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  1. I was looking for a trigger. Oh brother... thanks retnab
  2. So, I just started reading the cards, but started with Jack as he was my 2nd intro master. How does he attch his upgrades? Am i missing something? I did down load the fixed files.
  3. Was any one play testing Jack for 3e?
  4. When he mentioned his plan b.
  5. @I'm a Teapot! Papabox Hold This doesn't work any more. Errata'ed out.
  6. To be honest, I only had Jakunna who could have benefited and she was pulling things to herself. 3" Ml is so good with her.
  7. Driven by Injustice is plused by the target when it fails the duel, not by Jack. Im wrong, had to read the card.
  8. Playing the game you want to play means you played the game right! I have a very static Daw build. I played on a league and should have declared Jack... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Growing would be great if you didn't have to neuter Jack's main mechanic. I would rather have Jack running strong than any amount of Guilty. Because you were themed Tormented, the crew would have an extra 3" movement. And don't forget his (0) Driven by Injustice(?). It's a great way to get movement, as well as, test your opponents hand.
  9. MunkyMuddFace Glad to hear you had some fun with the Ghost of Malifaux! LOL I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind. I (we) would like to understand what your thoughts were and the strategies you were looking for. Why Growing Injustice over Writhing Torment or The Bigger They Are? Why not a Nurse and Johan(a)? I don't want you to think I'm being critical of your list, these are models that I and many other Daw players have used.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to have a heck of a time deciding what to take! 😂
  11. I'm really happy to see this thread active again! I have a match up against Pandora coming up. Any suggestions? Not really sold on Jack's new upgrades for this match, as I'm thinking a more aggressive approach Jack: (3 Curses, Bigger They Are and Oathkeeper or Scramble) Ashes 2 ABomb Sue W/ Return Fire Not sure about the rest of the crew. Was thinking about extra range with Trappers or Gunslinger. Or Vanessa to do some blasting...
  12. @psychogeek You should proxy one in your next game, that way you get to see of it works for you.
  13. Its all about your the way you play the game, what you choose to do that should really drive your builds. I personally like the Trappers and board/scheme runner when I'm playing against a more melee-centric faction (Neverborn). If I'm going against Guild, Librarians to blast off models to hit the master. A Tormented Ashes can keep up with and support Jack, especially when upgraded with the bigger they are. The 7 are a toolbox, just know they will help you to deny your opponent, rather than help you achieve your schemes. Dead Outlaws look to be really fun to learn, with Improved Montressor being interesting as well, although more so with other masters... All in all, only my opinion, play with everything you own that can fit into the crew and myhap you'll find the best one for you!
  14. @fauxreigner; @Seadhna: Sorry to follow up so late, time of year, you know. I was asking more for tactical reasons. I run Collodi Fated w/ Brutal and Hodgepodge, which can control resources reasonably well.
  15. Unless something has gone and upset the balance horribly to my favor, I wouldn't summon Deso. It's trading down activations. Unless an interact scheme (e.g. Exhaust) is getting scored on them! Faxureigner, I'm digging your list. More of a competition list than mine. I have a question: Why the Effigy and not another Abomb? I really don't use a lot of stones myself, but I like stacking my hand.
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