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Found 108 results

  1. Hey fellow ressers, i just re-read Seamus' A cause for celebration Bonus Action: A cause for celebration 2'' This Action may only be declared if this model is this Crew's Leader. This model may remove target Corpse Marker on the enemy table half. This model may take an Action. If this model removed a Corpse Marker from this action, the generated Action may ignore any special requirements listed in italics. So, cool assuming you removed a Corpse Marker on the enemy table half this lets you shoot twice, use secret passage even if you're not around blocking terrain or it lets you scare your own people. But that's not all ... at least i assume so, please correct me if i'm wrong. It also lets you charge while engaged (and even twice in one activation), Concentrate twice, Interact while engaged (or after disengaging) or disengage while you're not even engaged (HA! ... wait what?) I've never seen this mentioned before, so maybe i'm wrong but this also gets around the requirements (italics) of the generic actions right? Sure most of the time shooting twice is really nice, but maybe you just need to drop that last important marker while engaged. Also charging twice (even if engaged for one of those) seems really efficient. So didn't i see this mentioned before because it doesn't work, or just because everybody knows it and i'm just late to the party 😅 ... or was i just not looking hard enough?
  2. So I’ve just started this wonderful game - and now I’m finally ready for my first fight. I’ve gone with the Ortegas and tried playing around with still water fix for a swampy theme.
  3. 1. Strategy: Corrupted Idols (), Deployment: Wedge Deployment () 2. Scheme List: 3: Harness the Ley Line (Lucius), 10: Assassinate, 11: Deliver a Message, 12: Claim Jump (Seamus: Bete Noire, Lucius: Alan Reid), 13: Vendetta (Seamus: Bete Noire VS Executioner) 3. Total Time Played, Rounds Played: ~3.5 hours, 5 rounds 4. Final Score: 7 - 5 5. Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored: @re999, Lucius Mattheson: - Lucius Mattheson (1ss cache) - The Scribe - Agent 46 - Alan Reid - Executioner - Changeling - Greed - False Witness - False Witness VP total = 5: Strategy - 2, Claim Jump - 2, Harness the Ley Line - 1 6.  Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored: @NotSoEmpty, Seamus: - Seamus + The Whisper (2ss cache) - Copycat Killer - Madame Sybelle - Bete Noire - Dead Doxy + Grave Spirit's Touch - Dead Doxy + Grave Spirit's Touch - Rotten Belle - Sloth VP total = 7: Strategy - 3, Claim Jump - 2, Vendetta - 2 7. Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form: TURN 1 HIGHLIGHTS: - Seamus tried to kill False Witness with desperate jump, but failed, leaving him with a 1 wound. (12 vs 13 with focus) - Agent 46 with a lot of movement tricks managed to charge Madame Sybelle and hit her for 3 damage. - Doxy, Bete and Rotten Belle start to stick around the Agent 46 thx to Fast from Sloth. TURN 2 HIGHLIGHTS: - Seamus managed to kill Scribe with moderate damage (failed to use his corpse with bonus action because of range 2"), charge to Agent 46 for 2 damage and 1 Injured - A lot of Orders from Lucius + Changeling at Agent 46, who managed to beat Sybelle for 6 damage (with ss reduction) - A quite unplanned blob of Bete + Rotten Belle + Sybelle + Seamus was organized in the center of the table close to Agent 46. So, thanks to movement tricks of Rotten Belle and Dead Doxy I managed to give Fast to Rotten Belle and Bete, Focused +1 to Rotten Belle and provide couple of free attacks for Seamus with his "Why Hello, Love". - Lucius's crew came close to the centerline for devastating third turn. Score: 2 - 0 (Strategy, Claim Jump) TURN 3 HIGHLIGHTS: - Devastating activation of Lucius: with his orders he easily managed to kill Sybelle, deal about 6-7 damage to Seamus. - Seamus is forced to jump away, so he jumps, finishes off False Witness, FINALLY uses his corpse for Bonus action and Shooting at Agent 46 (killing him thx to Redchapel Killer). Awesome feeling, that was first time for ~4-5 games where I managed to use corpse on enemy half of table for Celebrate. - Alan Reid was extremely fast and furious, he managed to avoid all my screens of Doxies, Bete and Belle for charge Seamus. Seamus is dead by Garrote. - Centerpoint was almost fully claimed by Seamus's girls. Half-dead Executioner spoils the fun. - Bete + Doxies managed to deal 8 damage to Executioner. Bete damaged him for Hard to Kill's 1Wd and disengages + walks (thx Sloth) to the Centerline. Score: 3 - 3 (Strategy, Strategy, Claim Jump, Vendetta) TURN 4 HIGHLIGHTS: - A massive slaughter with Doxies, Executioner and Bete: Copycat Killer is dead, Executioner