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  1. As an update, I put Trained Ninja on 2 Samurai in a Misaki list with 2 Snipers and Minako. My opponent about table flipped with 4 guns deployed halfway up the board just mowing his guys down as he came forward, with Misaki doing her thing. I still haven't figured out Minako, but that's for a different thread. This was a pretty fun list to play!
  2. For some background, I have about 20 games in of Malifaux across Monk, Last Blossom, Oni, and Versatile. Never once have I used an upgrade and I feel like I might be missing out on something cool. I usually play with 4-7 available Stones. In what situations do you consider any of our Upgrades? When would you double up? And why? Very curious on this - I'm looking to test some in games this weekend. My current thought is that with Last Blossom, 2 Snipers already come with From the Shadows, and adding 2 Samurai with the Trained Ninja upgrade to stand with them sounds like fun.
  3. For context on where I'm coming from, I have about 20 games in of Malifaux utilizing Monk, Last Blossom, Oni, and Versatile. I also 9 years worth of Warmachine experience and some GW, so not entirely new to mini wargaming, though new to Malifaux. So far, Versatile has been my favorite keyword and I tend to overload my armies with them... But - I've seen several people note that Monk is most often supported by Versatile models. From my limited experience, Monk has the most intra-keyword synergy. Shenlong has significant support for Monks, including "Dragon Commands It", which has won me games. Sensei Yu is another great support piece for Monks, and is situationally great. I typically run 1-2 High River Monks for their amazing damage output, especially when FAST with Sensei Yu. I also run 1-2 Wandering Monks as scheme runners. This leave space for 1-2 Versatile, but that's about it. I am curious for feedback on why I should be utilizing more, not fewer, Versatile models with Shenlong. Is the perceived synergy a trap? Do the Versatile models really outshine our Monks options? Quite honestly, Sensei Yu has been the only model I've thought to drop, as he doesn't seem to bring enough for 9 points. Thoughts?
  4. If I read this correctly, Minako must be successful in the dual in order for the upgrade to be applied?
  5. Maybe I should ask in the 10T forums, but why is Monk so heavily weighted out of key word? I find Monk has the most keyword synergies within 10, and I take fewer Versatile models here than with anyone else. And I do love our Versatile models! It's my favorite keyword by far.
  6. Thanks Solkan, but you missed part of my question. When do you "discard a Chi Token" vs. receive one succeeding Fury of the Dawn?
  7. I'm having difficulty understanding the timing / order of operations across the abilities. FURY OT THE DAWN: Target suffers 2/3/5 damage. If the target is an enemy model, this model gains a chi token. RAM: Aggressive Chi: Discard a Chi Token. When resolving, damage for this Action is irreducible. Given that the RAM trigger is "While resolving", do you receive the Chi token for Fury of the Dawn only after you resolve the RAM trigger, or do you receive the Chi token in order to resolve the RAM trigger? Also, Fermented River Style: FALLING RAVE KICK: Discard a Chi Token: Place this model into base contact with the target. Target suffers 3 damage and gains Staggered. Since there is both a TN and a Df dual, at which point do you Discard the Chi Token, and at which point to you place Shenlong into B2B contact with the target?
  8. Sure, here are some ways that I was able to utilize Yasunori in my last 2 games with him. Also note I ran him with Misaki both games: Speed 7 and Flight allows him to get around the field and this makes him arguably the most mobile model that we have. While he does not have Agile, he does have The Wind's Wrath which can be used to disengage. The Wind's Wrath affects Enemy models as well as Friendly. That's a fun one to use, especially when one of the scenarios requires a model to be B2B with a strategy marker at the end of a turn. It can also help you get that extra Quick Reflexes attack. Chaos Unleashed functions similarly to Winds Wrath, above. Remember that it impacts both Friendly and Enemy models. While an 11-point model seems like an expensive scheme runner, Schemes win games. Using all of the tips and tricks above, he can free himself to Interact, and his Height 3 and 50mm base blocks LOS (which is required for SO MANY schemes). Misaki giving Yasunori a free charge is pretty clutch on an already-highly-mobile model. (edit) The Wind's Wrath gets around Butterfly Jump and similar moves, so long as you were B2B when you made your first attack. (edit) And generally, while Yasunori doesn't have any stand-out Offense / Defense capabilities as he used to, he's no slouch in combat. I have not tried to use Revel in Chaos, yet, as I am loath to help my opponent. But that seems to be a great way to utilize more of his offensive and defensive tech. Hope that helps. Again, I'm not promoting Yasunori as the best choice for a list. But he does have flexible uses. Just don't expect a beat-stick going in or you will be disappointed.
  9. I have put Yasunori on the table since the update, and I can say: Yes, he definitely feels much weaker on the table with less overall damage output. Yes, he lost some great defense and feels softer on the table. But he did shine in one area that was not impacted by the errata, which is the sheer mobility and movement tricks. His ability to get around the table and push / pull other models with him (friend and foe alike) is phenomenal. I don't think he's worth 11 points in his current form, but he does have a place in some of my lists and did contribute to a win with the control he brings. I think one of the 3 nerfs needs rescinded and he'd be okay, though my preference is to either the damage output or the durability.
  10. I think the interpretation uses multiplication, in that non-bonus tactical action: non(bonus tactical) action (non-bonus) (non-tactical) action so you can only make attacks? I'm not trying to defend it...
  11. There is heavy debate in my gaming group about what actions this actually allows. Some believe it ONLY allows for attacks, some believe it ONLY allows for Tactical Actions which are not bonus actions. And it's not answered in the FAQ. Please help clarify.
  12. Was not me. Glad I'm not the only person with this bug! If it helps, I was scrolling up and down, modifying other models and the Summoned models would go off-screen.., then every few minutes it just reset the Summoned models to full health when i scrolled back to them.
  13. As a relatively new player coming from other systems, the best Ten Thunders Keyword that I found is: Versatile. Seriously. The Master is just the flavor I add to my army of dragons and Gatling guns. Or if I am feeling exceptionally obnoxious, I go all-Versatile all-day, and Fuhatsu leads the charge.
  14. What information do you need? Core list: Asami: Amanjaku Ohaguro Tanuki #3 Jorogumo Jorogumo #1 Yokai Samurai Summoned a Yokai. Despite taking damage or dying, at the end of a few minutes, it would just refresh to full health as the game progressed. If you need more info, it was FLANK scenario, Symbols of Authority, against Parker Barrows.
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