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  1. I mean, I don't think they're meant to "last" as summoned models. they're cannon fodder, cause they are kinda blah models (if hired). In my mind, a summoned model that becomes a priority kill for my opponent, and thus is eating AP, from an Enforcer or some schemer runners, is a win. That IS their accomplishment. If they get to active, even better. As far as his hiring pool drastically shrinking, it does really suck, espcially after investing sizable amount of money into those models. However, for a Health-of-Game state, it was impossible to leave it anywhere near as large as M2e was; the balancing is much more practical now. Aboms are summon fodder. I don't think they're worth hiring, unless you intend to turn them into a Des oEngine right away (which I don't think is worth it, but thats a conversation for another time) I think there are a ton of great models for Levi (A&D, Marlena, Rusty ((WHO IS INSANE AND I LOVE HER)), Scanvger) and even Hans or Stalker or Emissary bring a lot to him as Versitale models. I also think the Freikorps Enigneer is good for LEvi, woth the +1 Keyword Tax, due to her Construct Heal + Shielding, which is just more ways to keep Rusty and her brokeass gun healthy and murdering people.
  2. Levi can still summon (along with Des Engine and A&D) after killing an enemy model in Melee and having the trigger. It is much more difficult, but still doable. Sadly he did lose is massive hiring pool, as well as the Riders.
  3. Of course, but its cute at least I caught my opponent last night out with it a couple times. Little buddy steamy killed a flesh construct and blinged McPosionFace for a coupe damage
  4. Also remember that 1) Its a business and does need to make money and 2) all previous sculpts from M1,M2, etc are fully game legal. You don't need to buy the new stuff if you don't want to./don't like how they look. All the old boxes are still available somewhere. I also know of people who really want the new stuff and are willing to sell their old models.
  5. Is the steam trunk allowed to use the attack actions from equipment upgrades? As written currently, I would argue yes. However, a totem getting a Sh6, 2/3/4, with Crit strike seems a LITTLE to strong. That being said, I'm totally gonna keep abusing it until Wyrd makes me stop
  6. Oops, you're right....welp I messed that up....not that it would have made a huge difference in this setting, but good to know. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. Perfect, that was my thinking/reasoning exactly. Its a good way to kill him to restore health.
  8. True, though since the Shield +2 gets reapplied when you attach it, it makes him a great cheap model to eat AP. or be a lone schemer. either way, I can see it being very useful in games
  9. So, I just had an interesting game, my Von Schilll against Ironsides, and was able to test out a very very very fun (for me at least) theory. We were playing Flank, Explosive Charges, with OutFlank in the pool, so I needed to spread out at few models to score my points. In looking at the Freikorps Crew, there aren't a ton of models that I felt comfortable sending out on their own, but I wanted to try having the Freikorpsmann as a Long Ranger-esque model. Hence, I took Outflank, loaded him with an Explosive Charge for the Strat and sent him on his way. The key, though, was I attached the Assualt Shielding Upgrade to him with Von Schill, which gave him Shield +2. This, coupled with the Equipment Ability where he can take a damage to NOT discard upgrades, lets you perma-cycle the Assault Shielding. Then, since the Freikorpsmann has a Tome trigger to heal, along with Reference the Field Guide to get a built in Tome, you can reliably heal to full attacking other minions (Survivalist is INSANE) Its not an insane OP OP combo or anything, but it turns a 5SS reliable minion into a legitimate schemer that will require at least a moderate amount of effort from your opponent to remove. Fun times.
  10. Ok, so here's a question I'm working on: Can I kill Levi, during his own activation, to re-position him? The rules (as seen in the last file update) are as follows: "Costs: In addition to the suit needed to declare them, some Triggers have an additional cost that is listed in italics after their name. These costs must be paid when the Trigger is declared or no other portion of the Trigger may be resolved. If a Trigger’s cost requires the performing model to suffer damage, that cost cannot be paid if doing so would reduce its Health to 0 or below." pg 12, Core Rules "If the Action has any costs in italics, they must be paid now. If the costs are not paid, the Action fails; skip steps 3, 4, and 5. If an Action’s cost requires the performing model to suffer damage, that cost cannot be paid if doing so would reduce the model to 0 Health or below." pg 23, Core Rules So, as written, you cannot spend an action if the COST of said action would kill the model - a seen with Levi's Channel restriction; If cannot be used if you have less than 3 health. Now, my question is centered on: Sanguine Evocations - - - - Look at the top 3 cards of this modelís Fate Deck, discard any number of them, and place the remaining cards back on top of the deck in any order. This model suffers 1 damage for each discarded card. There is no "cost" for the action to go off (at least based on my interpretation of the wording of the ability/ he Rules of Action Cost.) You only take damage IF you choose to discard cards. So, If my Levi has 3 or less wounds, and I declare Sanguine Evocations, can I discard cards equal to my wounds to kill Levi, proccing his Demise Ability, to reposition him somewhere else on the board, and continue with his activation? In essence, top of Levi's activation, Sanguine Evocation, discard cards, Levi dies, Demise pops him from a waif, he continues his activation.