is Dead, Changeling is dead, Doxy takes a hit. - Blood shower for Idols, False Witness place 2 Scheme Markers on the Centerline. - Lucius have only 3 models for turn 5: Lucius himself, Alan Reid, False Witness. - Seamus have 5 models for turn 5: Bete, Doxy, Doxy, Belle, Sloth. - I made a terrible mistake (forgot about Alan's Diversion) so Lucius managed to drop third Scheme Marker on the centerline and I wasn't able to use my Bete's Trail of Gore to remove this... Score: 4 - 4 (Harness the Ley Line, Strategy) TURN 5 HIGHLIGHTS: - Lucius tried hard to slay or at least bury Bete and managed to deal 5 damage... - Thanks to Sloth Bete healed 3 damage, so she stayed at 4Wd. That gives me the final point for Claim Jump. - I made a terrible mistake again and just skipped my activations on Belle and Doxiy who could easily move out of 2" of Centerline Alan Reid... I totally forgot about his last Scheme. - Second Dead Doxy killed False Witness so there's no hope for second point of Harness the Ley Line. Score: 5 - 7 (Claim Jump, Strategy, Claim Jump, Vendetta) Final thoughts: I was surprised by the synergy of Seamus's crew. Seamus - Seamus himself is very mobile and can do good damage, I knew that. But I underestimated his ability to do damage passively, out of his activation. That was really unexpected and feels so good: girls pulls enemy models around while Big Scary Daddy slaps their faces with some Injures. But the happiness did not last long, and on the third move I paid a lot for this show, I paid with the life of Seamus himself. His bonus action feels good, really thematic and strong, but with range 2" it's really hard to get that sweet benefit. I think this is pretty balanced tho: a strong effect requires some significant efforts. Seamus is EXTREMELY fragile, he's made of cracked glass and you need to plan his position and interractions with Copycat Killer. Seamus starts to demand more tactical attention. His Feast of Fear is incredibly useless in my opinion. With "Once per Activation" restriction this is simply doesn't work (at least for me) and Terrifying is still a joke: my opponents not stupid, they never even trying to trigger Terrify if they're have a risk to fail. There a lot of models with Ruthless, in this game it was Agent 46 (and I want to admit that Ruthless on Seamus is great! Finally the most scary and mad person in Malifaux actually not afraid of anyone). My suggestion for Seamus - give him Hard to Wound at least or maybe return some healing options. I think this is not critical, but it would make it less painfull process of planning. Bete Noire - It was not just her test game, it was her exam. There was a load of two whole Schemes on her shoulders and she brilliantly coped with her difficult task. She no longer deals damage, but can meddle well. I'm not sure that she is worth its price, given that her survival rate was significantly reduced. But you can work with it if you think out in advance of its role and approximate moves. My suggestion for Bete Noire - Reduce her cost to 7ss (6ss would be amazing, but I afraid that's too much). I personally really miss Onslaught and really hate Unexpected Ferocity trigger. Just replace it already with Critical Strike, stop this Distracted-based-torture! Madame Sybelle - She's not survivable (even with ss reduction and Sloth's flat 3 heal), she's not so dangerous at damage dealing, she's not so good support (Bump in the Night is pretty good tho). For 10ss she's just a... meeeh. I really love her model and I would play for her anyways, but, really, look at other 10ss models. She's close to her final place I think, but we definetely need some final weight margin at one of this three directions: beater, support, tank. My suggestion for Madame Sybelle - 6Df or Flurry or Scarlet Temptation with range 2-3" (She's Madame btw). And she needs to exchange useless Projected Voice for something usefull. I would glad to see Lure (even without a triggers). I would happy with Lead the Way. Dead Doxy - They are good models for 6ss, but only with Grave Spirit's Touch upgrade in my opinion. They were rather ignored in this game, but in the rest they died too quickly, especially without an upgrade. My suggestion for Dead Doxy - Give them pounce and they're perfect. As I said before, Unexpected Ferocity trigger is a trap, whole crew need to swap it to Critical Strike if you want to give to the crew a chance to deal damage without Seamus (with damage lines like 1/2/4 and 2/3/4 any sort of Armor +1, Armor +2, Shielded becomes a dead end with a pain) Rotten Belle - Almost useless. Yeah, Lure, okay. All my last 7-9 games with Seamus (in Closed Beta-test aswell) Belles just failing Lures (because cards in this crew is a most valuable