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Found 83 results

  1. I have found an interaction with a javk daw crew i was running a few days ago and am wondering how it works: if i use the dead outlaws collier revolver on my own guilty and cheat in the drop it trigger, counting the guilty as a enemy model for the action, which side will the sceme marker belong to. From a fluff perspective, it doesn't make much sense that it is an enemy sceme marker, but if it is, then i can use this combo to move the dead outlaw 8 inches turn 1 (shoot, push 3 charge, shoot again, get a prospector into base contact with the marker, double interact with both markers and gain 3 ss first turn with the prospector while having a guilty on 2 life, which when playing for the guilties demise is pretty insane.
  2. Poor timing with the current pandemic aside. The Plague is bringing in the Year of the Rat with a Chinese New Year theme. The Charm Warder is an Obedient Wretch because that model is too cool not to use. Decided to call this done for a project for a friend. Think I almost went cross-eyed with all the freehanding on this one but figured it'd be cool to see the stolen still chasing Hamelin around for his golden pearl in a dragon dance.
  3. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 1.31 Strategy Turf War Scheme List Detonate Charges Dig Their Graves Take Prisoner Power Ritual Vendetta Time & Rounds Played 5 hours 4 Rounds (including food break) Final Score Bayou 4, Outcasts 1 Forum Name ThatGuy Leader Somer Crew List Somer Skeeter Skeeter Lenny Gregory and Olaf Spit Hog Spit Hog Gremlin Crier Banjoista Banjoista 7 soulstones (should have been 5) Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Vendetta (Lenny vs Hannah)1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Take Prisoner (Engineer) 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I think I played about as optimally as possible. I made a significant error in accidentally treating Banjoistas as 4 soulstone models. I left a Banjoista behind to recap strategy markets I could have pulled forward instead. MVP model (and Why?) Somer did amazing, he really is the core of the crew. For non minion master model, it is probably Spit Hogs. They put out enough healing to keep models in melee messing with freikorp plans. Forum Name Touchdown Leader VonSchill Crew List VonSchill Steam Trunk Hannah Lazarus Librarian Freikorp Trooper Freikorp Trooper Engineer 7 soulstones Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Vendetta (Friekkorpman vs Lenny) 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Detonate Charges o If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I'd hire different models. I'd bring a Drache Trooper and maybe a 2 librarian and drop the freikorpsmenn also maybe the engineer or Lazarus I'd also keep LOS between Von Schil and Lazarus, being able to push him out of engagement and then take a shot or give focus is huge. MVP model (and Why?) Hannah. She was the only one able to remove multiple models per turn and did a lot tanking
  4. Scenario: Plant Explosives Schemes: 2: Breakthrough 4: Search the Ruins (both players) 5: Dig Their Graves 11: Deliver a Message (both players) 13: Vendetta Final score: Bayou 4VP/5VP to Outcast 8VP Player nick: Maciej Cerw Lists: Ulix+Penelope Old Major Gracie The Sow Hog Whipsperer Slop Hauler Piglet Piglet Piglet Player nick: Que Crew List Tara+Karina Nothing Beast Scion of the Void Talos Void Hunter Void Wretch Void Wretch The Game as I recall it (could be flawed memory) Turn one. All models moved up, except for ulix who had spent all actions for upgrading his pigs. Tara spent one action to summon a Void hunter who didn't manage to unbury that turn. Scion of the Void got buried and has not unbaried for the rest of the game. A Void Wretch got fast onto Gracie who activated early and was kinda isolated. The a Void hunter buried nothing beast who unburied next to her at the start of his activation and sent her to the Void with his first AP and the set a Strategy Marker). Some piglets get summoned by The Sow and The Hog Whisperer. (We missed the rule about them not activating that turn.) 0/0 Turn two. Ulix activated to walk up and upgrade his pigs some more. Then Talos walk+charged the newly formed Warpig but missed. (He lated proceeded to get rekt by a boar who I didn't realise had the Armor Piercing trigger). Talos' activation had given Gracie Burning 1 and she would burn for the rest of the game but survive. The Nothing