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  1. I think mb he can get some like knife with execute and light inside.and shadow jump like ototo. Second be some sort of sober from brilliance he discard brilliance then give target distracted. With trigger hangover target get 1/2/3 dmg . Or shadow cofuse if target near shadow marker get stun And bonus action some sort of Overseer of oyabun friendly only make interact
  2. I really miss stitcheds. Second i think honeypot right now is allmost complete keyword. They got minions , enforcers and henchmans. Will be great for mr. Chang . I think if we got new hench for honeypot and blossom . With execute. Its my dream but i really wanna see some mb versatile ninja misaki emisar for another crew , how work like ears and eyes. Like Chang in honeypot.
  3. Shen can be beater but he is not only beater. My most fun play was whe i stole focus from zipp then transfer stun from fufu and push fufu then fufu easy kill zipp. My opponent think about shen just only he is beater so it was big surprise for him. About monks great keyword u can play them competitive. Like warder + archer, or duble drunk monk
  4. Cabe good with misaki . Very fast high damage crew. Lynch fine but on board he is hard to play . If u wanna something good in all i recommend shenlong.he can almost everything he can be beater he can be great support. Youko u know it good on paper hard on table cause she is weak , but her keyword is nice. Mei very unq , she is strong.but my opinion in arcane with rider, and tony, she is better. Asami very strong 1 weakness she summoner , so u need buy a lot of oni.
  5. No discount on calipso + bebe
  6. Mb cuz of meta with a lot of guns or range atack. but most of all i choose stealh to force emeny crew go inside aura cuse some strong crew use action with 8 range that not a lot but saved them from auras.
  7. Tnx u mate. i tried almost all of option. lust look good on paper on table was not so good kabuki was great,really waiting for them.
  8. Shenlong cause he can adopt or mb misaki. But let be honest i pick shen with fufu and desper
  9. Can u show u lynch crew ? I wanna see crew to improve my skills
  10. In my roster i got samurai with silent he stay near tanen tanen redirect he place in aura of sun
  11. Why not Stealth ? I don't understand how take the hit , spend card for it and take some dmg or lost position be better rather than Stealth whom senergy with all tanen aura , if u not zora or putina u come closer and stay in all auras
  12. Tra Stealth better save more and help with move. Maddox good tank she not carry about enemy focus she got decent damage card draw and good hook plus her aura. After errata she more powerful than kitty
  13. Stealth better cause of lure and another hooks like presto. 2/4/6 good but i choose obey more utility.
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