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  1. I need Kirai list for round 2 against Titania. im so.bloody.over.playing.Titania. Of my 9? Vassal Neverborn event games, this will be the 6th? 7th? Against her
  2. Wow what a greedy bastard....I'm just hoping to get in the top 10 of an event. ONCE.
  3. He’s got some beefy bois going on in that list. Question: who runs lodestone for him?
  4. I’m assuming Dreamer. But Z always an option
  5. Welp. A last minute ranking shuffle has been playing β€œup” in stead of down, so I get....Neverborn. For like the 9th time....
  6. Dude for realz. Brightside: Outcast has literally no Laugh Off/roots lol. Torments IS very good about small pushes....
  7. I was actual am testing a Daw list...playing aginst Viks. its intersting idk if its good though. Its cheeky
  8. Ya, the math got wonky. Current standings have me against outcasts...Outcasts probably plays Viks for Leylines? (As an outcast player, I never liked my options for it)
  9. so @Maniacal_cackle what's your Molly list for round 2? Totes not reason I'm asking....πŸ™„
  10. Oof ya I play Rider defensively early on, so I love gotten 5crows 2-3 times a game.
  11. Lol thanks, but I wouldn't go quite that fair...I'm ok with Kirai...most of my wins are on the back of Dead Rider being actually broken. Cause just being able to hit the button on Turn3 and win the game is fair lol Idk what they might bring, guessing Z or Dreamer
  12. I have Neverborn. Symbols feeks kuej a pretty straightforward Kirai game to me - Skihome run and pick up strat and the rest of the crew just kinda chills on denial
  13. Get in line behind my parents 😜
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