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  1. Nope. Let be honest u play a lot of vassal with most of all top players in russia
  2. Sorry for bad english. Sensei is great cause he still got good for laugh trigger, fast for minion. bonus chi for discard. how i use it. 1 student make 4 chi with discard them second student make 3 focus and discard then sensei charge Fuhatsu and beat him twice u got 2 card and flip 14 card. then he use bonus to fast 1 student. on activation of shenlond he tranfer fast on FuFu then on bonus make sensei fast 1 student again and tranfer for some one new. and last one he tranfer chi for himself/tranfer focus on fufu. ucan or shoot on 1st turn or can setup 2 beater with fast like oto
  3. yea but/ i choose fufu with fast. he got more dmg on shooting. btw too may games vs collet, and its scary to put samurai vs her. and abou upgrades i loved samurai for bodygard but still very expensive .
  4. Hi all. may the teams whom finished show they lists. Very interesting 10T cause i'm 10T player and wanna see some new lists and ideas. I will be very thankful for this .
  5. Why all love samurai? And how nice snipers now ? any time i played them they was bad . About upgrades i love ninja on fuhatcu
  6. Thanks we got a lot of argument pro/con what happen
  7. What happen when enemy model with last wound flip an ace in opposite duel, if it in aura from Mr. Tannen ? It instantly dead or it finish the action? (Sry for bad english)
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