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  1. It is a mistake i think... Maybe was left from enemy scheme markers...
  2. I dont care what would you click on my post. I got almost 100 malifaux games and the game is going down overall, remember my post, it is the last one here... Bringing broken models and then destroying a master because of them is not good plan...
  3. The worst thing in the game I ever seen, even the Kentauroi were better idea. I got the whole Ressers faction and planned to take all my missing last wave models at once, sorry, maybe aint gonna happen... And I'm not even playing Nico much... What a joke!
  4. This is exactly how i started, except at that time, there were no Reva&Emissary :)) With Nico you will need a box of Mindless Zombies, btw, i picked at that point Transmortis too, he just needs that investment (especially MZ)...
  5. I think he is the most buffed master from all the Ressers. Wyrd definitely listen the community, I liked him very much, always had fun, but now im really impressed. Yesterday I played against my GF with Molly. Used very simple and thematic list with him: 50 SS Resurrectionists Crew 
Seamus + 3 Pool
 - Sinister Reputation (1)
 - Aka Sebastian Baker (1)
 - Do You Know Who I Am? (1)
 Copycat Killer 
Madame Sybelle - Bleeding Tongue (1)
 - Admiration (1) 
Rogue Necromancy - Necrotic Preparation (1)
 Yin The Penangalan - My Little Helper (1)
 The Hanged 
Rotten Belle Strat: Public Executions, definitely not best for Molly. Took Dig their graves, new Seamus zero actions are amazing, throwing markers around really helps & Show of Force, mainly for Yin, but a lot of upgrades anyway. First two turns Seamus was at the right side of the table, turn 3 I moved him almost at the center of the board, where his sinister aura really started to shine. And then Molly rage quit lol. All the synergy worked at once - Yin's double Fear over Molly and Lovelace, bonus hit from the Rogue, Hanged from behind casting his whispers, fully healed Seamus... She managed to kill Sybelle with RJ and the belle with Punk Z. before that, but then her crew was almost devastated. She was unlucky with the cards too, and with all that debuffed wp and a lot of terrifying on my models just resigned...
  6. I'm curious about something. In Vintage point section is described that Rasputina has LoS to Lilith. (As it is on the diagram). No question about this, but for cover purpose - does Rasputina has cover from projectile attack if Lilith would be a shooting model if lets say Raspy is at 0,5'' form the edge.
  7. This is the most ICONIC deck i ever seen...
  8. I think damage tracking with app is useless just because the opponent can't see anything or must check your phone constantly. I even hate when my opponents use a lot of dice on cards, it just confuses me... One use die for remaining damage, the other for hits, sometimes dices are pushed and rolling, sometimes numbers on them cant be seen very cleary... Btw, I know that is not the topic for this, but would love to see in the Help area of the app terrain types and traits for them...
  9. Hi guys, I have a question about regular charge, without abilities included. So lets say model A tries to charge model B. There is a model between these two (C). Model A has a LoS to model B. From the rules, models are some kind of Impassible terrain. My question is - can model A charge successful model B if the only way to end up in engagement range is his base to move with some parts through model C's base? I suppose no... Am i right?
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