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  1. Thanks for the reply. I do like the old sculpt and also the new sculpt ...so I guess I will just put Chiaki new sculpt on the bottom of my wishlist.
  2. I have used the Special Order to purchase completely new Units so that I don't have to get duplicate models from past purchases. Thanks Wyrd for that option! I want to get the new model sculpt of Chiaki that is currently packaged with Sun Quiang and 2 Komainu. I already have those three models from Malifaux 2E and the old sculpt of Chiaki. Will customers have the option to special order new 3E sculpts of units that had an older sculpt in 2E? I noticed that the Special Order so far seems to be only for new units from 3E. On the Special Order page: "Special Orders can be made for
  3. After many years, I finally see Santana Ortega available for purchase! It was one of the models I really liked before I had any idea what Malifaux was. Thanks!
  4. My very first impression is Chief Quimby from Inspector Gadget
  5. When I have time I will try to post pictures of miniatures I got. Overall, I am very happy with the products and glad that I backed this project. I had a Tyrant's pledge plus some additional miniatures and decks. Some things were missing...a stat card, an arm for one of the infantry men, and the Field Intelligence Corps (but I think it was mentioned in an update that it will be sent as a separate package). The Good: - The standard size models met and sometimes surpassed my expectations on quality. I am especially impressed with most of the Gibbering Horde figures. Some bent weapons/t
  6. "Thematic" crew...I wonder if this allows some of the previous dual factions masters to retain the use of minions from their past 2nd edition faction.
  7. Shipping cost have been uploaded for me (US region). It was ~$28.00 shipping cost for an order that have almost one of every miniature unit (minus Artillery and Motorcycle unit). One of everything seems to be a nice way to add additional miniatures for a Through the Breach RPG campaign...
  8. There is plan for a 2-player starter set and 2 allegiances (Three Kingdoms and Kimon). I would like to know when these will be released compared to the four allegiances that were in the kickstarter during retail. It would allow me to decide on how much money I can spend in the near future. Three Kingdoms and Kimon allegiances sound like the allegiances I would prefer to collect before the other allegiances.
  9. Just received mine. Some questions for those that have assembled it. I got 19 pieces total, are there some digital instructions available? I don't see any digital instructions online, and while some of it is pretty easy to figure out, it would be nice to have a reference to help with assembly. Does plastic cement/glue work with this material or is superglue the recommended adhesive to use?
  10. Akai

    New Image

    My bad, you are right. For some reason I thought Thrace and Binh were commanders in their syndicates
  11. Akai

    New Image

    My guess based on that image is that the each side will feature 1 commander, 1 nine-person unit, and 1 champion for a total of 22 miniatures and a retail price of ~$100. I was thinking that the 2-player stater set will have the non-limited sculpt of Binh and Thrace as their commanders.
  12. Don't see Santana Ortega on the list. I wonder if that figure is completely out of stock...hoping it shows up the next online special. Also hope that vintage models will be available in future sales. A good chunk of my miniature budget have been invested into The Other Side.
  13. What you wrote sounds about right for the tyrant pledge
  14. I did not received a message from Wyrd about shipping of the promotion item, but I did received a USPS tracking notification from Georgia. I assume it is for this as I am not expecting anything else from that area. I received the notification yesterday.
  15. My back cover of the Creative Taxidermy book was ripped when I purchased this product such that some of the Stuffed Piglet information is missing. Since I originally purchased this product for Malifaux, I did not thought much about it. I just recently got interested in the TTB role playing game and was hoping others that have the book can fill in the missing information: Stuffed Pig [Page Teared] Peon (4), Undead, Be[Page Teared, Missing Keywords information] [Page Teared, Missing Speed Stat] Edit: Got the information.
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