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Monthly Painting Challenge - August


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Here is the thread for August of the monthly painting challenge. Please post your pictures, plans and discussions for the month here.

I'm also copy-pasting a reminder of the rules and the principles of the challenge:

The idea of the challenge is a motivational one. It is simply a friendly painting community---not a competition---that we use to find motivation to finish painting our Malifaux miniatures. You pledge an amount of soulstones that you will be painting each month of the year 2018. If you want to enroll for the challenge, it's too late because you would use too many mulligans.

I'll use the following spreadsheet to keep track of each one's situation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zYYugrSGk_4GTo8OjHjyfI_ruYWYOSnhy7U2ivbgfZ8/edit?usp=sharing

Some specific rules:

  • Models count for the month in which you finish them. 
  • Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge.
  • You can choose to go down in the pledge hierarchy during the year, but you cannot move up.
  • You may choose to sign up during a later month for the challenge but this means that you'll have to use one or two of the aforementioned mulligans: e.g. if you start in February, one mulligan will already been used; if you start in March, two mulligans will already been used; you cant start in April.
  • Masters count for 15 soulstones
  • Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones
  • Terrain count too. Terrain must be painted and is treated like zero cost models (i.e. count for 5 soulstones). The piece of terrain must be significantly larger than a 50mm marker.
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Hi all,


Cant believe I’m still in this, thank you all for posting you progress and final pics, very helpful to keep me going.

Have actually had a look at spreadsheet for first time in a while and noticed I’m red for one of the months, will go back and see why, I know I def had a poor start to this programme.

My pledge for the month will be:

Ophelia (15)

3x scenery piece (3x5)

War boar (9?? Card not with me atm)

Hanged Eric/alt Montressor (9?? Card not with me atm)

Wild boar (5)

2x Young La Croix (2x2)

and of course the slop hauler (5, who I’ll pledge every month and probably never get round to it)


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Caedrus, checking in.

I pledge 3SS of Guild Guard. Again.

My incompleted list of shame, to be attacked:

  • 2 December Acolytes.
  • 5 more Guild Guard.
  • 1 Wendigo.
  • 2 Ice Dancers.
  • 1 Flesh Construct.
  • 5 Mindless Zombies.
  • 1 Brutal Effigy.
  • 1 Alternate Guild Sergeant.
  • 1 Desolation Engine.
  • Oh, and greenstuffing a cape onto Dashel and painting him up!

As always, I have no chance, but I shall fail with dignity.

Have a fantastic month of painting, all!


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Hi, time to look ahead to a new month..........


I have some models to carry on from July pledge:

2 Bloodwretch (5ss each): they have been primed and glued to own resin base.

1 Rail Golem (11ss): I begun painting it last month, putting it away soon having to go after my model for FFC. There's till a lot to do to complete it.

1 Vintage Rasputina, just black primed

3 Hoarcat Pride Models (5ss each one).

3 Waldgeist (6ss each).

I'll be lucky if I should complete 1/3 of pledged models.

I'd like to give my priority to Hoarcats and Waldgeist but I have serius doubts about the possibility to prime them. It's 36°C degrees outside, in the courtyard where I go spray priming models. :(

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This month I'm going to try and smash it. My initial pledge is just to get 2x hoar cat pride models painted for 8 stones but............

I've bought a pre owned semi painted Crossroads Seven crew and I have today off work to get a good start in. The seven are a crew I've loved thematically for ages and now I have them I'm hyped to get them painted so this month I'll try and get them painted as well. Could be a fifty stone plus month coming up if I can work it :)

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Jajajajajaja! My painting skills are so-so, but my skills for dumbness are over the top!! 

On a more (or less) serious matter, this month I'll try to paint three Oxfordian mages (18 SS), Mei Feng (15SS), two rail workers (10SS) and Kang (9SS) for a total of 52 SS... If my cosplaying and the beach allow me!! 😂

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7 hours ago, Caedrus said:

@Franchute: Really good coverage with that yellow - and a smooth matte finish. What brand of paint are you using? Loving it!

this is games workshop. Only the base colour so far.

edit: the name of the paint is averland sunset.

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I too have a completely unreasonable goal: to finish Yan Lo's box, 3 Gaki, Brewmaster's box, a steamfitter, the Midnight Stalker (joining the FFVII crew as Cid, because leaping about all nimbly-pimbly), 2 Desperate Mercs, and the Hodgepodge Effigy (which miiiiiight end up looking like a Tonberry). Hans slipped into the picture but...probably not yet, not settled on an idea for him.

Most of them have some paint on them already, so we'll see how many actually get done. Also might get distracted by  Backdraft...All between GenCom and DragonCon. 

Rough math: 118ss.

Onward to a great month of painting everyone! Let's throw some pigment at the plastic and see what sticks.


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Caedrus, reporting in with a quick WIP update:

  1. Guild Guard: yet to be touched.
  2. Ice Dancers: based, fabric being worked on, extra-stripey boots painted satisfactorily.
  3. Desolation Engine: Skin roughed in with the airbrush, experiments with NMM ongoing, leather straps painted.
  4. December Acolytes: All materials covered, fabric coming along nicely.

Here's some quick update pictures!




Have a great August!




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I can't figure out what to paint this month. I have 15 unpainted Malifaux minis but I just can't seem to get excited to paint any of them. I might go with doing some terrain or I might just pick a mini and start painting it to get the ball rolling. Maybe both.

What do you all do to make progress when you're uninspired?

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@H4ml3t: What I do is challenge myself. Grab the miniature you're least invested in. Use monochrome. Use a skintone you've never tried. Grab a colour at random and use it as a dominant colour for the miniature. Try the wash, glaze, scumble, drybrush, wetblend or feathering technique you've always wanted to do.

Failing that, name three of your miniatures, and we'll tell you how we want it themed! If you're up for a challenge, I'll do the same as well!


@Franchute: I wish I only had 15 boxes of miniatures...

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