and very limited resource) and doing schemerunning. I regretted, once again, that I did not take Nurse for 7ss or Crooligan for 5ss instead. My suggestion for Rotten Belle - Give to her Lure for Distracted source. Just look at Lynch's Beckoner who plays the same role as Belles but waaaaay better. Their synergy is insane while they're cost same 5ss. Sloth - Great Versitile model, totally worth his cost. With Seamus he's not so good (Seamus, Copycat Killer not Undeads) and I chose between him and the nurse. My suggestion for Sloth - He's perfect, pretty balanced for all Masters in faction. English is not my native language, so I apologize for the mistakes! Thanks for reading! @re999 will surely describe his thoughts about his master in the near future.
  4. I've already submitted this via the form, but with as much traffic as both Colette and Seamus have been getting the last week or two, I felt it would be good to have public eyes on this batrep as well. There's a bit more here, as I'm limited by the size of the form. I have issues and recommendations to fix them near the end, everything is sectioned out. Overall, we did not take step by step notes in an attempt to better gauge how long the games are taking. We did discuss a few things as they came up, which added a few minutes overall, but the time given is more accurate than not. Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Standard Scheme List 3) Harness the Ley Line 5) Dig Their Graves 6) Hold Up Their Forces 7) Take Prisoner 10) Deliver A Message Time & Rounds Played 2:45 hours, 3 rounds Final Score 4-4 Boomstick's Arcanists - Attacker Crew List Colette w/ 6ss Doves x3 Carlos Coryphee Duet Angelica Showgirl Mannequin Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the Leyline - 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves - 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Take Cassandra instead of Carlos, in every game. He doesn't seem to have a role that sets him apart from her, other than "hurt himself". Also, if we're being realistic, if this weren't a beta test, I'd not have taken Colette (despite her being my favorite master) as she now has all the weaknesses she had at the end of M2E, plus more, while also now wanting to be closer to the fighting. She's gone from "able to be hurt/affected in specific ways" to "brittle like the Titanic". MVP model (and Why?) Angelica. She did 5/6 of the work of getting 2 points for Harness the Leyline herself, a good counterplay using a Dead Dandy stopped me at the last minute. Mrjasonguy's Ressers - Deffender Seamus w/ 3ss Copycat Killer Sybelle Bette Mourner Dead Doxy Rotten Belle x2 Dead Dandy Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the Leyline - 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Hold up Their Forces - 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Bring models that give out Stunned, ignore resistance triggers, or more that do blasts/shockwaves. MVP model (and Why?) Points-wise, probably the Dead Dandy, as it denied a point for my opponent at a crucial time. Overall, probably Seamus, as his ability to jump around made him excellent at scheme running and dropping explosives for the strategy. A Brief Breakdown of the Game: Turn 1: Mostly positioning, though between Doxies, Seamus, and Colette's push and teleporting, we got into the middle pretty fast. Carlos got in and gummed up Seamus and Sybelle for a bit before dying. Sybelle also made good use of blasts onto Colette, which all told, ate through half my soulstones this turn. Turn 2: 2 doves died ensuring Seamus couldn't enter a building to follow Angelica, the Duet finished killing a Belle and moved deep into Resser territory to drop a bomb. Bette dropped her own Bomb and Seamus ended up swapping with the Copycat to drop one on the opposite flank. Sybelle ties up Colette, a Showgirl, and a Mannquin to give them all injured +1 during their activations. Colette spent her turn Presto-Chango-ing the Showgirl with the remaining dove, so she could drop a scheme near the Duet and Belle for Dig before the Belle died. Angelica gets the final 2/3rd of Harness the leyline down herself (thank you, Suddenly Doves!), with the 3rd being from Presto Chango. The rest of Seamus' minions harness their own leyline. Turn 3: The SS Miner, which 2x focused and buried turn 1, popped up, walked, and focused again turn 2, finally lays down it's bomb, and walk-charges Bette, she buries, and the Duet walks back to stand on the bomb she was setting up to remove, and place another scheme on the centerline. Angelica does her double scheme dance again. Sybelle injures Colette again with her aura and focus-kills the Showgirl. Somewhere in there the Mannequin and final dove was finished