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  1. Make a triangle with two markers and Benny, with Benny at the top. Put a marker 4" to Benny's right and Benny's left. Put another two markers above Benny 4" apart. Note that a Marker must be within 4", not completely within. As long as it is grazing the aura by a hair, it applies. 4 or 5 markers are f a r more realistic and have enough leeway to account for most but not all terrain.
  2. You can actually fit up to 6 scheme markers if they are perfectly placed.
  3. Bleeding Disease requires a huge investment, is intensely telegraphed, and has predictable vectors. Compare: Seamus, who will personally deal about as much damage from his 4/6/8 Damage Gun than Hamelin + Nix + OW will from bleeding disease and can do this in a highly unpredictable way against any target. Kirai can do similar through Ikiryo and her summons. A good McCabe counters Hamelin, not the other way around. Stick the mirror on McCabe for Life Leech, as well as the Hard to Kill Upgrade. Be careful with positioning. You use McCabe + one other beater to pressure the bubble while the rest of the crew mops up. Samurai are a good choice.
  4. I presume Hamelin, Nix, OW, Midnight Stalker, Ashes and Dust? Or Malifaux Rat Spam?
  5. So, picking your master is based on approximately six factors: Your goals/familiarity, what you know about your opponent as a player, the strategy, the deployment, the scheme pool, and the enemy faction. Worse, your decision is based on an intersection of these factors that often reverse or significantly change the outcome! Lets take a moment to look at Reckoning (a Strategy Hamelin is traditionally bad at) against Ressurectionists (which is a faction Hamelin has significant problems against) and see how when you are facing Ressurectionists in Reckoning Hamelin is at minimum a top two pick, if not the best pick. This is because Hamelin has a hidden ability on his card that isn't printed: Hamelin dictates what your opponent's crew must be in order to win. Ressurectionists are difficult because anyone who is across the table can and probably should reach for Datsue Ba and Manos. Lantern of Souls is going to shut off the card draw from Malifaux rats plus a few other things, and Datsue Ba means that Malifaux Rats are just Onryo that don't know it yet. However, both of those models have a significant disadvantage in Reckoning in that they are Henchmen, meaning that is a lot of Reckoning Points. Worse, one of the things Hamelin brings to the table in Reckoning is the fact that he can just eat Masters and Henchmen, meaning that they are not safe, and Manos definitely can not operate as freely as he may want to. A Ressurectionist (or any faction, really) playing into Reckoning is either going to go for a small elite crew who can kill a lot, or include more "combat schemers" who can function independently and complete schemes normally, or go with pure scheme runners around a combat-centric core. A Ressurectionist is likely going to favor Seamus, Yan Lo, McMourning, or Jack Daw. You are more likely to see Seamus or McMourning into scheming pools that require a lot of mobility. Jack Daw is almost always going to play that small elite block that prefers schemes they can complete while killing you. I'm not familiar enough with Yan Lo to really comment. Outside of Datsue Ba and Manos, your big worries are Drowned, Jaakuna Ubume, Goryo, Dead Rider and Kentauroi. Of those, Dead Rider and Goryo are the most accessible out of keyword. Lets say they are Jack Daw. 20ss is a long way out of the way for Datsue Ba and Manos, for the privileged of feeding you Reckoning Points, so you probably won't see those. You'll see Jaakuna, Drowned, two Hanged, maybe a Crooked Man, and maybe a Goryo with GST if they want to be cheeky. Whisperer on Jack Daw, Jaakuna, Drowned, Hanged x2, and Goryo with GST is about what Jack could afford. A Hanged would probably be dropped for something that gives more scheming potential in this case. Except... you a) know your opponent is going to field that and b) know that if they don't field basically that or something like it, then Hamelin can overwhelm them. Against Jack Daw you really need aoe, Focus, and anti Terrifying. You can also be reasonably confident they don't have anti demise. So something like Hamelin, two Rat Kings, Obedient Wretch, Hans, Hodgepodge Emissary as well as Ashes and Dust can work. Purchasing Malifaux rats in place of a Rat King is also a solid play that lets you have vermin early, but runs the risk of the Goryo. This is a small elite crew, but both A&D and Rat Kings can switch hit to being scheme runners when you need it. Most of your models are capable of two-shotting most of Jack Daw's Crew, or one shotting