Beast charged and killed a Sqeeler and stole his marker to place it itself. Tara and the Wretches were moving up the board. The Void hunter and one the Wretches killed a Hog Whisperer and destroyed his Explosives marker. Gracie got unburied in the back line and had to catch up. 1/0 (one for Outcast from the strategy) Turn three. The effigy transformed with 3 Warpigs beside him. Nothing Beast activated to walk+charge one of them but missed. Tara and wretched put down some schemes for StR and some strategy markers. The Emissary almost died but managed to activate and heal. A Void hunter tried to make a brake for the oponent side of the board but got charged by Old Major and got stuck at the centerpoint for 2 turns. The Scion delivered a messadge to Ulix via the summoned Void hunter who go close to him. At the end of the turn the Outcast had scrored StR as well. Karina got charged by a Warpig and Obliterated (haaaa get it?) Tara returned to the center of that table to bury poor Gracie one more time. 4/1 Turn four. Some more fighting. Tara, Nothing Beast and the Emissary are fighting Warpigs, the Saw, Old Major and Ulix. (Who keeps healing them for a lot of HP because of his very good placing) They also heal themselves becouse of the Rams granted by Major. The Sow Deliveres a Message to Tara. Gracie get unburied, she and one more piglet go place some Scheme and Strategy markers. They manadge to get StR. 5/4 Turn five. The Void hunter gets pushed out of combat to place the 4th explosives marker for his crew. One of the Warpigs dies and the other holds on by a thred thanks to damge prevention fom Ulix. A Wretch sneaks close to Ulix to place a scheme marked to earn the second VP from DM, the other Wretch and Tara place 2 more schemes to finish StR. Tara buries herself to deny the seocnd VP for DM. We are not sure wether that should have counted since the dies at the end of the game, but we decided that she wasn't killed by her crew. Final score 8 to 5 (or 6) for Outcast. I am almost certain I missreported the final score in the official form, sorry Wyrd MVPs: Ulix and Nothing Beast for healing / buffing pigs and marker placement respectively. Comments: The table favoured Outcasts a lot (there was a lot of buildings and same Severe terrain). The Pigs had a hard time moving around and catching scheme runnes. Major giving positive flips to damage to his whole crew for 3 turn was very significant. Most figting was a giant meele in the center so his buffs reached most models. We both had played only a few games in the beta and for me it was the first game with Tara in M3E so we propably fudged some rules. What we would do differently: Maciej: Pick Dig Their Graves over Deliver a Message and probably. Que: Picked anything but Deliver a Message, it was hard having not to kill Ulix. Also not wouldn't have sent Talos forward so much without support/healers.
  5. I'm looking to buy : - Peacekeeper (Guild) - Valedictorian (Ressurectionists) or the box "University of transmortis" - Killjoy (Outcast) - Stongarm Suit (Outcast) - Vanessa (Outcast) - Sue (Outcast) - Malifaux Child (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Effigy (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Emissary (Outcast) - Terracotta Warrior (10T) - Obsidian Statue (10T) - Scion of the void (Outcast) Preferably plastic assembled and painted.
  6. Hi! Finally, ashes and dust cannot take gathering Intel and Shed Blood conditions? Is there any faq or errata I have not seen?
  7. Von Schill uses his Clockwork Arm on the gremlin Pere Ravage, and damages the little green dude for his last wound. Which happens first? Does Von Schill launch Pere, hopefully into his unsuspecting Kin, and then he explodes, leaving nothing for his brethren to remember him by but a Corpse Marker. Does Pere explode, washing harmlessly off the Freikorp Armor, and then Von Schill tosses the lifeless body across the landscape, and finally placing a Corpse Marker next to Pere's husk? ... or, something completely different.
  8. So I recently went out to my LGS and bought the Parker Barrows box. Along with that, it was recommended to me to buy Bishop and Hans as well, because I wanted to make a 50 point crew. I did more research online, and was wondering, are Hans and Bishop good additions to the Parker Barrows Box set?
  9. Iron Painter 2017 Round 3, Stranger Things "Stranger Danger" Vine/Root Base model available for download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2638643
  10. Guest


