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  1. Christchruch, Woolston Working Men's Club.
  2. Welcome one and all to Fiend or Faux! What: 3 rounds, 50 soulstones, GG1, Classic, Single faction When: Sunday 16th of August, first game starts at 9.30 AM so show up at 9.15 AM Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/589297975119411
  3. Take the hit and Terrifying both trigger after being targeted. Once a model declares Take the Hit, it is targeted and triggers 'after being targeted' on itself causing the attacking model to have to perform the WP duel. The second scenario is a little less clear cut but, seeing as again both effects trigger at the same timing step, I'd say it's up to the controlling player to decide the order. It's quite possible I'm missing something and is wrong though.
  4. Hi, I'm a hoarder who likes to keep track of scenarios I play or for events I run, but new setups always end up at the bottom of the list. Any chance we could see sorting the list of game setups? Secondly, I love the '&' feature of the card filtering, but I'd love to see an 'or' version so that I could find models that are in my keyword or versatile. ( e.g. Savage|Versatile ) Cheers!
  5. Oops, I went back and forth writing and left out half that sentence.
  6. Pool 3: Corner Symbols of Authority Symbols of Authority - Corner Deployment Claim Jump Catch and Release Let them Bleed Research Mission Spread them Out Theorycraft: So I decided on Von Schtook, mainly because I want to get more experience with him, but also, the mobility appealed to me. My idea was to make a strong presence in the center and send the Student of Viscera pick up Symbols. Corner makes me think that the center is going to be the route of choice and I know that @Maniacal_cackle likes to take claim jump on the Grave Golem (which he didn't). My idea was to take claim jump on the Necropunk because it's Sz 1 and with Valedictorian and Anna Lovelace taking up positions near the center, I should be able to leap into a position where line of sight would be blocked if his positioning was as aggressive as mine. For Catch and Release I was banking on that the Valedictorian or Anna being close to Vincent so an Undergraduate could By Your Side into him. They're probably not going to kill him in a turn and it will even give plausible deniability to not immediately be identified as Catch and Release. Battle report: My list: Von Schtook w/ The Whisper, 5 soul stones Research Assistant Anna Lovelace w/ Grave Spirit's Touch The Valedictorian Student of Viscera w/ Killer Instinct Undergraduate Necropunk Opponents master (or list if you have their whole list) Reva, 5 soul stones Corpse Candle x 2 Vincent St.Clair Grave Golem Lampad w/ Grave Spirit's Touch Lampad w/ Killer Instinct Shieldbearer Outcome and schemes I took: I got 3 points out of my schemes, I only missed the second point of Claim Jump because I forgot about the having to keep it above half health, so a good call to have the Grave Golem fling the corpse of a summoned Undergraduate at him. Summary of how it went: It wen't pretty much according to plan. Very defensive symbol position along with a strong aggressive position in the center caused Reva to act as a Symbols collector and kept her out of the center scrum. It also meant that he didn't have enough resources to break into the center, he managed to contest it until the end but not control it. I also got lucky killing the actual Claim Jumper (Lampad with GST) before it had a chance to do it's thing. It was a bit over exposed and with Valedictorian with an Academic Zeal upgrade already engaging it at 4 or 5 wounds at the start of turn 2 I couldn't resist bringing it down to bring in another model. All Symbols was collected on both sides and the game ended 7-6. If I had had my brains in place I would probably have acted differently with the Valedictorian and went after the other Lampad who was doing Catch and release. As it were it scored one symbol point and 2 C&R points. It would also have been more in line with my idea to pull her back from the center once the necessary scheming had been done to help protect my symbols. A good close game, but once I took out the claim jumper and most of the other crew was committed to the center or picking up Symbols, I really only had to score my points and not worry about denying. Things I would do differently: Not cheat with the zombify trigger on Anna Lovelace... Remember that the Claim Jumper needs to be above half health Remember which model my opponent had catch and release on Special notes on the Student of Viscera: With Killer Instinct, it's so fast. Unimpeded, Ambush, Deadly pursuit. I picked up a symbol with a Necropunk because I could, otherwise the Student of Viscera could have done it pretty much by himself. He's also tanky enough that if the opponent does go for him, it's going to cost him in actions, and if he doesn't kill him it can deadly pursuit out of engagement. In a different crew, with a Carrion Emissary, he can move a whooping 28" (unimpeded) on turn 1 with fast from Von Schtook.
