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  1. Raspys ability says if a model starts within 1 inch they have to either discard a card or gain slow. What if they are unable to gain slow? Do they HAVE to pitch a card? Situations would be if they already had slow or could not gain conditions like Archie?
  2. Yeah, my current plan is to use 4 of the models in the broken kit which should be able to proxy pretty well. One is in a labcoat like a professor = albus 3 rough looking guys with spikey clubs - undergraduates. Just need to paint them as undead and it should be fine.
  3. Fair enough! i do like the new models coming out though. I think I found some TOS models which would work and need no conversion. 100% wyrd, easily identifiable and unique which meets all the criteria and gets the perks of not being an actual malifaux model. So all is good now and you're right, I can always use them and they will be completely unique.
  4. Gah, the proxy rules are frustrating. For one month, I am going to have to get models, tear them up and modify them to match my idea of those models and then in a month.. buy the actual models because my proxies are no longer legal. Might be easier to just not use him.. which is definitely a problem.
  5. Exactly.. I need to know what's acceptable to bring. Also I'm assuming since it's wyrds tournament dmh will not be legal to Nico should be okay. Posted already in the gencon events and no response. Was trying to find another route
  6. Yeah, my current concern is GenCon. I want to bring Albus Von Schtook but his box isn't out until afterwards so I need to proxy: Albus, Research assistant and 3x undergraduates. There isn't anything out for M3e on proxies and I doubt there will be until GG is released. Not sure how to contact the current TO to ask what is acceptable to bring. My idea: Amelia - Albus Malifaux child - assistant shieldbearers - undergrads (only because I have 3 of them and won't run them with albus)
  7. Can anyone point me to the proxy rules on the site?
  8. Thanks Kyle! On more question: proxies, will those be listed anywhere or have someone I can reach out to about it? The resser master Albus and his core box don't come out until after gencon and I'd like to run them.
  9. What masters is everyone thinking that you'll need to bring to tournaments of complement each other? Von shtook is a good all comers with alot of built in faction counters. I'm actually thinking he may be all we need because of all the tools he can bring.
  10. Agreed on he Nico comment. Why does your meta think the current Nico is better than 2e Nico? Maybe after the July Nerf but even then he was still strong. I haven't looked at him at all and have switched to Albus as my primary.
  11. I emailed gencon support directly because I like meddling and this is their response: Yes, that did it. I see that there are multiple events submitted for Wyrd, they simply need to be processed by our team over here. Sit tight, and you should be seeing those events on the Event Finder (though it may take as long as a few more weeks).
  12. Quick question: the guilty has an ability which states I can treat it as an enemy for the purposes of actions, abilities and triggers. Can I treat it as a friendly for the action to relent and then use the enemy only trigger?
  13. Is there an update on events? Doesn't look like any but the speed painting has gone up
  14. Tournament question: will we be using the correct boards or mats for the tournament? Last year it was a bunch of prebuilt boards with awkward built in terrain on 37x37 boards vs the standard 36x36. I did notice the finals had mats by mars on them so I would assume this tournament would have those too.
  15. Agreed. Action was declared outside of range so you follow through with jt
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