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  1. I’m a fan of 1 Model, 1 card. I want to be able to look across the table and know exactly what I’m looking at. This is one reason I don’t play Warhammer systems. Once you start using the same model but could be version 1 or version 2, it gets confusing.
  2. 1 faction. Started with 3 intentional masters and no plans to collect others. Then I saw the Nightmare boxes and picked up 2 more Masters.... still no interest in the others of my faction because I simply don’t like the play style. If it doesn’t gel, then it simply won’t play well, even if it’s objectively “better.”
  3. I personally enjoy running 2 Wandering River Monks in any heavy-scheme Strategy / scenario. They get to where they need to be, and can get themselves out of trouble. I never played Low River, though, but hear that their Healing abilities are great.
  4. I saw that as well, but the examples given are strictly "Schemes, Leader, lasting game effects." Nothing referencing attacks. So we weren't sure if it applied.
  5. Here is the situation we ran into: Titania hit mounted Lucas McCabe with Sharp Claws, hitting the Knock Aside trigger. The mounted Lucas model was reduced to 0 health, which triggered the Demise, and the dismounted model came into play. The question we had: after the replace occurs, does the Knock Aside trigger now apply to the dismounted Lucas?
  6. My group looked into this same issue and came to the conclusion that cheating Red Joker is NOT "flipped", so it does not get the Severe +1. Specifically in the rules on Page 9: "If the Red Joker is flipped in an opposed duel, the opposing model may not Cheat Fate. If it comes up in a variable flip that involves numbers (such as damage or healing flips), the Red Joker does Severe +1." So each reference to the Red Joker is a "flip", which means not cheated. Thanks Solkan. Apparently different pages of the rule book have different rules.
  7. Flight. Since Flight is a "place", I find people believe they can use Flight to leave combat. NOPE! You need Agile as well to use a Walk action, or similar ability for a Charge action. Sorry, Nephilim...
  8. Not sure what you mean by this one - removing a marker is mandatory to create a Katashiro. This list doesn't have a way to produce Scrap Markers, so Shadow Markers are required at the 10+ Tomes. But true, you can set a Shadow Marker "within walking distance" so she can advance and create. I'm dumb, so I try to keep it as simple as I can for myself. Totally fair statement. It depends on what problem you're trying to solve, and you adapt from there. If the problem is "Ototo never makes it to combat" then Trained Ninja is great. Mix'n'match the upgrades and see what works best for you. Q
  9. You are right and I'm gonna' edit my post. Shows you how often I use her - or when I do, my opponents just ignore the fact she's there.
  10. Okay! So, ignoring the timer issues, you won! Congrats! Other than the many mistakes both you and your opponent made, and the length of the game.., how did you feel about the list and how the models came together? Was the advice we gave misleading? What did you learn? Because I can't quite make it out, which models were left on the board between you? Without knowing the play by play, I see some areas I can point out: 1) Mistakes. You made them. Your opponent made them. Nobody is going to get all of the rules on every card and on every page correct in their first few games. Ac
  11. Trying not to respond until I see the rest of the game.
  12. One more question: what is the advantage of False Claim in the Huckster vs a simple Interact action? Net result seems to be 1 Scheme marker on the board for scoring. is it the additional distance gained? Is it the Place (so can be within 4” of another)? Is it that she can do multiple times?
  13. Okay another question - while the applications of the Timeworn Blade are obvious, when / how do you use the other artifacts? Do you just use them for the Fast bonus, or are there situations that you really like the benefits provided?
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