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  1. My votes for Lynch. He prefers to make customers than enemies ...
  2. As far as I understand the rule (page 30 of the free rulebook😞 - Multiple auras. of the same name affect an enemy, the player who controls the emitters of the aura chooses one that affects that enemy in turn. - If those auras mentioned above affect their emitters, each one is affected individually.
  3. From Digital Rulebook pg 34 (Simultaneous Effects) : You choose the order of the effects
  4. I agree that Lady Justice prevents markers from being put on by killing a model but I don't see the reason why she stops the effect of Demise (Eternal) if this is only an effect of avoiding be killed once per turn.
  5. Seeing Manos in a new box gives me hope that we will see Minako and her dolls in a Themed Box too (I hope it isn't part of the new Core Box of Misaki)
  6. ...and she knows the Ultra-Instinct
  7. A doubt arose during a game when using Ruthless (Mr. Graves), well more than anything, a need to clarify rules: What abilities are considered part of Manipulative abilities?
  8. Welcome to the Train... A model that is usually common in the lists of Lady Tiger is the Metal Gamin, since thenit according to what you faces. Some good guides for you to orient yourself: Ten Thunder Mei Arcanist Mei
  9. "Ruthless" would not be a good defense against manipulative abilities?
  10. The Wyrd website has updated all the information of the new edition. You can see the new designs of Masters and the new faction info. M3e
  11. By the way the skill is described, it does not distinguish allies from enemies so if your models are not immune to Poison it would be better to maintain a healthy distance
  12. Maybe when some exclusive models of the faction are shown. With the two Masters (McCabbe and Basse) there is very little for the moment to comment on them.
  13. For now there is no information about that 😐. I hope Wyrd publishes the instructions for the new models soon.
  14. Both depend on the situation. The Archer has more value against teams that depend a lot on the markers for their plays, the Snipers if you want to eliminate threats from a great distance thanks to their ability to increase their shooting range (although I agree that the Samurais are more effective).
  15. Hello @Van-Vought and welcome to the Ten Thunders. Unfortunately within the stats cards for Yan Lo's team you will only find those who also belong to the Ten Thunders's faction.
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