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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Wyrdos!! 😁 Me and my friends have played like this since M2E, but recently have been asked a question about triggers. So there it is "how can I have +2 dmg on critical strike or +2 poison on infect on minions since they don't always have the built in triggers?" Maybe I'm not understanding it right but there was my answer : with fate modifier (+ or - flip) you will have multiple card in the action's final duel. Wich possibly add a new suit in the duel so it is possible to have a +2 dmg on critical strike or infect that way. For exemple if a flesh construct use a melee action and for X reason he have a - flip on the attack and he's declaring a trigger (infect wich give poison +x where x is the number of crow in the action's final duel total). Now I have 2 card in the final duel (wich are crows for the situation) so I take the lowest cause of the - flip but the other suit is still there in the "action final duel total". So after the other model receive +2 poison cause of that. Or am I obligate to choose the suit of the card final duel and only that one? It is my interpretation of the rule so correct me if we are wrong 🤓
  2. Can a leader or henchman save against the sorrows ability or is it unsalable damage?
  3. Hi guys, I have a question about regular charge, without abilities included. So lets say model A tries to charge model B. There is a model between these two (C). Model A has a LoS to model B. From the rules, models are some kind of Impassible terrain. My question is - can model A charge successful model B if the only way to end up in engagement range is his base to move with some parts through model C's base? I suppose no... Am i right?
  4. The title says it all. I am new to the game and Marcus is my first crew. Thx for the help!
  5. This came up in a game a few days ago. My opponent hit an incorporeal model with a blast form a SH action and stated it takes full damage, I countered with the fact that it is from an SH action. Incorporeal reduces all damage this model suffers from an SH and MI action by half, so he relented. Later he had a model, Steam Arachnid, trigger overheat off of it MI action which causes all models with in 2 to suffer 2 damage after resolving. Once again, he clamed it ignore incorporeal as it is not MI damage. Note overheat is not a separate action. Reading the cards I believe that overheat and triggers similar to it as well as blasts are still part of their parent actions and would be half by incorporeal if the parent action is. What does everyone else think?
  6. I looked and couldn't find where it was ruled, or why it is assumed, that Rasputina's Ice Pillars stay in play when most effects end at the end of turns. Can someone point me in the direction of the ruling? I double-checked the rules manual and even pulled out the version 2 stat card to see if the duration was added. Nope. Help. :confused: :lilith :rasputina :ramos :marcus
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