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  1. I like it for the nod to his armor-granting schtick from the previous two editions, personally.
  2. Great. Now I can't get the image of Raspy hosting an Arcanist beach party out of my head. She, of course, is in a bathing suit. Everyone else is bundled to the gills in fur-lined coats and scarves, because "Rasputina beach party" is more like "extreme polar bear swim".
  3. Mad Dog Brackett's "Say Hello to my Little Friend!" trigger on Burning Cigar was the best thing ever.
  4. If this is the way the game is going, than I see no reason why we even bother with Malifaux. If I wanted to play chess, I'd join a chess club; if nothing else, it's cheaper and takes up less space.
  5. And here comes the competitive crowd to suck all the life out of the game and make it as bland and chesslike as possible, in the name of "skill". If, in M3E, Wyrd either removes the jokers or renders them toothless, I'm gone.
  6. Suddenly I'm glad I didn't show up, considering I tend to play a little slowly.
  7. The Wastrels also had it. And Iggy had Animosity (Hamelin).
  8. Still a maybe, but I am considering showing up.
  9. Is this the 50 SS tournament at Connections in Vancouver next Sunday? I might go myself and I'd be interested in list thoughts. Model pool: Mercy of Death box Carrion Emissary Drowned Crooked Men Night Terrors Hanged (1 only) Shikome (1 only) Forgotten Marshall Hayreddin Crooligans Anna Lovelace Nurses Dead Rider Most Outcast mercs and Oiran.
  10. I'm fairly sure A Warrior's Death is optional, so you can just let him die normally if you absolutely need his corpse marker to resummon (and don't need the free attack).
  11. Talos looks amazing. I almost want to play Tara now.
  12. I've been toying with using Avatar Nicodem for her, to be honest.
  13. Fun trick: Tag something with Downers from a Nurse. Then Accomplice into Vincent and tag it with Light at the End.
  14. That's going to be difficult, seeing as he's dead.
  15. I read it up till you started dismissing thematic models like Tannen and Beckoners as not worth taking and talking up unthematic garbage like Nekima and Lilitu. Because it's not like this is a character-based skirmish game, am I right? Oh, wait, I forgot...only tournaments are real Malifaux and themed crews are for scrubs and newbs that don't Play To Win. Anyway, Lynch is still trash 'cause Brilliance is worthless, and that was the big draw for me, so...thanks, Wyrd!
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