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  1. Davos


    When you think about it, all the C7 are very strong versatile models. Which is good since there should good/strong non-keyword models in faction. Is Pride (and the rest) strong? Very much so. IS it game breaking? I don't think so (though I'll concede I haven't seen much testing involving them). Also, as a Business decision, it makes sense they would be strong models, since you have to buy the entire set to get one, so its in Wyrd's best interest for them to be strong across the board to generate revenue, on very specialty models. Again, going back to the Non-keyword models, its good for the game (and Wyrd)
  2. Davos


    I agree they are expensive, but can come in crazy clutch when you do use them. Healing on Marlena can literally save a game
  3. I'm looking at Levi and Von Schill to main, along with Jack Daw once I figure out how to actually play him. I will say I'm a little worried about the un-fun factor when it comes to Levi, Entropy and Unmade dish out some insane annoying ping damage that can be brutal to a crew.
  4. Levi is attrition for sure, Entropy and Unmade are hardcore grinding killing machines, supported by the high swing damage of the beater models. Vics are alpha (not sure if "attrition" is the proper term for them, they don't grind enemies down, they nuke them) Daw seems attrition, Freikorps is hard control/attrition, and Zip is hard denial and scheme heavy. I don't have enough experience with the others to comment on their roles.
  5. Yea, you're right. I got carried away
  6. It certainly is devastating, a melee attack that has a good chance of hitting 7 or 8 dmg is awesome. However, this is dependent on a number of factors and needs focus, along with 2 severs (hit & dmg) to go off. Also, needs to be a non-soulstone user. I agree its great, but not nearly as OP as some of the other master/henchmen in the game. Look at Euripdes and his keyword, the majority of those models all are 3/5/7 dmg tracks to start!
  7. perfectly stated. I agreely wholly with everything you said. Levi IS strong, but no stronger than most master. He can truly crush an unprepared/knowledgeable opponent, but can also be stonewalled by someone who is prepared to play against him (just like most masters) In M2E Levi was so strong because he was so unpredictable with his hiring pool. Under M3E rules, with Factions AND Leaders being revealed, you can counterpick much more effectively, and take the models that could counter his tech.
  8. Are they all different auras, are the same "keyword" aura? Like Levi's Entropy Aura his Amalgam models?
  9. I think Crit on her is gonna to be a trap somewhat. While the scenario above is amazing for that sweet sweet min 5, I think Hannah blasting after copying Arik's attack is the best, that's a 3/5/7 blast damage, so a severe hit, 5blast is beautiful. Spread out the damage to everyone ya'll!
  10. So, i had a game on Thursday night, running Levi, featuring Ashes & Dust. I will be feeling out a full battle report at some point, but for now will limit my focus to A&D and how he played here. I will say, this specific usage of A&D should be taken with a grain of salt, as my opponent is brand new (this was his 3rd game of Malifaux ever) and I am a fairly experienced competitive player. I also played Levi extensively in M2E and am well versed in playing him (in M2E, which translates somewhat into M3E) As a general summary, I found him very powerful, using him to lock down an entire flank, distracting my opponent from Levi - this proved fatal for him, as he focused on A&D and ignored Levi, letting Levi have his way with the entirety of his Molly crew. He narrowly missed breaking A&D on turn 1 using Seamus, who shot him, hitting severe damage, reduced by 1 due to incorporeal. I also had positioned Marlena Webster for Soul Tether, reducing the damage once more. This, more than anything allowed A&D to flourish. I cheated to win initiative turn 2 and walk charged A&D into Archie and killed him (Levi had applied 6-7ish wounds), self healing. I also was able to use Levi's Ruinious Repairs to heal him. He was eventually popped deep into turn 2. I was able to bring him back on the top of turn 3. This was due to my opponent failing to target properly; he elected to have Seamus fire at Dust Storm, instead of going after the Core, who is much easier to kill. Had he shot at Core, he would have gone to 1 wound (MArlena's Soul Tether was in range) and he would have ended up killing Core next by charging it with Seamus. Shooting Storm allowed me to cheat the Red Joker to defend and win that flank. Overall, A&D did an amazing job and was a champ. I think the core problem of making him "OP" is Marlena being able to prevent damage as well. However, I think it is not a problem for the game, since the opponent should recognize the importance of picking off the other models, then going after A&D. He was killable and playable against. A knowledge opponent should be able to mitigate his abilities and account his strong defensive tech.
  11. Sure sure, I get that. But at the very least IF it comes back, its a resource that you can use for turn 5 to score a VP or deny potentially. A model is never a bad thing. As for the Thread, I wouldn't worry to much about it. The devs I'm sure are used to it, and any feedback that is honest and focused on an actual problem will be well receieved
  12. I don't think its a problem that the respawn clause is rarely triggered. Not all abilities of models need to be utilized every game. The threat of the respawn with make the opponent go out of their way to prevent, spending extra AP to apply conditions or spending Scheme running minions to attack, rather than go for VP. Sure, it will be rare that it will actually happen, but the threat of it occurring is enough to dictate plays to your opponent and disrupt their plan. Their worth is in the value of the model as a whole, and their +1 card upon death. The potential of respawn is just a cherry on top.
  13. Sure, one turn 1 or 2 you can hold him back and activate him last. But once he's actively engaged and fighting, A&D will be exposed. Then, if he's defeated, its mostly likely in a group or near a selection of enemy models. Upon defeat, he is replaced by the Core, who is now in the middle or near enemy models, seeing as A&D was killed in the first place. Now, you are correct, if A&D is killed on the last action on the last activation of the enemy crew, it will most likely come back without any trouble, at full health. However, if A&D is killed at any point that is not the literal end of the turn, the opponent will have time to counter-play and 1) Attack Core (or Storm which will be more difficult seeing as he's on a board edge, but possible, if unlikely). Core is Df 1, with a best defense of 15 w/Red Joker. The average attack stat of models is 5, meaning a 10 on the average attack will cause a hit and damage (barring a black joker). Is the Core difficult to damage? Yes, Armor 2 and Hard to Wound mean you almost always will inflict min damage of 1. However, any model that ignores armor will eat him alive or cause significant damage, so that IF he is able to replace into A&D, A&D will not be able to return at full HP 2) Block movement of the Storm to prevent him getting into base contact with the Core. You can surround the Core (not super reliable, but theoretically possible) Or place models along the path between Core and Storm. So If Storm tries to walk, he will have to pass through engagements and potentially lose inches of move. 3) Disable the Bonus action to prevent the return. Now, yes, is he hard to truly kill? Yes. Is it brokenly strong and OP (like in M2E)? No, I do not think so. He is valuable and worth his stones, but not the godtier monster everyone thinks he is
  14. Its not a full health respawn if the oppononet is able to deal damage to either the Core or Storm. Storm is fairly hardy, but Core is Df 2. Any model is going to deal damage to hit by looking at it rudely. So chances are its not a gonna to trigger a Full A&D
  15. Davos


    I was in the Closed Beta and never say a concrete reason as to why they moved to the small (3) hireable 2ss upgrades. My feeling though, was they wanted the game to be less about upgrades and more about the models' and their abilities, and limiting the number of hireable upgrades lets them add in all the mechanics of attachable upgrades from actions and summoning. As far as I've seen, the designers have stated they have no intention of changing upgrade back to how they werer inM2e
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