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  1. The Tidecaller previewed a few weeks ago has to belong to somone (on a faction level, if nothing else), and the recurring theme of Malifaux previews from the past few months has been Explorer's Society models, so I think there's a decent chance you might get your wish.
  2. One thing I haven't seen people comment on, regarding Sharp Wit...note that you HAVE to take the Sellout trigger if you flip a crow, so there's that.
  3. Only up to a point, though. If McCabe is by far my favorite master, someone should not be able to auto-win just be plopping the plagued piper on the table. Forcing me to come at things differently is good, but rendering my preferred master utterly irrelevant before the game even starts is another.
  4. It's a game. Abstractions happen.
  5. Really? Between second and third editions, I've used RtFG maybe all of twice. I mean, sure, min damage 3...if you happen to have a low ram available and don't need it for another discard effect elsewhere. But for damage, I'd rather have Advanced Sights and Pursue over RtFG.
  6. I think all the equipment's fine, personally. Grenade Belt's a little niche, I'll admit, but there's nothing wrong with that and I find it's helpful if I really need to double down on stuff that bypasses Manipulative/Terrifying. Which is often, because my usual opponent is a Pandora main right now.
  7. All this talk about locking spirits away in tech with man-made lances of light makes me think Ghostbusters. So, is the master Peter or Egon?
  8. I love it. Do it, Wyrd. Just for the lolz.
  9. Are we sure we want to give Bounty Hunter to all models? I'm not sure it's remotely situational at that point for most crews.
  10. Wait, is he actually Canadian? I thought that was just his name.
  11. One of the design goals for third edition was to move away from faction all-star lists and models that showed up in every crew regardless of which theme they belong to. Let's not start undoing the progress made in that direction because we insist on every model being usable with every master.
  12. Why is it so essential that Hannah is viable out of keyword, anyways? No, we don't need the Freikorps only restriction removed from Adaptive Tactics. Hannah's fine.
  13. You can't copy Karina or Tara with Adaptive Tactics, because they're not friendly Freikorps models, which is one of the restrictions attached to the action.
  14. Quick question: which Neverborn master do you least want to see across the table with a theme-heavy Freikorps crew?
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