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  1. emiba

    darkhora's Guild

    Overall l think you did well! If I can make one suggestion it's that it's a tiny bit bright. I always do a first glaze layer of a darker purple which gives it a bit of variance and makes it slightly darker.
  2. Haha, fair enough. Swearing and Vallejo Glaze Medium featured heavily in the painting of said Lampads as well. 😂
  3. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    I used to be the same, but then I realized it's a missed opportunity to paint. 😁
  4. I'd love to know how you painted the skin on the three rightmost ones. They're all gorgeous though.
  5. That checkered pattern on the shield... Really stunning work as always.
  6. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Alright, here are my options. I think I like the bright marble the least. Though now I almost feel like I should try a white marble...
  7. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    So, after painting nearly exclusively Neverborn since my first crew, Seamus, I'm switching over to Resurrectionists again. My plan was to rather unoriginally do cobblestone/pavement bases but paint the lip rust, like my Killjoy. Then I had the idea to do a marble effect on the lip instead and now I can't make up my mind. I guess I'll just finish one of each for the Lampads and see which one I like best. Either way, I'd like to hear your opinions. First the look of the center of the base. It's not done, it'll have some gray highlights added to it. Next, the marble effect. Here in a medium dark gray. Could also do lighter or darker. Finally, Killjoy with his rust colored base lip.
  8. emiba

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Hello, my name is Emil and I'm a hobby butterfly. I haven't finished my Nephilim yet. But I've finished Killjoy as seen in the monthly painting challenge thread and now these guys. Alt Reva made me do it...
  9. emiba

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    I didn't even think that far. Good thought.
  10. emiba

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    So, this month we're using M2E costs, right? 😯 Do we switch to M3E costs when the open beta starts or when it's properly released?
  11. Fair point, l might give it a try on a spare piece of wood.
  12. Thanks! That's a good suggestion and something I didn't think of. My Neverborn are all based on a swamp/dead forest theme though and the trees I include are all grayish. If anything, I'd make it a pale green gray. Which leads me to the next topic. I'm lazy and find basing the most boring part of the process. So all my "dead trees" are driftwood straight off the beach. 😁
  13. It's a tip I picked up a long time ago. First there's a purple wash/glaze, then there's a darker, vibrant red glaze over it. I use normal paint and glaze medium. You can stipple them to mix and look a bit irregular. The important part is you want it to be translucent. Then there's a gloss varnish over the top.
  14. In the end I went with purple gray and I'm quite happy with the result. Not only did I not need my Mulligan for the first month (yay!) but I even finished with 4 weeks to spare. It won't be a habit... I even think it might be my best model to date...