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Found 106 results

  1. Greetings everyone. This is it, the time has come for me to pick my first master. I still can't decide if I will start with Reva or Seamus. I like both miniatures (with a preference for Reva), I've read a lot and enjoy both playstyles, so here is my question : 99% of my games will be played against my wife, who picked up Titania as her starter. We both play for fun, so I don't want to overhelm her every game, and I don't want to get crushed either. In your opinion, which of these two masters would be the most balanced opponent for Titania and why ? Thank You.
  2. Athiko

    Healing from Damage

    A question about Seamus Sinister Reputation Upgrade. (1) Live for Pain - Heal this model an amount of damage equal to the damage the target suffers Question 1 - Does Seamus heal the amount of damage suffered before prevention via Soulstones or after? Question 2 - Does Seamus heal the amount of damage suffered before reduction from Armour etc or after? Question 3 - If the target only has 2 wounds remaining but Seamus does 3 damage. Would he heal 3 or only 2? Mcmournings Organ Donor - After this model inflicts damage with a MI action. It heals an amount of damage equal to the damage inflicted Question 4 - I'm assuming by the use of the word inflicted as opposed to suffered that the amount healed by this ability is calculated before prevention/reduction and is solely based on the amount of damage that Mcmourning puts out. Is this correct? Many thanks
  3. MrBabash

    Seamus vs Reva

    Heyo guys! So, days ago I asked for help, I couldn't choose between Guild and Ressers. Now, I'm sure I'm going to play Ressers but I'd like to know your opinion about the master. I'm having troubles choosing between Seamus and Reva. I like the first one because atm I play Perdita, and I enjoy doing big dmg shooting. Also, he comes with 3 rotten belles, so I will enjoy them for sure with most of the other masters. I really like his teleporting and blasting faces once per turn while the rest of the crew do their duties. Then, I like Reva because of her beating from distance through her corpse markers, and for the fact I guess she is a beatstick. I don't enjoy the fact that her box doesn't give that much for other masters. I mean, shieldbearers aren't that played in other crews as I saw. I enjoy her look as well. So, tell me everything you think could be usefull! Edit: I'm still new to the game, just tryin' to learn with Perdita.
  4. Alex Danev

    My Ressers so far

    From the album: Alex-dan's Resurrectionists

    A lot of WIP still...

