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  1. Wolfpact

    Anna Lovelace

    Join the club of "screwed by hiring changes," sadly. Or don't, vote with your wallet. That's sort of where I'm at, currently. I was waiting for the beta rules to make my final call, and well.. they didn't cut it.
  2. Mad? No. Displeased with and lacking confidence in the balance team to the point of my wallet closing? Yes. The card-draw.. probably justified. Taking a bat to the knees and then the skull of his specialty as a Master to appease whiners? Sorry, that's a deal-breaker as it makes me doubt the capabilities of the dev team to an intolerable degree. It shows a design philosophy that I refuse to endorse with my hobby budget.
  3. No, it says "I bought into Ressers starting with Nico, back when he was considered a mid-tier at best, and because I enjoyed the notion of him I bought almost all of his summons." Nice try, though.
  4. Congratulations Wyrd, that Nico nerf cost you my business going forward, at least where Malifaux is concerned. Ridiculously overdone, and since Ressers were the only faction I felt inclined to expand on and you just gutted my only Resser Master (I play Tara as Outcast).... I'm voting no-confidence with my wallet. Doesn't do wonders for my faith in TOS, either.
  5. Nico has a lot of tricks, but ultimately I usually have him in the back performing profane rituals while his summoned horde does the work. (I also relate to this, as it's how I felt about the Outcasts overall. Parker sold me on theme, and I also now have and love Tara - who plays nice with my Nico horde, so bonus)
  6. I have Masters in every faction except Grems and Guild - though I did pick up Lynch as a 'Born master. Guild.... eh. I just don't like the Guild, lore-wise. They're soul-stealing fascist scum! That said, Hoffman tempts me, as I've come to enjoy giant stompy-bots and I'vealways loved cyborgs. I also actually like Sonnia as a character, but I already have Rasputina for a nuker. Gremlins..that's only a matter of time. I love Ulix conceptually and in the lore, and he's mostly self-contained. Wyrd sending me a foil card for him helps.
  7. So hey, I'm back with a new release - well, okay it was back in December. Anyhow, to any interested parties who might enjoy a Space Western yarn with a bit of thematic ground akin to Malifaux... If you're interested, check it out at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VR63BJ Thank you, gentle Wyrdos, for your consideration.
  8. I have to both agree and reinforce this point. It really cannot be over-stated that this is the case.
  9. As for what to get w/ Parker.. a few things not mentioned yet: Johan: Johan's pretty much mandatory. He's phenomenal, and he's a bargain at 7ss. At 6ss for Outcasts, he's ridiculously good. Big Jake: A great scheme runner, card-engine, and surprise attack to swing dicey situations on Turn 5. Great for certain take-and-hold strategies, too. Sue: Just a great big bag of wonderful abilities. As a bonus, they all fit Parker's aesthetic pretty well, too.
  10. I've actually heard the exact opposite re: Hans vs. Trapper.... but mind, it was in a matter of Hans v. Trapper for use with Tara...
  11. Seriously, this. As phenomenal (and I do mean phenomenal) as all your work is, the separate irises are what may be the most mind-blowing bits of all.
  12. I want the adorable lug in melee as quickly as possible, and I want things trapped in melee with him until they're naught but a fine, red mist.
  13. I like Leap and the Tentacle myself.
  14. He's really pretty easy - the only bit that confused me were his sabatons. I've only had one game so far, but Talos was great. His low Defense is a real pain at range but against bigger targets he closes with he can really do work - he ate Lilitu, Coppelius, and Lelu in that game, and then the Wretches chewed them up while they were held. It was beautiful.
  15. This mini would be almost enough to make me consider playing Guild.
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