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  1. Sweet, thanks. That is what I thought, but since it was not specifically allowed, I started second guessing myself.
  2. Seamus’s upgrade “Do You Know Who I Am?” grants the ability Create Fear which does a 2/3/4 damage flip after a horror duel is passed. Can this flip be cheated?
  3. Just played a game with (symbols of authoritay, make them suffer (or whatever it is now), setup, the new frame for murder? Something else, I took new frame and make them suffer : Zipp, Gift of Gab, Dread Pirate and one other I forget The First Mate, Treasure Map, When the Captain's Not Looking Sparks Iron Skeeter, Spotlight Iron Skeeter, Airship 4x Bayou Gremlins and I played against Collodi. Was a really fun game, I ended up winning 7-4. We both took the same schemes, and both of us were afraid of killing big things because of the frame, so both of our suckers were alive at the end of the game (I had the skeeter with airship, he had it on Widow Weaver). It was a really fun game, Zipp is crazy fun to play.
  4. There's apparently a discussion with the winner here -https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-quf3p-87a76d I am listening at lunch (it is Arcane Reservoir) @Psientologist
  5. I’m thinking of dipping a toe in rezzers and have the basic models for the hatter (belles, doxies, totem, sybelle, along with the mcmourning box, avatar/emissary). worth dipping a toe? Plus what are the must haves I’m missing?
  6. How do you import crews into the encounter?
  7. Declared Faction: Gremlins Crew Name: Ophelia 50ss Leader: Ophelia LaCroix - Cache:(3) Useless Junk 1ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Francois LaCroix 8ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Quality Mash Liquor 2ss Iron Skeeter 6ss Poorly Handled Explosives 1ss Pere Ravage 6ss Gremlin See 1ss Raphael LaCroix 6ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Iron Skeeter 6ss Hovering Airship 1ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss I played two games yesterday back to back. First game was Public Execution against Pandora (new upgrade, poltergeist, widow weaver, barbaros, reporter, two wisps, insidious madness maybe something else? Turn 1 I gave Raphael a ride forward, gave him fast, recklessed him, and had Ophelia threaten him to focus. He was able to get to the widow weaver and shoot her twice with focused shots and put her down. (Red Joker helped). I wasn’t expecting to kill her, so gave up a point but killing her on turn 1, but it was worth it because of those stupid web markers. Turn 2 Ophelia gunned down Pandora. I felt kind of bad, but it was obviously a pretty resounding win (I think 9-1?) Declared Faction: Gremlins Crew Name: Zipp 50ss Leader: Zipp - Cache:(4) The Dread Pirate Zipp 1ss The Gift Of Gab 1ss Earl Burns 3ss Trixiebelle 8ss A Gun For a Lady 1ss Dirty Cheater 1ss The First Mate 9ss Where The Captain Can't See 1ss Airship Spotlight 1ss Iron Skeeter 6ss Hovering Airship 1ss Raphael LaCroix 6ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Second up with against Yan Lo (10t), whom I had only faced in rezzers and a while back and didn’t have a hard time. I wanted to try Zipp out and we had Symbols of Authoritay. This Yan Lo had the new upgrades and on turn 1 was doing crazy terrible things to me. By turn 3 he was fast, instinctual, and just generally wrecking my entire list. I still had fun though, and the Dread Pirate upgrade was awesome. I was able to drop Izamu on his head a couple of times and kill him, same with Chiaki. One of the Bayou Gremlins I summoned with the Dread Pirate actually held Izamu up and I went back against him to kil the next turn. “Ha ha you fool, I am not the Dread Pirate Zipp!”as the bayou rips off the mask. Twenty minutes later “Oh wait, I actually AM Zipp you fool! HA HA” as he rips off another mask, revealing him to actually be Zipp. Definitely a fun master.
  8. Not sure where to post bugs, but I am unable to add multiple Young La Croix to an Ophelia list without changing the setting to allow illegal lists.
  9. You couldn't take Little Lass with Wong though, right?
  10. Since it is UK Nationals, I assume that the competition was fierce the entire time. I don't know what lists were played for the rest of the tourney. I posted it somewhat flippantly because the salt in the bayou has been laid on pretty thick.
  11. The rumor of our death was greatly exaggerated? edit (updated title from nationals to masters)
  12. the stubborn example is correct. Also the timing for triggers can be tricky, make sure you read them closely. On success, and on damage are two very different things (not in regards to the Zipp question, just in general).
  13. You could mitigate it, but in book 1 that was kind of the Kin's schtick - they were more disciplined and so didn't have the same randomness - proving the rule by being the exception.Having to declare triggers, Pig Charge, and by not having Bayou Two Card just as 3 examples of inherent randomness. There were options that you could buy to mitigate that luck dependence, things like Somer saying do it like dis, and Lenny handing out a suit that you could declare, having a gremlin within 2" of a pig. They have been moving away from that since then, because it is fundamentally flawed from a balance standpoint to be super swingy.
  14. I think the issue is that Gremlins original design philosophy was kind of to embrace randomness. That randomness can make things more fun when things go well, but less fun when they don't, with the opposite experience from whomever you are facing. That is also why the more competitive* players tend to shy away from Gremlins in general and that they don't have as many top table wins - when you are playing to maximize your chance of winning, it is imperative to minimize the effect of randomness. * I hate the use of competitive in this way and wish that there were a different word. I play to win every single game and am competitive, but often build less than ideal lists because I like theme.
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