off. Colette Presto-changos away to pick up Bette's bomb from the previous turn to try and deny a point, but Seamus finds a secret passage and drops his 2nd one, along with a scheme marker. The Dead Dandy replaces an Arcanist scheme with a Resser one, to ensure the tie. We both agreed that the Ressers would have pulled ahead, as the Arcanists were down to 4 models, leaving the rest of the Ressers to focus them down through weight of fire, and/or ignore Colette. Concerns and/or Confusions? Carlos, despite many different games of feedback, seems to just keep getting worse, and further from having a discernible role in the crew. For the same cost, Cassandra will live longer, work without needing to hurt herself, and cause as much if not more damage/board control. It seems like the current design is trying to make him work a little bit with the Performer keyword while still making almost link to the Wildfire keyword. My recommendation: decide on a role for him to fulfill, and give him the tools to do it. If he's meant to be a tank (and Performer as a crew could use one) give him the Flaming Body ability the fire gamin and golem have to offload burning as damage reduction, or (perhaps more thematically correct) Blaze of Glory. Give him back Df6. Also, remove Playing With Fire and replace it with Celebrity. These two abilities will allow him to work with both his keywords effectively without him having to actively hurt himself. Colette is a whole bag of contrasting frustrations, as I'm sure the design team is more than aware. I break this down further below but currently, her defenses are either so solid it's not worth attacking her (which hurts her crew, as she is designed to be the best way to get out a large amount of Distracted, which has it's own issue, more in a minute) or the opponent properly anti-techs when she's announced as the leader for the crew, and she will be cut down like wheat made of soggy tissue paper Underlying Distracted Issues The Performer crew being built around Distracted in general causes some problems. Primarily, with Distracted only being a negative flip to the attack flip only, it effectively invites the Distracted model to Focus to get a straight flip attack and still get a positive to the damage. For the relatively squishy Performers (especially the minions) this is death from anything and everything with a 5 in their moderate or severe damage for a cost of, at most, 2 cards (1 cheated to hit, one to do the moderate or severe damage). I don't know why the negative flip to damage was removed from Distracted in the first place in the Closed Beta, but I have to assume it's because people thought Distracted was too strong, and probably because they weren't using Focused to counter it. Showgirls specifically benefit very little from Distracted. If Colette is ignored, they need to activate and give up their Manipulative to put Distracted out...which is essentially a single instance of Manipulative. This is the reason that every time I've used Showgirls' actions instead of just walk and interact (handing out Distracted +1 for free to someone nearby), that it feels like a wasted action. Lure has occasionally been useful for scheme denial, but very, very occasionally. I still think Distracted would work best as the full opposite of Focused: negative flips to attack and damage. Mannequins can help a bit to give the Performer crew some much needed survival, with just a little nudge. They already have Take the Hit and healing, just give them the barest bit more survivability so they can take more of a hit than a Showgirl. Another wound, or up them to Armor +2 total. They can't hit or give out Slow reliably, so make protecting the Performers their niche (like it is in the fluff). Additional Feedback? Seamus and the Redchapel feel much more cohesive after the 1.31 updates, and are much more fun to play, and appropriately challenging to play against in a thematic way. Excellent changes made! Belles still feel a bit lackluster, just there for their lure, which was ok when it was the best/longest in the game. Now it's standardized and they are straightforward to the point of boring. Sybelle is more worth her points, but still not directly as synergistic with the crew as she could be. Giving her some ability to buff the Belles might solve both issues. Colette's 1.31 Breakdown: Colette, while frustrating to play against in her previous iteration, is now still frustrating to play against, and more frustrating to play. As a long time Colette player (my 2nd master, and by far my most played over my almost 4 years playing Malifaux), with the 1.31 changes, she has the same weaknesses as she did after Wave 4 and worse in Wave 5 of M2E (easily killed by attacks that don't