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Found 12 results

  1. This is my 3rd topic and its all about necromancers! I’ll upload my progress on ressurectionists slowly but surely. I started to paint the faction with the first miniature I bought for malifaux - Seamus the Red Chapel killer. Seamus is one of the best (in my opinion) when it comes to the model itself (just look at his nasty smile) and fluff. NOTE: I actually repaint Seamus as I didn't liked my previous result (painted last year). The old one looked like this: The new version felt faaaaar better, especially his face. Next coming are: - Carrion Emissary - Asura Roten - Mindless Zombies
  2. Good news, in the space of me making my last post and now, I have found my laptop bag! It was somehow at my house despite multiple people telling me that I’d left it somewhere! There’s a comment I vaguely remember about gift horses and mouths, so I shall not dally on this any longer. New thread time! Yes, It’s time for yet another of these repositories of homebrew insanity, but this one is far closer to my first, insofar as it’ll have singular large aspects that require a huge commitment to see how they do what they do, but rather individual bits and pieces that can be played with by Fatemasters and fated alike, but as you can probably guess by the title, this time around, we’re messing with a rather hush-hush kind of new toy I said it and I meant it, this isn’t going to be a carbon copy of Robots, though it may share similar elements with it. it took me a little while to accrue some of the facts for this dumb little thread (and a good bit of awkward googling) I finally feel confident in actually dropping this monstrosity like a sack of potatoes. Also, this is thread may be edited, I’m going to check the various features in TTS once I get it, and depending on some of the content, some crunch may be added or altered gently I’m actually going to put in a little bit of a general content warning here. The big difference in this thread from robots is that this one is going to involve the making of these zombie accessories, and a decent number of the gruesome details involved therein. If you don’t want to see some weird stuff, this thread isn’t for you. Then again, I also feel that in the insanity of the ressers faction as a whole, this warning is also kinda moot because let’s face it guys, if you’ve paged through the core books, you’re probably a bit more than ready more than ready for this kind of stuff. As per the suggestion of the mods, I’m going to be spoiler my posts in this threads. So once again, a bit of blood and minor guts are in this thread. This is creative necromancy people, not your daddy’s one and done zombies. If you’re going to make a cool zombie, you’re gonna have to desecrate a few corpses. As one final disclamer, I’d usually say don’t do this, or don’t try this at home, but really now I just don’t want to be held accountable. Anybody that would isn’t going to be stopped by any sort of gentle advisory, that’s what swat teams and/or exorcists are for
  3. I started making some Neverborn wallpapers in that area of the forum... figured I'd make one for you guys... Stopped and started editing it a few times and didn't realize I left the edges of the Ressers seal pixelized until it was too late... Hope you enjoy it anyway!
  4. The sweet smell of death, the screams in the air, tears will be shed, and the zombies will spread this I Swear! Going with the flow of the recycling campaings, I decided to go with the greatest of them all! Conversion into Mindless Zombies! My goal is that every game where I have access to mindless zombies, I will attempt to turn an Enforcer (preferbly a character) or higher rank model into a Mindless Zombie using a Mindless Zombie. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be glorious? Hell yeah! Let's do this! Current ways of raising initial Zombies Manical Laugh Guild Autopsy Current list of conversions Sonnia was turned into a Mindless Zombie by a Mindless Zombie! Suggested side-quest from MasterDisaster is to end the game with 15+ Mindless Zombies on the table. It will happen!
  5. Today I found a box of victorian based zombies and I HAD to buy them to use for the future in a Nicodem based game. I generally prefer to purchase the original models and not to use proxies. Problem is, I really dislike the MZs Wyrd has to offer. I just think the models are too dull and boring to fit in with the awesome models the game has otherwise to offer. So on this rare occasion I purchased proxies. (I will probably end up ordering 10 MZ cards from the shop, so I have them to accompany the game.) Here they are:
  6. I am currently working on painting up a Malifaux Gang. The gang is lead by Nicoderm who is supported by a trio of Flesh Constructs as heavy hitters (unfortunately the cool alternate miniature only became available after I had purchased a second model and a 3rd party miniature to convert up my extra 2) followed around by a shambling crew of various undead minions, zombie hookers and heaps of shambling hordes. I have mixed in a heap of alternate manufacturer zombies to my shambling hordes to mix things up a little and keep everything interesting. The other side to my project is building up a large medievil village including a castle for my zombies to infest. I am using buildings from a range of different maufacturers including: http://www.kobblestone.ca/ http://www.tabletop-world.com/ http://www.ziterdes.de/ziterdes/de/
  7. Since steve has pimped it here yet, i figured i would: Spyglass is currently soliciting opinions and interest for the following: drop by and add your two cents worth here: http://heresyminiatures.com/forumofdoom/index.php?topic=8755.0
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