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    Learning Lady J

    Just played my first game with Lady J yesterday so take anything after this with a grain of salt: Lone Marshal is amazing. Run and Gun with movement 7 and a 14 inch gun makes his threat range ridiculous. With a 2/4/5 damage track, it's really easy to hit those moderates to put an enemy in the ground. Lady J definitely needs summoner amounts of soulstones for damage prevention and her leap trigger. Her 2 inch melee is a defensive trigger on it's own! If you abuse it correctly, enemy models will typically only get 1 AP to hit her (1 AP to walk and then 1 to attack) unless they are using other models to push them around. I ran 2x Death Marshals with the no prisoners upgrade. It seemed worth it as it gave them a useful bonus action for extra damage and run and gun which by itself is like a free AP! Then if they kill something, they get a 2 inch push and heal for 3 making them oddly tanky defense 4 models with HtK. Combine them with a domador + enemy living nearby and they gain fast which just adds additional value! Unsure if this is any good but it felt pretty powerful. Domadors seem great too. Great way to provide healing to your models engaged (which to me feels like I don't need the guild stewart), changes enemy living models to undead for a wide variety of useful combinations and can potentially obey enemies!
  2. Sorry for the newbish question but its my first time really looking into Guild. There are several interactions with Nellie and interacts that I just need some clarification on: 1. Headline: Secret's Exposed - The trigger says "must" take the Interact Action. - Combined with Exclusive Interview, you can force an opponent to drop a friendly scheme marker. - Can this be done within 4" of a friendly scheme marker? - I think yes because it says "must" and the cards overrule the Rulebook. Otherwise it would say, Target takes the interact action. Not sure why the word "must" would be in there otherwise? 2. Plant Evidence - Nellie can heal after she resolves the interact action - Does this count for exclusive interview since the action is controlled by Nellie? 3. Breaking News - Says after an enemy model resolves the interact action but Exclusive Interview counts the model as "friendly". Would this cancel out the Breaking News action? I'm sure there are a few more but that is what I could think of off hand!
  3. I really like him but I haven't played him enough to have formed a good opinion. Only 3 games but each game he has been really enjoyable to play. Causes a ton of duels, hands out burning with ease (for reva healing) and is extremely mobile. Being able to charge out of engagement and then being able to drop a scheme/explosive has definitely swung the game in my favor. Or even just charge something, hit it and then push to get that extra bit of movement is nice!
  4. Played Reva my last 8 games and here are my take aways but could be incorrect: Reva dies extremely easily, keep her out of harms away. Mv 7, 3 AP and an effective 11 inch range should be okay. Do not bring her if Assassinate is in the pool Pyre markers are a trap and not for your opponent. Burning 1 is nice but the main reasons you want them out are: - Healing - Summoning Corpse Candles (use these, not your valuable corpse markers) - Lampad revival = Everything else is just a bonus Shieldbearers are amazing - I always bring 2 now because of their verastility. Giving them Regen + Terrifying 11 makes them extremely resilient. Drauger are fantastic... until they die turn 2. If your opponent leaves them alive, you're going to win so keep them wrecking things on the flank of the main engagement. They are extremely easy to put down Lampads, only bring one, you won't have the cards to support reviving 2 Find card draw mechanics. Upgrades or Anna are great for this Vincent is okay and has a place but not an auto include. His trigger to autokill summons can be amazing depending on the matchup Asura is good but not as good as you would expect for things like idols (a Df/Wp 3, 3 wound model waiting for a marker is going to die)
  5. Maht said he was putting together the documents for the tournaments for it (ran all of them). Everyone seemed super excited. I played against: Dora Tara Hoffman ---- Hoffman was the toughest match up by far for me. Look for the 3rd floor wars podcast, I think the player who used him will be on it soon. I ran Albus in all 3 rounds and was really happy with the results. I think zoraida won 1st place, it was unfortunate that it was 3 rounds, not 4 because we had two people go 3-0.
  6. Contact wyrd customer service, I had the same thing.
  7. The ability field of corpses says at the end of the game, treat all corpse as scheme markers. If you're within 6 inches of a corpse and a scheme marker, it will count both of them as scheme markers and you can't use this to score now, right? Or does it count as both a corpse and a scheme marker? I just don't see the word may so RAW would turn it into two scheme markers.
  8. I wasn't sold on grave diggers with the crew early on but they've always been clutch when I've taken them.
  9. Unfortunately, that step isn't really activation control since you give your opponent a pass token. Best bet would be the restless spirit, mourner or a grave digger (in that order).
  10. Same, definitely been playing her wrong.
  11. Maybe but with daw, i would stay as in keyword as you can. Tormented drawing cards is essential to keeping daw alive. If anyone, I would probably go with Anna. She has some decent card draw so you can pitch to keep him alive or hopefully draw cards you need for his triggers.
  12. How are you guys keep Reva alive? She's died in every game of mine. Max heal from burning is 3, you can spened 2 stones to give her Regen 2. I thought I figured it out by keep shieldbearerers with her but then mcmourning ran into her and one shot the shieldbearers (ignoring armor and htk is crazy). Even with the shieldbearers, her crew is discard heavy so you can't 100% rely on that. You are pitching cards for: lampad demise, drauger heal, Reva corpse candle, shieldbearer placement And I'm sure I'm missing one more. She has zero card draw so I've resorted to replacing Vincent with Anna to get 2-3 cards a turn. What am I missing that makes her good or survivable?
  13. I okay it as you flip one card and that's the damage for the ability since you aren't targeting a model but clarification would be nice
  14. You should pick them up because they have some definite power behind them for scoring. Dig their graves isn't an autopick but they are nice for it. Generating corpse is great for most resser masters. They can also score any scheme marker scheme easily at the end of the game. They can essentially drop two scheme markers on turn 5 right next to each other by counting the dropped corpse as a scheme. Also handing out focus to your entire crew turn 1 is extremely handy.. free corpse at deployment and then use her bonus action to hand it out to everyone. It ramps resser crews turn one. Depending on the scheme/strat pool, Morty might be a better investment if you're looking at dig their graves. Chatty forces card discard, manipulative means he will likely survive especially with Regen 2.
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