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  1. And finally, the Easter Sale as rumored will be held on April 21. If someone will attend the Adepticon it would be great if they could put the lists that are used in the tournament. Thanking you for your readings, I will wait until the release of M3E. Happy games to all
  2. For now I haven't found any information about the history of M3E or additional factions. I hope that if someone from the staff of Wyrd in GAMA read us over there, we pass some photos to calm the cravings until the official release of the new edition
  3. Necrokamo


    Really? That would be an unnecessary change
  4. She is cute Misaki M3e
  5. I think that something similar was answered here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/143899-charge-and-the-charge-action/ I hope it help you
  6. Thank you very much to all the staff for giving us the facility of having the updated material to be able to prove to our masters, also for the great patience to attend our observations and complaints ... ... and do not forget to put on the map of Malifaux in the rules book where the Honeypot Casino is (although I can imagine it for the references) but it is never the case to have the exact data. Successes for the official launch of M3E and that Kitty is the waifu of the Honeypot team
  7. The first year I imagine that it will be to lay the bases of the new edition through the Rulebook / Campaigns and the Chronicles. With the amount of new characters I do not think that they will add someone for a while until they are all well seated (they also have to push ToS). I would not mind seeing the model of Kitty Dummont
  8. This maybe be old, but it may be helpful: M3e in Gencon 2018 P.D. : the orange miniatures are ToS
  9. Well, you can always add more characters to Malifaux's world. The facts of ToS are a consequence of the ritual performed by the Governor General (resulting in the birth of the Burning Man) so it would not be strange to see a crossover between the franchises (I think the miniatures have different sizes). About changing cards to the characters there're always new Upgrade Cards that can be added to give them more variety or cover weaknesses. New campaign books will be released in which they will present new characters and features, maybe some characters will come back (Lilith come back !!! T_T ) ... although it would be nice to know what happened to Collodi (maybe it ended up as a piece of furniture)
  10. Another good option is the Ten Thunder Brothers, who can serve as markers/allies's protection and cheap field doctors
  11. So far in the Ten Thunders I only tested Jakob Lynch and used Misaki as a secondary master. Jakob Lynch is now oriented to give support to all Team Honeypot through his attacks and pulses that deliver their drug "brillance" as if it were a GTA game. At the moment the only thing that I see to correct is his slow movement: 4 steps don't allow him to be in place to support his employees without the help of Kitty or the Beckoners. In any case if the Developer Team don't think increasing their movement, they maybe can increase the distance of his range's skills. About Misaki...she's an excellent adittion to any team: good damage, abbilities and movement to face any rivals. Her "The Oyabun's command" allows her to use her allies to finish off an opponent who does not want to leave the game and with the "Rig the deck" ability (Team Honeypot) she has the best chance of having the best cards for her moves. And that's my contribution fot the Thunders in 3e. Sorry for my low level of english because it's not my base language.
  12. The previous week they warned that due to the change they would make in several Keywords in the game they would postpone the update one more day. It is assumed that the update will be uploaded during this day
  13. Necrokamo


    I share what was commented by @yames, although I used the ability only once (game against Perdita) to invoke a depleted after "exploiting" Papa Loco (first time we use the new rules), it is usually better to use the tokens to gain movement and additional damage.
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