after some Pustulent Tumors. If they pick Seamus, Whisperer and Carrion Emissary will quickly follow. He desperately wants Focus +2 from his Crew, especially in Reckoning, so lets say two Nurses follow that. Dead Rider and Goryo + GST are the biggest anti Hamelin models that don't run into the henchmen issue and... we are at 48 Stones. Practically speaking, that probably means down GST on the Goryo and/or a Nurse. The other issue is, even two anti Hamelin models doesn't really feel like enough, and you still don't get anti demise without feeding Hamelin points. So as Hamelin, what do you do? First, you are going to have to bite the bullet and hire Henchmen--specifically, you really want Nix and you want Pride. That is going to introduce some serious unreliability into Seamus' peekabo tactics thanks to lowering the maximum damage to 6 instead of 8, and forcing Seamus to cheat last is going put some serious pressure on his hand. Expect Seamus to want to go first and immediately delete Pride before Pride can go, so Pride is going to need Soldier for Hire. Emissary is excellent in this matchup because he requires at least 3 AP to kill, even in ideal circumstance, and he supplies a significant amount of healing. Obedient Wretch, who is going to survive through sheer force of Stealth, will bring us down to 18 Stones. We need a huge cache because of our Henchmen, so we are looking at Hans with Soldier for Hire, Rat King (*maybe* two), Ashes and Dust, or Malifaux Rats. Lets say they pick McMourning--now you are in trouble. Dead Rider, two Kentauroi, and two Nurses is a fairly standard McMourning core that leaves McMourning with 11 Stones and is going to put a pretty solid krimp in your style. I would probably equip then Kentauroi with the Whisperer to capitalize on the card draw and give them a defense against Bleeding Disease. I'd also swap a Nurse to Rafkin, putting us at Rafkin, Dead Rider, Kenrauroi + Whisperer x2, Nurse, and 5ss. This list is very fast, heals a lot, and can swap between focusing down one target with poison and pumping out the AoEs to keep the rat population down. Hamelin immediately takes Obedient Wretch, Hans, Hodgepodge Emissary, and Johan Creedy. From there I'd either say two Rat Kings and 6ss or one Rat King, Nix, and 6ss. Henchmen are always a risk, but you desperately need aoe Blight and McMourning isn't so great at putting someone like Nix down. Hans tries to Stun + Distracted the Kentauroi with their Df 4 to keep them pinned down (seriously, Stunned *really* ruins their day). Johan is on emergency poison removal duty. Hamelin tries to isolate models that have already gone using lure before letting his crew have their way with them. In all of these matchups, except possibly McMourning, Hamelin has the advantage. The Ressurectionists can't bring their strongest anti-hamelin tech to bare without putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Rat King are simultaneously anti schemers, schemers, and beaters. You draw a lot of out of keyword and versatile models, but Outcast has a lot of strong models in the elite beater category to draw from. You could argue Leveticus is better in all of these cases, and that might be true. However, its close enough that familiarity and scheme pool are going to tilt things in one direction or the other. In contrast, if you try to play Hamelin into Ressurectionists on Cursed Idols you... ... ... Good luck.
  6. Hamelin gets a lot of discussoon because he is difficult to master but interesting, so people are reaching out to work him over. He doesn't have a lot of play data, so he is still worth theoryfauxing. Contrast Parker. Parker takes some turning over in your head, but at the end of the day he is a solved puzzle. People know what Parker does well so discussion is kind of "uh huh, I agree with everything that was said." Hamelin we are still waiting for the lightbulb to go off on someone and them to make like, the post that helps the average player go from meh Hamelin to good Hamelin; and good Hamelin to great Hamelin.
  7. I have also been experimenting with hiring one or two rats and sacrifcing a stolen! I have nothing conclusive yet, but it tenatively feels like a better strategy when using Benny. Having at least one unactivated rat at the beginning of every turn (hire for turn 1, have extra summons turn 2+) to get bonus Rat King activations is very strong, and you can cycle them like Kirai cycles Ikiryo. The challenges you are facing are very much the big ones for me as well: deployment, positioning, and managing 10+ Activations every turn plus Unclean Influence. I have not personally lost Hamelin in any of my games with him yet. People either ignore his bubble or spend everything on knocking out his suoporting models.
