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  1. Welcome one and all to Wong's Wongky Wizardry Warfare! What: 3 rounds, 50 soulstones, GG0, Classic, Single faction When: Sunday 8th of March, first game starts at 9.30 AM so show up at 9.15 AM Expect chaotic scenarios. One list will be unlikely to fit all.
  2. @Caedrus Final check in for the year, Reva at 15 stones. And finally, the entire crew box painted. This crew has taught me a lot about skin tones and NMM, even if I haven't mastered either yet.
  3. Something like this? It's reasonably easy. I started from a light warm gray (I think Vallejo Stonewall gray mixed with white) and worked my way up to white. A few of the deepest recesses got a wash with a light blue gray.
  4. @PetitDalek, here's the WIP shots of Reva.
  5. @dzlier I have a memory of being able to rearrange the order of setups by tapping and holding and then dragging but this seems to not be working anymore? Was I just dreaming that? On Android, v1.0.9.
  6. I was intimidated too but it's actually easier than I thought. The horse have well defined muscles so just decide on a shade, then go for it, the model will tell you where highlights go. OSL from the flames on the other hand... 😱 I'll see if I can post a wip picture when I get home.
  7. I realize I've been lax with posting start of month photos and... I'm not going to change! 😝 It's been a great year and at times I've thought I'd have to drop out but I've managed to pull through and don't intend to fall on the finish line. This month I'm finishing my alt Reva and probably will be doing so this week. With living halfway across the world (literally) from my family, when they "pop over" for a few weeks in mid-December, I doubt there will be much painting once they're here. Once they leave I'll see how I feel about the 2020 painting challenge. Thanks for running the challenge this year @Caedrus and great work everyone who's participated, whether finishing or not, it's been inspiring to see all your work!
  8. Lo and behold! It is not the last minutes of the last day (not even here) and I'm done! They were even done two days ago, I've just been struggling to get decent photos due to light conditions. But here they are, three Shieldbearers, the NMM on the shields very much inspired by Serpentariums gorgeous Shieldbearers. @Caedrus this is my 18 points for November.
  9. Are there supposed to be any Brine and Bones boxes in that shipment as well?
  10. Better late than never! November 2-3 @ Woolston working men's club 5 rounds 50 soulstones It's my first real tournament and I'm super excited about players flying in from the north island!
  11. Some next level painting inn this thread for sure! @Wintergloom and @PetitDalek, I'm loving your palette colors and brush work is excellent. @Chou, really loving how you make your colors both muted and vibrant at the same time. The yellow isn't just yellow, it's mustard yellow, the red isn't just red, it's a pale red. Lots of great work overall!
  12. Right on the finish line again. @Caedrus, 3 x Bultungin (5) for 15.
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