  7. Wow. I feel really dumb for missing the living only cost on the trigger. 😣 Definitely had a large impact as we interpreted "does not Drop any Markers" as meaning that it didn't drop any pyre Marker from it's demise ability. I still think that's the right interpretation (?) but the living only cost would have prevented that from happening. And I know that affects how @Maniacal_cackle acted around Anna as we talked about it after the game.
  8. My one worry with this crew is that you are really making it valuable for your opponent to go after Valedictorian and Von Schtook without much in the way of deterrence. Valley always have a target painted on her head simply because of what she can do and in this pool she will award 3 tokens and potentially 2 Vendetta points. Your opponent can choose Vendetta on Valley and Assassinate and focus only on your two biggest threats and also be rewarded with bounty tokens. If you are not the killier crew (which seems unlikely) I think this crew will struggle. It's ballsy taking a schemy approach to this pool but I'm not sure if this crew can pull it off against a killier crew. Breakthrough is probably reasonably easy, but the other two schemey schemes are Leave Your Mark which forces you to put your threats in the middle, essentially serving them up to Vendetta and Assassinate, and Runic Binding which could allow you to avoid killing but feels hard. Potentially you can set up the markers around the center, but at that point you are going to have to put down a minimum of 10 scheme markers for 4 points for your schemes. You could probably do Vendetta though by pouncing something with Valley and by your side in an undergraduate end of turn and have Valley slice it up the next turn. I might just be overly pessimistic because I often get smashed though! 😝
  9. It probably helped that I'd played Lucius myself the week before. And Lucius has ways to replenish his hand while I had terrible luck matching suits to draw cards so I felt like I'd be trading down. It didn't feel right to discard a card when I could be prevented from cheating and I didn't even have all that good of a hand to cheat with even if he didn't discard for the negative. As for the flanking I was essentially on the inside of the marker with 2 50mm bases, so I didn't even feel too far from the center. All the while bodyblocking access to the Necropunk.
  10. Battle report: Von Schtook vs Lucius (Guild) My list: Von Schtook w The Whisper, 5 ss Research Assistant Valedictorian w Grave Spirit's Touch Carrion Emissary Student of Viscera w Killer Instinct (lodestone) Undergraduate Necropunk Opponents master (or list if you have their whole list) Lucius, 1 ss The Scribe Agent 46 w Lead Lined Coat Alan Reid Doppelganger Guild Lawyer Pathfinder False Witness (lodestone) Changeling Outcome and schemes I took: We called it 6-5 to me at the end of turn 3. I think I could potentially have scored a seventh point and there was a lot of assuming every flip went his way for my opponents 5th point, but it's a friendly game, it's a win and we called it with 2 turns to go so I can't say for certain. My opponent took Breakthrough and Hidden Martyrs on Agent 46 and the Changeling. By fluke I killed them both in the same activation (and turned Agent 46 into a Student of Viscera). I had considered Leave Your Mark but with Lucius being able to discard to make my scheme marker his own, I just didn't feel comfortable with it so I went for Breakthrough and Take Prisoner on the False Witness. The Necropunk scored both breakthrough points by himself. Summary of how it went: It went pretty much according to plan. Turn 1 Von Schtook gave most everyone focus, put the Academic Zeal upgrade on the Valedictorian and made the Valedictorian and the Student of Viscera fast. The Valedictorian, Student of Viscera and Necropunk went up my left flank with the Valedictorian getting a potshot off on Alan Reid guarding the top left Ley Line marker and the Student of Viscera just missing out due to not having a charge lane. The Undergraduate dropped in with By Your Side and punked him with a surprise severe on a negative flip leaving Alan on 1 wound. Alan staggered the Valedictorian and tried to strangle her in return but only managed one hit for 2 after armor. Agent 46 went after the Student of Viscera and brought him down to half wounds. The Scribe pulled Alan Reid out of the meat grinder. The Carrion Emissary, the Research Assistant moved up toward the center. Turn 2 the Student ran for the hills (or at least my left hand home Ley Line marker), the Valedictorian shoved Agent 46 aside to get to Alan but by that time I didn't have focus left and forgot that Alan could discard to give a negative to the attack so in the end it took the Carrion Emissary blasting off the Scribe (who faded away) to do away with Alan Reid. The Necropunk leapt into the top left corner and dropped a scheme marker for breakthrough. The Scribe reappeared to give focus to Agent 46, the Doppelganger and something else, then the