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  1. I've got an issue with the build instructions for the Mysterious Emissary. Because of the way the arrows point I was trying to attach the circled bit to the lower right arm when it seems to be fitting perfectly on the right shoulder, a slot that according to the instruction doesn't get filled. Anyone else find the same?
  2. emiba

    Scheme's and Stones

    Welcome to the game. Malifaux is a fast changing game so just look at the date when each episode was published. Up to a year should be recent enough for your needs, anything older will still be valuable but changes to the game and new releases might mean that you need to do more research.
  3. I just had a look and Tara also has an actual hole in her torso and Karina is a different sculpt as well. The Wretches seem to be the same though.
  4. emiba

    July 2018 Errata

    You want Corpse bloat and My favorite shovel on Mortimer, each costing 2 ss if I remember correctly. So not 25 but 23.
  5. emiba

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Remind me again; how many games have you played with the changes? (Not aimed at anyone in particular. I just see a lot of "Nicodem is useless" without anyone actually putting him on the table to find out.) If you listen to tournament reports you would hear people quite frequently summoning 2 Kentauroi and something else. Being a good player doesn't make you draw better cards so I don't think 2 Kentauroi is a "Paper case" at all.
  6. emiba

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    I don't think he's irrelevant as a summoner. Sure, you're not going to summon 2 Kentauroi and a Hanged every turn but remember that since you're probably aiming at two summons a turn now, you've got corpses to spare for the full heal on Decay. I think he'll be toned down, I think people will sometimes take Kirai when they want a summoner but by no means do I think he was nerfed to the point where he becomes irrelevant.
  7. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Thanks, I tend to gravitate towards muted tones with a details with more vibrant colors. It's just personal preference, I love seeing a colorful model but when I see a well implemented paint job in muted/earthy tones it appeals to me in a different way.
  8. emiba


    A friend of mine here in Christchurch is from Yorkshire. Game over...
  9. emiba


    Gothenburg to Christchurch? I honestly thought Sweden would be both further west and further north compared to Prague.
  10. emiba


    Sorry mate, originally from Sweden, living in New Zealand, I think that's further... 😉
  11. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Had a painting session tonight. One more session and I should be able to call the painting on this one done.
  12. emiba

    POSITIVE AND negative modifiers

    That's exactly how it works: += Straight + = + =
  13. Since I enjoy watching other's progress, and to provide myself with a kick in the rear, I've decided to show my painting progress. I'm an excruciatingly slow painter because I just can't bring myself to paint below my full capacity and I don't paint regularly enough to become fast. Yet. Lately I've become a bit more regular in my painting and added a wet palette to my tools which have sped up my painting. Some. So without further ado, here's the currently finished models as well as what's currently on the painting table. Highest priority right now is the Hooded Rider and Mysterious Effigy to round out my starting campaign crew. (Also basing Mr. Graves and two Terror Tots, because painted but not based is just silly.) Currently finished. On the painting table. (I'm not only slow, I'm also unfocused/undisciplined.) The Tots have been finished since this picture was taken and the Effigy and Rider are further along. Some pictures of some of the finished models: (I'm considering to switch to a dark background, not sure which works best?)
  14. Congratulations on the new position Kai! I hope if there's a new henchmeister they'll do as good a job as you have!