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  1. And the new faction is...
  2. Nothing yet. Maybe in the GenCon they show some of the new models (I hope they show Kitty Dumont)
  3. I haven't played more than once with the Youko's team but from what you ask @Vangerdahast I would say that Misaki is the best faction's secondary master: her Oyabun's Command is great to take down a tough opponent. About Hinamatsu...since she has a great synergy with the Qi & Gong team I think it's a good addition to the Team Box: Good movement, she can ignore armor and include Lure to the pack ... and Distraction Before using Bunrakus I would prefer include Tanukis that are less expensive and more useful
  4. Youko team cards
  5. Sprues Adepticon 19 Youko Basse Von Schtook
  6. Limit of image. Tomorrow upload photos (how delete my message?)
  7. As mentioning @Adra, it is best to separate the Vicks(8"), you can use the Beckoner for it or the Obey with Huggy (no-master only) so that his/her allies help to damage them. If you have chance Kitty would be your best addition, although her damage is anecdotal, despite the unnecessary downgrade, can still help move your units or to rotate rivals. Luck in your campaign @Cursed25 and do not forget to assing Brillance with Lynch and Beckoner
  8. Complicated duel you have to face. Vicks are meat mince machines if they get close enough. I do not have faith to the sniper, for 1 point more would put Fuhatsu who makes good combo wiith Tanuki, that gives focus for attacks, or if you want to go on the defensive (I do not recommend) use Maddox to lock them a while.
  9. And finally, the Easter Sale as rumored will be held on April 21. If someone will attend the Adepticon it would be great if they could put the lists that are used in the tournament. Thanking you for your readings, I will wait until the release of M3E. Happy games to all
  10. For now I haven't found any information about the history of M3E or additional factions. I hope that if someone from the staff of Wyrd in GAMA read us over there, we pass some photos to calm the cravings until the official release of the new edition
  11. Necrokamo


    Really? That would be an unnecessary change
  12. She is cute Misaki M3e
  13. I think that something similar was answered here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/143899-charge-and-the-charge-action/ I hope it help you
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