Undergraduate by your sided to the Valedictorian and punked the Scribe for a severe on a negative. I made him drop a scheme marker I didn't need from VS's ability, to see if I could get my opponent to ditch a card to make it his own with Lucius and he did. The False Witness claimed the center Ley Line marker and a trap engaged the Carrion Emissary to keep him on the wrong side of the forest. The Doppelganger mimiced the Pathfinder's gun and managed a moderate on a double negative on an Analyze Weakness-ed Student of Viscera to bring him to a single wound. (Von Schtook had healed him for one earlier, phew...) Turn 3 I started by getting the Student of Viscera in position behind a forest to Deadly Pursuit onto my home right Ley Line marker and after my opponent let slip that he figured he could still get to it with his pathfinder I moved the Carrion Emissary (as the closest model) into base contact with the center marker as an insurance policy. Unfortunately I failed to account for the Doppleganger copying Obey from the Laywer and kindly request he get away from the marker. (Awesome use of focus and good flipping by my opponent.) As predicted the Pathfinder also shot the Student of Viscera to bits after the Lawyer obeyed him to move into position. Valedictorian concentrated and attacked Agent 46, I cheated in a mask for Shove Aside and took a second attack on the Changeling, and managed to one-shot it before flurrying and stomping Agent 46, replacing him with a new Student of Viscera. The Necropunk dropped a scheme marker, leapt and dropped another scheme marker. I don't remember exactly what my opponent did with Lucius and the Lawyer but they did what they are supposed to do, relayed their actions where needed and it was quite effective and annoying, without it the Student of Viscera would have been safe behind the forest and able to claim the bottom right marker on turn 3 which would have given me a whole lot more opportunity to deny his Breakthrough and score my own last strategy point. At this point we called it and confirmed points were 3-2 (2 strategy + 1 Breakthrough vs 2 Strategy). I had my entire crew left (except not the original Student of Viscera) although the Research Assistant was at 1 wound. He had Lucius, Doppelganger, a Lawyer, a Pathfinder and a False Witness. My guess would have been that I could have finished Breakthrough with the Necropunk and handed over the lodestone to someone to claim the center marker while sending my full contingent of flankers after the Pathfinder and False Witness, with Von Schtook in position to make them fast before doing so. I also still had 2 soul stones to ensure a Shove Aside trigger on the Valedictorian for Take Prisoner. Things I would do differently: I like how the crew played. I didn't flurry a lot with Valedictorian because of Lucius' hand punishing shenanigans, Execute triggers and ability to discard to give me negative. Discarding a card to take an attack on negative isn't worth it. So for things to do differently I'd say try to remember the Obeys and discard to give negatives to attack. Otherwise it worked pretty much as I envisioned/wanted it to.
  11. Being the Henchman in @Maniacal_cackle's meta and ambivalent Neverborn/Resurrectionists player, I'm taking Von Schtook into this pool tonight against Guild (unsure what master my opponent will bring). My list looks like this: Von Schtook with The Whisper, 5 stones Research Assistant The Valedictorian with Grave Spirit's Touch Carrion Emissary Student of Viscera with Killer Instinct Undergraduate Necropunk I'm considering dropping the Grave Spirit's Touch from Valedictorian for the extra stones. A smart opponent will also make sure to bring her down before she has a chance to benefit from the regeneration. The idea is to load up Valedictorian with fast early and have her as a deterrent and then go hard on one flank with the Student of Viscera (with the lodestone), Valedictorian, Necropunk and potentially By your side the Undergraduate in if he goes for the flankers. Meanwhile the rest goes to fortify the center. If he goes for the center, the flankers minus Necropunk swing back toward the center. I'll probably go for Breakthrough with the Necropunk and Take Prisoner using what I call the "Take Prisoner triggers" on Valedictorian or Undergraduate. (Push target then push the attacker.) Kirai would have been my second choice. Seishin can make the crew super mobile (with a bit of luck) and Jakuuna would be an amazing anchor for holding the center.
  12. Welcome one and all to Wong's Wongky Wizardry Warfare! What: 3 rounds, 50 soulstones, GG0, Classic, Single faction When: Sunday 8th of March, first game starts at 9.30 AM so show up at 9.15 AM Expect chaotic scenarios. One list will be unlikely to fit all.
  13. @Caedrus Final check in for the year, Reva at 15 stones. And finally, the entire crew box painted. This crew has taught me a lot about skin tones and NMM, even if I haven't mastered either yet.
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