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  1. The Dragon’s Hoard in Hackettstown, NJ is proud the Bring the ‘Faux Back with our first Malifaux 3rd Edition Tournament, which will be held: Sunday, the 22nd of September, with signups starting at 12:00 noon. The tournament will have a $10 entry fee. The tournament will be 3 rounds, single Faction, with Strategy and Schemes announced at the beginning of each round. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me, or call the store. We look forward to seeing you there! The Dragon’s Hoard 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840 United States 1-908-651-5611
  2. The league will be starting tomorrow the 26 of August, so if your in the North New Jersey area come on down and join up!
  3. Please note, the start date is Sunday August 25th. I flipped a 1 on my typing duel...
  4. The Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown is proud to present a 5 week Growth League and Tournament! Sign up now, as the league will commence August 25th. Points and prizes will be discussed then, as well. The league's format will be: Week 1 will start at 30 stones, week 2 will be 35 stones, week 3 at 40 stones and week 4 at 45 stones. Week 5 will be a 50 stone, 3 round tournament; strategies and schemes to be announced on the day of the tournament. There will be a $10 entry fee for the league. Come join us for fun and 'Faux The Dragon's Hoard 199 Main StreetHackettstown, NJ 07840
  5. As a reminder, if your a gamer in the area, the Dragon’s Hoard in Hackettstown, New Jersey I’m here Sundays Demo and playing Malifaux. Look for the powder blue Wyrd shirt and I’ll be happy to help!
  6. Come join us Sundays for Malifaux 3rd Edition at the Dragon's Hoard. Whether you are brand new to gaming or a veteran of the tabletop, purely casual or tournament competitive, we know you will find a great community here! Please, feel free to ask for an M3E demo, you'll know who to ask, cause I'll be the one looking daper in my Wyrd Shirt. I will be available from 2pm on, but our community is always ready to talk with you and answer any questions you have, should I not be there.
  7. I was looking for a trigger. Oh brother... thanks retnab
  8. So, I just started reading the cards, but started with Jack as he was my 2nd intro master. How does he attch his upgrades? Am i missing something? I did down load the fixed files.
  9. Was any one play testing Jack for 3e?
  10. When he mentioned his plan b.
  11. @I'm a Teapot! Papabox Hold This doesn't work any more. Errata'ed out.
  12. To be honest, I only had Jakunna who could have benefited and she was pulling things to herself. 3" Ml is so good with her.
  13. Driven by Injustice is plused by the target when it fails the duel, not by Jack. Im wrong, had to read the card.
  14. Playing the game you want to play means you played the game right! I have a very static Daw build. I played on a league and should have declared Jack... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Growing would be great if you didn't have to neuter Jack's main mechanic. I would rather have Jack running strong than any amount of Guilty. Because you were themed Tormented, the crew would have an extra 3" movement. And don't forget his (0) Driven by Injustice(?). It's a great way to get movement, as well as, test your opponents hand.
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