allow Resistance Triggers and irreducible damage, which were often taken because they were good in general) PLUS the additional condition of Stunned in M3E turning off the Df/Wp trigger and bonus action she lives by. This is in addition to the things that have always been able to effectively hurt her all through M3E (forcing card discards so she has fewer options to Bury, Shockwaves, and Blasts). A quick breakdown of the current models that do irreduceable damage, don't allow resistance triggers, and do stunned, by faction: -TT: 8 (1 at range), plus a hench with an anti-trigger 6" aura, and 2 anti-trigger minions, 8 stunned -Arcanists: 1, and an Enforcer and 2 minions (1 versatile) that don't allow triggers, 6 stunned. -Bayou: 3 (2 at range), no denying resistance triggers, but 9 models that give stunned (many without needing to target her) -Guild: 1, plus executioners not allowing resistance triggers and 15 stunned. -Neverborn: 0, but lots of Wp attacks where she'll be needing the suit (which she needs for her self-bury and presto chango), and 16 models that hand out stunned (many without needing to target her) -Outcasts: 2, both ranged (Levi and the bandmate), a versatile minion that doesn't allow triggers, and another Jack can bring in from Ressers, 1 stunned on Hans (versatile, ranged) -Ressers: 2, 1 ranged, 1 anti-trigger for Jack, and 8 stunned. So it's not as targeted to 1-2 factions (beyond thunders) as it was in M2E, but the fact that you declare masters means you can tech against them, so this is actually going to make it more likely she's mostly being brought as a secondary master than she already is currently. And never facing Thunders, Bayou (Wong and Zoraida), Neverborn (Zoraida & Pandora). But every faction has plenty of ways of entirely ignoring what keeps her alive and, more importantly, functional. If M3E were launched as is today, Colette would only ever see play as a secondary master, and even then, there's a good chance something will be able to deny her. Recommendations: I think a lot of the frustration on Colette is previously, she could not be hit directly. This isn't new, and there's always been things that don't directly target (and more in M3E with Shockwaves). And the worst thing she did of handing out distracted (and stunned in an ever shrinking pulse) was and still is dependent on A) being targeted and choosing to bury, or B) swinging her bonus action sword with a high mask in hand, or a soul stone for it. I think what will help with her dual-sided frustrations at this point is this: --Return her escape defense to an ability instead of a trigger. But don't make it Fade Away. Burying her means the opponent can't continue applying pressure. Instead, make it be when she's targeted she can discard a card to make the attack fail, then place within, say, 6-8", within 2" of a friendly or scheme marker. This means she can poof around with a goo illusionist feel, but allows all crews a way to repeatedly attack her hand by attacking her directly, and keeps her most likely near enough friendlies that blasts can come after her. This gives the Colette player the choice of using their whole hand to keep Colette untouched, or allow their crew to be effective by having cards to cheat. --With this, Showstopper will need to change. I'd say allow her to pick one model in 6" to gain Distracted +1 with every place, as adding a TN for everyone in the current aura will really slow the game down with how often that could happen. --Likewise, update her Saber to place the target within the same range, or have a trigger for Colette to place herself. --Remove Serene Countenance. It adds insult to injury when targeting With those changes made to her defensive tech, I think her offensive tech could afford to be boosted back up a bit. As I mentioned to @mrjasonguy last night, it really felt like the only actions worth taking in our game for her were Presto Chango and, early on, her bonus saber (though her bonus push was nice turn 1). The saber got turned off turn 2 when he flipped the Red Joker on Df, and after that, I didn't want to bury any of his models, as he had enough schemes out that they would be able to come up in more problematic places. Without the built in crow on her melee illusion attack, it doesn't feel worth the action, where as with it, it was a wonderfully bad choice for the opponent to make: discard or take damage. I have yet to use False Reality, but I think with the proposed changes to her defensively to hand out smaller but potentially more concentrated amounts of Distracted, and wanting more cards to be able to discard, I think it would become much more attractive. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps make M3E the best it can be!
