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  1. just a quick reminder that the game is still alive 😄 gave one of my friends an army the other day and miraculously it sparked the interest of some of the other people at the party. might have accidentally created a tiny community. i mentioned the community isn't very lively but they didn't really care about that as we're mostly gonna play with friends anyway. it'doesn't have to be very big, as long as it's fun. it's a good game, we had a bumpy start but with some support we might still get this thing of the ground. as long as wyrd keeps making stuff for the other side i'll keep trying to recruit friends to play with me 😅 just a happy little message in these hard times, hang in there 🙂
  2. there are 3 of us in friesland (i believe we already met on facebook in the other side fangroup) but i guess there have to be more of us, just not sure where to find them. some guy named max posted something on that same page a few days before you did, don't know where he lives but you could try contacting him :3 keep in mind it's still a new game and the community needs to grow. you could try your local game store or try getting your friends into it :P also one of my plans was to start playing a few games at a local game store and if people see how much fun the game is they might consider trying it out.
  3. got a "you missed a package delivery" note yesterday so i went to the postal office to pick it up, all happy and excited. my first thought when they handed me the package box was "wow how did they manage to put 3 commander pledges in such a tiny box" quickly followed by the sad realisation that they couldn't. spent the sad yet curious journey home thinking what could be in it. opened it when i got home and i got the field intelligence corps aswell. still no sign of the original pledges, but hey, something is better than nothing :3
  4. just a few millimeters thick. was planning on making some tiny puddles on the bases of the models as if it had been raining but the water hadn't yet completely drained away. also depending on wether or not wyrd is going to make official tidepool markers for the tidepool effects, i was thinking of making my own tiny tidepool markers, but those would probably be around 5 mm deep as other models still need to be able to stand on it without becoming wobbly so the pools can't be too deep/high. but i think i'll need to apply in layers if the tidepool thing will be a thing since i've heard some stories of vallejo not working in layers thicker than 2-3mm.
  5. thanks for the replies, i'm gonna try the vallejo stuff as it seems easy to use. now just have to wait on the other side to arrive ;)
  6. with the other sides gibbering frogs coming out i was thinking about adding water effects to bases. but i am rather new with water effects. does anyone know a good brand for those trasparant drying acryl thing bottles? also, what would be the best way? create a little puddle edge with putty, paint and fill with that water stuff? would it work if i were to create an upstading edge with say tape and fill the created cavity with water stuff and remove the tape after drying? what colour should i paint the terrain beneath the water stuff for best swamp water effect?
  7. first off, i get the idea and i love it. both strategically, aesthetically and practically. though i was wondering if more is known. some of the video's i've seen had "normal" bases (meaning curved, slightly higher edges and a hollow bottom). the renders and some painted sample pictures displayed more of a solid disc shape. which will it be? i think the disc shaped ones would fit in the bigger base better, but will they be hollow bottomed or solid discs? just wondering if there is space to stick magnets to the bottom of the bases for transport reasons (would be a shame if i had to carve out a hole in the bottom for magnets) as wel as the possibility to weighten the base down to reduce tipping (though for fireteam models that won't be a problem as they'll be inside bigger bases). or will fireteams have solid discs and larger models different bases O: ? also, models are preassembled, but do they come glued to the bases? or do we have to oppertunity to make nice bases before we stick on our pre assembled models?
  8. primer, spray base them blue, slap on some dark greenish shader, layer on some bright teal and drybrush with bright green. yarazi a little brighter and greener, speckled crawlers a little darker blue. scales on karkinoi and whelks bone-coloured and spaces in between segments red-ish. don't have a clue wether it'll work and look nice or not, but that's what i'm gonna try. ^^
  9. they are frogs. no further explanation needed MMGRLGUHRGLRLGRLG
  10. sneaky striped skulkers for improved sneakyness. love the yarazi for flying frog reasons. speckled crawlers for pooping out a gazzilion heavily needed reinforcement tokens. karkinoi for being the main source of free eggs (combined with spawning moon strategem for increased bamboolzedness of your opponent) and of course the stormsiren with the looks, movement shenanigans and free water (tide pools).
  11. i wouldn't pay scrip for eggo's, there are cheaper things to eat in the ocean (like barbed crawlers at 3 fireteams for 4 scrip), though their "anywhere on the field" is a great way to reinforce in deep combat. also, glory eggs give you free out of activation movement (does take quite a bit of anticipation to be properly executed though). but still, keep a few eggs around in case an idle karkinoi decides to poop one out. and there are only a few occasions for hiring more than 1 eel. but just in case someone decides to completly ignore the eels ability to split i would keep an extra around if you can mis the 25 bucks. or if you're gonna use loki's nice combo (hadn't thought of that but i guess it works ^^)
  12. if i recall correctly the morphling's text specifically stated the action could not summon. spawning karkinoi eggs might not be possible but free glory from eggs seems viable and nice. also, free advancing with barbed crawler pew pew is indeed nice in this melee heavy army.
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