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  1. Confirmed: Youko is better than Asami, Yan Lo, Mei Feng, and Lynch. The meta has spoken!
  2. I'll be honest, the only reason I don't play Lynch is because of the Brilliance tokens. I love the models, but I hate the "building up" concept where models and armies get stronger turn after turn. Also, the Brilliance tokens add more bookkeeping, and it's hard enough for me to keep track of the game without adding new concepts. Otherwise I love the models (and gambling) would play Lynch otherwise. Similarly, I refuse to play Yan Lo for the same reasons: Too much accounting and slow-grow.
  3. If it helps... There are models such as Dawn Serpent which have both AGILE and FLIGHT, and other models that just have FLIGHT. This is how I determined that Flight alone is not sufficient to walk out of combat.
  4. Was not aware of the Nazi background. I do know that 8 is a lucky number in China, to the extent that you have to pay $$ to have 8's in your license plate or phone number. Also, 88 used to be slang for "bye bye" in SMS messages. Since this is Ten Thunders, I say bring on the 8's!
  5. Well hold on now, I think many people agree von Schook is broken so let's not drag him into this one...
  6. Also eagerly awaiting news on the Metal Golem Nightmare Edition...
  7. On that end, I am surprised to see how many stones are burned early in Youko's turn. There definitely were too few stones in Game 2.
  8. I am not familiar with Vassal. Can you show me where the Score is actually tracked? I couldn't find it anywhere on screen. Generally, I just tried watching Youko's actions to see how she impacts the game, then forward to the end to see the conclusion. But I can never find the points... I also don't have the patience to sit through 3 hours of video. Regarding Game 2, just 1 thought: on Turn 1, Youko could have used Assist on the burning Kabuki to stop him from dying. Sure, he would have dropped the Intel token, but you could have gotten another turn out of him. But I do enjoy watch
  9. On-topic, please fix the audio. It sounded more like an ASMR audio-book than someone excited about playing a new crew. This probably the opposite of what you intended, especially given how thoroughly you went through each and every model.
  10. I understand your argument. I disagree with it. The cost is a Scrap Marker. You removed a Scrap Marker. You can only place a Scrap Marker. "May be treated as" is for specific effects while it is on the table and while it is within 6" of Sparks.
  11. Launch into Space requires a Scrap Marker in the cost. I think that assigns the type of marker you drop right there. Scrap. No?
  12. While I agree that a comprehensive source for outliers would be great, i would hardly call a misunderstanding on 25% of the core strategies an outlier. We have people playing a core component of the game different ways, depending on what their local groups agree to. That’s one reason I stopped playing anything by GW.
  13. Writing rules in simple English has not been Wyrd's forte', otherwise the rules forum wouldn't need to exist.
  14. Just curious now that we're some number of months in, which way have people been playing it? My group has been spending ALL tokens, because that's what the scheme says to do. But I can see an argument going the other way (select any number of friendly models, then discard all of their bounty tokens).
  15. Auras! Thanks, I kept looking under Terrain rules. That solves that!
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