  8. Are we confirmed for a balancing pass? Errata doesn't usually include a lot of model changea.
  9. I played against Arcanists, Sandeep today. I lost decisively. Some takeaways: Always take Arik against Sandeep. Poison Gamin Bombs are brutal. Arik is shaping up to be one of those models where, when you need him, you *really* need him. The Nothing Beast does not counter Soulstone Miners, much less two of them. A full Tara crew can, but it's not a simple plug and play. If a Nothing Beast *is* going Soulstone Miner farming it needs to Focus, charge to keep up with the crew, attack, and get a severe to deal 6 damage, which is going to be reduced to 3. If the Nothing Beast does this on t1 and t2 it can take out a Soulstone Miner after spending at least two severe cards. If you happen to have a hand full of crows you can do it via attacking normally. It's still probably a valid pick, but if you want it to do work against the Soulstone Miners that is all it is going to do the entire game, and it might not work. AoE does counter Hamelin, so my intuition was on to something, however aoe needs to be applied correctly against Hamelin. Either you need to apply pressure to key models while incidently killing Malifaux Rats, or you need to kill Malifaux Rats in such a way that you deny Hamelin his Rat King activation. While losing Malifaux rats is eh, losing Stolen to incidental damage is bad. Stolen needs to be at the edges of your bubble or otherwise out of harm's way. A single misplay with Benny is a death sentence. Due to poor positioning I was only able to get 3 Malifaux Rats on t1 instead of the 4 needed for a Rat King. Benny really must get the equivalent of a Rat King out on t1 and t2 for his engine to be worth the points and positioning. I found myself really wishing I had more healing, and missing the Emissary because of that. I almost wonder if the Emissary is a better buy than the Prospector. In general, summoners might be a hard matchup for Hamelin because they lessen the value of Hamelin's attrition. Worth looking in to later.
  10. It says "target or chose." The schemes you mentioned still choose the model, and you choose it as your leader designation. Unclean Influence neither targets nor chooses.
  11. All of these are definately valid additions to an FAQ and I hope one is put out. I definately want to know, for Replacement outside of an activation, does the new model get to activate if some of its composit models have activated but not all of them. I also want to know, specifically for Malifaux Rats into Rat Kings, if the Mindless ability being removed allows the Rat King to act. [Edit: Found it in the rules, this doesnt work. It is an activated ability, not a passive one, so Mindless being removed does nothing.] My take on RAW with the other things, although it doesn't diminish the need for an FAQ and none of this is clear cut: Unclean Influence doesn't target rats, so it is not a game effect that targets or chooses a model, Turbo Rat King definately does not work. Right now RAW supports a model replacing multiple models getting all tokens on all of the original models. Since the rules for replacing multiple models modify the normal replace rules, and the way the core replacement rules are written say that the new model gains all of the tokens, and the replacing multiple model rules specifically call out Conditions but not tokens, RAW is all of the tokens are added together. I would argue this is intent because otherwise you could wind up losing Explosives Markers in Plant Explosives. The most RAW reading is that if any of the composit models have acticated a new model replacing multiple models can not activate. However, that requires an almost programming language reading of the rules and it becomes a bit counterintuitive in light that models replaced during their activation continue. I'd go with can't activate until an FAQ says otherwise.
  12. Bigger picture is, so... Yes, I have it stuck in my head that big aoe damage counters Hamelin. It really doesn't. The enemy probably wants a source, *maybe* two in case the Hamelin player tries to get cute with Malifaux Rats and something lole Benny, but by and large all you accomplish by bombing rats is wasting your AP to give Hamelin card draw. If I need those rats to be useful, it is too easy to turn them in to Rat Kings. I use this in my games, I even deliberately bait aoe to get card draw, or draw attention off of my key models, yet I still feel concerned about it. Good AoE combined with Lantern of Souls or similar is slightly bigger problem. Otherwise, every action not harming a key support piece is a win for Hamelin. It still feels weird to lose 2-4 rats in an activation and realize that means you are winning.
  13. Aha! I have been playing that wrong, thank you.
  14. Doesn't Pandora choose the order since it is her activation?
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