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  1. This is almost certainly a dumb question, but if my Freikorps Scout with Solder for Hire fires a rocket launcher into a cluster of enemies and kills multiple ones, how many times does Bounty Hunter trigger?
  2. I don't think anyone really went for Wanted Criminal outside of Parker crews due to how situational the benefits were. Expert Thief doesn't strike me as being amazingly useful all that often, competitive M3E seems to favor more elite crews with fewer minions (and the prevalence of Focus meant that many people found minions too fragile to merit extra investment like upgrades a lot of the time), so Swagger isn't that attractive. Protection Money's good under the right circumstances, but there are workarounds. That's my thoughts, at least. I will say that as someone who likes their minion-heavy Freikorps, I usually go in for Soldier for Hire and the occasional Servant of Dark Powers - they're generally more useful, I find.
  3. I'm still holding out hope they'll dust off Damian Ravencroft, someday.
  4. But what happens when she goes up against "Great Train Robber" Parker Barrows?😀
  5. No, 2E was +1. Same with 1E, except for a handful of models (mostly Freikorps) who had a rule that bumped it to +2 and a few models like Desperate Mercenaries that got the rule Comes Cheap that removed it entirely.
  6. Hiring a Versatile model is still, technically, hiring out of keyword - you just don't pay a tax on it. You're not going to do anything about it as long as the "competitive" crowd who don't care about anything but winning at all costs dominates the community. As to getting rid of Versatiles...meh? Some models just don't really fit thematically anywhere, and trying to ham-handedly hammer them into one crew or another isn't the best idea from a storytelling perspective. Now, to the thought experiment at hand, I think I like Adran's proposed set up, personally. I think the proposed choices fit their new proposed factions thematically fairly well.
  7. It also cancels damage from Hazardous Terrain or Black Blood.
  8. To be fair, some people do have longer necks than others, and sometimes miniatures exaggerate things because of the small scale, so I'm inclined to be forgiving, personally.
  9. Am I misreading something? Chronicle (Wanderer) says that the Healed model can have the next damage suffered "this activation" reduced to 0. Unless they're healing during the opponent's activation, I don't think you're stopping one big hit crews at all. I think it's more meant to cancel stuff like Black Blood or Hazardous Terrain. EDIT: OK, this is where Fragility of Life comes in, I think.
  10. Same here. Seeker is incredibly eclectic, but it works, considering they're the travelling companions/incidental (re)animations of a perpetual wanderer.
  11. The obvious solution is to hold the sabre in its mouth. It's like the Great Wolf Sif fight in Dark Souls, only it's a dinosaur.
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