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  1. Wait, is Ivan tipping his hat before or after he feeds you to your own shadow?
  2. I know abstractions are inevitable in games like this, but you really gotta wonder how that works.
  3. Technically it exists...as the Mindless Zombie's self-move tactical action. You know what might be fun? Have a model that makes Corpse Markers hazardous in an aura.
  4. Because if you have that opportunity, why wouldn't you? I know I would in a heartbeat.
  5. They are only 30mm markers and don't project any other effects directly. I admit, I'm having trouble imagining them as that big a deal. Then again, I don't play Gaining Grounds, so...
  6. I'd probably make them Hazardous too...they are supposed to be electrified, right? At least that's the mental image I have. Then again, maybe not, for gameplay reasons.
  7. Lamp markers are only Ht 4 and Concealing, so you can stroll back and forth across them as much as you'd like. Also, how have we gone this far in this topic without someone making a "You require more vespene gas" joke?
  8. Great. Now I can't get the mental image of Zipp running around channeling Christian Bale Batman out of my head. Well, trying to, and looking absolutely ridiculous in the process.
  9. Yeah, that was McMourning.
  10. As I recall, there's a story in an old Wyrd Chronicles from earlyish 2E that features Rasputina ambushing Sonnia to steal the mask she was using to lock Cherufe away. Cherufe starts manifesting mid-fight and basically obliterates Raspy's whole strike team simultaneously.
  11. On reflection, I think I want to see a Chimera/Sooey or Chimera/Pig model. It's an interesting thematic contrast: Marcus is about making things – and people – feral and returning them to a more primal state (at least in terms of philosophy, even if his 3E playstyle doesn't involve turning people into beasts and Alphaing them anymore) whereas Ulix's career is in animal husbandry; in other words, putting the natural world under the control of people for their benefit.
  12. Oni/Nightmare both involve creatures that come from another realm and/or aren't quite physically real in the same sense that you or I are. M&SU/Syndicate is fairly simple: it's a union vs an exploitive employer, with the lowliest workers in the middle being pulled around by both sides. I'll give you Mercenary/Ancestor, but one of Yan Lo's descendents as a strategist for hire isn't entirely implausible.
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