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  1. While it's not super clear, "when resolving" happens on the last step of the action timing, after the duel and alters the effect of the action. Now, models are not affected by shockwave effects unless they fail the test so I would think that they'd still have to perform the duel and fail to be pushed.
  2. I'd personally love to see a female Sebastian as that would allow me to field an all female/weird creations McMourning crew.
  3. Definitely. Adding a new Nephilim is going to be a nightmare. If a model really shouldn't be grown into, add an ability to prevent it. Or, simpler yet, make it Nephilim minion with this ability exactly 1sz larger.
  4. Just make it so they can grow into a Nephilim minion 1 size bigger than themselves. There, fixed it. 😝
  5. You're getting none from me. Unless silent, internal screams work. In that case; you're welcome. Edit: Also, I've got some Goryo ordered so if you have any high energy use process you need to run, you can start that up...
  6. It's not a Wyrd miniature without some form of delicate feature that breaks off the first time you take it out of your case. Without them there would be no tears to power Wyrd HQ. 😉
  7. Would you mind telling me a video that shows this?
  8. I disagree. While the price is 8, the cost it's most often 0. If I took Kirai as a second master, I would not hire Ikiryo. If I could not summon her, I would buy something else for 8 stones 100% of the time. She's good, I'm not saying otherwise but at 6 wounds and df 3. She'd not be worth 8 stones.
  9. And from what I've read, no one thinks Kirai or Dreamer are overpowered. Maybe this is only a problem of perception? Because maths is only one stride of it, unless you can come up south a reliable algorithm to calculate how much each ability on a card puss worth and what factor to use for having synergistic abilities on the same card. I'm pretty sure that the cost of Ikiryo is what it is because Kirai can summon it and the cost decides the TN.
  10. Hi, super new to TTB. The destiny part mentions that the fated will either have to accept or rebel against their destinies. Are there actual rules for refusing your destiny or is it merely, "this is how the FM planned the session and that didn't happen..."?
  11. My pledge for March will be a Draugr and a Shieldbearer. I think. I might change my mind. Or just paint more minis. 😝
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned or the description is off, but you can't place the idol in base contact with a model.
  13. @Caedrus It's 12 stones for me. (In M2E costs, 13 in M3E)
  14. In short; yes. 🙂 Started out white, added yellow to most of it, trying to blend the yellow into the white. (Man, blending to/from white is a pain...) Then went on to a light green. Realized I left to much white, went back and redid the entire white to yellow stage, added some more green and then blended into a darker green.
  15. Thank you. I tend toward muted, earthy tones but I'm also trying to keep a red thread within the crew. With Reva's new thing being fire, and I imagine that being more of an unnatural, magical/ghostly fire, I imagined them being part ghost, part fire spirits. So this yellow/green is the same as the fire on my Lampads. Once I get around to my alt Reva, the fire on her will be the same.
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