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  1. Very very well put. The things that got changed were basically unavoidable NPEs, not simply things that were "a bit too good". I applaud the design team for being brave and making the game healthier. Belles still have the best lure in the game. They still have one of the highest wound to soul stone cost ratios in the game. They're still probably one of the best 5SS models in the game. As a Seamus player I'm not even mad, it means I can play belles and feel less dirty about it.
  2. Looking very good, excellent set of changes! Belle cuddle has been coming for so long, they're still an awesome 5SS model so good job on not going too far.
  3. Personally I'm very happy that Malifaux and TOS are very different games - after all we already have malifaux and a ludicrous number of crazy masters. We don't need any overlap. TOS is its own thing, and it's really interesting because of that. The built in movement trays alone are very innovative.
  4. I think it would be interesting to have earth side (king and abyssinia) and malifaux (CotBM and Hordes) have separate merc models. Would likely make balancing slightly easier, with fewer interactions, and would allow some ownership of the mercs.
  5. It would make a lot of sense, I also noted how it seems fairly easy for the Gibbering Hordes to summon models and how they have to kill their own models to flip to glory so I think we're right about it being fairly "one shot you're dead" kind of stuff, otherwise there's no way being able to summon so easily would work, and it wouldn't really be worth killing a unit just to get another to glory if it had a lot of wounds on it. The champions can generally attach 2 upgrades and the titans three, but champions also have fairly decent Df stats.
  6. I quite like trying to figure it out - been pouring over the faction video trying to understand and figure out as much as I can. Probably mostly wrong, but it's a fun exercise. The lack of a wound count or marker was something that stood out to me from the very start.
  7. However it does mean that bigger units like champions are the titans could be one shot. I am surmising here, but I think that they can perhaps discard asset cards instead of getting destroyed - which is why the titans seem relatively cheap (8 points) but you give them assets to buff them up and also give them "wounds". I think that would be pretty cool - because a bit hit would weaken those models, as well as damaging them.
  8. I've been trying to figure out some of the new stuff: Assets seem to essentially be upgrades. The new triggers with the number in a circle e.g. (3) I think mean that either the fireteam you're hitting or the team you're in has to have that many members. Not sure about that one. Each leader has a "TA" value, I assume are tactics points/cards. The card stat values are speed, defence, willpower and armour Can't really figure out how wounds work or even if the game has them, is a unit just dead if you beat the armour value by how much you beat them in the duel + damage of
  9. I'm not sure of Aaron can talk about this or not - but is glory only for a turn, or for the rest of the match?
  10. I'm so so so intrigued by TOS. We have such little info, but the factions are spectacularly cool. I'm tempted to pick up both Burning Man and Hordes if the game looks good. It's basically the Malifaux army level game - I'm just wondering how the game actually plays and what kind of mechanics there are. I don't expect the intricate interplay between models of the skirmish level Malifaux, however I do hope you can do real funky stuff. Really hoping for a Monday preview with more stuff before the Kickstarter - it's all going too slowly!!!!!
  11. Thanks again Aaron. Have to say all the factions look very cool.
  12. I think you'll find it's pronounced Justin Gibbering Hordes.
  13. Thanks Aaron. I'm interested for sure, but I think I have more questions than anything at the moment. The factions revealed so far all look great, and importantly all very different than the current Malifaux factions.
  14. So how much do we know about the actual game, and how it plays? Are there masters? What are the objectives like? How many models in a typical army?
  15. I have to echo those who feel that the game doesn't need new masters at this point. We have loads, I would absolutely love to see alternate sculpts, new limited upgrades, new henchpeople and new minions for the current masters. Which would neatly fit into a box, like the master boxes and fill that niche of the product release cycle!
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