    Big Jake submission for Total Testosterone painting costest
  11. Does Hans ability to ignore markers that affect LOS ignore the carrion emissary or any other model that creates markers that are blocking terrain?
  12. Greetings everyone! So, long story short, I'm a relatively new Malifaux player, but I have been painting miniatures, mostly boardgames and 40k for a while. This last Sunday I've finally finished my Leveticus crew and I'd love some C&C Abominations: Waifs: Leveticus and Rusty Alice: (I hate how Alice's face turned out. I've discovered the hard way how her details were too soft even for a thinned Bugman's glow paint (GW's base paint range)) Thanks for looking.
  13. Trying to thin my collection a bit: MALIFAUX - Dreamer Crew + Lilu & lilutu (metal) + teddy £45 (Lilu is missing one of his arms) (crew and teddy primed grey) Sommer teeth jones crew + warpig £34 (mostly unbuilt) Ophelia crew (NOS) £25 Burt, Gracie, Wong £15 Hoffman Crew £27 (assembled, watcher has had it's wing modified to fix the perspective issue) Pathfinder & clockwork traps (NOS) £10 Sullirids (NOS) £10 Old Ashes and Dust (assembled) £15 Old Mechanical Rider £10 Rasuptina crew (Ice golem + ice gamin painted. Missing Wendigo) £20 30k: The Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (newest version, mint) - £30 WARMACHINE - (purchases of £100 or over will receive an additional 5% off) Cryx army - £525 for the whole thing Denegrah 1 (Resin, Painted) - £7.50 Denegrah 2 (old sculpt, painted) - £7.50 Asphyxious 3 (painted) - £16.50 Sturgis (Kickstarter exclusive + coin) - £10 Skarre 1 (newer sculpts) - £6 Skarre 2 (newer sculpts) - £8.20 Witch Coven (egregore is damaged and requires rebasing) - £9.70 Goreshade 1 (newer sculpt) - £12.70 Goreshade 3 - £22.50 10 Bane Thralls (painted, resin) - £30 Bane officer & standard (painted - £15 10 Bane Thralls (resin) - £30 10 Mechanithralls (painted) & 3 Brute Thralls (painted) - £30 5 Bane Riders - £40 Blackbane's Ghost Raiders + spare raiders - £23 Withershadow combine (painted) - £12 necrosurgeon + stitch thralls (painted) - £6.50 Cephalyx overlords (painted) - £10 6 Bile thralls (painted) - £12 10 Satyxis Raiders (painted) - £29 Satyxis Sea Witch (Painted) - £5 Satyxis Raider Captain (Painted) - £5 2 Deathrippers (resin, 1 painted) - £12 (both) 1 Defiler (resin) - £6 1 Death Jack - £35 1 Nightmare - £24 1 Erebus (painted) - £20 1 Harrower (painted) – £20 1 Kraken (Painted) - £60 1 Reaper (painted) - £20 1 Seether (metal, missing base) - £10 1 Cankerworm (painted) - £10 Skarloc thrall (painted) - £5 Madelyn Corbeau (painted) - £5 Ogryn Bokor (converted + painted) - £10 Bane Lord Tartarus (painted) - £8 Darragh Wrathe (painted) - £15 Pistol Wraith (painted) - £6 Machine Wraith -£5 Necrotec + scrap thralls - £5 Warwitch Siren (painted) - £5 Cryx MK2 Tokens - £5 Buyer pays postage
  14. Hallo! We have no any new figures and games to show, but I have new artwork to look. Not the last, I have some ideas to make. I'll find this printed version of Taelor and have some free time in the evening and new box of Derwent pastel pencils to try. PS: Then I'll show my version of Dora and Candy, and some sketch for bigger art.
  15. From the album: HighRez Paint

    Nice guys for painting. Not striped.

    © Ask Your Fox

  16. From the album: HighRez Paint

    My Child is hitting the piece of The Red Star

    © Ask Your Fox

  17. From the album: HighRez Paint

    My shelf with my part of Malifaux miniatures, my husband miniatures are upper

    © Ask Your Fox

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