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  1. A place for me to collect pictures for the 2017 painting challenge. - Pledge pictures (unpainted) - WIPs - Completed models
  2. Sadly, I did not. Looks like I am out of the challenge. I am still feeling burnt out from all the painting completed in 2017. Hopefully I will be back and ready to paint in 2019 if you run this again.
  3. With more than half the month gone, here is my Sept pledge! The First Mate (9SS) and Earl Burns (3SS) for a total of 12SS.
  4. August pledge complete. I sat down last night just to get him started, but Zipp-ed straight through to the finish! Zipp, Skycaptain 15SS
  5. My pledge this month is the future newest Outcast Master - Zipp! Getting him in while he is still worth 15SS
  6. I also noticed this. Viks going back to each having the same stat cards, games going back to 8 point max instead of 10. These aren't problematic reverts, just interesting to note. With respect to VPs in a game, I think I like the lower point totals of M1.5 paired with the scheme pool generation of M2E.
  7. The new Tannen and Grave alt models very much embody their Neverborn keywords - Woe and Nephilim, so I think they will keep them in M3E. *Wild speculation time!* What if dual faction models came with a different card for each faction, with the only difference on the cards being the keywords that are relevant to the faction. Tannen, for instance: His 10 Thunders card would have the Darkened keyword, while his Neverborn card has the Woe keyword. All of the other rules text would be the same. This would cut down on the number of keywords needed for the models that are currently dual faction and already have multiple keywords. It would also allow you to buy whatever faction deck you need and get all of the cards for the faction, without having to buy a secondary deck for just a few stat cards. (if I recall correctly, dual faction cards only showed up in one of the Arsenal decks)
  8. Yes, it was a simple paint job - it only took around 1 hour to paint! haha. Thanks for the compliment
  9. Well, I was able to get Marlena done tonight for 8SS. Paired with the Desperate Merc for 3SS, that puts me at a total of 11SS for July. Not quite my full pledge, but something is better than nothing. 11SS should be enough to still be at Henchman level, right?
  10. Where did July go?! I have completed the Desperate Merc! Unfortunately, the other two are just at a state of primed, so it'll be an 11th hour speed paint tonight to see what I can get done. The photo may not be up until tomorrow AM though.
  11. With the focus to keyword hiring, i wonder if Marlena, Serena, and Ferdinand will get keyword soup to work with all of the masters they encountered in their respective stories.
  12. The token system is intriguing. The Pass Token to deal with activation parity sounds cool. I imaging the Tokens are going to replace many of the character specific Conditions that have accumulated in the current game. I think it will be something like: you give a model a Token, then, at some point take the token back for some effect. IF this is correct, then it puts the onus on the owner of the model that generated the token to know the rules, rather than the receiver of the token. If this is true, it think it is a great design direction because it would transfer the bookkeeping to the person that has the card with the rules for it.
  13. All these little nuggets of information! It makes me want to see the whole of the new rules that much more!
  14. I find it interesting that some of the masters descriptions really key off of abilities introduced in the Wave 5 Upgrades. It is like they were prepping us for play style changes that are on the way to being core mechanics for the characters. Specifically, Lady J (the reference to acrobatics) and Perdita (shooting scheme markers off the table) are the ones that specifically caught my eye.
  15. Oof, yeah, waiting is the worst! Usually, when I am in that situation, I will paint the minions because (in my mind) they can get away with the less quality paint job. But in the case of Titania's box, her minions are so characterful that the lower "minion quality" is a disservice to them! But if you work on them now, while the queue is empty, it is a few less things to paint later
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