  5. Greetings everyone. This is it, the time has come for me to pick my first master. I still can't decide if I will start with Reva or Seamus. I like both miniatures (with a preference for Reva), I've read a lot and enjoy both playstyles, so here is my question : 99% of my games will be played against my wife, who picked up Titania as her starter. We both play for fun, so I don't want to overhelm her every game, and I don't want to get crushed either. In your opinion, which of these two masters would be the most balanced opponent for Titania and why ? Thank You.
  6. A question about Seamus Sinister Reputation Upgrade. (1) Live for Pain - Heal this model an amount of damage equal to the damage the target suffers Question 1 - Does Seamus heal the amount of damage suffered before prevention via Soulstones or after? Question 2 - Does Seamus heal the amount of damage suffered before reduction from Armour etc or after? Question 3 - If the target only has 2 wounds remaining but Seamus does 3 damage. Would he heal 3 or only 2? Mcmournings Organ Donor - After this model inflicts damage with a MI action. It heals an amount of damage equal to the damage inflicted Question 4 - I'm assuming by the use of the word inflicted as opposed to suffered that the amount healed by this ability is calculated before prevention/reduction and is solely based on the amount of damage that Mcmourning puts out. Is this correct? Many thanks
  7. Heyo guys! So, days ago I asked for help, I couldn't choose between Guild and Ressers. Now, I'm sure I'm going to play Ressers but I'd like to know your opinion about the master. I'm having troubles choosing between Seamus and Reva. I like the first one because atm I play Perdita, and I enjoy doing big dmg shooting. Also, he comes with 3 rotten belles, so I will enjoy them for sure with most of the other masters. I really like his teleporting and blasting faces once per turn while the rest of the crew do their duties. Then, I like Reva because of her beating from distance through her corpse markers, and for the fact I guess she is a beatstick. I don't enjoy the fact that her box doesn't give that much for other masters. I mean, shieldbearers aren't that played in other crews as I saw. I enjoy her look as well. So, tell me everything you think could be usefull! Edit: I'm still new to the game, just tryin' to learn with Perdita.
  8. Hi everyone, what do u think about ressers in gg2018? Any thoughts? I'm playing with my friend (guild) on Sunday and looking for your help and suggestions: encounter setup: 50SS standard deployment strategy: ply for information schemes: always surround them hold up their forces undercover entourage show of force take prissoner I got: Seamus, copycat killer, madame sybelle, 3 rotten belles, 2 dead doxy, carrion emissary, 3 necropunks, 5 mindless zombies, yin, anna lovelace, archie
  9. Okay, a few weeks ago I tried getting my wife and a couple of mates into malifaux. I played a game against my wife (she used Colette crew), and it didnt go well, too many rules, too many abilites, too many objectives... far too much to take in. So fast forward to a couple of days ago and we went round to our mates house, tried a couple of games against each other there. It went a lot better! My wife played first, switching to a mixed crew led by carlos, and drew in a game against the vikorias. We all agreed to jsut play the... Strategy, rather than all the schemes too, so they got the kill 2 models a turn to get a VP mission, ended on 2 VP's each. Both enjoyed the game, so we took that as a huge success. Next up I played against our second mate. I had Seamus, CCK, 2 Rotten Belles, my new Alt model Sybelle, Bete noir, and a canine remains. Danny had his Tara box, which is Tara, katrina, nothing beast, and 3 void wretches. We didnt use upgrades, and because I was 2 SS higher, we agreed Danny should have 2 extra SS in his Cache. The board was seperated by a river (difficult terrain half move) across the middle that was 4" wide. There were two bridges across at either end of the board, then we had a TT combat huts set and the GW graveyard set as our terrain, so a few LoS blockers and a few fences that hindered movement (mine at least!). We got the stake a claim Strat and Corner set up. The opening phases had all of Taras crew