  11. Do you know when the rules set for the Henchmen hardcore will be published? Or is it the same as M2e? (Or am I just blind and not finding them?)
  12. Forcing friendly fire and concealment would yield 2 for your model, outside of that I'm not sure if there are any more ways to mitigate (with ). Cover also will help, since +1 Df and a to damage would lessen the power of Focused attacks (either by increasing the odds of a miss, or keeping them on a for damage. ) I'd say try and bring more Stealthed models - they can't be targeted by models more than 6inches away, so that at leasts forces your opponent to close the gap. As for as pushes, Von Schill gets 2inches from his Attach Upgrades, Jaw Daw has a ton for Tormented Models (friendly or enemy), Zipp always works as noted. Tara can jsut negate it as needed (though that only applies to her)
  13. I don't think its "Busted" just slightly to strong for the game/her cost. Don't get me wrong, I love her, I'm a Outcast player and I've been maining Levi since gg16. I just think auto min 3 on range attacks might be slightly to strong OR her surviabiltiy make her a marginal issue. To my knowledge, she's the only auto (non trigger or conditional) min 3 ranged model in the game. I agree, there are ways to address this: engaging her or being in cover/concealment certainly work. However, since Disengage is a thing, she can 1AP walk away, and with a 6Mv, unless the enemy model hit severe on the "dmg" flip, she'll be out of engagement and able to fire twice - 2ndAP + Rapid Fire. Cover isn't a huge deterrence, because her aggressive stat at 6 is still higher than the average Df (5), so even when both stats are a 6, the aggressor still wins the duel on a tie, and the - to dmg doesn't matter since min 3. Concealment also doesn't make a huge problem either, since Focus is pretty easy to stack (Turn 1 focus walk, or Scavenger giving it out, along with Fast or heal). Again, I'm not complaining - I love how strong she is. I'm more worried about bad play experience for other players; the majority of players I've face since Alpha found her a semi-oppressive force. I agree, the best way to deal with her is neutralize the support pieces, primarily Marlena and/or Scavenger, since the are squishy, but that takes time and gives Rusty time to deal out mountains of pain. I also figure printing is well underway, but I just wanted to air my thoughts; though I certainly won't complain if she isn't changed in anyway!
  14. After a number of additional M3E games, I'm thinking Rusty Alyce needs a slight nerf. Her survivability coupled with an insane Min3 gun make her a monster on the field. I was speaking with Kyodee on Schemes & Stones about this tihs week, following tournament dominated by a Levi crew, spearhead by Rusty. Additionally, we have had our own games where Rusty was the linchpin to the entire game. Between Soulstones, Marlana's reduction aura, her Armor, and the healing or health manipulation found in Keyword/faction (fyi, Hodgepodge Emissary is a beast, which is sad cause i really REALLY don't want to have to build his model...), Rusty is isnanly survivable and most attacks (barring certain Irreducible attacks) are dealing little to no damage - on average, my Rusty takes at most 1 damage a hit, normally because I chose to not sue either a SS or Marlena's ability; when both are used with armor, the majority of the time no damage is received (again, barring red joker damage, built in positives to damage, or high min +crit attacks). My suggestions: 1) Reduce her damage to min 2. 2) Remove her Armor+1 Personally, I think removing her armor is fine (I'll confess I don't want to see Min3 taken away). Without armor, she is easier to put down, which compensates for her high damage. Additionally, the Levi player will have to dedicate more resources into healing her, which requires either a Scavenger focusing on her exclusively with the Weird Device w/Tome (think its Tome which heals, off the top of my head), along with making Levi spend his AP Transferring Life, which then will drain health from the entire crew. Thoughts?
  15. Davos


    When you think about it, all the C7 are very strong versatile models. Which is good since there should good/strong non-keyword models in faction. Is Pride (and the rest) strong? Very much so. IS it game breaking? I don't think so (though I'll concede I haven't seen much testing involving them). Also, as a Business decision, it makes sense they would be strong models, since you have to buy the entire set to get one, so its in Wyrd's best interest for them to be strong across the board to generate revenue, on very specialty models. Again, going back to the Non-keyword models, its good for the game (and Wyrd)
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