    © Alex Danev @ 2018

  5. Hi everyone, what do u think about ressers in gg2018? Any thoughts? I'm playing with my friend (guild) on Sunday and looking for your help and suggestions: encounter setup: 50SS standard deployment strategy: ply for information schemes: always surround them hold up their forces undercover entourage show of force take prissoner I got: Seamus, copycat killer, madame sybelle, 3 rotten belles, 2 dead doxy, carrion emissary, 3 necropunks, 5 mindless zombies, yin, anna lovelace, archie
  6. Okay, a few weeks ago I tried getting my wife and a couple of mates into malifaux. I played a game against my wife (she used Colette crew), and it didnt go well, too many rules, too many abilites, too many objectives... far too much to take in. So fast forward to a couple of days ago and we went round to our mates house, tried a couple of games against each other there. It went a lot better! My wife played first, switching to a mixed crew led by carlos, and drew in a game against the vikorias. We all agreed to jsut play the... Strategy, rather than all the schemes too, so they got the kill 2 models a turn to get a VP mission, ended on 2 VP's each. Both enjoyed the game, so we took that as a huge success. Next up I played against our second mate. I had Seamus, CCK, 2 Rotten Belles, my new Alt model Sybelle, Bete noir, and a canine remains. Danny had his Tara box, which is Tara, katrina, nothing beast, and 3 void wretches. We didnt use upgrades, and because I was 2 SS higher, we agreed Danny should have 2 extra SS in his Cache. The board was seperated by a river (difficult terrain half move) across the middle that was 4" wide. There were two bridges across at either end of the board, then we had a TT combat huts set and the GW graveyard set as our terrain, so a few LoS blockers and a few fences that hindered movement (mine at least!). We got the stake a claim Strat and Corner set up. The opening phases had all of Taras crew heading Right (they started in the top left corner from my view), while I sent a belle and madame left and the rest of my crew across the bridge to take on Taras crew. Seamus and the CCK didnt cross the bridge but moved the the river edge and took a pot shot at the nothing beast, puting an early 2 wounds on him. My canine remains went too far fowwards, so Tara reactivated at their end and put 3 wounds on it (luckily I survived!). As Tara took the intative again, the nothing beast charged my poor dog, but whiffed all his attacks! Tara had been tempted forwards to try and kill the dog, so now my belle lured her out to me, allowing CCK to take a potshot (no luck), and then the dog to charge, putting 2 damage on her and 2 poison. Bete charged in (making the most of the dog still living and giving Tara -1DF), and put another... 4-6 wounds on her. The void wretches and Katrina moved up to support as did my belle. On the other side of the board my belle dropped a claim marker, then madame double walked onto the bridge at the other side of the board and called the belle to her, ready for next turns claim. Mid game the belle and madam continued their walk behind enemy lines dropping markers for the rest of the game. the fight i nthe middle had Tara kill bete noir (I messed up and should have let her be buried on 1W rather then hope to unbury her next turn before the voids could kill her while buried), and then turn and kill the dog. Seamus waded into the river, summoned a dead doxie from one of the bodies, then shot a wretch. The CCK finished off the wretch. My belle called Tara to her, allowing the dead doxie and the belle to pounce and kill her off. From this point it was just a case of mopping up the injured wretches and whittling down the nothing beast. all the time Seamus had been tanking wounds like a boss, then healing again with all the WP duels going on. End phase had Madam using her shriek blast to kill of katrina and finish off the nothing beast that was in the blast. The game ended with one wretch being alive and Danny having managed to drop 1 claim marker just over the line, while I had 4+ deep in his half. Was this match up jsut very unfair, or did he make some silly mistakes, did I do anything wrong? any thoughts really? We both really enjoyed it though, and I'll try to get some pics next time we play.
  7. mojopin

    Do you know who I am

    Now on wyrds chronicles you can see the new upgrade for seamus and it is amazing. really a quality jump for seamus towards targeting wp playstyle
  8. Hi, super new player here. I've just started and for Resurrectionists I only have the Seamus box set and a box of Necropunks. In order to be able to add a bit of options I'm looking at expanding. I'm looking at getting another master box and one or possibly two smaller boxes. My current idea is to go for McMourning and Bete Noir. Any opinions or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi I'm starting a Seamus crew for a growing league. The growth are: Period 1: 26 SS crew, 1. September - 31. october 2016 Period 2: 30 SS crew, 1. November - 30. november 2016 Period 3: 40 SS crew, 1. December 2016 - 31. january 2017 Periode 4: 50 SS crew, 1. februar til 31. marts 2017 i want to start out with a fixed list with fixed upgrades to slowly practise the Seamus tricks and the models. I'm considering Seamus: Sinister rep, red chapel og Corpse bloat. A bit much on upgrades, but I want to practise using them. Corpse bloat is to make sure I get the corpse markers i need in the later periods and for no eyes on me if the table doesn't favor Seamus Copy cat killer Nurse 2 rotten belles Probably not a strong list, but I see these models as my base to build on. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kim
  10. So I went away from the game for a year or so (playing starter-only 35ss games at the time) and now I'm back for Divergent Paths, with a few new models added to my collection. Here's the Seamus list I'm currently running. I've been told I should up the damage potential (The Hanged?) though for some reason I feel like getting better objective-grabbers i.e. Necropunks or Crooligans, maybe a Dead Doxy to compliment a Belle. My current collection's literally just the Redchapel box, Bete Noire and two dogs but I may or may not be able to acquire more before the event ends. Suggestions?
  11. Alex Danev

    My ressers, part 1

    From the album: Alex-dan's Resurrectionists

    © Alex Danev

  12. Strategy: Interference Deployment: Corner Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Take Prisoner, Detonate the Charges, Set Up Crews: Seamus, Sinister Reputation (1), Mad Haberdasher (2), Red Chapel Killer (1) Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue (1), Decaying Aura (2) Datsue Ba, Spirit Beacon (1), Spirit Whispers (1) Yin the Penangalan, Unnerving Aura (1) Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Copycat Killer McMourning, Plastic Surgery (1), On the Clock (1) Sidir Alchibal, Promises (1), By Your Side (1) Francisco Ortega, Wade In (1) Pale Rider Guild Austringer Brutal Effigy Watcher Zombie Chihuahua Read the full battle report on my blog :-) ~gwh
  13. JudgeDread

