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  1. Vs has a specific set of Upgrades - Called Equipment - that he (or Steam Trunk) can attach using their actions. The Generic Outcast Upgrades (Servent of Dark Powers, Wanted Criminal, and Solider for Hire) are only hireable during crew building
  2. So, will Gencon on the approaching horizon, I'm eyeing up new masters to learn to add to my arsenal of Von Schill and Levi. Which do you recommend? And what are your lists you like with them? I want be able to bring at least 3, ideally 4 masters for the Tyrant Tournament
  3. We have pretty good Card draw, or at least cycling; Engineers and Scanvenger w/Tools for the Job is awesome. I love them so much 😍 I've found Both Solider for Hire and Servant of Dark Powers decent. Hire is good cause Hard to Kill obive, but the minion ability to draw cards is really nice on the Freikorps Scout, cause it can do good solid damage and forces your opponenet to avoid its kill zone. Power is just nice for your more killy master or henchmen models, that 2 heal on kill is great
  4. Tara is about buffing enemy models with Fast, which in turn makes her own models/summons better. Its hard to explain, but looks very strong. I'm currently in love with how Von Schill plays. Insane damage potential due to prevalent and easily gained Focus to bump you into moderate damage (normally 4 or 3+crit strike), along with great mobility, survivable models, and just good overall models. Also, the Equipment Upgrades make for a highly flexible, customization crew that can adapt to whatever your needs are. I really want to get into Daw, I think he looks super cool, I've just been lazy and haven't built me models....my goal of soling him at the Schemes & Stones open this weekend isn't happening...oh well. Levi is really good, but for a new player, he might not be the most fun; he's very grindy and that can be boring to start out, until you figure out how to make him interesting/really unlock his tricks and whatnot. That being said, I think he's a great pick, his models are great: Rusty Aylice is INSANE, A&D is just cool, looks sick, and IMO Scavenger is one of the best support models in faction.
  5. I personally think Rusty is great. I'm sure I'll rapidly find out if she's not. I don't think her hitting damage on a negative is really a problem...thats the beauty of min3 damage right? As for bring all min3 shooting here, I welcome a challenge. I love a good gunline battle I've found Marlena and Scavenger really really nice models to use. Personal choice and all. I very likely could be wrong, I'll own that. I'll agree that Marlena is probably as not useful as I've been thinking she is, but I will hardcore stand by the Scavenger. It's Tools for the Job is amazing for cycle, and Weird Device is such a good support ability. Focus for a model, and then a host of quality triggers. The Mask 8in place is great for scheming, the Ram's 2 heal is wonderful, Fast is well worth 2 damage with the amount of healing open to an Outcast crew, and a Tome drawing a card is never bad. You'll always get some trigger, and almost all will give a benefit (unless you're at full health) and a 7 is easily doable
  6. You can readily provide her Focus, from the Scavenger (along with Fast or healing), which lets her ignore most concealment. With The focus from Scavenger, along with Fast, you can spend Fast as Concentrate for a second focus. Shoot once, then rapid fire, spending focus on both. Yes, her melee is blah, but you can easily disengage, as @Morgan Vening and still shoot. Kyodee and I discussed it at length on Schemes and Stones. I don't think its OP OP as he does, however, I truely think she's worth 10ss, I'm experimenting with bringing her into my Von Schill crew instead of Arik (who I find kinda blah) and using the Engineer to give her Shielding, healing (as she is a construct) and concealment or focus.
  7. I mean, I don't think they're meant to "last" as summoned models. they're cannon fodder, cause they are kinda blah models (if hired). In my mind, a summoned model that becomes a priority kill for my opponent, and thus is eating AP, from an Enforcer or some schemer runners, is a win. That IS their accomplishment. If they get to active, even better. As far as his hiring pool drastically shrinking, it does really suck, espcially after investing sizable amount of money into those models. However, for a Health-of-Game state, it was impossible to leave it anywhere near as large as M2e was; the balancing is much more practical now. Aboms are summon fodder. I don't think they're worth hiring, unless you intend to turn them into a Des oEngine right away (which I don't think is worth it, but thats a conversation for another time) I think there are a ton of great models for Levi (A&D, Marlena, Rusty ((WHO IS INSANE AND I LOVE HER)), Scanvger) and even Hans or Stalker or Emissary bring a lot to him as Versitale models. I also think the Freikorps Enigneer is good for LEvi, woth the +1 Keyword Tax, due to her Construct Heal + Shielding, which is just more ways to keep Rusty and her brokeass gun healthy and murdering people.
  8. Levi can still summon (along with Des Engine and A&D) after killing an enemy model in Melee and having the trigger. It is much more difficult, but still doable. Sadly he did lose is massive hiring pool, as well as the Riders.
  9. Of course, but its cute at least I caught my opponent last night out with it a couple times. Little buddy steamy killed a flesh construct and blinged McPosionFace for a coupe damage
  10. Also remember that 1) Its a business and does need to make money and 2) all previous sculpts from M1,M2, etc are fully game legal. You don't need to buy the new stuff if you don't want to./don't like how they look. All the old boxes are still available somewhere. I also know of people who really want the new stuff and are willing to sell their old models.
  11. Is the steam trunk allowed to use the attack actions from equipment upgrades? As written currently, I would argue yes. However, a totem getting a Sh6, 2/3/4, with Crit strike seems a LITTLE to strong. That being said, I'm totally gonna keep abusing it until Wyrd makes me stop
  12. Oops, you're right....welp I messed that up....not that it would have made a huge difference in this setting, but good to know. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. Perfect, that was my thinking/reasoning exactly. Its a good way to kill him to restore health.
  14. True, though since the Shield +2 gets reapplied when you attach it, it makes him a great cheap model to eat AP. or be a lone schemer. either way, I can see it being very useful in games
  15. So, I just had an interesting game, my Von Schilll against Ironsides, and was able to test out a very very very fun (for me at least) theory. We were playing Flank, Explosive Charges, with OutFlank in the pool, so I needed to spread out at few models to score my points. In looking at the Freikorps Crew, there aren't a ton of models that I felt comfortable sending out on their own, but I wanted to try having the Freikorpsmann as a Long Ranger-esque model. Hence, I took Outflank, loaded him with an Explosive Charge for the Strat and sent him on his way. The key, though, was I attached the Assualt Shielding Upgrade to him with Von Schill, which gave him Shield +2. This, coupled with the Equipment Ability where he can take a damage to NOT discard upgrades, lets you perma-cycle the Assault Shielding. Then, since the Freikorpsmann has a Tome trigger to heal, along with Reference the Field Guide to get a built in Tome, you can reliably heal to full attacking other minions (Survivalist is INSANE) Its not an insane OP OP combo or anything, but it turns a 5SS reliable minion into a legitimate schemer that will require at least a moderate amount of effort from your opponent to remove. Fun times.
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