heading Right (they started in the top left corner from my view), while I sent a belle and madame left and the rest of my crew across the bridge to take on Taras crew. Seamus and the CCK didnt cross the bridge but moved the the river edge and took a pot shot at the nothing beast, puting an early 2 wounds on him. My canine remains went too far fowwards, so Tara reactivated at their end and put 3 wounds on it (luckily I survived!). As Tara took the intative again, the nothing beast charged my poor dog, but whiffed all his attacks! Tara had been tempted forwards to try and kill the dog, so now my belle lured her out to me, allowing CCK to take a potshot (no luck), and then the dog to charge, putting 2 damage on her and 2 poison. Bete charged in (making the most of the dog still living and giving Tara -1DF), and put another... 4-6 wounds on her. The void wretches and Katrina moved up to support as did my belle. On the other side of the board my belle dropped a claim marker, then madame double walked onto the bridge at the other side of the board and called the belle to her, ready for next turns claim. Mid game the belle and madam continued their walk behind enemy lines dropping markers for the rest of the game. the fight i nthe middle had Tara kill bete noir (I messed up and should have let her be buried on 1W rather then hope to unbury her next turn before the voids could kill her while buried), and then turn and kill the dog. Seamus waded into the river, summoned a dead doxie from one of the bodies, then shot a wretch. The CCK finished off the wretch. My belle called Tara to her, allowing the dead doxie and the belle to pounce and kill her off. From this point it was just a case of mopping up the injured wretches and whittling down the nothing beast. all the time Seamus had been tanking wounds like a boss, then healing again with all the WP duels going on. End phase had Madam using her shriek blast to kill of katrina and finish off the nothing beast that was in the blast. The game ended with one wretch being alive and Danny having managed to drop 1 claim marker just over the line, while I had 4+ deep in his half. Was this match up jsut very unfair, or did he make some silly mistakes, did I do anything wrong? any thoughts really? We both really enjoyed it though, and I'll try to get some pics next time we play.
  10. Now on wyrds chronicles you can see the new upgrade for seamus and it is amazing. really a quality jump for seamus towards targeting wp playstyle
  11. Hi, super new player here. I've just started and for Resurrectionists I only have the Seamus box set and a box of Necropunks. In order to be able to add a bit of options I'm looking at expanding. I'm looking at getting another master box and one or possibly two smaller boxes. My current idea is to go for McMourning and Bete Noir. Any opinions or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi I'm starting a Seamus crew for a growing league. The growth are: Period 1: 26 SS crew, 1. September - 31. october 2016 Period 2: 30 SS crew, 1. November - 30. november 2016 Period 3: 40 SS crew, 1. December 2016 - 31. january 2017 Periode 4: 50 SS crew, 1. februar til 31. marts 2017 i want to start out with a fixed list with fixed upgrades to slowly practise the Seamus tricks and the models. I'm considering Seamus: Sinister rep, red chapel og Corpse bloat. A bit much on upgrades, but I want to practise using them. Corpse bloat is to make sure I get the corpse markers i need in the later periods and for no eyes on me if the table doesn't favor Seamus Copy cat killer Nurse 2 rotten belles Probably not a strong list, but I see these models as my base to build on. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kim
  13. So I went away from the game for a year or so (playing starter-only 35ss games at the time) and now I'm back for Divergent Paths, with a few new models added to my collection. Here's the Seamus list I'm currently running. I've been told I should up the damage potential (The Hanged?) though for some reason I feel like getting better objective-grabbers i.e. Necropunks or Crooligans, maybe a Dead Doxy to compliment a Belle. My current collection's literally just the Redchapel box, Bete Noire and two dogs but I may or may not be able to acquire more before the event ends. Suggestions?
