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Found 25 results

  1. What has been successful for you guys? What does turn 1 look like for everyone? Especially interested in Reva player, what does turn 1 look like for set up? Molly? McMourning? If you find success in your games and think you have a good turn 1 that sets you up for success, I would love to hear it! I currently just double pulse out focus to the entire crew (with any master), its nice but I think there might be better out there.
  2. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Arcanists Rasputina/ December Rasputina vs. Dr. McMourning - 3/14/2020 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 7-3 - Win Bayou Wong/ Wizz-Bang Wong vs. Youko - 5
  3. Hi, some people have this ability. But whats does it mean? 1 they gain shielded +1 and nothing except if some models give other effet to hazardous terrain? 2 They gain shielded +1, lose 1 health, and suffer additional effect if some models give other effet to hazardous terrain? Thanks
  4. This is essentially a log of Reva crews I use/plan to use, along with notes on performance, pros, cons, and average player level analysis of Reva's strengths and weaknesses overall. Maybe it'll become a tactica/tacical, but either way I'll log my thoughts here as I improve my own Reva game play. Reva Box Contents 1. Models: Reva, Vincent St. Clair, 2x Corpse Candles, 3x Shield Bearers, 2. Upgrades: a. Reva i. Guises of Death (Limited), Beyond Death (Limited), Blood Mark, Litany of the Fallen b
  5. Greetings everyone. This is it, the time has come for me to pick my first master. I still can't decide if I will start with Reva or Seamus. I like both miniatures (with a preference for Reva), I've read a lot and enjoy both playstyles, so here is my question : 99% of my games will be played against my wife, who picked up Titania as her starter. We both play for fun, so I don't want to overhelm her every game, and I don't want to get crushed either. In your opinion, which of these two masters would be the most balanced opponent for Titania and why ? Thank Yo
  6. Hello! My name is snow and I’m new to these forums so please don’t yell at me if I put this in the wrong place!!!! ———————————————— I’ve played friendly games of malifaux for about 9 months now as Reva, but I only had gremlins players to play against. I won most of my games cuz the gremlins would blow themselves up to do damage/heal others and leave me with some nice corpse markers to target them :) More recently my girlfriend started to show up and hang out during the games so we taught her how to play and let her join in a few. After a game or two she decided to get a box set,
  7. Howdy I am starting to dig Reva and wanted some pointers of key models for her crew. Currently I own : Molly's crew box Seamus's crew Nico's crew necro punks rogue necro dead doxies Any thing you would consider a must have with Reva?
  8. Heyo guys! So, days ago I asked for help, I couldn't choose between Guild and Ressers. Now, I'm sure I'm going to play Ressers but I'd like to know your opinion about the master. I'm having troubles choosing between Seamus and Reva. I like the first one because atm I play Perdita, and I enjoy doing big dmg shooting. Also, he comes with 3 rotten belles, so I will enjoy them for sure with most of the other masters. I really like his teleporting and blasting faces once per turn while the rest of the crew do their duties. Then, I like Reva because of her beating from distance through her co
  9. From the album: Alex-dan's Resurrectionists

    A lot of WIP still...

