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  1. "If this model is buried, Unbury it in base contact with a friendly Shadow Marker, then remove that marker. IF it does so, for every two friendly models that have Activated this turn...." So when I refer to the word "trigger" (likely the wrong word given the game term), a friendly Shadow Marker is required. There is no stipulation that I can find that would allow the Unbury to occur if the condition is not met (that is, the friendly Shadow marker). In fact, the "If it does so..." implies that the Unbury may not be possible.
  2. Where is the rule that says Buried models "must" Unbury without the proper trigger? That's what I am looking for, then.
  3. My money is that you are incorrect, and I don't see how you are triggering the Unbury effect without the Shadow Marker. Nonetheless, only one way to resolve it. I posted to the Rules Forum:
  4. There is currently a discussion in the Ten Thunders forum (link below) about how Misaki can Unbury in the deployment zone if there are no Shadow Markers, per the rules for Unbury on page 33. What is the correct answer? Does Misaki require the proper Unbury Trigger, or is the bolded statement below about placing in the Deployment Zone a free "out?" The rule in question: "ABuriedmodelcanonlybereturnedtothetablevia anUnburyeffect§WhenUnburyingamodelthecon» trolleroftheUnburyeffectplacesthemodelbackon thetableasdescribedbytheeffect§Ifthemodelcannot bePlacedtheownerofthemodelinst
  5. Sorry, you are wrong on that. The core rules say "A buried model can only be returned to the table with an unbury effect." Full stop. The further text you quote about the deployment zone is only if there is no room to place the model from the unbury effect. Quite simply, yes, models can become perma-buried. I would love to be wrong on this, but there are other effects in the game that bury models which also have specific Unbury criteria.
  6. Clickbait indeed. Can you explain how you unbury Misaki if you are eating both of her Shadow Markers for Katashiros? You use Ototo, or Shang? Torekage have Agile and MV 7, they can just leave combat any time they want, anyway. I love them for scheme running. I like the idea for Terracota warrior... I just bought them, and am interested to try.
  7. Of course it would help to first know what models you have access to in order to build out strategy ideas. Notwithstanding... For Misaki herself, the hardest thing I've had to balance is when to use her for scheme running and when to use her to kill something. Overall, I found her crew to be quite mobile, from Turn 1 to Turn 5, with lots of Speed 7 models and Agile to ensure you get to where you want. If you want to be irritating to your melee-based opponent, there are a lot of Extended Reach options. Running Misaki, I've been able to dictate the pace of the game more than any other
  8. On Arik Schottemer, he has an ability called Bright Aether: "Increase the value of any SHOCKWAVES generated by +1." Is the "value" the: Rg Stat Damage All of the above? Other?
  9. As always, I caveat my answers with "I am new and have no idea what I am doing." That said, I have a fairly decent record with Misaki over ~15 games, and recently picked up Mei Feng ~3 games, so I've seen both sides of this equation. In your game, you didn't say if you were playing the full 5 rounds, or stuck to a 2-hr time limit. That's important context - most of my timed games end on turn 4, sometimes 3, rarely 5. In many cases, I simply echo what was said above: Many of your models have Extended Reach. This is a powerful weapon in of itself as it stops you from being charged. Yo
  10. 1) Wow. Okay then. I will never paint again, knowing that anything I do is complete and utter garbage compared to what's above. 2) How about the rest of the crew?
  11. Anyone have painting ideas or know of posted complete models somewhere? I'm trying to get some inspiration before painting.
  12. I was directed to this link. Quite helpful!
  13. I think we played this correctly but the result was so mind-blowing, I wanted to be sure. The situation is: Mechanized Porkchop has 2 boxes left with Bombs in yer Belly Misaki attacks Porkchop hitting Severe damage and Execute Trigger How we think it plays: Porkchop takes 5 damage (-2 for Armor) Blast damage template is placed, dealing 4 to Misaki Porkchop dies, triggering the Demise +3 ability Misaki takes 3 damage Execute trigger fizzles, since there's no longer a target in play. But that results in Misaki taking 7 damage, which seems a bit p
  14. I'm looking at the diagram. I'm looking at the parts. I'm looking at what I've partially assembled. And I cannot figure out how to attach the gun, the tanks, or the lid. They just don't cleanly fit anywhere... I'm about to just say "Plastic glue makes anything stick to anything" and make something up. Pics are helpful if you have them! EDIT: As I am starting Gumdrop... there is seriously a special place in hell for the person who designed these models. 😆
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