/4/5 damage track, it's really easy to hit those moderates to put an enemy in the ground. Lady J definitely needs summoner amounts of soulstones for damage prevention and her leap trigger. Her 2 inch melee is a defensive trigger on it's own! If you abuse it correctly, enemy models will typically only get 1 AP to hit her (1 AP to walk and then 1 to attack) unless they are using other models to push them around. I ran 2x Death Marshals with the no prisoners upgrade. It seemed worth it as it gave them a useful bonus action for extra damage and run and gun which by itself is like a free AP! Then if they kill something, they get a 2 inch push and heal for 3 making them oddly tanky defense 4 models with HtK. Combine them with a domador + enemy living nearby and they gain fast which just adds additional value! Unsure if this is any good but it felt pretty powerful. Domadors seem great too. Great way to provide healing to your models engaged (which to me feels like I don't need the guild stewart), changes enemy living models to undead for a wide variety of useful combinations and can potentially obey enemies!
  11. Sorry for the newbish question but its my first time really looking into Guild. There are several interactions with Nellie and interacts that I just need some clarification on: 1. Headline: Secret's Exposed - The trigger says "must" take the Interact Action. - Combined with Exclusive Interview, you can force an opponent to drop a friendly scheme marker. - Can this be done within 4" of a friendly scheme marker? - I think yes because it says "must" and the cards overrule the Rulebook. Otherwise it would say, Target takes the interact action. Not sure why the word "must" would be in there otherwise? 2. Plant Evidence - Nellie can heal after she resolves the interact action - Does this count for exclusive interview since the action is controlled by Nellie? 3. Breaking News - Says after an enemy model resolves the interact action but Exclusive Interview counts the model as "friendly". Would this cancel out the Breaking News action? I'm sure there are a few more but that is what I could think of off hand!
  12. I really like him but I haven't played him enough to have formed a good opinion. Only 3 games but each game he has been really enjoyable to play. Causes a ton of duels, hands out burning with ease (for reva healing) and is extremely mobile. Being able to charge out of engagement and then being able to drop a scheme/explosive has definitely swung the game in my favor. Or even just charge something, hit it and then push to get that extra bit of movement is nice!
  13. Played Reva my last 8 games and here are my take aways but could be incorrect: Reva dies extremely easily, keep her out of harms away. Mv 7, 3 AP and an effective 11 inch range should be okay. Do not bring her if Assassinate is in the pool Pyre markers are a trap and not for your opponent. Burning 1 is nice but the main reasons you want them out are: - Healing - Summoning Corpse Candles (use these, not your valuable corpse markers) - Lampad revival = Everything else is just a bonus Shieldbearers are amazing - I always bring 2 now because of their verastility. Giving them Regen + Terrifying 11 makes them extremely resilient. Drauger are fantastic... until they die turn 2. If your opponent leaves them alive, you're going to win so keep them wrecking things on the flank of the main engagement. They are extremely easy to put down Lampads, only bring one, you won't have the cards to support reviving 2 Find card draw mechanics. Upgrades or Anna are great for this Vincent is okay and has a place but not an auto include. His trigger to autokill summons can be amazing depending on the matchup Asura is good but not as good as you would expect for things like idols (a Df/Wp 3, 3 wound model waiting for a marker is going to die)
  14. Maht said he was putting together the documents for the tournaments for it (ran all of them). Everyone seemed super excited. I played against: Dora Tara Hoffman ---- Hoffman was the toughest match up by far for me. Look for the 3rd floor wars podcast, I think the player who used him will be on it soon. I ran Albus in all 3 rounds and was really happy with the results. I think zoraida won 1st place, it was unfortunate that it was 3 rounds, not 4 because we had two people go 3-0.
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