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  1. Friendship is magic. And magic is heresy... Burn it.
  2. KID55

    Our worst models

    Pride. He wants to be on a frontline, but he is too fragile and his main stuff too weak and easy to avoid.
  3. KID55

    Where to use Marlena Webster?

    I hope in summer errata she gets some synergy with Leveticus, because of wtf dudes?
  4. KID55

    Unique Levi combos

  5. KID55

    Unique Levi combos

    50 SS Outcasts Crew Leveticus + 4 Pool - Pariah of Bone (1) - Untimely Demise (1) - Desolate Soul (2) Hollow Waif (0) Hollow Waif (0) Toshiro The Daimyo (9) Yin The Penangalan (8) Rougarou (8) Rougarou (8) Rotten Belle (5) Rotten Belle (5) What do you think people?
  6. KID55

    Unique Levi combos

    Toshiro's (0) The Daimyo's Price has next wording: (Ca 5/ TN: 13/ Rg: 3): Discard target corpse marker or a friendly scheme marker to give all friendly minions in 6 the Focused +1 condition. Would this pulse be from Toshiro or from target marker?
  7. KID55

    Spot gaps in a Pariah of Iron hiring pool

    Marlena is a great taelor-like option against emeny scheme placing, I think.
  8. KID55

    Outcast triple buring

  9. KID55

    Creature Feature - Results

    Yahoo!!! Congratulations for everyone!
  10. KID55

    Creature Feature Begins

    " - Winners will be announced on May 27th. " This is not mistaken? Will results be only in next month? 0_o
  11. KID55

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    😭 When I buy Leveticus, I just start to play in Malifaux, played 3 games, and he was nerfed( Those days I don't realize how strong he was... But now I understood and that's very sad what I played only 3 games with "old" Leveticus. But this is my favorite master forever and no matter what)
  12. KID55

    Rider Levi after errata and in gg18

    Or Sue, or whatever good Outcast model.
  13. KID55

    Rider Levi after errata and in gg18

    Even before errata this crew was interesting, and now this can shine. For example you can bring mobile toolkit and increase damage output. Or TW and protect your guys. Or both, and swap pariah upgrade to untimely demise. Or kentaroy and ride Leveticus. Or Librarian for more survivability. Or 2-3 desperate mercs for activation control.
  14. KID55

    Outcast triple buring

  15. If I take Talos and bury an enemy model, than friendly Lazarus copy Talos's bury action and bury second enemy model, first buried model still buried? And than Hannah copy Lazarus assimilate and copy Talos's bury action and bury third model. This is legal? And Talos would be heal and damage only for the first model which he bury by himself?