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  1. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    That's so gross....I WANT IT
  2. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    The changed Guilty and combined the two. Now, upon death, +1 to hand is auto and if its an enforcer or higher, is resummoned. They merged the abiliteis
  3. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    Yea....that one was insanely broken....the fact that they even let that go through testing was insane...lolz. I think Guilty are also in a really nice place as well. And pairing Hannah with him could get some real good results I think
  4. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    Yea, i saw a couple versions of it. At one point it was discard two cards to reduce the damage by 1 per card. THAT one was badddddd. I think the current version works, but could be very swingy. Crews that give out poison, burning, or blasts could mess Daw up something fierce I think.
  5. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    Like, its totally possible, but it requires a lot of effort.
  6. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    The secret: Don't bother to attack him. Just ignore him and pray to the Fates that you get luck! MUHAHAHAHA
  7. Davos

    M3E Open Beta is close

    I'm eager to try Jack Daw more, both as leader and a hired-in master. I think he's going to be an amazing support master in certain crews. I want a Von Schill, Hannah, Jack Daw crew and laugh at the card draw (and misery of my opponent)
  8. Davos

    Hamelin in Public Executions

    Important thing to note w/Stalker: any model that is engaged with him can auto walk away (disengage), without fear of being stopped. As per the rules, a model that is currently being activated counts as activated, so Stalker is unable to target it to block the disengaging strke
  9. Davos

    Jack Daw and Benny Synergy?

    Strongarm Suit is always nice, with Bigger They Are, he's Min4 as well. Gets pretty gross, since he can charge out of engagement and ignores terrain.
  10. Davos

    Shiting Loyalties Campaign

    Yea, I took it seriously when I built my arsenal (thought the Freikorps package and Sue are really standard for me #Sueisbae) so I'm feeling a little bad about how optimized my crew is. Though, I just found out one of our player's leaders is Archie, who now has +flips to all Melee actions, so I don't feel THAT bad anymore, since Archie on positives (and maybe nonreducible damage) seems utterly terrifying
  11. Davos

    Shiting Loyalties Campaign

    I've only had one game of the campaign so far, but I've found my crew (Hannah + I Pay Better, Sue, Freikorps Engineer, and 2 Freikropsmann) might be a slightly to optimized for this...(my league is kinda casual...I think I missed up...). The potential 9 card hand makes I Pay Better insane and I basically just roll into a ball of death, with a Freikorpsmann scheming while the ball o' death distracts. Apparently, having 7 severes in hand for turn 3 is good...who would have known? My new goal is to buff up my Gunsdown Freikropsmann into demigood status. Also might pick up a Specialist and do the same to him...
  12. Davos

    Shiting Loyalties Campaign

    So my local group is starting a Shifting Loyalties campaign, since M2E competitive play is mostly dead in our area. I'm planning on running Hannah as my leader, what other models would people recommend to take? I have 24 ss left over (Hannah + I Pay Better already spent)
  13. Davos

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    For the Black Friday sale, do they usually release new alts, or jsut re-release the previous ones?
  14. Davos

    The Viks

    Void package works wonders with Viks. I think Sue is a better pick compared to Convict Gunslinger if the goal is to attack Return Fire, his attack is much better and his utility role is golden. Also Vanessa for full Sister, also I know people who run Hannah for the extra card and Ca copy for the Damage or Stat buffs
  15. Davos

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    With the stone change for Hans & the trapper, stick with Hans, unless you want to run a full Freikorps build. Hans is better holistically, when you remove the Freikorp synergy. That being said, I have a full metal Von Schill (Von Schill, 2 Freikorpsmann, trapper, and a librarian and I think the steam trunk) that I am looking to sell