    © Alex Danev @ 2018

  10. Last game against Ramos made me think on what are our choices against him, but even other Summoners in general. Kang can be good, as many summons are Construct or Undead, Taelor can be another choice (now with the price drop), but do we have an effective way to take care of markers (countering in this way Reva too) or multiple models like Arachnids at the same time? What's your Strategy to avoid being out-activated?
  11. The Resurrectionist minion Shieldbearer has the following ability: "Chosen: If this model would be killed and it does not have a Soulbound Upgrade attached, it is not killed. It heals all damage and attaches a Soulbound upgrade ignoring all restrictions, then places a Corpse Marker in base contact with itself." In my last game, my opponent was playing Pandora. I had a Shieldbearer, with 2 wounds remaining, who failed a Wp check within range of four separate effects. Each effect caused 1 damage from the failed Wp check. My question is, when is a model 'killed'? In this ins
  12. Hey all. Just had a game against Zipp using Reva. It did not go well... Before I get into it, here's the rough breakdown: 50ss, Headhunter, scheme pool - claim jump, undercover entourage, leave your mark, dig their graves, mark for death. My crew: Reva (guises of death, litany of the fallen, maniacal laugh), Toshiro (command the graves), Bete Noire (my little helper), Forgotten Marshall, 2x Shieldbearer, 2x Crooligan. Schemes: Claim jump, leave your mark His crew (from memory): Zipp, Earl Burns, Fingers, The First Mate, Ronin, Jetpack LaCroix girl (?), 2x Iron Skeet
  13. I had a weird situation at my last tournament, luckily 95 % of the time I can just answer by heart. Anyway player 1 had a TT model with smoke grenades "Enemy models targeting this model with an attack action from further than 6" away suffer to the attack flip." Player 2 had an attacking Reva 10" away but the corpse candle she was using was 4" away. She measures range and LoS from the corpse candle but I ruled the attacking model was still targeting the TT model from further than 6" away. Thoughts?
  14. Salutations! During my online travels last night I began a journey to find some neat Lovecraftian miniatures in which to purchase for collection purposes and stumbled across this excellent game. I've spent my night reading the lore, learning the factions and characters within and whatever else I can (without yet being able to purchase) of the Malifaux universe. I am enamored! When last year I thought Bloodborne was a game pulled straight from my greatest desires I now find Malifaux?! It's all too much, I've waited my whole life for gaming to come to this! So after my researching and di
  15. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that
  16. Hi All! I've recently started playing Ressers after about a year Playing my Ten Thunders. I've started with Reva and I'm really enjoying her play style. I've got two 50ss games in and they've been a lot of fun (1 draw and 1 win last night)! One thing that I've been struggling to figure out is how to get the best of Reva's upgrades. At the moment most of her Reva specific ones are coming across a little underwhelmingly... Firstly LITANY OF THE FALLEN vs DECAYING AURA I've been running her with DECAYING AURA and I've been happy with it. For me it's gonna be one or the other and I k
  17. I missed the whatever pre release sale and missed Reva. Any idea when she's going to be released? I kinda need her... lol If there is a thread already talking about this just let me know.
  18. Thought experiment for you *good* Outcasts players: Under what circumstances would you play Hamelin against Reva? What models or tactics do you utilize to make up for the fact that, at my first blush, he seems to be about as poorly suited to face her as a Master can be? I ask because I was just talking it over with a friend and it seems like Reva's ability to drop corpses in the back field puts a lot of pressure on Hamelin to not do his normal rat shuffle if he had that in mind and he seems to be poised to give her a LOT of corpse markers with his normal crew/tactics.
  19. I've found this one on Facebook and thought it's an interesting one: Can a corpse candle kill itself with (0)The Essence Remains if it has no legal targets nearby to use one of the attack's options(benefits) on?
  20. Hi all! - tired of reading about all of the fine new models in book 4. I have just the solution for you! A new episode of Arcane Reservoir is out and available for your listing pleasure and this time they are talking all about the dead ones from wave 4. With 2 very good Resurrectionist players and one giant radioactive lizard its well worth a download! You can check it out here - http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/ or through your normal means
  21. Hey Gang, Just wondering how this should be correctly played with Reva's Strength of the Fallen. It Reads: When performing an Attack, if this model is not Engaged, this model may draw LoS and measure range for Ca Attacks from Corpse Markers within 18" and LoS. This Ability is ignored when determining Engagement. So the question is, and the way I presume it is meant to be played, is you essentially play it as the corpse marker is a Ht3, 30mm Reva that is attacking, would that be correct? As a height 0 model wouldn't be able to do or see shit, would that be correct? Cheers
  22. Hey y'all, unfortunatelly my friend screwed up our GenCon order and FORGOT to order my Reva box. I'm super bumed out and now try to get it somehow from somewehere. I was looking forward to play her so badly! So if anyone of you has her box and is willing to give her away, please say so
  23. All the other Faction's forums have a thread about Book 4 already, and the Guild is busy celebrating it's new filth already, and meanwhile our forum is dead, so let's change that. I don't have the book yet, but managed to get a glance at our new upgrades and Reva is getting a fourth one, which was left out of her description on the main page. It costs 1 SS, (1) action, requires a 6 of any suits to cast and pushes a friendly model up to 5" in any direction and if it's a Revenant or a Spirit let's it perform a (0) action. Can only push a model once per turn. Also has a trigger on rams which m
  24. Typing is arduous, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the new master releases in video format. Titania - Asami Tanaka - Zipp - Parker Barrows - Nellie Cochrane - Sandeep Desai - Reva -
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