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  1. Rusty is bae. Also Pride is fantastic with Daw
  2. @Yore Huckleberry I think I forgot to mention on the podcast that the Engineer had gone in with the Armor Ignoring trigger and pegged it for 2(3?) dmg in advanced. And I think Hans might have pinged it for 1. If memory serves, it wasn't a red joker, but on her charge attack, she had focus AND Rocket Boots, which totals a double + flip to damage, and I had cheated a severe (think 12-13) to hit, to keep the margin high, in addition to stoning for a ram and siphon powering for a ram. and then I cheated the straight (or plus) damage flip to severe of 8, which brought the Peacekeeper down to around 4 (take 1 maybe).
  3. A bunch actually. But they’re all pretty easy to anticipate, and since you KNOW TT or Ressers are bring them you can anticipate it. I’ve played against it enough I don’t super mind it. Just drop A&D for something non-demise. And play Levi a little more cagey. I’d say Manos is a little more difficult due to the leap, so he’s one you need to be more defensive against
  4. Honestly I’m my opinion, not a ton. I really only get leery about From the Shadows people popping Waifs or things that can pop out deep in my territory (Miners) to pick them off
  5. I love Servant on Levi, gets him into the action right away, and honestly I want my opponont wasting AP on him turn 1, since you deal the damage back. I personally think Rusty is worth bringing in every game over a Deso (they die sooo easily), even in Reckoing, she is actually insanely hard to kill, and she is a walking gun turrent that compliments Levi or A&D insanely well
  6. You can't. Its somewhere in the rules, and Kyle said it again with the drop of GG0 - you cannot kill yourself with an ability or action.
  7. Its not that crazy that it procs off any upgrades, when you figure at minimum, 2 factions - TT and Ressers - have at least 1 auto take upgrades. Tormented at least makes the auto-take a little questionable for those players. If it was only Cursed Upgrades, there would have to be more ways for Daw & Company to give out upgrades, as currently there are 3, and 1 of them requires a Guilty to die
  8. Parker or Schill into Rezzers been my go-to currently
  9. I don’t think it’s possible to make a friendly Aionus Tormented...all the abilities that attach Curses state Enemy Only
  10. Ok, explanation time: @geer They're kinda the best model ever. To begin: Tools for the Job - great cycle card, replenish your high value cards to your hand. Then, bonus action (name i'm to lazy to check) lets you eat an enemy scheme marker within 2 for a card - insanely good denial tech, and can surprise your opponent to no end, but more on that in a moment. Their attacks are pretty average, but blasts (on the shotgun) and severe injury (on the melee) are nice if they happen. BUT...the main reason you bring the Scavenger is Weird Device which, for the cost of a 7, gives a friendly model Focus +1. And I'm sure you're thinking, "that's not that good, Tenuki are a soulstone cheaper and give out focus 237 different ways, all for 6s or less" BUT, the FOUR triggers of the scavenger are GOLD. On a ram, the target heals 2. On a Tome, draw a card. On a Crow, target suffers 2 damage and gains FAST. And lastly, the mask lets you place the Scav anywhere within range (8inches). So, yes, the Ram trigger is kinda niche, but useful when you need it. The Tome to draw a card is always nice, but the Crow and Mask are INSANE. The 8in place lets you jump around, setting up scheming, Strategy positioning, or counter-scheming (#eatthoseschememarkers), and you're opponent can't do anything to prevent it. Then, the crow trigger in essence create a model which is now FAST AND FOCUSED. Which is good for basically any midrange-on-up beater model in the game. And then becomes literally broken when done to Rusty Aylce, who has one of the best guns in the entire game (Sh 6, Range 12, 3/4/5, ignores H2W). Rusty becomes a walking gun turret, since Rapid Fire lets her Shoot 4 times, or 3 if you need to walk to get in position. And with a stat 6 gun, she'll hit most anything you aim at, even if they're in cover. And min 3 damage is crazy at range. Ok, end rant.
  11. Assuming you were playing Outcast Daw against Raspy, you NEED to take either Drache Trooper or Mad Dog with you. They have Blow It to Hell as a Bonus action, which allows them to destroy/remove all destructible terrain within 4. He's insanely useful to denying Raspy's main ability. I personally would go with Drache, since he also has his Move or Burn tactical action (I think that's what its called...?) which removes Staggered and Slow from your models in a pulse. And lastly, he attacks Mv, so Daw's inherent reliance on Stagger worked well with him
  12. I personally would say Deso Engine isn't a hardcore prioirity, I've never hired one, nor even actually summoned him in 20+ games with Levi. I find scavengers and rusty, along with A&D and a necropunk or 2 are your core list.
  13. Don't forget Rusty Aylce, with 3ap, she can take 4 shots a turn...at min3, Sh6...its dumb
  14. Davos

    Emissary issue

    It's really painful when compared to the other Emissaries though - most have at least 6Mv, if not more (Lucky is 8!) The only one that is 5 is Arcane, but it has Blade Rush to get an extra 2. Outcast's is by far the lowest quality of the set (again)
  15. Question came up today about Incorporeal, does it allow a model to ignore/be immune to all effects from Hazardous Terrain, or only when moving through said terrain? As in, if I deploy my Hanged inside a Lava pit and activate him, will he take 1 damage and Burning +1? The wording of Incorporeal: Reduce all damage this model suffers from Attack Actions by 1, to a minimum of 0. This model ignores terrain while moving and is unaffected by Hazardous Terrain. This model can move through other models and vice versa, I can see it both ways: I only ignore/are unaffected when moving through Hazardous or I am always unaffected, when moving through or taking actions while inside the terrain. Thoughts?
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