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Found 2 results

  1. So prides guitar bash has no ... is this intended or accidental?
  2. Hi all. Our faction has the interesting model - Aionus. On first saw he is cool - marker tricks may bury models, cast damage reducing, nimble-to-casting-expert ability, can do mass slow, and can fast friendly model. Very solid model with df 6, wp 7 and 12 wd. 12 SS for that seems honorable. But his useless in most cases... His marker abilities need not so often - with 12 SS you can bring 2-3 cheap schemers and get more activations and more markers where you need. His range attack has Rg: 10. That not bad, but not excellent for 12SS henchman. And his killer feature - A Stitch in Time - does not work. Give model fast for a card sound good. But in most cases, you want fast your beaters because schemers usually already fast models. And beaters cost 9+ usually. (Mad Dog 9, Alyce 10, Taelor 9, Lazarus 10, Hannah 10, Nothing Beast 10, Sue 7, Hans 7, Gunslinger 7, Killjoy 12, Johan 7, Strongarm 10, Desolation Engine 13, Wokou Raiders 8, Bishop 9). You need to discard a card higher than model cost. In most cases, it means 10 or 11. And that's too high because you want to keep it in hand to cheat fate. And you can only discard a card from hand, no flip from a deck. My suggestions: Change A Stitch in Time ability something like this: When a friendly non-Peon non-Leader model with an SS cost of 1 or more activates within 4", it may flip a card from his deck (this flip may not be cheated) OR discard a card from its hand. If card value equal or higher then model's SS cost -2, this model receive Fast. - In that case, you need to discard or flip 7-8 to receive Fast: not an elite card, but and not a useless junk. And you need to bunch up near Aionus if you want Fast. I think it's fair. Increase his Out of Time range to 12. Maybe give his Bony Fingers range 9" projectile in addition to 2" close combat. Your thoughts?
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