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  1. The ol' good Mr. Graves needs a little tinkering to keep up with the rest of the Honeypot's staff. Perhaps it would be a good option to give him Juggernaut (to increase his duration in the field) or some Action that allows him to use Brillance to improve his Duel ().
  2. Youko and HER team (Qi & Gong - Ten Thunders) also like to collect Pass Tokens to use their ability (Leverage) and activate when their opponent can no longer do anything.
  3. The cheapest choices within the Ten Thunders are, in my opinion, the Honeypot and Wastrel teams. You buy his initial box plus his Support Box (Dark Dealings and One Born Every Minute ) and you already have the complete team (in Honeypot only Gwyneth Maddox would be missing but it is not very expensive).
  4. so as not to create a new thread, look at the new design of the Illuminated for the 3rd edition.
  5. Hey, listen! 😁 I leave the link to a podcast in which the changes made in Gaining Grounds are commented Podcast
  6. As an additional option try Lust, according to several opinions, the errata has made her very compatible with the Qi & Gong.
  7. Mostly the errata has corrected some claims. Kitty Dumont is not affected in his game by the change, it will continue to be a great schemer and support to move characters. Minako has just become an additional attacker for teams that need it, invoking now is difficult outside Last Blossom. Sheng Long and his team were simply tuned (the impact on the competitive must now be seen now that NV lost Inhuman Reflexes). Yasunori is unanimously the worst of all Riders, now being a very expensive schemer. Chiaki and Lust have not used them yet to say something, but the consensus is that Lust is now more useful.
  8. The information is on the new cards (to download by dropbox) Outcast Dropbox
  9. If before it was a "good" option for its cost compared to the other "Rider" characters, now I see it more limited. Lacking 'Ruthless' and 'Ride with me' already did less, now without 'Onslaugth' can hardly be a heavy attack unit within the faction. The change to 'Chasing Advantage' means that now 5 cards are needed in the rival's hand to make many of their actions that require it worthwhile. For now I think I will limit his use (shelf). Fortunately, they didn't kill Minako completely (her Katashiros is another thing).
  10. This post is to comment on the new season of GG and how to implement our strategies accordingly. The link to it (with errata and faqs): GG 01 What Change for us? Minako Rei ° Kharmic Debt Trigger timing changed from After resolving to After succeeding (default). ° Create Katashiro TN increased from 15 to 17. ° Create Katashiro now gains +2 Stat if a Shadow Marker was removed for the Action’s cost. Yasunori ° Cost increased by 1. ° Chasing Advantage is for every three cards (rounded down) in the opposing players hand instead of every two. ° Onslaught Trigger replaced with Quick Reflexes. Lust ° Lascivious Music is now a Bonus () Action. ° Lascivious Music no longer reveals extra cards based on Sin Tokens and the target must discard a random card from their hand (different than the card drawn). ° Seduction gained the Love Hurts Trigger. ° Df increased from 4 to 5. Chiaki ° Split the Soul cost changed to: Discard a card and choose a ° friendly non-Master Retainer model within range. Sensei Yu ° Brutal Sensei only gives Chi when a friendly model is damaged by an enemy effect. Kitty Dumont ° Under the Table now restricted to: Enemy only. UPGRADES Reliquary (Manos, the Risen) ° Demise (Eternal) replaced with Lantern of Souls. ° Regeneration +2 changed to Regeneration +1. Fermented River Style ° Drunken Kung Fu replaced with Unpredictable. ° Falling Rave Kick effect and cost changed to: “Discard a Chi Token. Place this model into base contact with the target. Target suffers 3 damage and gains Staggered. ° Falling Rave Kick ranged increased from 1" to 2" and gained a TN of 12. Masked Agent ° Unsettling Presence replaced with Relentless. ° With Me changed to choosing a friendly model within 2". What was explained? (FAQ) 1. Wandering River Style – When using the Four Winds Punch Action, Markers are removed and then Dropped again. Do these markers change Alignment (friendly/enemy)? a) No. The Markers Dropped by this Action are the same as those removed and do not change Alignment when removed. 2. Gwyneth Maddox – Does the Luck Thief Ability apply before or after and modifiers cancel each other out? a) Before. Modifiers to a duel (such as ofrm Focused, Concealment, etc.) are generated during Step A of performing duels (pg. 10). Luck Thief immediately applies to any modifier generated changing it to a modifier. Then, the duel proceeds to Step B, at which point and modifiers would normally cancel each other out. 3. Lone Swordsman – If the Lone Swordsman takes the Last Breath Action twice in an Activation targeting the same model, are the effects cumulative? a) No. However, if The Lone Swordsman targets two different models with the Last Breath Action in the same Activation, it would resolve the effects of both actions separately.
  11. Tengu are a good (and very fragile) option. For my part, I have only recently used 1 or 2 bunraku (6 + 1 ss) with some success. I need more tests but they have good mobility and defend themselves well to be schemers.
  12. Yasunori has Wp 7 and Demeanor (Kitty) has stat 6 and we assume that Kitty did not Cheat damage and won the duel phase. Sounds like something similar to using Fuhatsu against Zoraida (It's not that it's bad, but you should take more precautions with distances). Edit: if you use it with your ally it is another issue, but she should limit her hand to 6 cards.
  13. Most of the problem would come from the rival giving him enough negatives to make his move. I mention again that the problem is the player who does not know what he faces. How does Kitty draw so many cards? Does she uses Demeanor twice?
  14. Already brought the discussion here. That is proactivity.
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