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  1. And? Why it not 5? This is average move in game. In this logic 5 and 6 mv - it's a crime, and all models must have 4 or less.
  2. I don't understand why Rusty receive such huge nerf for her move. I agree that 6 mv maybe little bit too cool. But 4? This is okay for snipers, who has 14-24" range. But Alyce? I think 5 mv is fine. Dissapointing.
  3. And Storm can not take Interact in turn when he was summoned.
  4. Insignificant of Dust Storm - not good idea, because now is harder to reform into new A&D then in m2e. Now opponent needs just break base contact between Core and Storm. In almost all cases (if opp know this model) new A&D does not come. And significant Storm - it's fair deal. You can not get new scary guy, but you receive good schemer. This is an idea of this model, I think.
  5. Yes, but they are still Blade Masters, maybe they cannot effectively hit some unnatural stuff (like incorporeal), but they must can effectively hit common defences. I suggest give them on attack. And maybe ignore armor/HtK/shielded.
  6. "Clear wording" they said, "Simple rules" they said. 2 pages of disputes... Goddamn, one simple word - irreducible, can solve ALL PROBLEMS. But...
  7. In case of Marlena it's still 2 damage suffered: 1 to Leveticus, 1 to Marlena, for example.
  8. This is unclear solution. Irreducible damage simple and clear.
  9. Current wording is: this model may suffer up to 2 damage. When resolving, target suffer +1 damage per damage suffered when declaring this trigger. Current "suffered" damage it's damage AFTER all reductions. Now we take Ashes and Dust. He has incorporeal. And he only increase his damage by 1. Because he choose to suffer 2 damage, incorporeal reduce it to 1, and in final he "suffered" 1 damage. And can increase his damageline only by 1. Possible solution - change wording to: this model may suffer up to irreducible 2 damage. When resolving, target suffer +1 damage per damage suffered when declaring this trigger.
  10. Yes, now he has only Necropunks out of faction
  11. In my games she dies really quick if my opponent focused fire on her. And Amalgam crew need some good ranged fighter (Leveticus not so good, let's be honest). For her cost she in good spot right now.
  12. Like I said. Now - yes. A few weeks ago - sum of Focus conditions.
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