    Seamus, Avatar of Dread

    So I FINALLY found a the original Avatar of Dread model and looking at the new upgrade card, now Seamus can summon showgirls. Angelica seems like a good choice, or the Oiran, but has anyone actually tried it and does adding showgirls to his list of options REALLY make a big difference?
  14. MrDeathTrout

    Avatar of Dread Conversion

    Since you cannot buy the Avatar of Dread anymore I've started working on my own using a Mature Nephilim as the base.
  15. The base for this entry was inspired by a photo of a real back yard where one of the Jack the Ripper's murders took place on Sept. 8, 1888 at no29 Hanburry Street. (link to the actual photo is here, if you care to take a peek: http://www.jack-the-ripper-tour.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/29-hanbury-street-back-yard-full.jpg ) Anyway, I hope you like it and as always feel free to leave a comment and/or a critique. See you in round 3!
  16. Reservoir Dog

    Round 2 IP - Shards of Kythera

    After rotten belles in round 1 I decided to continue with my crew and do the carrion Emissary with Shards and zombies to go with it as I think it fits nicely with the theme.
  17. Quick question folks, Can Seamus use 'Back Alley' if he's up against Lilith as her 'Master of Malifaux' means she doesn't require line of site?
  18. I've played a lot of Nicodem but recently I've given Seamus a go and I really likes his Back Alley and Flintlock. He summons Belles, which is fine but I'm wondering if the expensive upgrade of Spare Parts is ever worth it? 8 of crows will get me a Guild Autopsy, the range is not good but at least it's got full wounds. Then there's the wet dream of summoning a Rogue Necromancy! 11 of crows which is the least of my concerns. The 4 corpse markers, all within 6" of Seamus AND a (2) AP action. Does this ever happen? Yes, I assume it does, but do you have to put too much effort into getting those 4 corpse markers in close proximity? I was thinking Corpse Bloat (but again 2 SS) to slice out a spleen for 1 corpse marker and 2-3 Canine Remains to get some more? Perhaps the new and cool Carrion Emissary which can create a Mindless Zombie every turn = 1 more corpse marker. Then I'm thinking this might be too much work and energy towards getting a Rogue Necromancy for next turn, while spending most of Seamus activation and a handful of other models' too? What do you guys think? Seamus has several really good upgrades, it's hard to choose! Maniacal Laugh seems more like a fun theme upgrade than a useful one?
  19. hello, I start Malifaux and in miniatures painting. This is my first crews in Wip. I would like some advice to improve. My Rotten Belles My Seamus Crew My Mcmourning Crew ps: Sorry I'm not very good in English is not my native language
  20. Gargantuan


    From the album: Gargantuans stuff

  21. OSP

    What to get?

    Hi to everybody, Today a friend of mine has tried to get into a small league of "new" players (all of them know how to play Malifaux but haven't play many games). The idea is interesting, one player per faction and, at least, one game against each player. He knows I am a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so he thoughts that maybe it's a good idea to bring me again to the game. I'm not saying that I'm going to play, but if I join the league I will have to play with ressers. And, that's where I need your help Currently I have: Seamus box, Tara's box, bette noire, one hanged, one death marshal (maybe I could get another one), two dead doxies, one guild autopsy and four canine remains. As you can see most of the miniatures are designed to play with Seamus and I don't know if I could play Tara with what I have. So, is there any miniature that could work with both masters? Do you think that I need something more to play with Tara? As I said I'm a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so, if I join the league I would only buy one or two miniatures (let's say a box of three miniatures is my top). Also, please, don't recommend me Hannah. I know she works great with Tara, but I don't like her miniature (and currently I'm only willing to buy miniatures that I like for their aesthetics). Thanks for the help
  22. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 1

    Front view
  23. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 2

    Finally finished
  24. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 3

    Left side