  14. Strategy: Interference Deployment: Corner Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Take Prisoner, Detonate the Charges, Set Up Crews: Seamus, Sinister Reputation (1), Mad Haberdasher (2), Red Chapel Killer (1) Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue (1), Decaying Aura (2) Datsue Ba, Spirit Beacon (1), Spirit Whispers (1) Yin the Penangalan, Unnerving Aura (1) Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Copycat Killer McMourning, Plastic Surgery (1), On the Clock (1) Sidir Alchibal, Promises (1), By Your Side (1) Francisco Ortega, Wade In (1) Pale Rider Guild Austringer Brutal Effigy Watcher Zombie Chihuahua Read the full battle report on my blog :-) ~gwh
  15. So I FINALLY found a the original Avatar of Dread model and looking at the new upgrade card, now Seamus can summon showgirls. Angelica seems like a good choice, or the Oiran, but has anyone actually tried it and does adding showgirls to his list of options REALLY make a big difference?
  16. Since you cannot buy the Avatar of Dread anymore I've started working on my own using a Mature Nephilim as the base.
  17. The base for this entry was inspired by a photo of a real back yard where one of the Jack the Ripper's murders took place on Sept. 8, 1888 at no29 Hanburry Street. (link to the actual photo is here, if you care to take a peek: http://www.jack-the-ripper-tour.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/29-hanbury-street-back-yard-full.jpg ) Anyway, I hope you like it and as always feel free to leave a comment and/or a critique. See you in round 3!
  18. After rotten belles in round 1 I decided to continue with my crew and do the carrion Emissary with Shards and zombies to go with it as I think it fits nicely with the theme.
  19. Quick question folks, Can Seamus use 'Back Alley' if he's up against Lilith as her 'Master of Malifaux' means she doesn't require line of site?
  20. I've played a lot of Nicodem but recently I've given Seamus a go and I really likes his Back Alley and Flintlock. He summons Belles, which is fine but I'm wondering if the expensive upgrade of Spare Parts is ever worth it? 8 of crows will get me a Guild Autopsy, the range is not good but at least it's got full wounds. Then there's the wet dream of summoning a Rogue Necromancy! 11 of crows which is the least of my concerns. The 4 corpse markers, all within 6" of Seamus AND a (2) AP action. Does this ever happen? Yes, I assume it does, but do you have to put too much effort into getting those 4 corpse markers in close proximity? I was thinking Corpse Bloat (but again 2 SS) to slice out a spleen for 1 corpse marker and 2-3 Canine Remains to get some more? Perhaps the new and cool Carrion Emissary which can create a Mindless Zombie every turn = 1 more corpse marker. Then I'm thinking this might be too much work and energy towards getting a Rogue Necromancy for next turn, while spending most of Seamus activation and a handful of other models' too? What do you guys think? Seamus has several really good upgrades, it's hard to choose! Maniacal Laugh seems more like a fun theme upgrade than a useful one?
  21. hello, I start Malifaux and in miniatures painting. This is my first crews in Wip. I would like some advice to improve. My Rotten Belles My Seamus Crew My Mcmourning Crew ps: Sorry I'm not very good in English is not my native language
  22. Hi to everybody, Today a friend of mine has tried to get into a small league of "new" players (all of them know how to play Malifaux but haven't play many games). The idea is interesting, one player per faction and, at least, one game against each player. He knows I am a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so he thoughts that maybe it's a good idea to bring me again to the game. I'm not saying that I'm going to play, but if I join the league I will have to play with ressers. And, that's where I need your help Currently I have: Seamus box, Tara's box, bette noire, one hanged, one death marshal (maybe I could get another one), two dead doxies, one guild autopsy and four canine remains. As you can see most of the miniatures are designed to play with Seamus and I don't know if I could play Tara with what I have. So, is there any miniature that could work with both masters? Do you think that I need something more to play with Tara? As I said I'm a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so, if I join the league I would only buy one or two miniatures (let's say a box of three miniatures is my top). Also, please, don't recommend me Hannah. I know she works great with Tara, but I don't like her miniature (and currently I'm only willing to buy miniatures that I like for their aesthetics). Thanks for the help
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