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  1. That depends on how you measure value. How many scheme markers for Benny does a WP need to drop, in addition to either taking either 2 AP to kill or scheming out from your bubble, to be considered worth it? As it stands, you can expect each WP to drop about three markers for Benny (two on T1, one on T2) or four if they die in his aura. Fly With Me would change that considerably. It allows you to, T1, drop a marker, Fly With Me, drop another marker. Then, after Benny activates, Hamelin lets them drop a third marker. T2 they can drop another 1 or 2 Markers, plus their death. On top of that,
  2. Try and move your bubble slowly towards the center of the board (possibly off-center if there is a dense cluster of objectives). Benny should generally be moving and summoning turn 1 and possibly turn 2.
  3. Hey everyone. I was looking at the Chemist pursuit in Under Quarentine, specifically it's level 1 ability Chemical Weaponry. Flask of Fermaldahyde 's range is listed as 1 (Claw) with the thrown quality. Is that an error of some sort or can this attack be used in melee with the Thrown Weapon skill? Can Flask of Fermaldehyde (or more accurately, I guess the Alchemical Toolkit?) Receive Weapon Mods? Presumably they would have to craft it themselves since other people don't count it as a weapon except while being attacked.
  4. I use Winged Plague in most strategy / scheme pools where them dying won't immediately advance the opponent's victory points. However, they are definately Benny's buddy and I am not sure I would take them without him. They tend to not do well in matchups where the opponent benefits from their death due to things like incidental summoning, or in matches where the opponent can realistically bust your bubble directly. They are fragile and pillowfisted, but Hamelin makes them 3 (potentially 4) AP in a crew that chews through AP like water. Try moving them up with the bubble, dropping scheme m
  5. Oh! Fwiw, this did get me to look at and listen to Harlefaux for the first time.
  6. IMO, planting four markers via two Winged Plague is too card intensive to do reliably. It's better to just know that you have the capacity to convert 10+ cards into an AP on Winged Plague, which usually lets you free up an AP on another model. You usually only want to do this with one Stolen, since the other two usually want to make Malifaux Rats (and thus Rat Kings) Fast. In general, my goal with the Benny Bomb is to get two Rat Kings with 2 AP worth of attacks each into the enemy's face at the end of Turn 1. You can get Rat King activations on Turn 1 by actually hiring two Malifaux Rats
  7. Don't count on forcing through warning shot vs Df 6+ enemy models? There are usually important models that are Df 5 or less in my experience, and draining a high card from the opponent on defense is pretty important. If you are really worried about it, Pride Aura can do a lot to get Hans' shots through, though I admit next to Hans is not usually where I want Pride. Also a 1 stat deficit, unless you are counting cards, is going to be about a 46.15% chance to at least tie, and a 53.85% to at least tie on his Stat 6. Doesn't include jokers because I am lazy.
  8. Hans is amazing. Hans solves problems. He looks at an important model you want to be not effective, and then Hans makes that model not effective for a turn by applying Slow, Staggered, and/or Stun. If you don't have a ready target, his Tomes trigger gives you pass tokens. And, yes, he can deal damage too and sometimes it'll even be 4/5/7 damage and feel great, but that is a rare occurance. In Leylines he is phenomenal at denying markers, between Daze, Stagger, and Pass Tokens.
  9. Make a triangle with two markers and Benny, with Benny at the top. Put a marker 4" to Benny's right and Benny's left. Put another two markers above Benny 4" apart. Note that a Marker must be within 4", not completely within. As long as it is grazing the aura by a hair, it applies. 4 or 5 markers are f a r more realistic and have enough leeway to account for most but not all terrain.
  10. You can actually fit up to 6 scheme markers if they are perfectly placed.
  11. Bleeding Disease requires a huge investment, is intensely telegraphed, and has predictable vectors. Compare: Seamus, who will personally deal about as much damage from his 4/6/8 Damage Gun than Hamelin + Nix + OW will from bleeding disease and can do this in a highly unpredictable way against any target. Kirai can do similar through Ikiryo and her summons. A good McCabe counters Hamelin, not the other way around. Stick the mirror on McCabe for Life Leech, as well as the Hard to Kill Upgrade. Be careful with positioning. You use McCabe + one other beater to pressure the bubble while the re
  12. I presume Hamelin, Nix, OW, Midnight Stalker, Ashes and Dust? Or Malifaux Rat Spam?
  13. So, picking your master is based on approximately six factors: Your goals/familiarity, what you know about your opponent as a player, the strategy, the deployment, the scheme pool, and the enemy faction. Worse, your decision is based on an intersection of these factors that often reverse or significantly change the outcome! Lets take a moment to look at Reckoning (a Strategy Hamelin is traditionally bad at) against Ressurectionists (which is a faction Hamelin has significant problems against) and see how when you are facing Ressurectionists in Reckoning Hamelin is at minimum a top two pick, if
  14. Hamelin gets a lot of discussoon because he is difficult to master but interesting, so people are reaching out to work him over. He doesn't have a lot of play data, so he is still worth theoryfauxing. Contrast Parker. Parker takes some turning over in your head, but at the end of the day he is a solved puzzle. People know what Parker does well so discussion is kind of "uh huh, I agree with everything that was said." Hamelin we are still waiting for the lightbulb to go off on someone and them to make like, the post that helps the average player go from meh Hamelin to good Hamelin; an
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