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  1. Gotta admit, a 3rd Don't Mind Me model is kind of cool (4th with Emmisary trinket)... might be interesting to look into.
  2. If translucent Umbra is not already in the planning stages at least, I would feel let down by Wyrd... and I don't even want to play Umbra!
  3. Everything Foundry except Mei Feng & Forgeling can now be played in Arcanists, Bayou, & Ten Thunders. I have a feeling there will be more of these dual keyword models being released, so these numbers may skyrocket!
  4. Oh, generic doctor? That's cool then.
  5. I think he died in the fight with Titania; the fight is in Neverborn while the aftermath is in Outcast. Granted, he may not be dead, but they left him behind.
  6. I miss Plague Pits so very much. Please bring them back!
  7. A few might... I could see a special totem rule on certain titles, or no totem rules! Like if Hoffman suddenly becomes a giant Sz 4 anime mech, they may decide to not let the attendant off balance that. Also, Parker's totem might be dead in canon, they could go forward that way the "experienced" Parker has no totem, L5R style.
  8. I'm excited to put EVS on a table and loose hundreds of times in a row while I learn the deck manipulation, and then finally get it!
  9. In 1st edition, they had a trade places mechanic... I'd love to see that come back.
  10. But who? Could Youko summon an army of trained prostitutes? Would Shenlong keep accepting new students? Does Lynch's just go to the drunk tank for addicts? Can Mei Feng build Gamin from scratch? Will McCabe consolidate all the street gangs? How would Misaki speed hire so trained Ninjas? Do we care what Yan Lo does; screw that guy.
  11. I've only used it in Turf War in GG2. It was very useful in Corrupted Ley Lines in previous GG's.... like I said, I don't actually put 16 in them. Typically, I'll put about 10 on Monks, Gamin, & Brewmaster.
  12. Considering Tidecaller and Kiya (and the Emissary) are also Constructs, I think they are definetly auto includes.
  13. It's Martini Time (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: The Brewmaster Twelve Cups of Coffee Totem(s): Apprentice Wesley Hires: Fingers Leong Twelve Cups of Coffee Fermented River Monk Inferiority Complex Fermented River Monk 2 Inferiority Complex Whiskey Gamin Whiskey Gamin 2 Tanuki Not as many constructs as you take, obviously. Block Party: deploy in base contant 3x3 (yes there are only 8 models), the only requirements is Fingers in the middle, Gamin facing a clear path to where you want them to go. Everyone is within 2" of everyone else, Monk does Have a Drink once to each Gamin; Bully gives automatic suit, Crows for Drinking Problem, then Trusty Flask. 2 Poison each Gamin. Monk 2 does Have a Drink once to each Gamin; Bully gives automatic suit, Crows for Drinking Problem, then Trusty Flask. 4 on each Gamin. Fingers does Have A Drink on each Monk once, build in suit "Obeys" each Monk to Have A Drink each Gamin once, then Shower of Booze trigger. 7 Poison on each Gamin. Tanuki does Lifting Spirits on one Gamin, with built in Smashed trigger, then Jug Swing the other Gamin Looking for the Shower of Booze trigger, then Foul Mouthed Motivation on the hurt Gamin to heal them, looking for Smashed trigger. 10 poison each Gamin. Wesley does Have A Drink once on each Gamin, then Trusty Flask. 12 Poison each Gamin. Brewmaster Lures a Monk twice, looking for the "Obey" trigger to Have A Drink each Gamin once, Trusty Flask looking for the Shower of Booze trigger, then Obeying Fingers to "A Toast!". 16 Poison each Gamin. Gamin 1 pushes 16" then can either Walk 6" more and scheme, scheme and Walk 6" more, or double Walk/Walk Charge for a total of 28" (33" if you get the Accidental Roll Over). Gamin 2, same as the first. Granted, you're not going to get ALL the suits you need every game. Some games you won't need 16" so you'll direct more Poison to Brewmaster and/or Monks. Some games an Alpha Strike will hit your block. Some games..... every thing will go smooth and you'll have 2 Turf War markers flipped on turn 1.
  14. Exactly... I always deploy Block Party style, and getting 16 poison on both Gamin for them to activation last on turn 1 is amazing, puts them well above their cost. Mind you, you yourself are not gonna get that much poison with this build, but it seems kind of a waste to not get anything out if it.
  15. Just saying, if you're hiring 2 Akaname for the scrap to summon 2 Gamin, you can just hire the Gamin for 1 more stone each and take advantage of Driving While A Drink.
  16. Just one more of the many limitations that make Lazarus not worth it.
  17. Ah, I see... everyone's mounted, nice. (Well, the Effigy will be once it's turn 3) Pretty fast crew to say the least.
  18. For some reason I've been calling him Roy for like 2 years... hopefully he'll be either the Infamous contingent of the Jockey keyword or the Jockey Master. What about the family on the Silarid?
  19. That's for the board game as far as we know so far.... but any thing is possible.
  20. As they're versatile, it wouldn't be all that impressive of a change... oh, Ulix can move an extra 2", woo hoo.
  21. It's kind of sad that Big Hat, Infamous, Kin, & Tri-Chi did't get new models. Tri-Chi got half of the Encounter box at the end of 2e, so I can't be too salty. Kin just got new Minions at the start of 3e, and so did Big Hat, so that's fine. But Infamous gets nothing new?! That's a shame.
  22. I mean the obvious answer is Captain "Do It For The Vine" Zipp! A whole crew of SUPER FAST models on 40mm bases than can be Fly With Me'd. Hell yeah! It's like Fast & Furious 17: Green Ones Go Faster!
  23. You used them pre-errata?! Do tell, what did you do with them?
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